A Night in Prague

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Finally, it was over. I had finished school, well I’d done my A-levels and was leaving for college in a few months, but it felt great that I was finally escaping my home town. In just a few months, I was leaving, but this begged the question, what to do in the mean time?

This was a question frequently discussed by my group of friends, I say group, there are in fact 3 of us, but you get my drift. We were the misfits of our school, the Goths if you will, which means we dress in mainly black, wear allot of make up and like music ‘heavier’ than most.

Like I said, I hung around with two others, my best friends for my entire school life, Amy, a devout lesbian since her first sex Ed. lesson and Steve, who despite our close friendship over seven years, neither me nor Amy knew much about, for instance we only had his mobile number and had never been around his house.

Sexual tension was an issue occasionally, but only between Amy and myself, a kiss on a dare would last to long, that kind of thing, but Steve, although cute had never made a move on me, he kept his sexual exploits outside our group.

I like to describe my self as a bi-sexual, in order to keep my options open, but in truth I prefer girls and had never had sex with a guy, in fact kissing Amy was the closest I’d ever been to anyone. Not that I regret it, Amy really is gorgeous, she has waist length fiery ginger hair, full D-cup breasts, long legs and a nice, firm ass.

Compared to her, I’m nothing, although I’ve been told I’m cute. I’m about 6’2” shoulder length black hair, which I normally put a couple of braids in, blue eyes, which I keep made up heavily and quite small b-cup breasts, my legs are quite and I have a small, firm ass.

Anyway, what to do with the next 3 months? Amy and I had kept jobs over the school year and Steve had made a fair bit from other, unknown, means, so we all had a fair bit of money and one evening we were talking, passing around a bottle of scotch.

“So what are we gonna do over the next few months?”I brought the subject up again, I had sat on my ass for few months after the GCSEs and had no intention of doing it again. Amy rolled her eyes back in to her head.

“I don’t know girl, I think, we should get high, Steve, you got any?” Amy asked, trying to avoid the subject, it wasn’t the first time I’d brought it up.

“Nah, sorry Ames, but I had an idea about the summer, I met my cousin a couple of weeks ago, she lives in Prague, she said I could stay with her if ever I was there…” Steve chimed in. His idea was met with great approval, “cool, I’ll call her tomorrow, see if you guys can stay.”

With that it was decided, and when Steve called to tell us it was all O.K we began making plans for our trip, eventually we decided to leave the following Friday and stay for a couple of weeks.

The time seem to pass increasing slowly towards the day, perhaps it was my excitement over getting out of this place, but it eventually came and we left for the airport, at four in the morning, of course.

We managed to check in on time and reach our gate, the plane however, was late. three hours late. And when it did arrive, it was still another hour before it took off.

Eventually we reached Prague at about midday, decidedly tired of the wonders of modern technology, fortunate, as Steve’s cousin’s car, with which She met us outside the airport, wasn’t exactly modern. Or technology.

Still this was made up for by Steve’s cousin herself, She was beautiful, full lips, deep brown eyes that matched her, long flowing brunette hair, which reached down her pale back.She dressed well to, a white blouse, tailored to reveal her ample cleavage and still look fantastic.

She greeted Steve with a long hug and kissed Amy and myself on the cheeks.

“Clea, Amy, this is my cousin Nadia, Nadia, Clea and Amy.” Steve introduced us.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you… Are you two a couple?” She asked I was shocked by her forwardness, but noticed then I was holding Amy’s hand, something I do most of the time we’re together.

“Oh, well no, we’re just good friends,”Amy replied.

“Shame, you two look great together” Nadia replied in her good, but heavily accented English.

As we drove into the city Nadia told us more about herself, she was a barmaid at one of the city’s top Goth clubs, but she also modelled, mainly for web sites.

I knew I recognised her, despite being a virgin I avidly masturbated. I looked over at Amy and saw she had drawn the same conclusion, we occasionally did it together and had even had cyber sex once. I say occasionally I mean when ever the two of us were alone with a computer.I nudged her smiled and giggled, attracting Nadia’s attention.

“Ah, you two have seen my work?” She inquired. I flashed red, Amy seemed fine.

“Oh yeah, you’re great!”She illegal bahis replied.

“Really? what has been you’re favourite so far?”

