A Strange Day (Out)

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He walked along the Embankment watching the boats pass on the Themes.

He loved London and especially in the autumn, when Westminster Bridge wasn’t crawling with tourist, having to swerve to avoid bumping into them, how rude they were not to move as you would walk in a straight line.

The usual talents still worked. A mime artist would walk and act when and a small child ran to him and put some money in his pot.

She giggled as he gave her a flower, smiling sweetly as he entertained her, the mother watching from a far with her camera at hand.

Marcus stood and observed for a while then strolled away feeling the cool breeze on his face, pulling his jacket close around him.

He doesn’t look around much or care who was around him, something that he as become accustomed with here in this city, not drawing attention to himself.

But do ever get that moment that everywhere you go the same person or persons end up in the same places you are?

Like a supermarket or when you travel, that annoying family or couple that get in your way and bugs the shit out of you when you turn the corner; and guess what? They are there again. Coincidence or was he stalking him?

This man he sensed was here again as he arrived at Victoria tower Gardens.

Shaking off this feeling he leaned over the ancient wall to see the open water again, taking a breath and feeling free and tranquil.

Turning his head towards the huge building, a tall man stood facing away from him.

Hair was dark, gelled back that seemed to be a spiked quiff for a fringe; black jeans, Leather jacket.

Marcus just shook his head and walked on, admiring this wonderful city of his old hometown. He moved feeling this strange presents that followed him; then nothing as he took the Piccadilly line to another destination.

Who ever he was; he wasn’t keen on getting on the same tube as him; as he looked around the crowded hustled station, only heads of other people not reaching his description was seen.

“Silly sod” He smiled to himself, posting the card through the slot to open the gates.

Green Park, lovely place to walk and take in more of the nature side of London, the trees lined in pathway formation,

The golden path of leaves crunched under his feet.

The sun hazing through the branches as he walked, hands in pockets along the way.

It was pretty quiet here, a courting couple would pass, bodies lying on the ground on cloud watching stillness but that was all.

He sat on the bench; fondling his pocket for his cigarettes, lighting one, and sighing as he only realize he had not had one in at least over an hour ago. It was so serine here, watching the clouds roll by, the odd runner, dog walkers came passed within five minutes or so.

Moving on he was taken by surprise, a strange formed tree stood out; a squirrel nearby minding its own business, eating what it found.

He crept closer, not wanting to disturb it; mind you the squirrels here were used to human contact and were actually quite tame.

They like to feed from hands of the public.

Moving closer, the squirrel stopped what it was doing then bounded up the tree.

Marcus chuckled; maybe this one was a little timid.

He took a moment to lean against it, it was a great time he had today visiting places he hadn’t done since a child, or even never took the time to at all!

He drifted into deep thought gazing a head.

Suddenly he was aware that there was someone not to far away. As he looked to his right another man was standing there, one hand clasping around the thick branch; left knee bent casually maybe provocatively? Looking forward, and then turning his head to greet the eyes of Marcus, as they watched him.

“Sorry didn’t mean to startle you,” He said as he visibly

Seeing a change a change in is expression.

“No it’s ok,” He smiled friendly but still vigilante.

“Beautiful here isn’t it,” The other man spoke calming and smoothly.

“Yes it is.” Marcus fought the urge to ask the cliché question of coming here often, so remained quite, and a little awkward.

Just letting his back lean on the thick part of the tree, with his hands in his pockets, now gazing back over the park, not actually sure if the wanted company right now, but another part of him saying that he had been alone for some time and maybe some human companionship wasn’t such a bad thing.

There was a long silence before the dark man spoke.

“Fancy some company? I don’t know about you but I haven’t spoken to another soul since breakfast.”

“Me neither,” he confessed.

The other man chuckled a little.

“A pair of lonely wonderers in this world”

Turning his head and frowned, with such a strange thing to come out with, the man then met his eyes again.

“Figure of speech,” He shrugged hoping he hadn’t offended him.

“I think I know what you mean.” He looked back to the sky.

“One of life’s philosophers, stepping back into the surroundings, camouflaged and watches how the world turns.”

“Checkmate,” The stranger illegal bahis said in surprise.

