A Special Christmas Eve

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A Special Christmas EveAfter such a wonderful first-time bisexual experience with our new close friends Dan & Anna, we arrived home all aglow with our new-found sense of love & understanding. We got some supper & headed up to our room. “ Oh baby, you looked so sexy with Dan’s big thick cock in your mouth! The way you were sucking it, you looked like you were really enjoying having a man’s big cock to suck on finally?” “ Yeah, I guess you got me on that one. I love how his dick is a bit more than average length. But like 2 ½ inches wide! It felt kinda sexy the way I had to stretch my lips to get’em around his very thick cock. And the way he stretched my sphincter sliding it up my ass to fuck me! Now I know it’s the width of a man’s dick that feels good, not so much the length. Oh, how he made me moan & cum fucking me with that wonderful fat dick!” I cooed to her in the privacy of our master bedroom.“ You looked like you really enjoyed him fucking your ass & pussy after Anna licked & sucked you to orgasm first. You looked so at peace, having sex with a woman your first time…after she licked your cute little pussy so well first. That really seemed to put you at ease?” “ It sure did sweetie! She licked & sucked my little pussy so well, I couldn’t wait to bury my face in her furry pussy! She tasted so sweet as I licked & sucked her clit after kissing her pussy lips. I have to admit, I liked it after I got going. Thank you for talking me into trying bisexual sex with you! Now I know why you like girls & guys! From now on, I want to enjoy them with you! I always knew you were a good man, Melvin!” she said with a passionate kiss.As I blushed at this revelations, she noticed the lump in my jeans. “ Oooo, baby, Your cock’s getting big!” “ I love the way you kissed me so passionately. And thank you so much for the compliment! Not to mention, trusting me with our 1st bisexual foursome.” “ I think we were both ready for it? I’m so happy you finally tried sex with another woman, Marie baby. And I’m very happy to have finally had a grown man strip me naked to suck me off & fuck me in the ass! That really fat dick of his felt so wonderful buried in my virgin ass. And throbbing between my lips right before he blew his long load of cum in my mouth. I really did love swallowing his thick cum & letting him fuck me so damn good!” I admitted lovingly to my little soulmate. “ Don’t sell yourself short, baby! I saw the way he acted when you shoved that uncut cock of yours up his ass! He really looked like he was falling in love with that big fat cock of yours?! Mm, baby, you are a good fuck, you know?!” “ So are you, you pretty little pussy licker! Were such a fine pair of pussy licking cocksuckers, aren’t we?” “ Mm, we sure are, my handsome cocksucker! I need another turn sucking off that handsome, uncut cock of yours, lover. But you’re gonna eat me out from my asshole to my cute little pussy while I do!” “ With pleasure, my dear little love. I do love sucking & licking your shapely lil butt! “ I said with passionate conviction. She pulled down my pants & shorts as I removed my shirt. Then I pulled her blouse & bra up over her head & tossed them aside. She pulled down her pants & panties before I could grab them to do so! She kissed me with that impish smile as she got down on her knees and sucked my thick, stiff cock before pulling back the foreskin. Tugging on the foreskin with her pretty, full lips, then pushed it back sucking my now hard dick with relish. Sucking & slurping for a minute or so, before pushing me down on the bed roughly. “ Now turn around & hang your head over the side of the bed, I’m gonna squat on your face! Just like old times!” she said smiling impishly. But she turned around instead of the usual way, spread her cute ass cheeks wide, & rubbed her little ass all over my mouth. I gladly licked her asshole wet, then tickling it with the tip of my tongue & licking circles around her sphincter before spreading her ass cheeks wide to suck on her asshole. How I loved sucking her asshole while moving my lips around!Then tongue-fucking it. Then back to sucking & licking her clean, tight hole. Sucking hard on her little asshole while moving my lips around, some 15 minutes later, she moaned & cooed before getting up off my face. She turned around & stuck her smooth pussy in my face next. Kiss after sucking kiss on both her smooth pussy lips. Then licking up her soft slit to lightly flick my tongue on her clit. Then lightly sucking her clit till she oozed pussy juice. At that, she reached her right hand around her back & started shoving a finger up her shapely ass to finger fuck herself as I sucked her off. “ That’s it baby! Finger that pretty ass! “After that, she let out a low, passionate moan as she fingered her asshole while I licked & sucked her into moaning & oozing more sweet pussy juice. At length finally moaning out her cumming, She got off my face & bad me lay down on our marriage bed. She got on all fours at an angle with her butt nearer my head as she began sucking my big, wet dick. Sucking the head hard, then those long, slow sucking strokes. Really sucking on it hard! Wow! She’s deep throating my big dick! She hasn’t done that since?…With all 7 inches of my big dick down her throat, she humped it a few times before coming up for air. Then more passionate cock sucking. She made me roll my head around, moaning incoherently & grabbing at the bed covers. She seems to really love sucking dick even more now that she’s had Dan’s huge meat in her mouth, ass & pussy? Gotta admit, I loved sucking, jerking & fucking that big fat dick of his too! I just loved the taste & feel of that handsome dick of his. So did my little love! But man, she sure seems to love a big mouthful of mine right now!? Sucking the head faster & firmly jacking me off some 45 minutes later, I moaned uncontrollably now. Bucking & moaning, grabbing the sheets & rolling my head around moaning & bucking. Then it happened. I groaned hard, she tried to pull up off my dick, & I spewed a long, hot load all over her face! With that sweet Mona Lisa moan on her pretty face, she held my cock so it’d spew all my hot, thick cum all over her face! Moaning & groaning as I shot load after thick load of cum all over her pretty face. She sucked & licked the last of my cum out of my spent cock. Then came up to rub her face all over mine as we then licked up all that sweet load of cum. Oh, how I loved sharing all that tasty cum with my little lover! Cleaning all the cum off our faces, we shared mouthfuls of cum with each other. She really seems to be getting off on all this? I wonder where she got that idea from? Then feverish, deep passionate kissing for what seemed like forever. My head was spinning. Fuck! She hasn’t kissed me like that before?! Breaking the kiss, we laid there in each others arms. Tightly. So much so, as I said, “ baby, I can feel you livin’! Where did you learn to kiss like that?!” “ Why, Anna, of course?! She kissed me so passionately, I lost myself in those kisses. She really seemed to love having sex with me?” “ I got the same impression from Dan. He loved sucking my big, uncut dick, and the way my ass looked with his big fat dick in it. The way I made him feel when I fucked him back. I really loved his big thick cock up my ass!” I had to admit. “I thought you looked like you really enjoyed him fucking you? But boy, did she lick my little pussy but good! That made me really wanna lick her furry pussy too! I loved licking her pussy & making her cum so well. I hope it’s OK with you if I enjoyed her having sex with me? I still love you baby! I still love having your big cock inside me & cumming in my mouth. Honest babe!” “ Oh, Marie honey, please don’t worry. I can’t help being in love with you. I told you, my heart is yours. It always will be. Dan & Anna are close friends, & I think we really needed close friends with benefits?” “ You mean it’s OK that I admitted I loved the way she had sex with me? The way I enjoyed sucking her lovely tits & licking her cute furry pussy?” “ I’m glad you loved having sex with her, And still loved having me fuck you in the ass, your pussy & cumming in your mouth in front of them! Is it OK with you that I loved sucking him off, & how well he fucked me?” “ Yes, lover, It’s fine by