A Tale of Gassy Lesbians Ch. 01

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A Tale of Gassy Lesbians:

The cheerleader (Amy) and the teacher (Veronica) were alone in the classroom. Amy was easily the worst student in the classroom, both in grades and behavior. She was the captain of the cheerleading squad, and part of the most insufferable group of preps in her high school’s history.

They couldn’t be controlled, and they had absolutely no interest in higher learning. The only reason they were getting away with it is because their parents were all very well-connected. Thus the members of the cheerleading squad could get away with anything they wanted to.

Veronica had requested that they meet after school to discuss things. She was fairly young, chubby in build, awkward-looking feature wise, with somewhat oversized glasses and a bookworm’s face. She hardly seemed intimidating, with her wide eyes, fresh face, and timid manner.

The only thing that didn’t go with Veronica’s general manner was the noticeable muscles on her arms and legs. The anxious, perpetually nervous teacher didn’t seem the type to possess that kind of strength. But then again, few people knew of her past….when Veronica was younger, she wasn’t nearly as nice.

“Young lady, your behavior is inexcusable. Repeatedly you have disrupted class, and impeded the learning process. How can I teach if you keep goofing off?”

“You can’t, not that it is my problem. My daddy will never allow me to get into trouble. You’re just an ugly person wasting her breath, and my time. Why don’t you just piss off and accept that there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop me from doing whatever the hell I want, bitch.”

Amy went on, “You think you can lecture me, you stupid fuck? The only reason you’re a teacher is because you were too damned ugly to become an important person, like a pop singer. You lecturing me…is like a joke, a cosmic accident. I think people like you are a mistake, all the ugly people should just be hidden away from sight.”

Veronica didn’t look angry; she just smiled tightly, “I see.”

Veronica thought back on the past, how she had been a much more vicious person in her youth. She’d been quite the schoolyard bully, until she fell in love with another woman. Over the course of that romance she had been taught many things, including a love for teaching.

Veronica considered herself a reformed woman; she had almost completely reinvented herself. Her new persona was modeled after the woman who had used to be her girlfriend. Veronica bedava bahis enjoyed teaching, but right now her older self was starting to reappear.

Veronica had been having trouble restraining her old habits, such as dabbling in certain spells. Just a little hobby of hers. Suddenly, an idea popped into her head.

Amy suddenly heard her teacher speaking some nonsense phrases. “What the hell are you doing now? Have you suddenly forgotten how to speak English? Not surprising, you look stupid enough to forget your own language.”

Veronica spoke up firmly, “I have had enough of your insolence. You will learn some respect, you stupid spoiled slut. You think you are so much better than me; it’s only fitting that you should wind up degrading yourself. And I have a pretty good idea how. I’m going to make you a slave to a bodily substance you would normally not be attracted to, make you need it so much that you will do whatever I say to smell it all the time.”

At that moment, Veronica let loose an extremely loud fart that echoed throughout the room.

Amy was astonished by this blatant act. She was going to tell this bitch what for once and for all. She most certainly did not have to tolerate any more of this.

Instead, Amy signed wistfully, “That smells lovely.”

Amy’s jaw dropped, her eyes widened. “What did I just say?” she thought. A woman just farted in front of her; she shouldn’t be turned on by this! But she was….her panties had suddenly become saturated with her juices.

Veronica smiled naughtily, “Why thank you, young lady. Do you really like it? Do you want more?”

To Amy’s horror, she found herself wanting to say yes. She forced her mouth not to move.

Veronica let off another, and another, and another. The spell she had cast ensured that she wouldn’t run out of gas any time soon. One end of the room was flooded by the potent, gaseous substance. The cheerleader quickly moved to the other end of the room.

Amy didn’t understand why the other woman’s farts were turning her on, or why their smell seemed so damned sweet. She tried to ignore it, but she could sense the presence of the gas slowly drifting towards her.

Veronica was smiling, “You like my farts? Can’t get enough?”

“No!” said Amy hastily, but her denial couldn’t conceal her arousal. She wanted to breathe it more. In spite of herself, she was visibly trying to fill her lungs with the teacher’s gas. She wanted to masturbate wildly while being enveloped in Veronica’s thick cloud of sensual vapor. It smelled so bedava bonus wonderful, she belonged in its midst.

“Please excuse me.” said Amy. It had taken all of Amy’s will to say the words.