“Oh come on I’m not that complex you know! Quite simple really”

Marcus sensed he was on the same page with this man although maybe the outlook a little different perhaps deeper than his, as this man was some what logical?

“Really,” Quirking one eyebrow he walked closer to him.

He now was faced by the amazingly handsome features of this strange man; he felt was following him.

He placed both hand beside his head, each clasping different branches, leaning in a little too close for Marcus’s comfort.

He felt his breath hitch as he caught the scent of the stranger waft under his nose. It was heavenly.

These pale piercing eyes examined ever inch of his face.

He licked his lips nervously as the eyes now stopped there, studying the contours of them.

The rise on fall of his chest paced faster as he felt the invisible spark of his aura hit him.

Anticipation! Fear, desire, molded into one as his eyes closed, the soft touch of his lips against his folded into a soft kiss.

He was overcome as this complete stranger, with no reason or with error, made out with him under this leaning tree.

How could he be so bold as to do such thing?

Assume that he was even attracted to him?

But in truth, letting his lips cloak his, in such a soft gentle way excited him.

He didn’t fight him off or even question his actions, just let his own lips submit, the question beyond that had not even taking place – what next?

It was nice too nice!

His long fingers then progressed to his cheek, smoothing the tip over his soft skin, making Marcus shudder.

The other cupped his nape, caressing the short stubbly hairs there.

He now let a whimper escape, feeling the fingers trace up to comb through his thick waves.

Leather clad erection threatening as it began to strain though his trousers.

Fuck this was the hottest thing that has ever happened to him!

His hand that once touched his cheek now made its way down; over his neck, thumb smoothing over his Adams apple, over his chest covered in a comfortable yet suitable sweat top for his outing.

The hand then folded around his waist, under his jacket, the heat radiating his fingers as he grabbed and pulled the man closer to his body.

Marcus grunted as the weight of his body pressed his.

Their lips never parted, as he then felt something hard; denim, rub over his own aching mound, gasping as the rock hard pressure stroked his.

His eyes shot open to come back to reality, seeing people walking not too far from here. He broke the kiss.

“We can’t do this here,” He breathed.

“Why not you’re not scared of me are you?”

“No it’s just too public.”

The stranger smirked, still holding him close, now with both hands, grinding his desire over his, watching his face transform to pleasure as he did so.

“Frightened someone might see?” He whispered, lightly pecking at his neck, causing him to moan lightly.


“I have followed you all day, and now finally have you. I’m not letting you run from me now.”

Marcus’s green eyes glanced to his; they had a serious exterior of lust.

“You have been following me then! I thought I had imagined it” his lips broke into a subtle smile in flattery.

“So do you always make a habit of stalking men you want to fuck?” he felt maybe that was a little brash of his words, but the stranger looked down and chuckled.

“Actually no I don’t.”

“So why me?”

“You’re beauty captivated me from the first moment I saw you.”

“Oh where was that?” flirtingly smiling at him


“The Station?”


“God I have been everywhere since then, even stopped for lunch at Starbucks,” He chuckled.

“Yes I was the man holding the paper opposite you.”

“I didn’t notice.”

“No too busy daydreaming whilst eating a slice of chocolate cake”

Both men laughed softly.

“I did notice you at the south Bank.”


“Yes you sat on a bench, but I didn’t really acknowledge you until I though I saw you at the gardens.”

“You did I was there”

Marcus bit his lip, as he raised his eyebrow at what he then asked or really commanded.

“Meet me.”


“Here, at 8.”

“I can’t I have to catch the train home.”

“Then stay with me”

“I can’t do that!”

“You can and will.”

“Geeze you are persistent.”

The stranger pulled him close again; kissing him hard on his lips, letting his tongue dart in to taste him further, thrusting his lower half forcefully and dominantly to his, the rush of excitement hit him hard as he fell back, the cold space now hit him as the stranger rushed off.

“….Wait!!!” He was gone. “I never got you’re name” He said lowly.


What could he do?

His last train was at Ten fifteen so maybe it was risky to meet him.

Not only that; he could be some mad person illegal bahis siteleri who might do something, at night in the dark, in the middle of a park; dodgy?

Walking back he could find no trace of this mysterious man.