me! I saw how just the thought of admitting you were bi-curious to me drew you closer to me again. And I know by the way you’ve been that you really do love me, Mel baby. So let’s do the bisexual thing from now on. I think it’s really helped our relationship.” she said with love sparkling in her eyes. It sure did spice things up between us. Making us care more about the other when other people are intimately involved in our lives.It sorta makes you try harder to let the other know you really do love them & care about their happiness. So my enjoying sucking cock & her eating pussy in front of & with each other has been a blessing. That I am truly thankful for. I/we needed the intimacy back in our lives. Or, as God put it so often, becoming as one flesh. That, my dear ones, is what that bible verse means! Fondling, hugging & feeling each other as we kissed passionately for the next half hour or so, we fell asleep in each other’s arms. Just like when we were younger.Waking up at nearly the same time, I looked at her, & she at me. Noticing we were nude, we smiled & kissed each other good morning. Seeing it was about 10AM, we got up, showered together & got dressed. The boys had made pancakes & scrambled eggs for breakfast. So we all sat down for a morning meal together. Hadn’t done that in a while. Wondering aloud if we had a good time out, we explained to them that we wanted to patch up our relationship by sharing some quality time together. Can’t just be mom & dad all the time?! Being young men now, they understood enough that it seemed to make them feel better too. Mission accomplished on that point as well!Having finished breakfast, the boys cleaned things up & went about their usual day. “ Hey babe, let’s go upstairs & watch videos. You want to, huh?” she said quietly, flashing that certain smile again. Oh boy, am I in trouble I thought. But what a way to go! “ Oh yeah…” Getting upstairs, she put in that 4-hour bisexual DVD again. “ Take your cloths off baby, I wanna see you naked while we watch others sucking & fucking!” she said while taking off her blouse & bra. We’d just settled into watching, when my cell phone rang. Answering it, I quickly found it was our new FWB’s. “ Who is it, babe?” “ It’s Dan & Anna. They miss us already!” Putting it on speaker phone & turning down the volume a bit, they spoke up. “ We loved having sex with you two so much, Dan & I agreed that we’d like to have you over for Christmas eve. The k**s have their own families, & won’t be here till the day after Christmas day. So we’d like to spend some more time with you two. We both agreed we love you both & want to be with you more often. Especially on Christmas Eve!” Dan explained. “ Anna baby, you there?” “ Yes honey, I’m here.” “ We talked about the other night, & I admitted to Mel that I loved how you had sex with me, & I with you. Mel loves how Dan seems to love sucking his uncut cock & how cute his ass is when he fucks him. Mel loves sucking Dan’s huge cock & fucking his cute little round ass!” “ Mel, I need more of your handsome dick! I love the taste of your cum, & I’d like to suck & lick your tight little butt hole this time too. Would you mind if I suck & lick your asshole, buddy?” “ I wanna do that for you too, Marie honey. You have a lovely ass I’d just love to suck & lick! Would you mind if I suck & lick your hubby’s ass too? He has such a cute little butt, I’d just love to suck & lick it!” “Oh baby, that’s making me wet! We gotta get together again! OK, baby? Please? I really wanna watch you two sucking & licking each other asses before you fuck each other again? And I’d love having your face in my pretty ass, Anna baby. I’ll try sucking & licking your asshole too. You do have a cute little butt!” “ Cool! We can’t wait to be with you two again! Email us your Christmas lists & we’ll exchange a gift or two. It is Christmas, after all…” Dan chimed in. “ Send us yours too! It’ll be fun. Besides being with two friends we already love being with.” Marie exclaimed. I smiled & winked at her, just to give her to know she had nothing to dread. “ Wonderful! Come over Christmas Eve about 5PM, OK? I know it’ll be some two weeks till then. But we love you both as the best friends & sex partners we ever had! Sounds like you love being with us too?” “ Yes we do, Dan. We can’t wait to get together naked again! You two really helped our relationship with your loving, caring way of having sex together with us. See you then, buddy!” “ Well, babe, that got me hot again just thinking about it! You really love sharing me with them?” “ Yes, because I know we love each other more! You like sharing ME with them?” “ Yeah, baby, because we’re all sharing equally. It’s the best that way.” Marie said, looking deep into my eyes as she held me tight. Really tight, in fact. I think she really means it! She gets to lick pussy & I get to suck cock. We both fuck & get fucked. Then suck & fuck each other during the course of the session. Gotta love that? Still being naked, she laid me down &, turning me over on all fours, she licked & sucked my asshole wonderfully. Oh, how absolutely luscious that was!…Later in the day, we checked my computer & found their email. Sending them the list we came up with, we printed theirs out. “ We can just sit here & go online to find these gifts, babe. No crowds that way…” “ Sounds good to me, babe” She acquiesced. So we spent the next hour & a half shopping for their gifts on line. That done, we had only to wait for them to be delivered. Then wrap them up, but keeping them separate from family gifts. That’d be embarrassing to explain to the boys. Besides, it’s none of their business anyway, as long as we’re a loving family…The usual preparations for Christmas, like decorations, gifts, baking , etc went on for the next week or more. But, at last all was ready for Jesus’ birthday. Hey, that’s what it really is, isn’t it? We explained to the boys that we were spending Christmas Eve with friends & would be back early the next morning. They seemed to understand, knowing we hadn’t any friends in a long time. Having their gifts all wrapped, & our overnight bag packed, the day arrived at last. We got dressed, a bit fancier than usual & putting together a tray of Christmas goodies & grabbing the gifts,we set out for Dan & Anna’s. Arriving a little before 5, we knocked on the door, gifts & goody tray in hand. Dan answered the door, wearing a red silk shirt & black trousers. I had on a white shirt & red striped tie with tan trousers. Marie wore a short, form-fitting black dress with pearls that just made her look incredibly luscious. “ C’mon in, you two. Anna’s in the den.” he said as he led us to the den where we had such a hot session last time. Closing the double doors behind us, Dan turned to me & wrapped his arms around me. Anna quickly did likewise with Marie. They kissed us very passionately, clearly missing our company. Then we switched & Anna’s sweet lips found mine. Marie got up on her toes with her arms around Dan’s neck & we all shared hot kisses once more. “ Here’s some cookies, little cakes & stuff we make for Christmas. We thought it’d be nice to have something to nibble on?” Marie said, handing Anna the tray. “ Sit down folks. Can I get you a drink?” “ I’ll have that tequila one you made last time, Dan.” “ Make that two!” Marie chimed in. Dan made four of them, handing one to his wife & brought us the remaining two. Sitting down next to us, Dan next to me, Anna next to Marie, we sipped our drinks for the moment. “ Thanks for inviting us over for Christmas Eve. We didn’t expect this!” Marie said at last. “ Like we said on the phone, we love you two. We love your company, & how we all sort of feel the same way about our bisexual thing together. It was the best sex we’ve had since we’ve been into bisexuality together! Mel, Marie, we really think you two are the sweetest, most understanding couple we’ve ever been with! You didn’t get together with us just to get fucked & sucked off. You let us kiss you with our passions & you kissed us back. We all sucked & fucked each other lovingly, & without meanness or pain. We all took turns swallowing cum & lapping up pussy juice & cum off each other. We could spend a lifetime getting together with just you two!” Dan gladly admitted. “ I have to goalong with my hubby. You two are the greatest!” Anna chimed in. “ We’re still on cloud