A Plain Girl Emerges from Her Shell

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She was not a girl you would normally ever, take a second glance at. Plain and drab, was what came to mind, if you did examine her.

The only empty seat, was in the row behind her, and just to her right. I seated myself, and took out the books, that I thought I might need.

New to the class, and knowing no one there, I glanced around, a quick study of my fellow students. There was one very striking girl, surrounded by her obvious gang of admirers. She wasn’t my type, too ‘sex in your face’ in appearance. A too low and revealing cleavage, an overly tight split short skirt, garish ‘Hollywood’ style lipstick, and so on.

The others, as far as my quick inspection allowed, all just looked pretty average.

The plain one struck me as a bit odd. She was probably the same age as me, nineteen, perhaps a little older, She was so nondescript, as to be almost invisible. Her hair was tidy, but that’s all it was, just hair, no style, nothing! The clothes she wore, were as if they were meant to hide her, like camouflage, loose fitting and very ordinary. Maybe I just read too much into them, perhaps, she just didn’t care.

Her desk, I noticed, was clean and ordered, everything in it’s place.

The teacher, called our names, ticking us off. “Julie Rodgers” she read out, and I raised my hand, only a few looked my way.

She continued reading the names out. The plain girl, responded to, “Diane Peters.”

Diane sat waiting patiently for the teacher to begin the lesson. She had no interest in her fellow students, only the subject to be learned.

A hand touched her wrist, “Do you think I might borrow a pencil? I’ve broken mine and don’t seem to have a spare.”

It was the new girl, she vaguely realised, without a word, she passed her one.

I went into the canteen, and saw Diane sitting on her own in a corner. “Oh, here you are, I just wanted to return your pencil, and say thanks.”

I started to walk away, but on impulse, turned and asked, “Do you mind if I sit here, I don’t know anyone else?”

She simply, nodded, then returned to her book.

I sat, and unpacked my lunch. “You’re Diane, aren’t you? Hi, I’m Julie.”

She glanced over briefly, “Hi.” Then back to her book.

This is hard work, I thought to myself, oh well, never mind.

Diane did not have any friends, not that it ever bothered her, she didn’t even think about it. She’d never had a boyfriend, it just never occurred to her.

She wasn’t aware of the fact that she looked plain, it wasn’t anything intentional. She bought clothes, simply because she had to wear them, no thought ever went into their selection. Make up didn’t come into the equation, to her, it didn’t serve any purpose.

This girl, Julie, was it? Seemed to irritate her a bit, although she had no idea why. She just didn’t have any need to talk to anyone.

I studied Diane as she ate.

Yes, she was plain, well outwardly, as if by design. And yet, something about her intrigued me. I thought, style that hair a little, a tiny touch of makeup, and some more attractive clothes, she could perhaps be quite pretty.

I felt a little shiver, goose bumps just showed on my arms. Shit! I thought, you like this girl.

It had been six months since I broke up with Trish, it had been a nasty separation, and I was not in any hurry for another relationship. And this rather ordinary girl, it didn’t make sense.

Diane was aware that Julie was studying her.

Why? She wondered, she’d made it quite obvious that she wanted to be left alone.

Diane had never had a sexual thought in her life. No feelings of attraction to anyone. No güvenilir bahis awareness of her own body. It simply had never arisen.

She boarded the bus, and was busy settling, when Julie plonked down next to her.

“Hi again,” said Julie, brightly, her hand briefly touching Diane’s, who barely noticed.

Julie enquired where she lived, to then exclaim, “So you’re only just down the road from me! We moved in there just a few weeks ago. There’s a coincidence for you.”

They chatted for the remainder of the journey, nothing of significance, although it was a pretty one sided conversation, on Julie’s part.”

Diane did however, begin to take some pleasure from talking to this girl, it seemed different, she had no idea why.

They left the bus, and turned toward their street. Julie took her hand, as they walked.

It suddenly occurred to Diane, that it felt quite nice, and where, she would normally have withdrawn from the touch, this time, she didn’t.

They arrived outside a pretty garden, Julie said, “Well here’s mine. Why don’t you come in for a nice cool drink? If you would like to, that is.”

Diane hesitated, this was all something alien to her. But, before she knew it, she said, “Yes okay, that would be nice, thanks.”