“Oh defiantly when you got D.Ped by those two girls with strap-ons” That really was a great video, I was getting wet just thinking of it.

“Yeah, that was fun” She smiled. We went on to discuss a few of her other shoots, but Steve interrupted.

“Ladies, this is getting slightly weird, so if we could talk about something else?” Steve seemed slightly disturbed about hearing his cousin’s sexual exploits, so we changed the subject. After about 40 minutes we pulled up to Nadia’s building, a beautifully decorated 18th century apartment block, which Nadia lived on the top floor of. Despite that I can’t say I was disappointed we had made it, once we had got inside the city, Nadia’s driving took a turn for the worst, she was darting in and out of traffic, slipping between trams and buses, even Steve, who I’d seen pull some pretty hairy moves himself in England, was shocked.

Eventually we managed to haul all our gear up the stairs, as the building had no lift and seeing as I was the only on who’d brought a backpack, I had to carry half of Amy’s as well.

We crashed on Nadia’s sofa, breathing heavily from the strenuous exercise, although I was I little, turned on, I’d had a great view of Amy’s ass on the way up.

“O.k guys, there’s 2 bed rooms, one of which is mine, and a sofa bed, Steve, you take the sofa, ladies, you take the other bed room.” We moved our gear again and collapsed facing each other on the bed.

“Don’t worry babe, I don’t snore” Amy told me. I laughed

“Me neither, I think…” I replied. We both lay on the bed, which was really quite comfortable, soft mattress, silk sheets, the lot. I turn to face Amy.

“Ames, you know, you’re my best friend, right?”

“Yeah, of course girls, what’s up?” She replied.

“It’s just, well, I started having feelings for someone, real feelings, you know..” I stuttered.

“Oh, you fancy Steve!” I flashed red.

“No, it’s not Steve, Ames..”

“O.k, babe, I see where you’re going, I love what we have here, I love having some one I can talk to about everything, I love doing the things we do together, Clea, you’re more to me than a girlfriend, I love you, but don’t want to lose what we have.”

“I feel the same, I love you to Ames” With that we giggled and set about catching some sleep before the evening, as Nadia was taking us to her club.

I awoke a few hours later, Amy sprawled over me. I rolled her off a got my towel and razor out of my bag, to take a shower.

I left the room and saw Nadia and Steve talking on the sofa about their family.

“Hey guys, where’s the bathroom?” I asked

“Oh, hey sleeping beauty, it’s just down there, opposite my room” She answered, “Feel free to use the stuff in there”

I said my thanks and went to the bathroom, I entered and locked the door behind me. It was pretty basic, just a shower, sink, toilet and mirror, but it was well decked out with perfumes, moisturisers and all.

I pulled off my t-shirt and dropped it to the floor, my nipples were hard and I was beginning to get wet, thinking about Nadia getting fucked up the ass and pussy by a pair of girls, Amy’s ass on the stairs, her body on top of mine in bed. God I loved her.

I undid my bra and brushed it off my shoulders, graving it against my rock hard nipples. I reached down and undid my boots, slipping them off, quickly my jeans joined them. Then my panties, wet from my imagination, joined the rest of my clothes. The smell of my pussy flooded the room.

I kept getting more and more aroused as I thought of Amy, her body on mine, the time we kissed, really kissed, her tongue in my mouth, her hands, running through my hair caressing my ass.

I looked my pale skin up and down, naked, in Nadia’s mirror and ran my hands from my ass to my breasts, gently teasing them before pinching my nipples and sending a thrill through my entire body.

I steeped in to the shower, feeling the warm waters bathing my body and I lathered up my body from head to toe, squeezing again my breasts and ass, teasing myself. Once I was completely covered I rinsed off and braced my self in the shower, one leg on the opposite wall to my back.

The water flowing across my body, I ran my hand down my body and through my pubes, my fingers either side of my clit, I rubbed all the way to my asshole, then back up again. Next I rubbed my clit, slowly at first, then faster and faster, until I couldn’t take it and more an thrust two fingers from my other hand into myself. I came screaming to orgasm.

I slid breathless to a sitting position in the shower, catching my breath, hoping the sound of the water had cover my screams. Once I had recovered I finished illegal bahis siteleri off by shaving my legs and pits, but leaving my bush neatly trimmed. I then moisturised all over and used some of Nadia deodorant and perfume.

