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A SWINGING VIRGINWell here we were, Friday night, back at our local club after the convention and my minor surgery. Since it had been a few weeks since we were at the club it felt good to be back!Being the day after Thanksgiving the club was packed! It seems the swing community had had enough of family and turkey and were ready to let loose. It has gotten to the point that we know so many people at the club that it takes us about an hour just to say hello to all our friends before we can even get to the dance area to start our night of fun.As we were heading to the dance area I noticed this very young (I guessed about 22 and I was right) sitting by himself at the bar looking a bit lost. He was kind of cute and there was something about him that made me think he was special. I made a mental gaziemir escort note to check on him in a little while.By this time the dance floor was rocking! There were the normal group gropes going on and I and my hubby jumped right in. The loud Prince music was really erotic and dancing with two guys sandwiching me is just soooo hot.After this song I wandered out to the bar to check on the young guy and sure enough he was still sitting by himself, looking unsure on how to act. I went over and introduced myself. He said his name was Jeff and that it was his first time at a swing club and really had no clue what to do or how to act. I told him to just be himself and relax. I took him by the hand to the dance area and introduced him to my hubby. We then hit the dance floor gaziemir escort bayan for a slow song and Jeff was finally beginning to loosen up. As a matter of fact I could feel his cock getting hard as it pressed up aginst me. Now I was getting real hot and we began to make out as my hubby watched from our table. I just knew my hubby’s cock was also getting hard watching me with Jeff. I reached down and began stroking Jeff’s cock thru his pants until I knew he was really hard. I just love the feeling of a cock getting hard. We were really getting so hot that I wanted to be sure he didn’t lose the excitement due to nerves. In the middle of the song I led him towards the back of the club where the infamous mat room is loocated. Right outside the entrance to the mat room escort gaziemir is a sex chair. I opened his pants and dropped them to his ankles and his underpants soon followed. His cock was standing straight up and it was really beautiful. I told Jeff to have a seat and I began to lick his balls and then let my tongue trace a line up the shaft to the head and licked a drop of pre-cum off the tip. Now I began to suck his cock for all it was worth! I wanted to feel his cum shoot down my throat! With my free hand I began to pinch one of his nipples and from his moans I knew I found another guy who loves nipple play. I knew he was new to the scene and was overly excited and was not surprised when he began to spurt his cum into my mouth. I wanted it to be really memorable for him so I continued sucking as hard as I could until I got every last drop from him. He was trembling as i licked my way up his chest to his face and gave him a deep kiss.I knew he now felt VERY welcome and at ease at our club. And, it was good to be back home at our club !!!!!!