nine over how good you two were. How patient you were with us, never having done anything like this as adults. And you both shared yourselves equally with us both, being patient with letting us get used to illegal bahis what we were doing for the 1st time. We’d like to spend a lot more time with you two as well!” “ Mel’s right. Anna baby, you were so gentle with me my first time ever touching another girl that way. Let alone oral & anal sex. You even let me & your husband fuck each other. I loved spreading my legs for him to fuck my little pussy with that big thick cock of his! Especially after he sucked Mel off & let my husband fuck him in his cute little butt! And I saw how you & Mel obviously wanted to fuck each other & really loved it! But the best thing of all…we love each other even more after having bisexual sex with you two. Our love life is better now than it ever was. Thank you so much for getting us back together again!” Marie replied with heart-felt emotion. “ I’m glad you both feel that way! We really love being together with you both! We love each other more deeply because of how sweet & understanding you both have been with us too. Thank you both for that!” Dan admitted, kind of misty eyed. He got us all another drink & sat down after putting on some old Christmas music. The kind familiar to us growing up. And on this very street too! Anna got out a small, fancy wood & brass box & opened it. Huh. It’s an old-school stash box. “ We got some good stuff for tonight!” Anna said.She proceeded to roll a few joints. “ just getting this outta the way ahead of time.” she explained. Laying out three joints & putting the stash box away, she lit one, took a deep toke, & passed it over to the left-hand side. That was the custom we all had since the 70’s, at least. Finishing that joint & another drink, we were all quite mellow by this point. Dan kissed me briefly as he slid his hand to my bulging crotch. Anna already had her hands on Marie’s luscious tits. He jacked me off through my slacks while Anna squeezed & played with Marie’s tits through her clingy black dress. Marie then put her hands on Anna’s perky, firm breasts & did likewise. They kissed passionately for a moment.They continued doing this for us with even more passion. So I reached over & took Dan’s thick cock in hand. Rubbing it gently through his pants as Marie & Anna played with each others tits. I looked over at them, noticing only now that they were both wearing black nylons with garters! Damn, that’s hot, I thought. This is gonna be epic! About then, I saw Dan & Anna look at each other. He started undoing my pants as Anna pulled up Marie’s dress & pulled her black lace & blue silk panties down & off. Dan had pulled my pants & shorts down & off at the same time. Anna spread Marie’s luscious legs & kissed her right on the clit as Marie removed her bra! Dan lifted my growing cock & kissed the underside of my tapered cock head! I gasped a little at that action.But instead of Dan going down on me, & Anna on Marie, they switched partners? “ Turn over on all fours lover. I’m going to do what I promised.” Having done as she asked, she spoke again. “ You have such a cute ass, Mel! I didn’t get to make love to it last time. I really wanna suck, lick & tongue fuck your cute little butt!” With that, she lightly, slowly kissed both sides of my butt crack down to my asshole. Spreading my cheeks, She licked her tongue across my sphincter to wet it, then started sucking on it passionately. “ Oooh yeah, suck his cute ass, Anna baby! He loves that!” Marie said, about the time Dan turned her over on all fours to do the same. He ran his tongue all the way up & down the crack of Marie’s pretty ass. Then he licked her asshole wet & he too sucked that asshole like he really wanted to make my sweety cum. So there we were, both of us on all fours, getting our asses made oral love to by our new best friends. I moaned with pleasure as Anna really began sucking my asshole in earnest. Oh…that feels so wonderful! I never knew getting your ass licked & sucked could feel so incredibly good?! “ Oooohhh oh oh ohhh Danny baby, suck my asshole! Oh… that feels so damned good baby!” Marie moaned. Anna was making me moan as well, sucking & flicking her tongue on my asshole so expertly. Marie & I moaning only made them lick & suck our asses with even more gusto! Pretty soon, Marie & I came. Hard. They licked both our asses a bit more, getting off on hearing our mutual orgasms. They quickly got up & stripped down. Anna to her garters & stockings. Dan & I finished stripped totally nude. “ OK, you two, your turn!” Marie proceeded to suck & lick Dan’s round little butt, & I Anna’s cute little ass. What a pretty ass to make love to, I thought. We sucked & licked, actually enjoying it. I gotta get Marie to suck & lick my ass next! She seemed to really get off on orally making love to another man’s ass, let alone anyone’s? “ Oh baby! Suck his ass good! You’re doing great, babe!” I said in the heat of the moment. “ “ Anna baby, is my husband sucking your asshole good enough?” Marie wondered of our new lover. “ Oooh ohohhhnnnn…” was Anna’s only reply. After some 45 minutes of this, we finally sucked & licked them both to orgasm. We crawled back onto the couch to catch our breath. “ Somebody grab some drinks & light another joint!” I proclaimed. That done we sipped & smoked for awhile, resting & adding to our buzz. “ Boy, did that feel good! Dan said at last. “ Marie honey, you really sucked & licked my ass wonderfully!” “ Thank you Danny. I’m glad I made you cum so hard!” Marie replied. “ Anna baby, you were a real pro, sucking my asshole so well, and I really enjoyed how you flicked your tongue on it. Marie, I’d really love to have you suck & lick my ass like that next, baby! Dan, I wanna watch you suck Anna’s asshole like you did Marie’s!” Finishing the joint & another drink, they proceeded to do just that. I knelt on the couch, bending over with my head on the back, legs spread wide. Anna did the same right next to me, So I kissed her & slipped her my tongue as Marie & Dan started licking & sucking our spread-eagled butts. Marie sucked my ass passionately. Even tongue-fucking my tight asshole.Dan made Anna moan as he spread her ass cheeks & sucked her little hole hard! Oh, how delicious that is! My sweety really sucked my ass hard. Licking & tickling it with her warm, wet tongue. Then sucking & licking it at the same time! “ ohhhh oh ohoh ohhhhuhhnnnn….” I gasped & moaned as her tongue flicked over my asshole as she sucked it hard, moving her lips around as she did so. Anna kissed me again after watching me gasp & moan so passionately. I moaned again as she kissed me. Soon, I could take no more! Anna & I both came pretty close together, but I started cumming 1st. Still sucking my asshole, Marie wouldn’t give up until I had an orgasm! A real, mind blowing orgasm that really made me dizzy & weak-kneed when she finally finished sucking my asshole so hard.The girls saw that Dan & I were dripping wet & rock hard! So Marie sat on my lap, taking my aching cock deep into her wet, loose asshole. Taking every inch as she fucked herself on my big, wet dick! Looking so sexy with her stockings & garters, legs spread wide, exposing her wet pussy for all to see! Anna did likewise with Dan’s big, thick cock. She squealed a little, taking that huge fat hard cock in her tight little asshole. We all fucked each other for quite some time, then one by one, we started cumming again. Dan & I shooting long, hot loads up their pretty, gartered asses. “ oooohhhnghnnn, oh oh ohhhhhhuhhhooooo baby, give me that big hard cock! Fuck me harder! Oooohhhh yeah baby, fuck me fuck me fuck meee!” Marie begged & moaned, orgasming hard with my big dick stretching her tight asshole as she bounced up & down wildly on my pulsating dick. Anna was going even crazier, what with Dan’s big, thick meat pounding her tiny asshole so hard! She squealed & groaned & grunted as Dan finished giving her the ass fucking of a lifetime. When we finished shooting our loads up their orgasming butts, they rolled off us, kissing each other with tired smiles. “ Whew, baby, I can’t believe how good it felt to have you ass fuck me like that! I love you & that big fat cock of yours!” Kissing me & slowly slipping me her tongue, Marie started fondling her little wet pussy. “ Danny honey, you