A Surprise For Savannah

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Savannah: Turning Up the Heat

February 15, 1994

Already she could feel herself relaxing, and the masseuse had not yet started her ministrations. She lay in a softly lit room, on a massage table, about three feet or more high, but not too narrow. Soft jazz music played from hidden speakers, and next to the table within reach was an ice cold pitcher of water and a glass yet to be filled. The whole atmosphere was conducive to relaxation. Her hair had been casually secured so it did not trail down her back and impede the masseuse’s hands. Behind her she heard the door open and gently close. She lay there quietly, not opening her eyes. A soft female voice said, “Would madame like an all over massage, or is there one spot in particular that you feel needs special attention?”

Savannah mumbled, “all over”, and smiled with the anticipation. The odor of a lightly, floral-scented oil drifted towards her, and then she felt strong hands begin to rub her shoulders and neck. They worked the kinks and knots that had formed there from the past week, and Savannah sighed her contentment. The hands made their way eventually to work on her back, going lower, and getting firmer. Dipping now and then to just above her buttocks, then moving towards the sides; traveling slowly upwards.

The hands left her momentarily as the masseuse said, “I need to get some more oil, madame; I will be right back”. Savannah mumbled her understanding, still not moving. The door opened then shut quietly.

She smiled as she remembered the events of last night with her friend Tanya. She’d finally worked up the nerve to question whether she’d be interested in sharing her boyfriend Dillon; for real this time! And surprisingly Tanya had agreed to discuss it with Dillon. She would have an answer within the next few days. Just then the door opened again.

Again, the smell of scented oil wafted on the air currents, and she inhaled the subtle odor with illegal bahis pleasure. Firm, soft hands moved her legs gently apart, and then began working on her feet. Ever so slowly they made their way up along her calves, the backs of her knees, her firm thighs. The hands hesitated slightly, and then she felt a draft as the towel was moved slightly up, revealing her buttocks. Again the soft voice, “Would madame like me to massage her bottom?”

Her breathing now slightly unsteady, Savannah agreed. The hands firmly grasped both ass cheeks and rubbed. The thumbs dug gently into her flesh, rotating inward, closer and closer towards her puckered hole. They brushed softly at the humid opening, and when Savannah moaned, began inching further inward, until the tip of the masseuse’s thumbs were inside her ass. Savannah moaned again and pushed her ass against those thumbs encouragingly, and spread her legs farther apart for easier access.

She felt a drizzle of warm oil across her cheeks, and it trickled to the warm cleft. The masseuse rubbed the oil quickly at the entrance, and then thrusting fingers drove inside. Savannah bucked in pleasure, gasping as she felt more fingers glide downward to her pussy lips. They too thrust inward, and now Savannah had a difficult time restraining herself from screaming her pleasure. The fingers worked at her, first thrusting slow and deep; then fast and shallow. A finger moved skillfully on her clit, making her clench in urgent need. Her fast, heavy breathing echoed in the room, and was mirrored by the masseuse giving her so much pleasure.

“Please, please”, she begged incoherently. The hands were suddenly gone, and Savannah now moaned her frustration.

“Get on your knees”, the soft, faintly familiar voice demanded. Eagerly she complied, her eyes now shut with anticipation. Strong hands moved her back a little, and Savannah thought the masseuse might eat her right there. But what happened next illegal bahis siteleri both shocked, and thrilled her unbearably.

Savannah felt the flicker of a tongue along the back of her thigh, making its way to lick her ass cheeks, and then darting and stabbing along the dark cleft. She quivered in response, shivered.

“Oh yes, do it again”, she pleaded.

The tongue returned, this time stroking more forcefully, and she felt two fingers enter her tight little cunt, stroking. Then those hands grabbed her again, and she gasped as she felt the unmistakable probing of a cock at her ass.

“What the….”, she gasped. Fingers generously smeared more oil around her tight asshole. And then the plump head of that cock slowly entered, her eager muscles clamping down on it. She heard the unmistakable grunting of a man behind her, but she did not protest. She was so hot, so turned on by the unexpected turn of events.

Deeper and deeper that cock forged, until she felt his balls up against her. Savannah reached down with one hand and started stroking her clit while the unkown man’s cock thrust faster and harder into her ass. Their migled breaths turned frantic, loud; his fingers clenched into her flesh.

She opened her eyes and craned her neck to look behind her to see who her companion was, but a feminine hand stopped her. Eyes widening, Savannah realized the masseuse was still in the room. She looked at her, taking note of her almost-black hair, deep green eyes, and petite, yet trim body. The masseuse was naked except for ankle socks and a red thong.

Savannah groaned in appreciation of the lovely vision, then groaned again as the cock went even deeper. The girl advanced on her, bending down to lick at Savannah’s lips. She nibbled and stroked, teasing the corners of Savannah’s lips. Eagerly Savannah returned the favor, and their tongues intertwined and stroked against each other. The masseuse disengaged canlı bahis siteleri herself and walked to one side of her. Her hands played with Savannah’s breasts, twisting the nipples almost roughly, pinching them.

She could feel the rush beginning to build. Her senses were overwhelmed at the smells and textures she was experiencing. The man behind her fucked her harder, surging heavily into her over and over again. Savannah pushed against the pleasurable intrusion. She felt foreign fingers probe her wet pussy, thrusting strongly along with Savannah’s. She was so filled. A cock in her ass. Another woman’s fingers fucking her cunt. She became frantic with her need. She had to cum, and soon. It was all she could think of.

“Oh, now, let it be now,” she moaned. The man behind her pistoned his hips furiously, faster, his ragged breathing floating to her.

“Damn, oh fuck yeah, damn that’s good”, he grunted, and then he pulled out.

Savannah felt globs of hot cum land on her ass and lower back. Quickly she rolled over and gasped in amazement. The unkown cock belonged to none other than Dillon, Tanya’s boyfriend.

He watched her with a wicked smile as the woman’s fingers moved even more frantically, and the masseuse’s mouth wrapped around one pert nipple.

“Yessssssssss”, she hissed. Her hips lifted off the massage bed, her eyes shutting tightly, and brightly colored lights exploded behind them. Her whole body quivered in ecstasy. Her pussy muscles clenched, and she felt the rush of her own juices coat her fingers. Panting heavily, those fingers slowing, she languidly opened her eyes.

Dillon still stood there at the foot of the massage bed, a satisfied and unholy gleam in his eyes. And standing next to him, her masseuse – Tanya! Dillon climbed onto the massage bed with her, spreading her legs open for his inspection.

“Tsk, tsk”, he chided. “Look at the mess you made. Let me clean it up for you.” And he settled his mouth on her pussy, giving a startled thump to her nervous system. Again the blood rushed through her, and all she could think was; Savannah, you are one lucky girl! She fisted Dillon’s hair in her hands, and held on for dear life.