Julie fetched ice cold lemonade, and indicated toward the back garden. “There’s a lovely place to sit in the shade back there, come on, follow me.”

The bench was quite narrow, just wide enough for the two of them.

Diane could feel the warmth from Julie’s thigh, pressed close. It didn’t really register at first, but as she became aware, it made her feel a little uncomfortable, even though she had no idea why, just an unusual proximity.

Julie’s hand came to cover hers, seemingly just a gesture, with nothing intended. Diane wouldn’t have recognised it, if there were.

But when Julie’s fingers began a very slight caress, the girl glanced down, thinking it rather strange.

Julie was feeling a tingle in her body, a light flush between her legs. She knew quite well what was happening.

She wanted to touch the girl, she was allowing herself to be drawn to her.

Julie’s hand left mine, and I realised, with a start, that I missed it. I thought about this strange new feeling, what was happening to me?

Julie laughed at something she said, I had missed the point, but I laughed with her anyway.

For some reason, I felt good inside.

Then she had put her arm round my shoulder, for a moment I felt panic. What was she doing? But when it just lay along my shoulders, I relaxed.

Still Julie chatted, I was surprised that I found, I quite enjoyed listening to her. It occurred to me that she had a very pleasant voice, kind of bubbly, and so very friendly.

Then I felt her fingers stroking my upper arm, it was so light, I hardly noticed, but when I did, I knew it felt good.

Inadvertently, I had leaned a little closer to her. I was shocked when I realised, and went to move away again, but her arm held me, even pulled me a little tighter.

I just sat there, stiff, and now a little frightened.

She turned toward me, her face close to my ear, “Relax Diane, it’s just nice to feel you close.” she whispered.

Her other hand came across her lap, taking mine, she entwined our fingers together.

It felt good again. I did relax, leaning against her, but I was puzzled. I could never before have imagined, sitting like this with another person.

Her other hand, against my jumper, seemed to graze the side of my breast, was it an accident? had she meant it? I was sure she had.

I could feel my nipple push against türkçe bahis my bra, just like on cold day. A strange feeling ran through my body, as hard as I wondered what it was, I had no answer, but I knew it felt nice. Her hand brushed again, and this time, there was a definite tingle to my nipple, I gave a very little jump. What is she doing to me? It did feel nice, but these strange feelings made me scared, I had no idea what they were.

Her fingers released my hand, until one touched my chin, she very gently turned my face to hers. I looked into her eyes, mine wide in shock.

Then she leaned forward, and our lips touched.

I gasped, and tried to pull away, but her arm was holding me tight.

Once again her lips came to mine, and this time, she kissed me.

I could feel her lips moving, but mine were rigid, I didn’t know what to do.

I felt her tongue tickle along my lips, as her hand left my chin, and it was than touching the front of my jumper.

For a moment, I cringed, what was she doing, touching my breast?

Her fingers pinched through the material, my nipple reacted to the touch, I could feel it stiffen even more.

God, it felt good, I thought to myself, even though I was by now petrified.

Her tongue entered my mouth, I must have relaxed my lips, she tickled my tongue, and without any conscious thought, mine responded, and then I was returning the kiss.

The first kiss of my life, and it was with a girl.

Her hand cupped my breast and gently squeezed, then massaged. My objection to the touch was melting away.

I felt a strange feeling surging in my body, especially down between my thighs. My legs squirmed, I clutched my knees tight together.

I hadn’t noticed how or when, but found my hand had reached for hers, and I was pressing the hand to my breast, as she rubbed.

Julie drew back from the kiss, “You okay? Do you want me to stop?”

I almost said yes, but my mouth said, “No, don’t stop.”

Her hand left my breast to move down, then she was lifting the bottom of my jumper, her fingers touched my stomach, to move around, in little circles.

I gave a shiver, and my legs clenched again.

The fingers traced up, reached my bra, and once more she squeezed. Then she was searching for the strap, and was pushing it off my shoulder.

She eased the bra off my breast, I felt the nipple spring free, then she was holding it in her palm.