On my way back to mine and Amy’s room Nadia caught my eye, she smiled and winked.

“If you want to borrow a toy for next time, they’re in the dresser by my bed.” Nadia offered.

“Oh, god! you heard me?” I was shocked that she was fine with it, but not really surprised, I had screamed pretty loud.

“Half of Prague heard you dear,”Nadia replied.

“I’ll try and keep it down next time” I blushed.

“No, don’t I always kind I cum harder when you let it all out, hey, I’ll probably be making some noise in my bed room later.” She winked at me again and laughed.

I went back into my room and saw amy lying on the bed, hands down her jeans and shirt undone, reading a copy of some ‘adult fiction’ I’d lent her. I sat down at the mirror in the room at began fixing my make-up, drying my hair, all kinds of girly things.

“Hey Ames,”

“Ngggh, yeah?” She said through deep breaths

“Could you do my hair, later?” She had real talent on that front.

“OH! yeah… nghh sure” She came to a groaning orgasm, removed her hand from her trousers and licked it clean, I longed to be that hand. “only if you choose something for me to wear.” I seemed like a fair exchange. We talked a bit more before she went to have a shower and, from the sound of it another orgasm.

Whilst she was there a chose our clothes for the evening. For my self I went for a black Mini skirt, a lacy, black top, which left my stomach visible and the rest of me pretty much so, to this I added a black silk lingerie set, a few inches of the suspender belt, which was holding up a pair of black fish nets, revealed by my skirt.

For Amy I chose a little black dress that expressed all of her curves and had a lacy, see through, section starting just below her ass.

Amy came back in as I was finishing my make up.

“Umm… nice choice, very nice, isn’t this yours?” She asked.

“yeah, but trust me, it’ll look allot better on you, babe.” I replied.

“Thanks, your the best Clea.” Her face lit up whenever she smiled, truth be told I had brought the dress with her in mind. She thanked me again by hugging me and kissing me on the cheek.

She unwrapped her towel and slipped on the clothes I’d left out for her. I admired her beauty in the mirror as she dressed, her pale skin, her fiery hair, her pouty lips and deep eyes, god I wanted her.

“O.k Clea, what do want me to do with your hair?”

“Just the usual Ames” She had been doing my hair since she came out, she probably liked the position, her straddling me from behind, I know I did. She started fixing my hair in the usual manner. Eventually she paused for a minute and spoke.

“Y’know Clea you really are beautiful, I honestly can’t belive your still a virgin” She said.

“I guess I’m just waiting for the right person” problem was she was straddling me right now.

“Maybe the right person is closer than you think?”

“You mean…” I stuttered.

“Of course, if it wouldn’t jeopardise our friendship I’d be all over you” I was shocked, not to mention confused.

“It… it doesn’t have to, we could be friends as well as lovers” I offered.

“I… I didn’t know you felt like that, god, I’m so blind”

“You’re blind, I’ve been thinking about asking you out for two years,” we both giggled and I turned my head to face her. She leaned forward, inching closer to my mouth and in the split second our lips touched, the door opened.

“come on ladies, we have to go, Nadia says she’s on in an hour and we’ve Gotta eat first, sorry, am I disturbing something?” Steve leaned in the door.

“Yes you fucking were!” Amy shouted, whilst throwing a hairbrush at the door, sending Steve running. “We’ll finish this conversation later” She pecked me on the lips and we both finished getting ready.

We were soon both ready and left the room arm in arm, to be greeted by a wolf whistle from Nadia.

“My, my, you ladies do scrub up well don’t you?” I flashed red, earning a giggle from Nadia and Amy, Steve just smiled.

“Please say we’re talking the tube or something” Amy said, talking attention away from me,”I don’t think I could stand your driving at night!”

“You’re safe for now, we’re taking the tram to the restaurant, then on foot to the club.” Nadia replied.

It really was a good meal, although not heavy, I do eat allot of food, and the Beer was great, but I could not Break eye contact with Amy for most of the meal, looking deep into those pools of light I could see nothing in my future but her.

