A Night I’ll Never Forget Pt. 01

27 Aralık 2020 0 Yazar: admin

I had seen Jessica many times before I finally got to speak to her. We lived in the same small town and with only two nightclubs I would see her most weekends and admire her from a distance as she sashayed around with the eyes of every man drawn to her.

She was a stunning woman — mid length dark hair that shimmered in the light, a mischievous smile and eyes that could pierce your soul. She was certainly no girl next door type, and her tall heels and tight black outfits not only showcased her magnificent bottom and pert breasts that always seemed to be straining to get free, but also lent her a quiet air of authority.

Though she would have a group of girlfriends around her, Jessica also had a long-term boyfriend who would always be at her side. Every so often you would see another man try to chat her up, but they were always quick to give up and realise they had no chance. And when she got on the dance floor with her boyfriend, grinding their bodies against one another, it was quite clear that she was spoken for.

The night I first got my opportunity to talk to her happened to be on my birthday. I had been out drinking with friends since midday, and nearly 12 hours later, a small group of us staggered into the club in search of further drinks.

I was standing at the bar, waiting to order myself a Jack and Coke when she came up beside me. I don’t know whether it was the alcohol that gave me the confidence, but I instinctively asked her if I could buy her a drink.

“I’d love you to,” she replied. “But only if you will sit with me while I drink it.”

Not wanting to miss the opportunity, I immediately agreed, and after ordering us each a Jack and Coke, we found a quiet booth to sit down. I started trying to make small talk, but she immediately cut me off.

“Listen, I’m not going to mess about here. I’ve seen your face around enough to know you aren’t some kind of crazy axe murderer,” she said bluntly. “My boyfriend left me last week and I’m really not in the mood for dancing tonight. I only came here because I’m desperate for a nice cock to fuck me.”

Her confidence made me splutter on my drink.

“Steady on there,” she giggled. “I just thought you might illegal bahis want to fuck me — I’ve seen the way your mouth opens when you stare at me when you think I’m not looking.”

“I’d love to,” I replied, beginning to recover my composure.

“Good. Well let’s finish up our drinks and head to my place,” she said. “I only live around the corner.”

I excused myself to freshen up and buy condoms from the toilet vending machine, quickly stopping by the bar to down a couple of shots for Dutch courage.

When I returned she was just finishing her drink.

“Oh, before we go, there’s just one little thing I forgot to check before,” she told me. “It shouldn’t be a problem, but I do have certain limits. Do say now if your cock is less than 7 inches, because I don’t want to waste my time.”

To this day, I still don’t know what came over me — maybe it was the drink talking, but for some reason I decided to just outright lie, hoping that once we got back to hers she wouldn’t really notice.

“I don’t think you’re going to be disappointed,” I said, winking at her.

“I’d better not be,” she shot back, “I’d hate to be disappointed, and I don’t want to have to punish you.”

Her words sent a shiver down my spine. I guessed she was joking, but I was acutely aware of a stirring in my groin. Every man has measured himself at some point in his life. And I knew that my cock was no more than five inches on a good day. After an all day session in the pub I knew I was up against it.

Taking my hand, Jessica led me out of the club into the cool night air. She didn’t say another word to me until we had walked the short journey back to her place. But as soon as we were in the front door she pinned me against the wall, grabbed me tightly and gave me a long, sensuous kiss, her tongue teasing and exploring the inside of my mouth.

We wasted no time going to her bedroom, giving me a perfect view of her amazing ass as I followed her up the stairs.

“Right, I’m just going to quickly freshen up,” she said, heading toward her en suite bathroom. “Make yourself at home — there’s a bottle of Jack and some coke in the fridge next to my bed.”

I fixed us both illegal bahis siteleri drinks, then lay on her bed, full of anticipation, my cock straining against my jeans.

Five minutes later Jessica walked out of the bathroom wearing just a pair of black, frilly panties and a sheer black bra that left very little to the imagination. She walked over to where I lay, grabbed her drink and took a long sip.

“You look fucking incredible,” I told her, feeling in awe of the goddess that stood before me.

“Well, thank you very much,” she giggled. “Now it’s your turn. Get your clothes off so we can really have some fun.”

As quick as I could, I stood up and stripped down to my boxer shorts before moving to get back on the bed.

“Not so fast,” Jessica said as I approached. “I said take your clothes off. That means everything.”

I pulled my boxer shorts down and revealed my fully naked body to her, then got on the bed. Jessica stroked my chest, sending a tingle across my whole body.

“You don’t look too bad yourself,” she purred. “Though I’m a bit disappointed I’m not sexy enough to get you fully hard — you promised I wouldn’t be disappointed. I’m going to tie you up and play with you until you’re ready.”

Leaning over the side of the bed she reached into her drawer, pulling out a drawstring bag from which she produced two pairs of heavy duty handcuffs. She then deftly swung a leg over me, brushing the fabric of her panties over my cock so I could feel the wetness of her panties as she straddled me. She then grabbed each of my hands in turn, securing them against the metal bed frame.

“Now just let me know when you’re fully hard,” Jessica whispered.

“I think I’m as hard as I’ve ever been,” I replied immediately.

Jessica’s face immediately took on a look of disappointment. She grabbed my cock with one hand.

“It certainly feels hard”, she said, “But I thought you said it was over seven inches — this isn’t even close. And there’s no girth to it either,” she added, putting her thumb and forefinger around the base to illustrate her point.

“I’m pretty sure that’s just over seven inches,” I replied, trying to move things on.

“No. canlı bahis siteleri I don’t think so,” she shot back at me. “Let me show you something.”

Jessica reached back over to her drawer, giving me a close up view of her pantied ass as she brought the bag onto the bed. She pulled out a dildo and held it next to my cock.

“This is the smallest dildo in my collection”, she told me bluntly. “It’s only seven inches long, but just look how much bigger than your tiny, pathetic little cock it is.”

She brought her face down toward my cock, letting me feel the warmth of her breath as she moved as if to suck it, then slipped the dildo between her lips instead, expertly sucking it into her mouth until her head reached the same height as the tip of my penis.

She lifted herself off again, leaving a glistening trail of saliva over the dildo.

“Just look at that,” she told me, holding her toy up to me. “It’s only seven inches, but that’s nearly a mouthful before I even make it to where yours begins.”

She then reached into her bag again and pulled out a tailor’s tape measure, then held it to the base of my penis, unrolling it until it got to the tip.

“Oh my God!” she said, with a note of anger in her voice. “I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Not even four and a half inches long — that’s basically a clitoris. I told you in the club that I needed a proper fucking and you come here with that pathetic excuse for a dick. That couldn’t satisfy any woman. I told you I just wanted a nice big cock to fill me up and take my mind off my ex. Why didn’t you just tell me you have a micro-penis?”

“Come on, it’s not that small,” I protested. “I’m sorry I wasn’t completely honest in the club, but now I’m here, I’m going to give you a night to remember.”

“You’re going to give me a night to remember?” Jessica asked with a note of amusement in her voice. “You seem to be forgetting that you’re currently naked, tied to my bed with your tiny, hard, pathetic little excuse for a cock twitching and leaking.”

Jessica came over to where I was lay, and held my throbbing cock between her thumb and forefinger, before pulling out her mobile phone and taking a couple of photos. Picking up the tape measure again, she held it up to my shaft and took some more photos, showing my four and a half inch erection in all its glory.

“I think you’ll find it will be me giving you a night you will never forget.”