really fucked me good with that huge dick of yours! Oh, baby did you fuck my little ass hard! Mind if Marie & I suck the cum outta each other’s asses?” “ Oooo baby, that’d be hot! Come here Anna baby, let mamma suck the cum outta your gorgeous ass!” Marie said excitedly.” “ And we wanna watch you boys suck those big fat cocks while we suck the cum out of each other. I hope you like watching us too?!” Marie said sexily. They did a 69 in full view of us, wanting us to watch everything those lips & tongues did to get our cum out of their shapely butts. We did likewise, sucking our fat dicks. It took some 20 minutes to get hard again, but the girls were just now finishing up sucking & swallowing all that cum we pumped into their tight, pretty asses. Dan’s thick cock was already hard, & felt good to have in my mouth again. Happily sucking that big fat dick, he sensed this, & sucked my big dick even more passionately. Deep throating it several times. It was hard deep throating his really fat dick, but I managed to get it down my throat a couple times. He then licked his way down to my balls. Sucking gently, swirling his wet tongue around them. Sucking & licking each one so wonderfully, he had me oozing my love juice for him in no time. I slobbered my way down to his balls & enjoyed sucking & licking them again. I took my time sucking & licking his balls till he oozed & moaned at my efforts. “ Oh baby, yeah! Suck his big balls! Now suck his huge cock baby! I wanna see you swallow all his cum again! Suck him off baby!” Marie exclaimed, cheering me on. She really loved watching me suck a big fat dick, now that she loved licking pussy! “ suck & lick her little pussy good now babe! Get that pussy cumming & soaking your pretty lips!” I goaded her back. The girls were now moaning while trying to finish sucking & licking their hot, wet pussy’s. I groaned at this, arched my back, & swallowed his huge dick as I blew my load in his hot mouth! Feeling his big fat cock go down my throat as I did so, he groaned mightily & blew his long, hot load right down my throat! When his orgasm slowing down, I pulled his thick meat outta my throat to breath. Rubbing his oozing cock on my lips as I caught my breath. He seemed to be enjoying every last drop of my sweet cum load. Rolling over to sit back, the girls finished making each other cum hard while we watched. They kissed & sat back next to us. Marie put her leg over mine, rubbing her dainty foot around my dick & balls. Kissing me passionately, without a word.Anna kissed her man, fondling his limp dick & balls softly, slowly. “ Whew! Mel, that was the best dick sucking you’ve given me yet! You really learned to suck dick well!” “ Because I love that big fat juicy cock of yours, Dan. I love how I have to stretch my lips to get’em around that thick meat of yours, lover. And you really sucked my big dick better than before! You do love sucking my dick, don’t you? You sure sucked it like you do?” I queried. “ Yeah Mel, I do love sucking off that big, uncut dick of yours. And swallowing your long loads of sweet cum too!” he admitted, kissing me harder.It was erotic, having my baby girl & another man kissing me at once. Anna got up to make some drinks so we could recharge a bit. “ Wow, you boys really sucked some serious dick just now! And Mel honey, I’m so proud of you for finally getting my hubby’s fat cock down your throat & letting him cum all he wanted! And Danny honey, It made me so wet watching you keep on deep-throating Mel’s big cock like like that. You really love his cock, don’t you baby?” “ Yeah honey, I do. I love the way his big, uncut dick is so sensitive, making him moan when I make love to it. I like how he cums so much too. I love your sweet cum!” he said, sexily licking his lips.“ You girls seem to really enjoy licking & sucking tits & pussy too. The passionate kissing you two do shows you love sex together to my thinking? So I guess we’re well suited to one another? I have to admit, Marie & I do love fucking you two. You have a very nice little pussy Anna. Your tight, round ass feels good too Dan. I know Marie loved having you fuck her little pussy with that big fat dick of yours. So did I, as a matter of fact.” “ I enjoyed that big, uncut cock of yours, Mel. You’re a real nice fuck!” I definitely liked having you fuck me with that huge cock of yours, Danny. Thanks for a great fucking!” “Well, what’s next everyone?” “ How about another joint & some drinks? We can talk about what we like while we get buzzed some more?” Anna suggests cheerily. “ Besides, I think we all enjoy seeing each other naked?” Marie & I had been fondling each other during this conversation. Dan liked fondling Marie’s large tits as Anna rolled some more joints & got another round of drinks. Then Dan started fondling my dick, like he just couldn’t leave it alone? So I tested the waters a bit & jacked him off ever so softly & slowly. We both started rising to the occasion about the time Anna lit another joint & passed it around. Surprisingly, she grabbed my cock, pulled back the foreskin & stirred her drink with my half-mast dripping dick. Then sucked my dick a few times, winked at me & sipped her drink. Marie swiped up some pussy juice with her finger & stirred my drink with it. I kissed her deeply for the thought. We then concentrated on smoking that doobie & drinking for awhile. “ I was thinking about the 1st time you were about to lick my pussy Marie. You just knelt there, eyeing it for awhile?” “ Yes, I did! After I began to like the thought of licking pussy while Mel sucked cock, I just had to look at it close up, while I got ready to do it!” “ When you first started fondling my tits, Anna, well…I was still so shy & embarrassed to say anything. But I let you do it…” Marie blushed at her admission. “ But after that, It made me sorta horny & curious. Now I know why they call it bi-curious Mel baby!” “ That’s it, basically. You then have to try it & see if you really like it, or just the thought of it. But it can be tough to get over that 1st hurdle. I’m very proud of you for having the nerve to try.” “ Aw, thank you baby. I realized I was always curious about girls, after what happened to me when I was 13 or 14. I do like the taste of a wet pussy! But I like sucking cock & getting cum in my mouth, sucking it off my big tits..hey! I haven’t sucked & licked cum out of your furry little pussy yet, Anna baby!” “ Nor I you, Marie honey. Good idea! You boys will just have to give our hot little pussy’s some of those big cum loads of yours, so we can try licking it out of our little pussy’s!” With that, Dan & I started sucking each other’s dicks. We wanted to get big & hard again so we could grant the girl’s wishes. “ Don’t they just look so sexy with a mouthful of cock, Marie honey?” “ They sure do! Damn, that’s hot!” Marie agreed, starting to jack off as Anna did the same. They were moaning while jacking themselves off good & proper as we sucked ourselves big & stiff again. Funny how another man can suck your dick so hard so quickly? But dang if it doesn’t feel really good doing it?! “ OK boys, just sit back & relax. We’re going to fuck you hard & long! We want some big cum loads in our little pussy’s!”Marie straddled me, guiding my stiff dick into her eager pussy. Anna did likewise with Dan, groaning as she pushed his very thick cock into her tight little cunt. They immediately started fucking us hard, just like they said they would! Their little asses slapping on us as they gave us a royal fucking. Marie’s magnificent tits bouncing up & down, then in circles, hard! Anna’s firm little tits did a hard jiggle as she pounded her pussy on that big fat dick of his. Then we got into the rhythm of it & started fucking them back. Just hard enough against their thrusting to make them lose it & start moaning & groaning as our big dicks pounded their little cunts so hard. We actually fucked them for an hour & a half like that. I guess we came enough times to allow us to fuck longer, so our swollen balls could fill with plenty of thick, sweet cum for their latest indulgence.I started feeling like I was getting close, & I think Marie noticed. So she really started fucking me! I laid my head back, arched my back, moaning & groaning…but to no avail. I let out a long groan & exploded in her wet pussy like a horse! A few long, hard squirts of hot cum burst out of