Maybe he will be stood up! Maybe he his is a killer, like jack the ripper or something? Too many doubts plagued his mind.

Only cons were that he was devilishly attractive, he had chased him all day and that he wanted him; and Marcus if he was honest didn’t want to loose sight of him again.

So why not ask him out for a drink, or go with him that moment he had pursued him and caught him?

Perhaps it was just for sex?

Either way He fought with himself to carry out the plans.

It was only past five so he supposed he could kill some time getting something to eat and maybe a drink or two to think it over, or have Dutch courage to go through with it.

He arrived at a takeout restaurant, settling at the table with his Fish and chips, trying to get his head around what just happened there.

Why did he not invite him to join him rather than ask of his name? Stupid! He cursed in his mind.

Moving on the chair he felt something crumple in his back pocket.

It felt flat and square like a folded piece of paper.

Hoisting up he fished it out, and indeed it was!

Wiping his mouth and hands with a napkin he opened this very neatly folded note.

It read:


Know I must look like some kind of psycho following you around London.

But I’m generally fascinated by your beauty.

Please do as I ask and meet me by the tree again tonight at 8pm.

I promise I’m not some madman, and that you won’t be disappointed.


Marcus frowned and read it again; it baffled him on why he wanted to meet him at this time; strange though the curiosity grew in him, eager to find out the name of this stranger and get to knew him.


Andrew, Adam, Alex?

This was now driving him mad and gave him more reasons to meet him.

He finished the food and Drink and decided to find a reasonable pub to have a few pints.

The pub was small and to relief quiet. He knew from experience which pub was adequate for him, as his image was something for shallow minded people to frown upon or judge.

This one seemed friendly and not too far from the park, safe and acceptable.

The young girl served him with a smile, asking him if he was local.

He replied with used to be but now lives in Kent.

Sitting in the corner he dwelled more on the situation, planning the ‘what ifs’ in his mind. Staring as the bubbles softly floated to the top, placing finger prints on the condensation of the cold beer glass, to make a pattern, finding he had drawn the letter A as he returned from his daydream.

Ok so if it goes wrong surely he could find a hotel nearby, or even manage to catch the train home. He had two hours from 8?

Or maybe it would go ok, and he would end up with this man, but he did want to impose so decided to ask a local on a nearby hotel or Travelodge so he could have back up.

Gladly the couple next to him mentioned something nearby where they were staying and it was pretty cheap.

Marcus gladly thanked them; then carried on his own thoughts.

The time so slowly, looking a Budweiser clock above the bar which told him he had only an hour to go.

Is anxiety would grew as he finished his second pint, feeling quite lonely as no-one really spoke to him.

He sparked up his last cigarette that now caught up with him; his lack of nicotine craving for the day, and sat back wondering if it was wise to get in a last drink, he didn’t want to be drunk or have problems with needing the toilet.

He sighed glancing over to the girl who was leaning at the bar; she smiled sweetly and wondered over to collect his empties.

“Waiting for someone?”

“No I am suppose to be meeting someone some where else.”

“Any-where nice?” The glasses clinked as he gathered them with her fingers.

Had to think; and lie. What would it sound like if he told the truth? Like some weirdo?

“Oh um… at the station, at Eight then maybe a drink”

“Ooooh a date?”

“Something like that,” He blushed and folded his lips.

“Well have fun,” She winked. “Shame I rather thought you are kinda cute myself.”

He chuckled unsure how to take two complements in one day.

“If you get stood up then come right back here; I would gladly give you a night to remember.”

“I will bear that in mind.”

The girl winked and walked away, leaving him to his thoughts again.

What was with him pulling two people in one day? He then pondered back to the ‘A’ that name!!

Alan… Anthony…. Adrian…Anton? Perhaps it was foreign.

Visiting the gents Marcus groomed, primped in the mirror, wetting down his hair and adding a little body spray in a mini bottle he kept in the inside of his jacket. He was walking around all-day he really could have done with a shower, maybe book a hotels wasn’t a bad canlı bahis siteleri thing, but just to get freshened up?

He opted to the cologne hoping it would mask any unpleasant odors, although he had a bath before he left home.

Looking at his reflection he was satisfied he would do.