Amy left for the restroom, mainly to get away from the teacher. Before she could close the door to the stall, the teacher suddenly appeared. Veronica’s face and demeanor were like an innocent, awkward bookworm. But then again, she was very good at concealing her less benign side.

“You left your books behind miss. I’m sorry to disturb you, I’ll close the door.”

Amy, in spite of herself, was getting aroused again. For some reason, the cheerleader said:


Veronica looked surprised, “What?”

“Leave it open.” Amy said breathlessly.

“As you wish, young lady.” said Veronica.

“Now you’re mine.” thought the older woman lewdly in her mind.

Veronica’s big, round; meaty ass was plainly visible for the cheerleader to see. The cheerleader couldn’t help but be transfixed by it.

Amy had a brief vision of her own face, buried between the older woman’s asscheeks as she farted loudly in her face. What was more, privately Amy wished for it.

She wanted that gorgeous woman’s wind in her lungs. She wished she could breathe it all the time and never get enough of that lesbian’s butt gas.

“I think it would be best if….” The cheerleader began.

At that moment, Veronica’s ass suddenly released a loud and long fart. It was powerful, and it was dense. The gas saturated the room, and its sexy smell assailed Amy’s senses like nothing else had before.

Instead of her body rejecting it, Amy’s entire form seemed to openly desire that woman’s fragrant fart. Her arousal skyrocketed, and she couldn’t help but suddenly breathe in as much as possible.

Much to Amy’s disappointment, her lungs only got a fraction of the gas into her lungs.

“Do you want another?” said Veronica, in an extremely nasty voice. She was well aware of her power over the helpless younger woman.

Veronica loved every minute of her control. Little by little, the teacher could see the submissive slut manifest herself in the cheerleader. So more power, so little effort.

All she had to do was provide what the little slut wanted, and that oversexed cheerleader would do whatever she was told. The longer the cheerleader was trapped in her gas cloud, and the more of it she was exposed to the stronger her control over the cheerleader would become.

Amy started to open her mouth. She would deneme bonusu tell that woman right now that there was no way in hell she would agree to any more of this.

Instead the words came out as: “Yes”

She couldn’t believe her own ears. What the fuck was she saying? Before she could correct herself…Veronica let another one rip. The smell returned….so wonderful. Against her will Amy moaned in delight as the older’s woman perfume flooded the room one more.

“Such a nasty slut.” Veronica said in false disapproval.

To Amy’s astonishment, she spoke up in alarm: “Are you going to stop?” She couldn’t believe her own panic-stricken voice. It was if she wanted to keep inhaling the scent. What was wrong with her? Why was she saying this?

“Do you want to leave? There is the door.” Veronica smiled naughtily.

Amy scoffed. She would show this bitch who was in charge. She haughtily began walking towards the door. She opened the door, and suddenly her body rebelled.

She felt an enormous sense of loss, she felt like something was missing. Her body and a good portion of her mind….wanted to keep inhaling the other woman’s farts.

“I am in charge here.” Amy wanted to say. Instead she moaned, “Please fart again mistress. It smelled so good.”

“You need my farts, you nasty girl. You can’t live without my gas. Admit it.” teased Veronica aggressively.

“YES! I need more!” Amy almost screamed.

“Then masturbate before me.” said Veronica.

The cheerleader couldn’t believe what she said next: “I am happy to serve you, mistress.” She was so wet, she wanted to do this.

So, suddenly Amy shut the door and plunged her hands between her legs. For the next few minutes the lust-crazed girl wantonly frigged herself in front of Veronica.

The whole time the teacher had her butt in front of the horny teenager, tempting Amy with the promise of more gas. The cheerleader couldn’t wait.

“I hope you fart in my face soon! The wait is almost unbearable!” Amy cried out.

“Patience, young lady.” said Veronica.

The cheerleader was suddenly happy, in spite of herself. Soon Amy was on the verge of orgasming, and then suddenly the teacher adjusted the position of her ass.

Right when she came, Veronica’s chain-farted explosively in her face. This set off a series of even more powerful orgasms in the slutty teen that exhausted Amy completely.

“Well this is a good start.” said Veronica.

“What do you mean mistress?” asked Amy.

“This is only the beginning. I need to get many more slave-sluts, and I think we should start with the rest of your cheerleadering squad. They could use a little discipline.” said Veronica.

“Yes.” Amy smiled. Soon they too would become submissives, slaves-sluts of the Mistress Veronica. Just like her.