me. Dan, watching us moaning &cumming, suddenly blew his big load in her tiny pussy. Cumming, moaning & cumming some more, till he finally finished shooting all that cum inside his cute little wife. The girls got off us & laid on the rug on the floor in front of us. Anna on top in a 69 with Marie. “ OK Marie baby, ready to lap up my man’s cum outta illegal bahis siteleri my sweet lil pussy?” “ Oh yeah, as long as you look forward to sucking all of Mels thick cum outta my tasty lil pussy? You know you love my lil pussy, don’t you baby?” “ You know I do honey!” then suck me off, please baby… I love how you eat my lil pussy, sweety!” With that, they went to town, sucking their pussy holes, licking their clits, tongue fucking each other. Dan & I once again slowly jacked each other off while we watched them sucking each other off. What a hot, lovely sight this was. “ I like how we’re that close that we can do all this together & enjoy how it makes each other feel! That’s some kinda love?!” “ We do love you guys because of that, Mel. That’s why we just had to see you again…& for Christmas!” With that, & getting my dick hard again, he laid across my lap & took my big dick in his mouth. “ You must really mean that, the way you keep sucking me off, lover? You make my big dick feel so damn good, I just have to cum a nice big load for you!” I said lovingly, running my hand through his hair as he sucked my dick harder & thicker. The girls caught looks of Dan sucking me off again, & smiled. Going back to sucking their pussy holes, they finally got our cum flowing out into their eager mouths. Dan sucked my dick with more conviction as the girls finished lapping up our cum out of each other. Then Anna just had to suck & fondle Marie’s big tits some more. She really loves those big breasts of hers. I watched as Anna got up, spread her pussy lips open & rubbed her juices on Marie’s erect nipples. Then pulled Marie’s face back into her wet pussy. Marie gladly licked her cum & pussy juice soaked slit until Anna was moaning again.Pulling Dan’s head off my hard fat dick, I told him to kneel on the floor & bend over the couch. Sliding on a condom & lubing my dick up, I lubed his asshole & easily slid my 7” dick up his round little butt. He moaned as I shoved it all the way in his ass. Anna switched with Marie to get a face full of Marie’s little soaking wet pussy. Eating her out with a hunger, Marie & Dan moaned up a storm. When she could stand no more, Marie pulled me off Dan’s ass & made me fuck her in the ass instead. Not that I minded a bit. I loved fucking Mary in her pretty little ass! “Danny baby, hold on! I’m gonna finish fucking you! Anna gave Marie the natural 8” dildo & she promptly shoved it up Dan’s wet, lubed up ass. She fucked him deeply as I gave her my big dick all the way in her ass. Hard. Repeatedly. Dan sucked me so wonderfully, My dick would stay hard for some time. And fucking Marie in her pretty little ass just made it sweeter. Anna slid under Dan to suck his thick cock while Marie fucked him in the ass with that big fat dildo. Moaning & fucking me back as I fucked her little ass but good. “ ohhh oh oh oh ohohhhhuhhhhhh! Fuck me hard baby! Give me that big fat cock! Fuck me fuck me fuck me!” Marie begged as she started cumming once more. I pounded her hard, till I finally groaned & quickly pulled out, ripped the rubber off in time to cum all over Marie’s pretty face. I got Dan to lick & suck my cock clean, since he sucked me hard to start with. All the while, Marie & I kissed & shared all my thick load I shot all over her face, cleaning it up & both of us swallowing it all.Anna was still sucking Dan’s thick cock, so I started licking her furry pussy while Marie sucked & licked my asshole again. “ C’mon baby, moan for mamma! I know you’ve always wanted me to suck & lick your asshole! And you make Anna cum real good!” She sucked & licked my ass so well, I moaned into Anna’s pussy, licking & flicking my tongue over her swollen clit. I really missed eating a nice, furry little pussy! I licked & sucked her greedily as Marie sucked & licked my ass so well, She got me rock hard again!“ Ooo baby, you’re cock is so big & hard! Give Anna your big cock sweety! Fuck her furry little pussy baby! Go ahead & enjoy fucking her! I’m gonna fuck Dan’s big fat cock!” Marie pulled Dan up off the floor, knelt on the couch & bent over, legs spread wide. “ fuck me baby? Wanna fuck my little pussy again Danny?” He smiled at her & slid his Very thick 6” into her little soaking wet slit. Anna moaned & smiled ass she saw me begin fucking her tight little pussy. Oh, damn, her tight little hairy cunt felt so damn good. I just loved fucking her!Marie squealed as Dan really started fucking her hard, his really fat dick stretching her pussy as he pounded it hard. I fucked Anna even harder, making her cum & moan loudly as I really poured the prick to her tight pussy. She wants his bigger dick again? She wanted me to fuck Anna again, knowing her cunt is tighter & furry too? I wonder? I hop she isn’t thinking of leaving me & Anna & taking his big dick all for herself? I don’t know…Maybe she knows that, since she’s the only girl I’ve ever been to bed with, she wanted me to fuck another girl, just for the experience? And just taking advantage of the fact that we all love having sex & sharing love together? Nah, probably not. So I said fuck it, she’s got a damned good pussy & I’m going to really enjoy my baby insisting I fuck her new lover. After all, she’s over there fucking MY new lover!? Hm…maybe that ‘s it? Or maybe she does wanna prove to Dan that she’s a better fuck than me? But fuck me, her tight little cunt feels fantastic. I started fucking Anna with long strokes, where my cock head almost cums out…then shoved back in hard! Another half hour of this, & “ Ooooh Anna baby…damn,you’re gonna…” She pushed me off her, & made Marie & Dan get on their knees & suck me off! And boy did they ever!? Dan loves sucking me off, but Marie loves sucking all the cum outta me too. Oh boy, did they suck me off so perfectly! I came, finally, after all that sex, like a 20 year old. I almost fainted I orgasmed so fucking hard. I even came twice again, covering both their faces, then Anna got down there & insisted on getting a face full of cum too!? They finally got my cum all licked up, looking at each other, all three of them with my cum all over their faces. Then they looked at me. They bad me to kneel on the floor with them, & we all shared some cum licking, tongue-kissing-love-each-other passion. “ Thank you baby. I love you so much, letting me, your own wife, fuck another man, your new lover, because he has a bigger cock?…Oh dammit! What have I done?!” she began to cry. “ Don’t cry Marie honey, I’m sure Mel still loves you? You took his lover’s hard cock for yourself, & made him fuck me instead? I love fucking your man’s big uncut cock. But it’s OK, sweety, don’t let your sweet little heart break over it.” “ I’m so sorry baby! Forgive me my love, he just…has such a big handsome cock, I just craved a good fucking from that fat cock! I’m sorry everybody…I’m really sorry…” she sobbed big elephant tears. “ Come here Mel,” Anna started sobbing. “ Her little heart’s breaking. I don’t want the best lover I ever had crying broken-hearted on Christmas eve!” Anna pleaded. “ Oh Marie, baby, don’t cry. My heart is still yours hun. I guess I was worried you were going to take Dan away from us for yourself? It was a stupid thought, & I’m sorry. Honest baby. Please don’t cry my little love. Everything will be OK now. It’s out in the open where we can talk about it. It just got good to you, that’s all. I still got cum on my face, weren’t you going to clean it up?” “ you mean…you still love me, after taking your lover for myself?” “ Aw, baby, you just wanted to fuck our new lover’s big dick, that’s all. Your timing was a little off, but that’s it. Dan’s my new lover, true. But so is pretty little Anna, & you, my soulmate, are a pretty little fuck yourself. And hey, I love Dan’s big thick cock too. I love sucking him off, the way he fucks me in the ass, the way he kisses me like he loves me, or cares that we insist on being gentle & caring lovers…or at least, sex partners? You know what I mean, baby?” I said, kissing her tears away ever so softly.