A Snowball Running Ch. 02

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Continuation of A Snowball Running. Includes graphic lesbian sex and some sports references.

Alicia watched Miss Kitty-Fantastico run into the sliding glass door in an attempt to chase a bird. The cat stalked back and forth in frustrated confusion. Her mind flashed back involuntarily to Rian trying to get under her shirt directly after their first kiss the night before, although she also wondered whether it was wrong to compare the woman she was dating to her lovably dunderheaded cat.

That past evening – after a determined Rian finally found her nerve – their steamy makeout session had continued for what felt like hours on Rian’s comfy couch under the afgan. Tentativeness gave way to passion and wet tongues explored the unknown territory of familiar mouths. Rian’s hands went naturally to Alicia’s shirt hem for “the next step.”

Rian’s eagerness pleased Alicia, but she still halted her younger would-be lover’s wandering hands. The brunette repeated her effort to remove Alicia’s shirt, and – once again – the blonde stopped her. Rian’s kissing lips pouted. Alicia couldn’t help laughing at her cuteness in disappointment.

“Honey, if candles were all it took to get into my blouse, they’d have been much more popular with the boys at my high school.”

Rian crooked an eyebrow. Her only previous relationship had progressed from meeting, to a first date, to Gretchen’s bed, and to breakfast together in less than 24 hours. To be fair, that had ended badly. The middle hadn’t been especially good either. Maybe Alicia had a point?

Alicia believed in a mannered sequence of relationship development. Kissing is fun. Anticipation is better. At 25, Alicia understood patience.

At 22, Rian wanted sex. But she wanted Alicia more.

“We can still cuddle?”

Alicia moved Rian close and embraced her. One hot, wet kiss led to another and loving petting continued throughout the evening. Then she kissed Rian goodnight sweetly, but firmly, and drove home in her big blue truck.

So Alicia watched Miss Kitty-Fantastico stand sentry over her bird the next morning, sipped her coffee, and felt superior.

Rian went to an Adult Open Gym to work off a little unwanted energy in a few pick up games. She and Alicia had lunch plans, and Rian figured she’d probably end up going home alone. The active brunette decided that romantic restraint was a thousand times worse for the libido than confused loneliness, and a little rigorous basketball could preemptively burn some of the frustration.

While a natural power forward on her girls’ high school team, she usually played shooting guard/small forward with guys. (It’s a height thing. At 5’8″, she just wasn’t tall enough to be an effective PF when the average height of the players jumped six inches, no matter how aggressively she played.) With a good outside shot, excellent driving skills, and a devastating pull up jumper, she was one of the better players in most games.

Getting into the game was usually the biggest challenge, but several guys knew her from 3rd & Long and she was friendly. Nearly always hitting the opening 3-point shot to determine captains helped too.

After three hours of playing, she was in the zone. She had stuffed several set shots, completed three no-look assists, and was generally having a great game and a great time.

Alicia’s ringtone jingled from the bleachers, but Rian – busy burning the clumsy guy guarding her for an easy layup – was too into the game to hear her phone. Eventually, she heard Greg yelling at her.

“Call from, Alicia?!” He put too much intonation into Alicia’s name.

“Yeah!” Rian motioned for him to sub in for her.

“Hey,” Rian answered, out of breath.

“Hey, you,” Alicia wondered why Greg answered, what took Rian so long to reach her phone, and why she sounded breathless, “What are you up to?”

“Basketball,” Rian paused for a sip of Powerade, “I’m all sweaty and gross, but I’ll go catch a shower before we meet at…oh, now. I’m sorry. Lost track of time playing. Let me run home for a quick shower and I’ll be there in thirty minutes.”

Rian waved bye to the guys and ignored a couple good-natured wolf whistles canlı bahis şirketleri and “whipped” sounds as she gathered her things and ran out the door.

Dating a sexy jock turned Alicia on, but the idea of Rian being so physical with a bunch of hot young guys made her uncomfortable. While she hadn’t had Rian yet, the months of waiting had given her time to become very emotionally invested and she certainly thought of Rian as hers. And she had thirty minutes waiting at the sandwich shop to dwell on Rian’s complete inexperience with men, how much her sexy jock had come to mean to her, and just exactly who she may have been playing with…

Rian walked in, her still wet hair in a high ponytail and wearing jeans, a green halter top, and sneakers. She earnestly apologized for being late, but remained cheerfully oblivious to Alicia’s other concerns. She did notice the gorgeous blonde’s loose chignon, pretty rose lips and nail polish, and breezy sheath dress with matching strappy peach heeled sandals.

“Sooo, how was basketball?” Alicia asked nonchalantly after they’d ordered.

“Pretty good. A couple missed shots, but I have been distracted lately,” Rian smiled disarmingly, “I blame you and your velvet lips.”

“Do you flirt with the guys too?” Alicia pushed though, not willing to be dissuaded by Rian’s compliments. She was looking for negative confirmation though.

“Yeah,” Rian was still smiling, but not joking.

“Wait? What?” Alicia was not happily surprised.