I felt her shoe rubbing against my leg and decided to roll with canlı bahis siteleri it, returning her flirtations, blowing her a kiss, stroking her thigh under the table.

This continued through out the meal and by the end I was rather turned on, especially after watching her eat her chocolaty dessert. I was getting so wet the scent of my juices flooded the restaurant.

Eventually the meal finished and we left, but as soon as we got outside Amy took my hand and pulled me into a shop window, wrapping her arms around me and kissing me. A what a kiss, it seemed to last hours. Her tongue explored my mouth, mine hers, her hands glided up and down my back, from my neck to my ass and back again. I held on for the ride, reciprocating whatever I could, long for it to last for ever.

But it couldn’t.

“Ladies, I really am sorry to have to stop you, but we have to get going, I’m on in five minutes.”

“Amy, I love you…” I whispered in her ear. She kissed me on the cheek and neck.

“I love you to Clea”

I carried on, hand in hand, to Nadia’s club, Amy and I hand in hand. When we got there it did not appear to be much, a large, lit metal door in an alley off the city’s main square, but the small strip of red carpet and the massive bouncer told of greater things on the inside.

The door opened and we were greeted by a trumping baseline, Nadia led us in, down some stairs and along a tunnel, lit by a string of orange lights.

We continued along, the music getting louder as we went, until we reached another door, which Nadia swung open to reveal a huge chamber, full of people dressed like ourselves. We were on the top level below us was the dance floor, crawling with people and flooded with dry ice. Nadia told us to meet her at the entrance at two, when the club closed, before disappearing through some staff only door.

Amy pulled me, by my hand, down some stairs, to the dance floor. Once there she took hold of my other hand and began to dance with me, gyrating herself to the music, I followed her lead. Soon a slow song came on and Amy pulled me close, our breasts pushed together, our bodies intertwined, she kissed my neck and we whispered of our love in each others ears. I longed to be taken by this woman, this passionate, loving, caring woman.

When the song finished we remained in each other arms for a few more minute before joining Steve at a table.

Amy was pressed up close to me on our seat, one arm wrapped around me, the other caressing my thigh.

“ladies I can’t help but notice, you seem to have got a lot closer of late” Steve said. It was true, only this morning we had been friends, admittedly close one, nut now we were lovers.

“Amy and I are best friends, Steve, but we both felt the need to take that a step further” I told him. She kissed me again and a waitress whispered something in Steve’s ear.

“O.k girls, if you ever want me out of the way, just tell me, alright?” Steve offered.

“oh, but Steve, you’re always in the way” Amy joked.

“Well then, I hope you won’t take my leaving you for a while as rube, but what that waitress just offered certain was,” with that he disappeared and we didn’t see him again until two, which rolled by quickly in Amy’s arms.

We met Nadia on the not freezing street outside the club and moved quickly back two hers, my arm around Amy for warmth, I also noticed Steve was holding the hand of the waitress, who was talking to Nadia.

When we reached Nadia’s apartment Steve and the waitress began making out on the sofa, Nadia headed to her room.

“Sorry girls, I can’t offer you a drink, I’m fresh out, have fun” She winked and closed her bed room door.

We went into our room and Amy closed the door, I sat on t he bed, she sat next to me and we began kissing.

“God, I’m want you clea, I want to hold you and never let go” She said between kisses. She stood up and slowly slipped off the dress, teasing me even more, I was soaking wet. Once she had shed the dress she slipped off her boots, then her bra, suspender belt, stockings, and finally silken panties, which she teased me with by allowing me only the slightest sniff.

Once she was naked she set about slowing undressing me, first my boots, then my top, miniskirt and panties, she left on my fish nets.

“Please, god Ames, take me, I can’t take it any more…” I begged. She grinned at me and told me to lay on the bed, she knelt between my legs and bent down to kiss me again, next she left a trail of kisses down my neck to my nipple, which she gentle licked around before biting, sending a shock to my pussy. She did the same to the other before kissing her way down to my bush. She then set about licking me, all the way down , the back up, flicking my clit, then thrusting her tongue deep inside. She began finger fucking me, first with one, then to , finally three as my pussy spread. Soon I came, an orgasm that hit me like a tidal wave, but this did not stop Amy, she carried on until we were both exhausted, resting in each others arms.

Needless to say, I returned the favour.