A Night To Remember With Crush

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A Night To Remember With CrushI live in a rented apartment, I’m 5’6 with a normal body and cute looks. I love cracking good jokes which can make anyone smile.I joined one MNC in Gurgaon post my stint in Hyderabad. It was a new project in the same company so I use to see new joiners almost every day.Out of those new joiners, I saw a beautiful girl named Sophia (not a real name). She hailed from Delhi, was from a well-off Punjabi family, 5’5, almost my height, not skinny but the right amount of curves at right places. I liked her very much on seeing her for the very first time. As the team was small, she sat just behind my desk.We both started with Hi and Hellos. Initially, she was very secretive but slowly we both started opening up. As the team was small, we had a group of 6 people, all started gelling up. We all go for parties, movies etc. Our buddies started teasing us as if we are couples. With that constant teasing by our colleagues, I started liking her more and I felt the same vibes from another side as well. We started meeting after office hours, late night random chit chat etc. The more I talked, the more I fall for her.Out of our office group, one guy was getting married. That was the first marriage in our group, so all of us were excited. We all planned that who will be wearing what and who’ll bring the booze.Then, comes the day. Out of 6, two canceled the planned. As I and Sophia reside in Delhi, Sophia told me that she will bring her car and pick me up. Other two were from Noida, so they were coming separately. I dressed up in a decent black suit with matching shirt. I called Sophia and told her that I’m waiting at the agreed location. She took another 10 mins to reach but that was worth waiting. I never saw her like that. She was looking stunning in pink Anarkali suit with green on it, matching earrings, footwear along with lipstick.I almost skipped heartbeat on seeing her. I complimented her, she responded with a smile and thank you. I clearly canlı bahis şirketleri noticed that she is blushing. I figured out that her suit is a bit revealing as her cleavage was teasingly visible and her back was very much exposed and that too in November. I was losing control over myself but I acted as a gentleman. To divert my mind, I opened the booze in the car itself and started drinking.As she was driving, she avoided drinking. I extended my hands to place the cup in cup holder near gear and accidentally touched her hand. This touch was different than normal. She kept her hand on the gear and I too didn’t pull out. This happened at least for 7 to 10 seconds and we laughed. We kept on talking to each other till we reach the venue.I knew that something is going to happen tonight. All 4 of us met at the venue and I was unable to take my eyes off her. She observed that too which I got to know later. We all went back to Sophia’s car and had a quick round of drinks. As I already had some before, I was high a bit. We got onto the dance floor and danced like anything. By 12 am, we thought of going back to our places.I and Sophia said goodbye to others and get in the car. To my surprise, she said, “Mujhe aur peeni hai”. I instantly made an offer to go to my place and drink. Without giving a second thought, she agreed. We reach my place, I helped her park her car.Without making any noise, I opened the door of my flat so that no one comes to know that I’m entering with a girl. I told Sophia to wait inside, I’ll bring glasses. I poured vodka in glasses and we started drinking. We both were high after 2 pegs but we continued to drink. Without hesitating, she said, “Tu mujhe shaadi main itna kyun dekh raha tha?”. Dekhne wali cheez ko dekhta nai to kya karta, I said while laughing.With a sarcastic smile on her face, she said, “Tu bas dekhta hi rahiyo”. I don’t know what happened to me after listening to that line, I pulled her close and kissed on her lips. canlı kaçak iddaa I guess she was expecting this moment and without any reluctance, she accepted my tongue. We were kissing slowly and passionately as if we are in love. I pushed her on the bed and made her lay down.Browse indiansexstories dot net for more arousing stories.I come over her while we kept on kissing. By now we both knew what we want. While kissing, I cupped her boob and started giving a gentle squeeze. She unbuttoned my shirt’s three buttons and touched my chest. We parted and looked at each with a smile on our faces. I made her sit and lifted her suit over her shoulders and threw it away on the floor. WHAT A VIEW!!Her boobs were pointed and well in shape. I latched onto them and started licking them over her bra. She smiled and unhooked it with a wink. That turned me on more. I started sucking them like a baby. I dug my teeth lightly and pulled her nipple to which she moaned and cried a bit in pain. I made her turn around so that I’m seeing her back.I licked her neckline and shoulders. I started licking her spine from neck to her lower waist. She was not expecting this and which resulted in a loud moan. While licking her back, I pulled down her salwar till her knees. I know she had submitted herself to me and now I can act as her master.Without wasting a second, I gave a bite on her butt cheeks. I touched her asshole with the tip of my tongue and start licking it. I remember her moans which got louder with every act. I held both her hands and keep on licking. I sensed that she is already ready to get fucked but I don’t want to leave the chance to explore her body.I turned her and now she was facing me. I opened her legs wide. I could almost smell her little pussy. I pushed myself between her thighs. She was all smooth down there as if she was expecting this to happen tonight. I started licking her inner thighs and started teasing her by blowing air on her wet pussy.She held bedsheets canlı kaçak bahis tightly with both her hands. I get down and rolled my tongue around her pussy, licking her wetness which was on her pussy lips. She had well-shaped pussy which was about to get eaten. I pushed my two fingers in her and simultaneously started licking her pussy from inside.I was flickering my tongue and fingering her as hard as I could. I moved my tongue in different motions and used my fingers to put pressure on her clit. Within no time, she came. I licked her cum as much as I could. I saw the sense of satisfaction on her face. We both were sweating in an AC room. I came up to her face and kissed her passionately.I got up from the bed and removed my pants in front of her. I have a decent sized dick, around 6¨ and thick. I again sat between her legs, touched the tip of my cock over her pussy and kept on teasing her. She grabbed my dick and tried to push it in herself. I held both her hand and pushed my dick in her. I started ramming her pussy. My balls were slamming against Sophia’s ass while fucking her pussy.I lifted her one leg up, threw it over my shoulder and flexed my cock deeper into her. I gave a light smack on her ass which let out a light moan. With every thrust, her pussy was getting stretched. I started kissing lower and gave her a bite over her boob which drilling her love hole. I turned her around and pushed my dick from behind. I grabbed her butts and squeezed them while pumping her pussy.I held her butts so tight that my hand impressions were clearly visible on them. I gave her a good spank and she let out moan again. With every thrust, we both were approaching climax. I wanted to pull out my cock whereas she wanted to feel my sperm inside her. As we both were approaching climax, her pussy tightened the grip on my cock. With a loud moan, I came in her.We almost released at the same time. I pulled out my penis and laid beside her. We both were smiling and very much satisfied. I hugged her tightly. We both knew that barriers are broken now. We slept together till morning and had another round of amazing sex which I’ll narrate in an another sex story. Now she’s happily married abroad. Please provide your feedback