The blonde had expected a comforting, “Of course not, baby, only with you” to which she’d have responded, “You’d better not” and moved the conversation along. The affirmative response, although consoling for its forthrightness, did not please Alicia one whit.

“Yeah. I want to play, and the guys are chiller if I flirt. It’s harmless and polite, just giving the impression that – if I were into guys – he’d be the guy I’d be into. That’s all.”

“It never goes further? You don’t ever do more than flirt?” Alicia worried aloud at Rian.

“Of course not,” Rian looked at Alicia as though asked if she ever got abducted by aliens, “Why would I want it to go further?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t know you flirted with random guys.”

“Are you jealous?”

“I’d rather you weren’t touching a lot of hot young men.”

“You’d rather I posted up on a hot young woman?”

“Well, no.”

“You want me to ask around to see if there’s an unattractive people’s league I could join?”

“I’m glad you think this is so funny.”

“You are jealous! That’s not just funny, it’s adorable. Is my big, bad butch girlfriend gonna come bash some heads?” Rian reveled a bit much in not being the uncertain one in the relationship and didn’t realize the extent to which the ultra-femme Alicia had been affected.

“Would you rather I was tougher?” That time even the ever-insensible Rian recognized the insecurity in the well-coifed blonde’s voice.

“No. No, I love that you’re ‘all sugar and spice and everything nice.'” The confirmed tomboy took one of Alicia’s girly-soft hands and tenderly kissed each manicured fingernail. “You’re beautiful and soft and kind and sensual. You’re the only person in the world I’m interested in. I just can’t wait to show you how interested.” Rian finished with a puckish smile.

“Nice try, horndog.” Alicia definitively retook the reins and retracted her hand.

Rian had guessed correctly that she’d return home alone.

So their love affair continued. The Cowboys won. The Cowboys lost. The Cowboys lost again. The Cowboys’ fans consoled themselves that at least they weren’t Jaguars’ fans. And, although Alicia eventually allowed for some half-nude second base action, Rian always went home frustrated and having to take care of herself.

Then Alicia watched Rian play football.

The company flag football team had their first game and Rian started as a wide receiver. (Speed and ability to catch.) Alicia came to watch and cheer as Rian lined up in her football cleats, adorable knee-length socks, tight pants, and company jersey.

Rian acquitted herself well, scoring three touchdowns for her team. Unfortunately, they were the only canlı kaçak iddaa three and the defense let six by for the other team. Alicia stood and cheered in the crowd, far more excited than she thought she would be.

Rian left the field feeling bummed out at the embarrassing loss. She hoped only for a consoling hug from her loyal girlfriend and maybe a loser’s drink back at the 3rd & Long.

Alicia reacted very differently to the game, and threw her relationship progression schedule out the window that afternoon.

Knowing of Rian’s athletic prowess had been sexy. The sight of her talented girlfriend smashing through her competition with such a physical confidence was irresistible.

“My place, now,” she whispered to her defeated, grass-stained MVP.

Suddenly, Rian couldn’t care less about the results of a flag football game. She squealed her tires after Alicia’s big blue truck.

The enraptured blonde pulled Rian by the hand up her driveway, hastily dragged her inside, and began aggressively kissing the flustered brunette up against the inside of the front door.

Miss Kitty-Fantastico looked on in kitty-cat amusement while she licked her fuzzy paws clean and quietly disapproved of Rian’s untidiness.

“Alicia, *kiss* wait. Don’t *kiss* you want me to *kiss* you know *kiss* shower first, if- ahhhhh”

Rian lost her train of thought as Alicia’s hand slipped beneath her tight shiny blue football pants and pink boy shorts. Alicia’s searching fingers tripped with ease over Rian’s denuded sex. She smiled and Rian blushed at the blonde discovering the tomboy’s bushless status.

“No.” The two women locked eyes. “I want you just like this.”

It was Rian’s turn to smile while Alicia tore her jersey and sports bra up over her head and engaged the excited nipples of her beautiful girlfriend.

Rian had become accustomed to Alicia’s talented oral manipulation of her sensitive breasts, but this time teeth came more into play. The nibbling and nipping of warm, soft skin and rock-hard nipples caused much more whimpering from Rian than normal. The optimistic tomboy hoped that the unusually aggressive femme meant to seal the deal. To do otherwise would be downright unfriendly.

Luckily for Rian, Alicia was taking her all the way. Those delectable breasts and the way playing with them brought the most delightful sounds from her lover distracted Alicia temporarily, but her eyes were back on the prize.

“Time to go to the bedroom.” Rian nodded, out of breath.

Alicia followed the topless tomboy up the hall, not caring about the grass and mud stains being left on her beautiful berber carpet because her eyes were fixed on the area above Rian’s toned thighs and below the sexy curve of her lower back. The brunette’s cute ass filled out the tight blue pants with a sway to die for.

Nonetheless, Rian barely entered the room before Alicia went her knees to try desperately to untie the cleats to those pants off. She succeeded only in creating larger knots in the laces.

