A Ride On The Bi Side

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I leaned slightly forward and raised myself a little straighter on my knees so that I could position his fat cock head against my eager asshole.

His hips were hot between my thighs as I straddled him. His broad, hairy chest was sweaty and heaving under the hand I tried to steady myself with.

I was ready. And his cock was perfect. When I’m taking it in the ass, I like a cock about 7″ long, with a medium thickness shaft, and a fairly narrow cock head. You can slip a narrow cockhead in a lot easier than one with a thick helmet, you know?

But then, if you’ve never enjoyed a good ass fucking, you won’t know. Now me, I like a good ass fucking every now and then.

I’m bi and much more active heterosexually than otherwise. But I have had gay sex over the years, and once every blue moon it’s really, really good. Usually it’s not, but I keep an open mind when opportunity presents. This time it was.

I’d hooked up with Craig a week after he’d slipped me his phone number. We’d both been out shopping with our wives at Neiman Marcus one morning, and met because we’d happened to step into the men’s rest room at the same time. Because one of three urinals was already in use, we ended up standing next to each other to pee. The third guy quickly zipped up, washed, and left.

To make a long story short, we checked each other out. Then, we made the subtle little foot tapping and body language movements that are a kind of code to express interest. We ended up by exposing ourselves to each other, and I knew when I looked over into Craig’s eyes that we both liked what we saw.

I called him yesterday. We got together today.

Did I mention that I like to play with cock too? I do. I like to hold and stroke a guy’s hot prick. I like the texture, the heat, the pliant density of a nice, thick cock shaft. I like pulling the skin back and forth.

And, I like going down on guys. I like the hot, nasty feeling I get in my gut when I get face to face with a guys’ dick. I like the texture of cockhead as I lick it with my tongue. And I like it when I can fight past the gag reflex and slide a guy’s hard, smooth, slick prick all the way down güvenilir bahis into my throat. Even better, I like that suction that sets up when his prick begins to slide back out of my throat. Oh man, nothing better!

So Craig and I had been going through all of that for the last half hour. We’d smoked a bunch of pot, then started sucking each other off, switching whenever one of us got close to cumming.

Craig was into ass play. I figured that out right away when he almost immediately sent a forefinger sliding down my crack as he sucked me for the first time. It felt good. I let him.

Encouraged, he rubbed me around back there for a while, then slipped his tongue in for a hot little rim job. It felt great. I moaned and opened my legs. He dug in, licking me and chewing around back there. Then he went back to sucking me off, but at the same time, kept up the ass work my twisting his knuckle into my hole.

It was great. I squeezed down on his knuckle and pressed back against his hand, then relaxed, grooving on the friction as I worked over his dick, licked his balls and buried my face in his crotch.

So that’s why I was so ready when I finally positioned his cock against my ass. His knuckles had loosened me up, and I knew it was going to feel good going in. It did.

When you’re not ready, when you’re not loosened up, cock hurts going into your ass.

When you’re ready, it just slides in, and as I pressed down against the blunt heat of his hard fleshy pole, that is what happened. He slid into me smoothly and slowly, me controlling the pace. It felt so-fucking-good!

The friction was sublime, as was the sensation of his hot, hard, prick invading my belly. But best of all was how, when he was all and fully into me, when I was sitting with my full weight on him, I could rock my hips minutely and control how his cock pressed up against my prostate.

Again, this is one of those deals where if you’ve never tried taking it in the ass, or if you don’t have a prostate, then you don’t know what I’m talking about. But let me tell you, it can be good. And it was good. Really, really good.

I think that under the türkçe bahis right erotic conditions, a guy’s prostate is akin to a woman’s clit. Or more likely, the ever elusive G-spot. Like the G-spot, the prostate can sometimes trigger some fantastic sensations.

Craig and I, it turned out, were a perfect fit when it came to my ass, in general, and my prostate, in particular. He could tell, because his eyes were glued to my cock and my reaction was obvious.

I’ve got a fat, extremely helmet-headed 8 1/2″ circumcised cock. As I sat on his prick, mine was so hard that it stood up and arched back against my belly. I was so hard, my cock was so engorge with blood, that the skin was stretched slick and shiny.

I was in a near faint. I couldn’t move. Fireworks were going off in my head with any little motion that either of us made.

I didn’t want to move at all, really. I just wanted to savor the sensations.

But Craig wanted to move. I could tell. I could feel how hard his cock was and as I looked at him through slitted eyes, I could see pleasure and barely restrained excitement on his face. I knew he wanted to fuck.

“Wait, wait,” I said quietly, ” I just want to feel this for a little longer.”

I raised myself a half cock’s length, then lowered myself slowly. Fireworks.

I did it again, three quarter’s length this time. Again, fireworks.

I did it until I could tell he couldn’t restrain himself any longer.

“Ok,” I said raising myself up on my knees and leaning forward to rest my hands on his shoulders.

“Now, go ahead, fuck me.” I looked him in the eyes and waited.

He grinned just slightly, then concentrated. I could feel his hips compress, feel the muscles of his belly contract. Then he thrust up into me.

Bam, fireworks.

He pulled back. Compressed. Thrust. Bam. Fireworks.

Again, bam, fireworks. And again. And again. And again.

I was losing it. My ass was one huge, pulsing pleasure center. I barely had the strength to hold myself upright, to keep from falling over as he fucked me.

Finally, I didn’t have the strength to hold myself up on my knees so that he güvenilir bahis siteleri had room to thrust.

I fell onto my side, then rolled quickly onto my back. He kneeled between my legs. I draped my legs over his shoulders. He reached under my hips and pulled me back to him.

He positioned his cock against my ass and thrust. Fuck. It was so good. He was into me so deep. And now he was attacking my prostate from a new angle.

In this position Craig could fuck me hard and fast and I didn’t put up any resistance. I just took it and grooved on the sensations.

I watched him, watched the intense pleasure he was getting. I watched his chest. I grabbed a nipple and pinched hard.

“You bitch,” he said and slammed his cock into me hard.

I grunted under the impact.

“Ooh yeah,” I growled between my teeth. “Fuck me hard.”

Bam, he slammed into me.

“Ooh, yeah!” I hissed. “Fuck me hard.”

He slammed into me again and again, a fast, hard pistoning rhythm. I couldn’t talk any more. All I could do was take it, soak in the sensations. Try to remember to breath.

Finally, I just got to the point where it had to end. We’d been going at it for almost an hour now and I desperately needed to cum.

I opened my eyes and focused. Craig had his head thrown back, mouth open, breathing hard. He was covered in sweat, straining.

‘That’s it, fuck me” I said, trying to turn up the heat that last little bit.

“Fuck me you stud. Fuck that big dick into my hot ass.”

‘Fuck me. Fill me up. Fuck me.”

“Give me that fuck stick. Yeah, that’s it. Fuck me”

He was fucking me hard. I was meeting every thrust.

” Fuck my slutty ass. Fill me up. Fuck me.”

“Give me a hot load. Shoot in me. Make me cum.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” I was squealing!

I felt him get even harder, and fuck into me one last hard stroke before he started to cum. For the first spasm, the first shot, he just held onto my hips and forced his cock as deep into my belly as he could.

I watched as his whole body seem to contract into that first shot. And I could feel it inside as his cockhead expanded and his orgasm began. Then I was cumming.

Huge ropes of cum jetted out of my cock. Some hit me in the face, the rest trailed across my chest as my orgasm raged in six or seven huge, shuddering spasms.

After that, I don’t know.