She was looking closely at me, gauging my reaction, I guess, for the first time, I smiled at her. She grinned, and pinched my nipple. I gasped aloud,

For a moment, I clutched at my jumper, she was pushing it up. Never had anyone seen my bare breasts. I let go, as she persisted, then I felt an electric shock, her mouth had enclosed my nipple, without understanding why, I took her head and pulled her in tight to me.

The hand that had been at my breast, was now drifting down again, for a moment it caressed my stomach, then of a sudden it was pressing through my skirt, and between my legs. Automatically I fought against this unknown intrusion, I began to struggle, her hand stopped pushing, but still sat where it was.

She lifted her head to look at me, “Diane, I want to touch you, and I know you want me to, just let it happen.” Then she kissed me again, I had realised that I loved her kiss.

I found my legs had parted, just slightly, I didn’t know exactly when. The press of her fingers was so light, I hadn’t noticed.

She was now rubbing a finger down to my private parts.

I felt a jolt, it had just pressed in to the button, I knew was my clitorus, it had never been touched before, not even by me. Something güvenilir bahis siteleri felt different, I seemed to be bigger than I thought it was.

My skirt was slowly moving up my thighs, I knew I should, but I couldn’t move to stop it.

Now her fingers were at the front of my panties, softly they rubbed, down along the entrance to my pussy, my legs opened themselves wider, I no longer seemed to have control over them, and her fingers pressed.

Back up again, then that jolt once more, as she found my clitorus. Her fingers stayed there, massaging it into growth. It was as if lightning was surging through my body, I now knew that I would let her do to me, whatever she wanted. I felt so very good.

As she pulled away from our kiss, she raised her fingers, so I could see them glistening in the light, they were wet, very wet,

She touched them to her lips, her tongue flicked out, and licked. I watched both shocked and amazed, of a sudden I understood what erotic meant.

She held her fingers, to me, and hesitantly, I tasted. It was a strange taste, not unpleasant, but it wasn’t so much the taste, as the feeling that came over me. Suddenly I knew, I wanted this girl to touch me more, I needed her to.

She smiled deep into my eyes, as I took her hand, and moved it back between my legs.

The crotch of my panties were being pulled aside, then her fingers, for the first time, touched my secret flesh.

I looked down to watch, I couldn’t help myself, and saw her easing my lower lips apart.

A finger disappeared, as she pushed inside of me gently, as deep as she could go.

My hips heaved at her hand as she withdrew, the feeling surging through me was like heaven, I felt a sense of loss as her finger came out. But then she was pushing again, two fingers this time, and her thumb was rubbing my button. I could actually see it, like never before, jutting out from it’s normally hidden place, it jumped as she flicked.

Her fingers were going faster now, as she moved them in and out. I could feel the strangest feelings, like a fire rising in intensity, raging between my legs. I was lifting off the bench, trying desperately to make her hand push deeper.

Then my whole body went taught like a coiled spring, I felt myself shaking, my legs felt like jelly, then I was jerking myself on her fingers, as my body went into overdrive.

I wasn’t sure, but I thought that this was my first climax.

I had no control left, I was lost, riding a wave of ecstasy.

Finally, as my body relaxed and I opened my eyes, I gazed in awe at the space between my legs, I had no idea that all this time, such pleasure was hidden there. I saw her hand, still lying there, all wet and shiny

I clung to her, as Julie planted kisses all over my face.

For the first time in my life, I used language I would never have dreamed of normally using, “What the fuck was that?”

“Did you like it?” Julie looked at me, and I saw pleading in her eyes.

“I absolutely, totally, loved it.” I answered.

Julie’s smile was delicious.

Then a strange pensive look came over her face, “I now it’s very soon Diane, but I think I’m falling in love with you, do you mind?”

God knows, I’ve never done it before. but I actually squealed, before I pulled her to me, “I think I would be very happy if you loved me, perhaps I could be your girlfriend? I’ve never had either a girlfriend or a boyfriend before.”

Then she clutched a hand to her mouth, “You don’t have one already, do you?”

“No, but I do now.” Julie answered with a smile.

“That’s just brilliant!” Then coyly, “When are you going to show me what to do, so I can get you going crazy, like I just did?”

“Why don’t we go to my bedroom, so I can show you right now, would you like that?”

Diane stood and held my hands, she gave me a quick kiss, then said, “Lead the way, my love.”

The end.