“ Oh Mel honey, that was so sweet. You really are a good man!” Anna said, still sobbing. “ A tear ran down Dan’s face, “ Aw Mel, that was beautiful. I’m your lover too? You love me for the way we admitted loving you two as the best, most gentle caring lovers we ever had?’ “ Yes Dan. We love both of you. Making hot, passionate no-holds-barred love to both of you, all of us together, has been so…uplifting. I feel so much better not having to worry about what positions I really wanna do that I’d be gay or Bi to think about. Then not doing it because you ain’t supposed to like that stuff. I call bullshit on all that. We’re all bisexual & we love each other. I think that’s rare & beautiful!”“ Here everyone. Some tissues to dry those big tears.” as they all dried there eyes, Marie spoke again. “ So you guys still love me?” Anna went over to her, & kissed her hard & passionately. “ Yes, honey, we still love you. Especially your man there. That’s a good man you’ve got there, baby. Take care of this one! You definitely wanna keep him!” Anna soothed her broken-hearted malaise. “ and you both still look hot in your garters & stockings! Right buddy!” “ Can I get a HELL YEAH?!” “ HELL YEAH!” we all yelled. “ With a rebel yell, Waaaoooow!” “ Ha ha, rebel yell, I forgot about that one! OK honey, let’s go fix our make up. We wanna look good for our men! We’ll be back in a minute. Why don’t you guys roll another joint & make some drinks?” with that, she took Marie by the hand & led her to the bathroom to fix themselves up. “ Don’t they look so damned cute doing that?” “ Yeah…garters, stockings, nice tits & asses wiggling and all. And they’re all ours, Dan. At least we cleared up something that’s likely been simmering under the surface?” “ Yeah, I think you’re right. Thanks for saying how you feel.” Dan said, putting his arms around me & moving in to kiss me. We kissed so passionately, we almost forgot to make drinks & roll some joints.The girls walked back in as we finished up. Looking a lot better than when they left. “ Here ladies, tequila, soda & rose’s lime juice. “ Lighting the cigarette, I took a long drag…then he proceeded to serve me some 2nd class booze…nice guy, meet’em everywhere! & this cigarette seems to be very strong?…Mm, Thank you, veryyy mush!” we all burst into laughter. That seemed to break the tension quite a bit. “Marie honey, let’s check out some of those Christmas snacks you made?”Getting the tray of cookies, little cakes, Kolacski, cut out cookies, brownies, etc, we all sat down for some refreshment after all that drama. But we had to get through it. Hell, if I noticed it, then it’s a sure bet Anna did too. But she was obviously of a mind to do something about it. And it all went perfectly. Tequila & soda goes amazingly well with brownies. And the joint coming around , combined with all that sex, gave us all a case of the munchies. “ Ah, that feels better. I needed a recharge.” I admitted. Anna went to mix some more drinks. “ Well, babe, feeling better now?” I queried. “ Yeah, I just fucked up. I’m sorry baby. I’ll never do that again. Honest baby.” “ I know. It’s OK Marie sweety. Don’t worry, we’ll both get a lot more cock & pussy tonight. I could use some dick right now Dan. I wonder how the icing on these cookies would taste on your big hard dick?” “ Whoa! Bad horsie! Slow down! Let’s eat, drink & smoke some more & talk about it. That builds things up a bit.” Anna insisted. She & Dan have more experience, so they would know better. Gotta pace ourselves. Got it. “ Hm, I bet it’d taste good on your nipples, Marie honey?” “ Yours too, lover girl.” “ Let’s put in that bisexual DVD you brought over, Marie.” “ You brought one? Really? Oh, you’re sneaky. Cool!” Anna put it in & turned it on. It was the one with the guy that took a long time to suck his buddy’s dick hard & the girl walks in right then. “ I think he needs to practice cock sucking more. You get me hard a lot faster than that, Mel!” “ Yeah, he finally gets him hard so he can fuck him in the ass, & SHE walks in!” Marie notes. Laughs all around. We ate, drank & smoked more as we got horny again watching the bisexual videos on the disc. “ Damn! Look at the huge cock on that guy!” Anna notices. “Yeah, that thing would hurt., But she’s got a nice set of tits & a cute hairy pussy baby!” Marie replies. “ I don’t know, I might be able to take all 12 inches of that big cock?” “ Idk, Mel, that thing is huge!” “ Need some more of my dick, lover? Wanna suck my fat dick so I can give you a good fucking Mel?” Dan said sexily. “ Yeah Danny. Can I suck your cock now? I want you to fuck me some more.” “ And could you fuck me in the ass, Baby? Then I can lick & suck Anna’s pussy to make up for taking her man & his huge hard-on?”“ Oh yeah, Marie baby! I’d love you to give me some head honey! You’re a really wonderful little pussy licker with those full lips & tongue of yours! And Mel honey, you suck & fuck all of my man’s fat dick that you need. We girls love watching you two handsome men suck & fuck!” “ And we love watching you two pretty, hot little ladies eating all that pussy with cum all over your faces!” I add. With a giggle, I go down on Dan’s sexy fat cock & begin sucking him. Damn, it feels good to have his big fat dick in my mouth again after all that. I just love sucking his dick! They both sat eating & drinking, watching me suck Dan’s magnificent cock. Maybe we should all take turns while the other sit back & watch? I just enjoyed sucking his thick cock so much, I started slurping & sucking it just to thrill the girls as I orally got him big & hard again.Getting him throbbing hard in just a couple minutes, I turned & said, “ Why don’t we take turns sucking, fucking, fondling, etc while the others relax & watch? We could see & notice more that way?” “ Sounds good. OK boys, mach show! Turn us on with your dicks mouths & asses!” Anna spurs us on. “ Mm, give my hubby that huge cock Danny baby! Fuck him hard!” Marie chimes in. I bend over at an angle on the floor right in front of the girls so they can see everything. Anna puts a condom & some lube on Dan, then lubes my asshole for him. “ OK Dan honey, shove it up his ass & give him a real nice fucking!” Anna tells him. He tries to gently push the smallish head of his thick cock in my asshole. It takes him a try or two, but it pops in my ass. He then steadily eased all 6 inches of that 2 1/2” wide dick all the way in my slippery asshole.I gasped & moaned as he shoved all that fat dick in my tight ass. Then he started fucking me. “ Oh, Damn, that huge dick feels so good up my ass!” “ Oooh, baby! You love that fat cock, don’t you? Enjoy that huge cock up your ass lover!” Marie said, reaching down to her moistening pussy to jack off. “ Oo, yeah honey, let me watch you play with yourself! Love watching them fuck, huh, my sweet little lover?” “ Oh yeah” Marie moaned, now finger-fucking herself, Laying her head on Anna’s shoulder. Dan & I watching them as he fucked me deeply. He started fucking me harder, watching Anna sucking Marie’s lovely big tits as she jacked herself off while watching me get fucked in the ass by that big thick cock. He started moaning himself, loving how my fucking him back with my round, tight ass felt. I wanted a good fuck from him, so I gave him a good fuck right back. He just paced himself like that, letting both of us enjoy making love to each other. Now this is how I always wanted to be fucked! Deep, all the way in to his balls, then nearly all the way out, shove it all the way in at a steady pace,but not slamming my asshole. That’d hurt. I knew already he just wanted to give me a really good ass fucking. I was sure getting it now. “ Oh yeah, Danny. Fuck me just like that! That’s the fucking I want! Like the way he’s fucking me baby? Like watching his big thick dick going in & outta my ass, my little love?” “ Oh, ooh ohohohohhhuuhhhhh…” Marie trailed off, in ecstasy as she finger fucked herself, while Anna sucked & fondled those big tits, slobbering on her hard nipples, making them shiny. “ oh oh ohhh yeah, Anna baby, shine my up nipples with your tongue!” “ You think your fingers feel good sweety? Let me jack you off & finger your sweet little pussy!” With that, Anna took over jacking Marie off, while Marie started sucking her own tits! “ Oh fuck yeah, baby, suck those big tits! “ Yeah, Marie, Suck’em good! I wanna hear you moan with those big luscious tits in your mouth!” Dan chided her. She sucked’em even harder as we all commended her on sucking her big tits like that. Danny really started pounding my ass then. He really fucked me so damn good! Not pounding me too hard..just hard enough to make me moan for the ladies as he got closer to cumming himself. Bucking & fucking him back, I moaned intensely all the while, finally getting him up to the edge. He pulled all that cock meat outta my asshole, ripped off the rubber & I sucked off his glorious, throbbing canlı bahis siteleri massive erection. Nice long loads of thick, sweet cum in my mouth. I gulped it all down, the girls smiling at me as I licked & sucked the head to get it all. “ That’s it, Mel honey. Gulp it all down, baby. Swallow all his creamy, thick cum. Like the taste of his cum, Mel honey?” Anna wondered. “ Yeah, baby, I love swallowing all of Danny’s thick, sweet cum. Was that sexy enough for you girls? Did you enjoy watching us fuck?” “ Oh yeah, baby! You took such a sweet fucking from him!”