“Hey, I got them.” Rian relieved Alicia’s tearing at her laces and untied her cleats with practiced, if trembling, hands.

Alicia smiled up at her girlfriend, taking a moment to enjoy the scruffy beauty she saw. Rian’s face was flushed with excitement, smudged with dirt, and lit with delight.

Alicia pulled each of her knee socks off, then those tight, shiny, blue pants slid down one vigorous tug at a time. In only her pretty pink boy shorts, Rian laid back on Alicia’s nice thick comforter. She’d waited so long and felt so hot that her own fingers slipped beneath her boy shorts.

The blonde quickly took Rian’s wet hand and gazed into those lustful baby blues while licking the nummy juices off her long, lean fingers one-by-one. Rian regretted each blink of her eyes robbing her of the vision of Alicia’s sexiness.

Hands in the pink boy shorts’ waistband, Alicia pulled off Rian’s last article of clothing to leave her naked, open, and entirely ready for the femme’s desire.

Alicia – on some level – wanted to cover every inch of new flesh she’d discovered with smooches and licks, but – on a much more immediately physical level – she wanted to canlı kaçak bahis bury her face in the lovely pussy flowering before her.

So Alicia took a long overdue lick from the bottom to the top of Rian’s heavily moistened slit, thoroughly relishing the taste of warm girl cream and the hint of honest sporting sweat. Not content just to taste, she dived deeper and deeper, dipping into and through puffy labia. Alicia found all the nooks and crannies, all the hidden and subtle treasures, and all the fun little spots that made Rian groan and squeal by turn.

And so Rian did, captivated by the blonde’s touch. Rian sank into Alicia’s bed with all the triumph of a seduction completed, even if the completion wasn’t entirely intentional or fully understood. It didn’t matter, because her gorgeous, gracious, and ever so slightly patronizing girlfriend caved into lust and was eating her out with exuberance borne of self-denial. And ~zowie~ was it good.

Alicia heard Rian’s approving murmurs and moans while tasting and feeling the liquid evidence of that approval on her very mobile tongue. Her fingers got in on the touching as well, with one had fondling the tight ass she’d been admiring earlier and the other testing the entrance to Rian’s quivering pussy.

Caressing her entry graduated to caressing her inner walls with one finger. Alicia kept on touching gently and shallowly as a new lover testing limits and finding which buttons to press. Rian’s subtle bucking and blunt whimpering for more encouraged the added penetration of a second finger. Soon Rian was riding the two fingers stroking in and out of her increasingly hotter and hotter core.

Not that the beautiful femme’s tongue was idle. She sussed out and advanced orally on Rian’s deprived clit, using the tip to swirl, flick, tap, and otherwise tactilely overwhelm the sensitive nubbin of the pleasurably agitated tomboy. She drew a particularly violent yelp when she wrapped her dexterous tongue around the pulsating clit like a warm, wet taco shell.

Months had passed since Rian had gotten laid last, and that had been a rather lackluster performance by a disinterested and selfish now ex-girlfriend. She’d been frustratingly teased by her reserved blonde goddess for weeks with loving touch, but no sexual gratification. And Rian was about as far from frigid as the Amazon Rainforest is from being a desert. Rian would not be holding out very long under the intense manipulation of an impassioned lover.

“Oh, oh, Alicia! My Alicia, my-uuuuuuhhhhhhhhh. Oooooo. Ah, Baby!”

The aforementioned goddess felt Rian’s hips start to jump wildly with the aforementioned youthful intemperance. Alicia knew the tells of a woman ready, craving, and dying to have release who was getting very close. She wanted to answer her lover’s cries – especially with the additional turn on of her name being called with such need – and reassure the pretty tomboy, but her mouth was pleasantly full and she wouldn’t give up her prize without showcasing a few more oral tricks and finger tucks.

She commenced soft suction on Rian’s maddened clit. The draw began gently and progressively grew stronger and stronger over a few minutes, making the hoovering bearable, but shockingly stimulating.

Simultaneously, her nimbly jackhammering fingers twisted and curved within Rian’s delicate channel. She kept her swift rhythm with the extra variation, not giving the mussy-headed brunette any chance to catch her breath.

As Rian’s breath hitched in her burning lungs, her back arched powerfully, her legs squeezed around Alicia’s insensate head, and her eyes rolled back in her own head, Alicia savored both the flavor Rian produced and the control she herself exercised over the beautiful girl experiencing ecstasy.

Rian attempted to exert some discipline over herself. The sweet tomboy loved the wonderful rising arousal, the magical physical sensations, and the knowledge of who was causing her body to experience such bliss. She didn’t want it to end.

But Rian couldn’t contain herself and the most intense orgasm of her young life rocked though her shuddering body, spurred by Alicia’s adoring attentions and the sense of completion Rian felt.

“Aliiiiiiiciiiiiiiia!” Rian cried out once more and blacked out from the intensity.

Alicia paused briefly to admire Rian in her post-orgasmic unadorned beauty before embarking on the full-body exploration she’d promised herself.