Waving goodbye to the barmaid who wished him luck; he headed into the icy air, it was colder than he thought.

He wrapped his jacket around him and moved on, the drink making him a little unsteady, lightheaded and a little more courageous. What was the worst that could happen?

Luckily there were a few street lamps that illuminated the park; old Victorian ones that made him giggle about the Jack the ripper accusations.

The scene felt like he had gone back in time for a moment.

As he walked on he began to feel quite frightened on who or what could be lurking in the shadows of the trees.

The noises reached his ears as animals scurried in he bushes.

Stupid stupid idea! He comforted himself, keeping his hands close to his chest

The wind rustled the leaves that fell like giant snowflakes over him.

He started to regret this now and felt the urge just to turn around and go back, go home, if he wanted him that much then he would follow him back.

He stopped and looked around trying to get his bearings, when suddenly he was pulled back by some-ones hands cupping his mouth and dragged away.

He fought and cried out as he was then pushed against the tree, body close, and warmth pressed there.

He panted hard, heart beating fast, but then caught that familiar scent.

“You came,” the darkened face uttered, adding more to his mystique.

“Yes” was all he could say as the shock still hitting ten barrels of shit out him!

“I want you now!”

His lips were now cushioned with the soft heat of the others, more passionate more eager more daring.

“No-one will see us here, we are all alone and how I want you!”

The stranger roamed his hand over his body, not leaving anything out.

Touching feeling exploring him, paralyzed with the thrill.

The hot breath over his face, in rhythm almost with his, suddenly the cold air turned very hot.

The cold finger tips ran under his clothes feeling the soft skin, Mans gasps as hot lips began to work his neck, questions swirling around his head.

Why here? He wanted ask so much but was distracted by the man mauling him.

He daren’t stop him, as he was too eager to have him here and now.

Submission took over him as he let the dark man pin him on the spot, wet kisses covered him.

And now Marcus let his own hand idly wrap around his body, pushing towards him, letting his tongue sample him, tasting what he had smelt like.

He moaned as he kissed him hard, returning the passion ten times over, this was indeed as much as he could take, now the mans hands cupped and rubbed between is legs.

Marcus jolted with a whimper, his cock aching to be free from his tight leather pants.

Returning he now felt the hard damp denim grind over his fingers.

“Oh I really want to fuck you, hard against this tree, I want to take you now, say yes and I will grant you a wild time.”

The stranger now fondled for his zip, pulling free his erect shaft, running his fingers teasingly from base to tip.

He had to bite his lip hard to stifle a moan, the tips danced and teased until he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Do you want it?” He growled, chewing at his crook then sliding his tongue up his long slim neck.

“Oh god yes,” He murmured in a high pitched whimper, squeezing his eyes so tight he began to see spots of white lights.

“You are lucky I’m being considerably gentle giving the circumstances of being out in the cold.”

Marcus just made a small noise.

“You would have me in that pretty mouth and sucking until I cum.”

“Ohhhhhh,” He Moaned as his cock was being massaged, with such smooth hands, gliding easily with the moisture coming from the pre-cum.

“Ooh I got you nice and greased,” The stranger growled.

“Turn around.”

He did so, with a firm helping hand, palms placed on the branches, pressing on the hard rough bark, his trousers stripped to his knees, bearing his hot skin to the bitter wind.

A hot hard piece of flesh prodded at him, stabbing jabbing leaving cold damp marks as it did so.

He was proving just how horny he was by marking his territory with his own juice.

Finally as he hit the x marked spot, Marcus gripped the branch hard, feeling him slide into him, slowly and painfully.

He let out a loud cry, which diminished to an elongated moan of absolute excitement; finishing with a girly gasp.

The man behind grunted in his ear with ever sound every writhe of his slight repressed body, making him grow harder.

“Mmmm… you’re good,” He said, licking his ear and pounding harder almost knocking Marcus off balance.

It was all happening so quickly, in almost minutes hot liquid sprayed over his bare ass, and long grunted groan came from behind.

Jesus he hadn’t even come yet and now it was over. How unsatisfied or even underperformed did he feel!

But the other man turned him around and kissed him softly.

“Come back with me and I will satisfy you properly,” He said.