(*)“ OK, now it’s your turn ladies. Here’s the 8” dildo. Now suck & fuck in front of us. Make love to our new lover, Marie baby! Suck her off & let her fuck your pussy, then your ass. This means you too Anna! Suck Marie off & let her fuck you all she wants with that big fat dildo!” We sat back, lit a joint & passed it around the four of us. Sitting there smoking a joint, We watched Anna lay on the floor, legs spread wide as Marie began licking her fine little pussy. Sucking her swollen clit. Licking & sucking until Anna moaned. Then Anna sucked off Marie till she came, getting her lady cum all over her mouth.Anna slid the dildo into Marie’s wet little pussy, & started fucking her with all 8 inches of that 2” wide fat dick. Fucking her faster after she felt how wet Marie got. Some 15 minutes later, she pulled it out & eased it up Marie’s willing ass. “ You have such a lovely ass, Marie baby! Now take all of it up your pretty little ass!. Marie’s pussy oozed pussy juice down her inner thighs as Anna fucked her in the ass. Fucking her harder & faster, she moaned constantly, the big fat dong really giving her ass a good, solid fucking. “ Oh no, baby, you’re not done yet, honey! You’re getting fucked till I think you’ve had enough! So c’mon. Moan for me, lover. Moan your cum for mamma! Moan like you’re getting a good fucking, sweety. My sweet little lover with your big tits! With that, I got on the floor in front of my dear one, & stuck my big half hard dick in her mouth. “ C’mon Marie baby?! Suck daddy’s cock off. Suck me off good baby.” Then Dan got behind his wife, shoving his thick dick all the way up her tight little ass, then fucking her fast & hard. “ Like my huge dick honey? Want more big fat dick baby? Want daddy to fuck your little ass harder?” “ Yes daddy, please fuck my little ass harder, Fuck me daddy, fuck my sweet, pretty little ass!” Anna begged.Marie came constantly now, with that big fat dildo up her tight little asshole. But Anna wouldn’t let up. She fucked her even harder. Faster. Deeper. harder. Faster yet, : OH OH OH OH OWHOOOO! Oh god, please, baby… I can’t…ooohhhh god baby please….” Marie begged her to stop. “ Oh oh oh oh ohhhuughhmmm…oh oh oh oh ohhhuuuuunnnnn pleeease…Anna finally pulled the huge rubber cock out of Marie’s ass. Marie laid there, panting, so I picked her up & went to the couch, cradling her in my arms. I kissed her several times. “ You OK, my little love? Did she hurt you?” “ No, no no no, baby. She just made me orgasm so hard, I couldn’t half catch my breath. Fuck! She just fucked the hell outta me…that’s all. She really just fucked my tight little asshole so lusciously good.” Marie positively cooed. I sat her down next to me to rest & watch us. “ Danny, suck my dick hard so you can sit on it. Anna can suck you hard so you can fuck her little ass really hard! She needs a hard ass fucking! But save some for me, sweety! I need his cock up my ass too!” I instructed. He sucked my big, dripping dick nice & hard, then Anna put a rubber & some lube on us. Dan then lowered himself onto my big, hard dick. He took all 7 inches of my uncut manhood all the way up his ass, so we started fucking. I pumped his tight ass as he fucked me back, moaning already. Anna met our stroking to suck her man’s huge cock hard, then sat on it, taking it way up her little ass. Our stroking made for a nice ass fucking for Anna. After about half an hour, I got on his huge cock & gave him another nice ass fucking. “ Oh fuck, Mel…your ass feels wonderful! Damn, I love fucking your tight, round little ass! Oh oh ohhhh yeah, fuck me harder man! Fuck me back harder lover…fuuuck me, ooooohhhoh hohohohhhhh” He moaned & pleaded. Dammit, fuck! Ooohhh fuuuuck…you’re…gonna, make me….” I got off his dick, pulled the rubber off, and it was finally my turn again to let him cum in my eager mouth. Sucking him hard & fast, he came long & hard! Squirting long hot loads of thick cum in my mouth. I swallowed it, but tasted it as much as I could 1st. Oh, how I love him blowing his big, hot load in my mouth! Finally sucking the last drop of cum out of his beautiful cock, we laid back, spent. Anna kissed me passionately, wanting to taste her man’s cum in & on my mouth. Dan stuck his still dripping dick in Marie’s mouth, so she wouldn’t feel too left out. Marie smiled & happily sucked the last of his cum outta that big fat cock. I decided she should finish sucking the dripping cum outta my dick as well. So I put the head of my dick to her lips & let her suck & lick up some more cum. We all laid back, drunk, stoned & tired. It was definitely time for another break.There were still some cookies, pastries, brownies & the like on the tray we brought, so we all had some. The sweet treat’s sugar would be a big help at this point. Then, lighting another joint we all perked up quite a bit. Grabbing a cut-out cookie, I rubbed the icing all over my dick. “ Any of you wanna lick my sweet meat?” lol’s all around at that one. “ Mm, that looks tasty, honey? Think I’ll have just a nibble…” Anna said sexily. She lightly ran her teeth over my half-mast cock, Slowly. “ Mm, our love juice mixed with the icing is tasty, Mel Baby. Think I’ll lick your lolypop…” With that, she started licking & sucking my dick, loving the sweet confection I’d rubbed all over it. Taking the que, Dan rubbed some more on Marie’s nipples, then rubbed the rest all over her little smooth pussy.Licking & sucking it off her big, round tits, she cooed softly. Then moving down to her sweetened pussy, he licked it all off & while there, licked & sucked Marie til she came yet again. Then, standing on the couch, he put his huge dick to her lips, & she proceeded to suck him off. Her full lips stretching to get around his big fat dick. Sucking & slurping his fat cock, she & Anna made us both cum hard in their sweet little mouths, getting a mix of icing & cum to swallow. Having recovered, Marie decided to try it. She grabbed another cut-out cookie, bent me over, & rubbed all that icing on my eager asshole.“ OK baby, just hold that pose so I can suck & lick your sweet ass! Burying her pretty face between my ass cheeks, she licked the icing she rubbed all over my asshole & cheeks surrounding it. Sliding her hot, wet tongue into my wet, sweetened asshole. Tongue fucking me was deliciously good! “ Oh, baby! Lick my asshole! Tongue fuck me baby! Ohh ooohohoh ohhhh, yeah Suck it now! Suck it baby! Suck it!” She was now really sucking & flicking her tongue on my asshole, & it was driving me crazy. She had sure learned to make your ass feel good!She continued to suck, lick & tongue fuck my ass so wonderfully, that my cock got big & hard again, dripping it’s love juice for her. Looking down as she did so, I saw Dan was lying on the floor, licking her wet pussy. Anna had sucked him rock hard & was really riding his magnificent dick. So she was in a perfect position to watch Marie licking & sucking on my asshole. Anna watched all this, moaning as she played with her firm little tits as she rode her hubby’s big thick dick. Anna & Marie were doing such a wonderful job on us, that Dan was ready to cum his load. Marie had been bending my dick backward to suck up the love juice leaking out of me, & had me ready to blow my load. “ Anna baby, Marie honey, sit next to each other on the floor & start kissing. We’re gonna jack each other off in your faces! They did as requested, So Dan & I stood