A Night with My Lover

7 Ocak 2021 0 Yazar: admin


I walk into your bedroom with my hair cascading over my shoulders and my breasts gently swaying with each step I take you watch me closely as I swing my hips from side to side as I walk towards you naked except for my feet in black heels. I move behind your chair and kiss your head as I run my hands down your sides and sniff your hair which smells of summer flowers and is intoxicating.

The red lace bra and panties you wear look divine against your skin. I kiss around the side of your head to your ear and as I gently nibble my hands move to your breasts, cupping them, pulling at your nipples.

You reach behind you, unclip your bra and shrug it from your body and then you ease your panties over your hips and let them fall to the floor. I get a brief glimpse of your naked mound which brings a big smile to my face. As you sit back I go back to nibbling on your ear and again cup your breasts, they feel wonderful and heavy in my palms with you’re nipples proud güvenilir bahis and hard out from your breasts. I roll them in my fingers hearing a sigh from your lips as I do so.

I stand up straight and spin your chair around so that you are now facing me. I get on my knees and gently open your legs before shuffling between them. I lean in and you meet me half way as our lips meet and gently part allowing our tongues to entwine as our arms embrace as we melt into each other. I break away and kiss your neck, down your chest to your heaving breasts. I kiss around your wonderful globes before licking the crease on the underside before moving up circling your nipples then gently blowing them. I suck each nipple in turn noting your head has gone back and you begin to moan at my manipulations.

I run my tongue between your breasts, lower across your tummy and down to your mound. I gently nibble at your mound as I place my hands on your ass cheeks and ease türkçe bahis you forward to the edge of the chair. Now I have access I note that your outer lips are engorged and open and I can spy your wetness. I run my tongue from your mound to your clit and I flick it with my tongue causing you to jerk and moan. Finally I suck on that precious little bud of yours as you moan and buck your pussy into my mouth. I feel your hands on my head and running your fingers running through my hair. I lick lower to the entrance of your sex, I taste you for the first time and this spurs me on.

My tongue enters your sweet cavern trying to get deep inside of you. I lift your legs and place them on my shoulders giving me even greater access to that hot pussy of yours as I lick further down to your tight puckered hole. I lick and probe until I feel your anal muscles loosen and my tongue probes within your ass after I make sure it is nice and wet from the tonguing I had just given güvenilir bahis siteleri you. I suck on my finger and enter it into your ass inch by inch until I have my whole finger deep inside your ass and gently finger fuck you as I lick your hot wet pussy again.

You are moaning loudly now and your breathing is ragged, I slip 2 fingers from my other hand inside your hot wet cunt and find your g-spot. I rub it vigorously as your tummy tightens and you hump my fingers like a wanton woman. My head bends and latches onto your clit as your hands grab my head tightly and pull me hard onto your grinding clit. Your orgasm takes hold and you arch your back as you shudder and I lower my mouth to your entrance to enjoy all of your sweet offering. As your orgasm subsides I lean forward to French kiss with you and share your orgasm with you. After our kiss I hold you tightly around your middle with my head on your tummy and my breasts against your sticky thighs.

We lay there saying nothing to each other as nothing needs to be said. Your hand begins to stroke my head as you run your fingers through my hair as we lay there for ages just content to be in each other’s arms as we fall into a deep sleep.