close in front of them. Then he grabbed my cock & I grabbed his, jacking each other off. They licked our cock heads as we jerked each other’s pulsating cocks. Blowing two big loads of hot cum at once, into their eager mouths. They slipped each other their tongues, cum shooting all over their lips & cheeks. When we finished shooting our loads, I bent down & licked & sucked Dan’s dick clean of the rest of his dripping cum load. What a tasty dick he has! I love sucking it, with it’s firm texture under the soft skin. A very suckable combination. Dan then followed suit, sucking & licking the rest of my oozing cum. His lips felt wonderful on my dripping dick. When he finished, I pulled him close & kissed him warmly for sucking some more of my cum out of me. Anna & Marie were already kissing & licking a lot of cum off each other. “ You know Dan, I gotta say, kissing you as another man is sorta nice. Erotic, but loving & sensual too.” The girls stopped kissing & looked up at us kissing & whispering. “ I love kissing you for the same reasons, lover. You’re a wonderful cocksucker to me, & a really great fuck! And so is Marie! A very fuckable little pussy on that pretty girl of yours, Mel.” “ Anna is a fantastic fuck too, with that tight, furry little cunt of hers! And her firm tits Marie & I both like sucking & licking.” “ Aw, aren’t you two cute kissers!? That’s hot the way you call Mel your lover, honey! And the way you lovingly kiss him is so fucking hot! You love him,don’t you, my hot little cocksucker?” “ Yeah, I guess I do? He’s such a nice, solid fuck, he loves sucking my big fat cock, Swallows my cum so sexily. He let me enjoy fucking his lovely wife & cum in her mouth! I love you, Mel, you’re a good man!” Dan admitted, blushing, but confident. He came in for a sucking, wet smooch at that. I gave like in return. “ It’s OK you guys, we girls understand, don’t we, my hot little love?” Anna said, kissing my wife once again with all her passions.“ Danny honey, it’s getting really late. Let’s get them ready to make love in front of us, then we’ll open some gifts & all go to bed together, fucking & sucking ourselves to sleep?” “ Sounds hot, darlin’! What’d you have in mind, my sexy lil pussy eater?” “ You suck Mel’s dick & ass to get him hard & wet for my sweet lil Marie. I’ll suck & lick her ass & pussy wet & ready for his beautiful dick. Then we’ll sit back & jack each other off while we watch them suck & fuck right in front of us!” All four of us Being agreeable, Dan began sucking my asshole while Anna did likewise with my pretty little wife. 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She fucked me right back from the start!“ Ooohhh yeah, baby…wow, you’re still such a sweet little fuck!You always make my dick feel so damned wonderful inside your sweet, wet pussy!” “ Because you’re such a gentle lover, baby! That, & you’re big uncut cock! I love fucking you honey. Oh, baby, you’re big cock always feels so good inside me!” With tears in their eyes, Anna & Dan watched & listened, jacking each other off faster now. “ Isn’t that the sweetest thing, honey? They really do love each other that much!” with that, Anna got up, sat in Dan’s lap, & took his entire cock in her wet pussy in one thrust! Laying her head back, she gasped at all that big, thick cock going inside her all at once! Dan moaned right along with her. I think his heart was in it as well? He started eagerly pumping her wet, furry little cunt as she fucked him back. All our passions filled the room as we gave our spouses a royal fucking! We’d done so much between all four of us, that we neglected to give our spouses a really proper fuck-n-suck. Marie made my cock so damned hard, fucking me so thoughtfully. A cute, satisfied smile on her face as she fucked me harder, her lovely breasts bouncing to & fro. Another 30 minutes or so of this, & I knew I’d cum a big hot load! Marie seemed to sense my urgency, & got up off my pulsating cock. Down on her knees, she started sucking me off so hard, I moaned uncontrollably. “ Oh Danny honey, look at her?! She’s really sucking that big dick of his but good! Suck him real hard, sweety! Make his cum gush, Marie baby!” Dan was moaning hard, so Anna followed suit & started sucking his huge, throbbing cock. We both moaned as the girls sucked us harder than ever! “ Oh, ooh I’m gonna explode, Marie baby! Suck me harder… ooooh yeah, suck it lover! Suck it harder!…” I moaned & begged. “ C’mon Anna baby! Oh yeah, that’s it! Suck it hard…oh oho oho ha hunnnnnn suck it suck it suck it harder, Oh damn!…” Dan moaned as he shot a big thick load into Anna’s mouth. Most of it squirted out of her pretty lips & all over her breasts as she swallowed, sucked & swallowed some more. Marie felt the full force of my big dick’s cumming power just then. I exploded in her mouth with such force, it blasted down her throat, & all over her lovely big tits. Load after searing load shot uncontrollably out of my pumping balls & out of my big cock, like a busted fire hose! When we finally slowed down from such a big cum, I for one was proud to cum that much in Marie’s mouth & all over her face & tits. We started kissing & licking up my cum off her. Dan & Anna did likewise. We lay on the floor, spent. That was it, no mas’, no mas’!Anna & Dan having finished lapping up all his big cum load, they bad us follow them up to bed. All four of us cuddling together, naked in the same bed, on a cold night was wonderfully warm & sexy. But we were spent, & soon fell into a deep, restful sleep. I haven’t slept that good in years!Waking up in the middle of dawn, I looked & saw it was 8AM. Dan’s morning wood was against my ass crack, making mine bigger yet. Feeling frisky, I reached around & started gently jacking him off. A nice morning cum, as it were? I couldn’t resist playing with his balls too.The girls rolled around a bit, & Dan woke up enough to change positions so he could slowly reach around & start jacking off my hard cock, pulling back my foreskin as he did so. Boy, this feels so restful, so wonderfully peaceful. We continued jacking each other off for a bit. Then slowly changing position so we could quietly suck each other off. It felt so good to wake up & get a nice mouthful of his big thick cock! We slowly, passionately, quietly sucked each other till we came a big morning load in each other’s mouths. Changing positions again, we embraced & kissed passionately to share it.The girls rousing from their slumbers, saw us kissing each other, & knew something went on. “ Mm, sucked some morning wood, huh guys?” “ Yeah, I started it. I just wanted to relieve his morning hard-on of warm cum from his handsome cock. So he sucked me off real nice too. Thank you, lover. That was very nice of you!” With that, the girls pulled off the covers & did a 69, to get one more face full of sweet pussy. We jacked off watching them lick & suck their pretty little cunts. When they’d made each other cum nicely, Marie fucked Dan & Anna fucked me. After a short while, they switched & made us cum in their hot little pussy’s. Then sat on our faces & made us suck & lick our cum out of them. Getting our faces soaked with cum, they kissed & licked our faces clean.Staying nude, we went downstairs to open the gifts we’d gotten for each other. I’d gotten them a natural dildo like our 8 incher, & a bottle of lube. They got us one of those natural double-headed 10” dildos, 10” on each end. Looking at them quizzically, Anna said it was the firmer kind, so we could butt-fuck each other at once with it. “ Thanks you two! Now Mel & I can really fuck each other in the ass!” “I bet that’ll feel really good, huh baby?” I said, looking at it. “ Oh, baby, am I gonna love getting fucked in the ass with this big fat cock!“ Well, we better get dressed & head back home. We gotta have Christmas with the boys.” Getting cleaned up & dressed, we said our goodbyes. Dan embraced me, Anna doing likewise with Marie. Passionate kisses were exchanged, then we switched partners & kissed some more. “ Call us you guys, we love you both & want to be with you as often as we can!” I said to them. “ We will, Mel Honey. We’re gonna miss you two till we meet again! We love you guys so much…” We gathered up our stuff, got in the car & went home to a real family Christmas, dinner, baked goodies & all. But we’ll never forget such a special Christmas eve…never ever!