A New Shirt

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I like to tell it like it is so if you aren’t into things I like, fair enough. I’m pretty vanilla but if a guy kisses me, proper open mouthed kissing, then it drives me wild. I don’t get the attitude that somehow it’s too gay or something to save for the missus ‘but can I stick my dick up your arse anyway?’ (‘No’ would be the answer to that one.)

So yeah, I like some tongue on tongue action. And I love cock, specifically sucking cock. If I could only suck cock, I’d die happy man. But why die happy when you can go out ecstatic? I like to lick armpits, clean ones that don’t taste either rank stale or of soap and deodorant. Just man. And the same is true of a nice clean little butt hole, that deserves some tongue attention.

Then there’s my not-so vanilla. Get that cock in my mouth and let the pee start pouring. And get the flow rate right and I’ll drink the lot. Now that’s hot. And when all that’s been savoured and enjoyed, you can bend me over and I’ll take your cock up my ass. Slowly and with lube. Pleasurably. (Poppers help too, big time.) Anybody who writes about being split in two and drilled like an oil rig is lying, it should be a pleasure, not even that disconcerting, and certainly not, if you’re doing it right, a pain. And though all my stories are true, my boyfriend and I always use condoms with strangers but I omit this from the stories as putting them on and the description can cool the moment, temporarily.

So I’d been flirting via a hook up app with a guy who was about 4 km from where we live, just pictures and what we like. Even the pictures weren’t that explicit, he was in underwear and had his face slightly but not totally obscured, I sent a selfie but side view with little showing of my face and cock. I get sick of time wasters collecting photographs but not delivering on their promises to be honest.

One day I had cause to go to a neighbouring village, nothing there really but a huge store selling home improvement materials, full kitchens to packets of screws, wallpapers to garden furniture and outhouses. There güvenilir bahis is a small supermarket almost next door, never busy as you really need a car, it isn’t surrounded by too many houses. At the crossroads there are 2 boulangerie as you can never have too many in France, a paper shop and tobacconist, a café, a hairdressers and a gents clothing store. I think the shops get some passing trade but as most people drive and then park in the car park and go to the supermarket or DIY place, I can’t see them making their fortunes.

I had cycled to get a part for our shower and stopped to look in the window of the clothes shop, a shirt in the window had caught my eye. I looked through the door as you couldn’t see the inside of the shop from the outside and saw the guy working there was attractive and immaculately attired. I also wondered if he could be the one I was messaging occasionally. I hit on an idea and when I got home sent him a message. I then disabled my location and cycled back to the café, continuing the brief but sporadic messaging. I took a coffee and reactivated my location. His next message came over and the app said he was 5 metres away, bingo! I immediately deactivated my location again until I was home, wondering if he’d seen it, but I sent one last one with my usual 4km distance displayed. Then I hatched my plan.

The next day I cycled to his shop just before his listed closing time, telling Dave (my boyfriend) to follow me in to the shop after 5 minutes. I asked to try on the shirt and went in to the dressing room where I stripped naked and hung the garment on my erect cock. Careful not to get any precum on it, I placed a tissue over my dick first. Then I took a selfie, face obscured, and sent it over to the guy, just as Dave was coming through the door. Dave said he was waiting for ‘his friend’ (that would be me then) and looked at clothes whilst the shopkeeper looked at his phone. Dave said he recognised the shirt or the dressing room or both.

Dave asked if he could also try on a shirt and came in the dressing room, türkçe bahis immediately stripping naked too except for the shirt, and we waited.

“Need any help guys?” the shopkeeper shouted through.

“Just a second opinion,” I shouted back. I heard him lock the door to the shop and enter the changing rooms. I was stood with only my shirt on, Dave was sat on the bench in his cubicle, and I was still hard.

“What do you guys think?” I asked. Dave appeared, similarly undressed and similarly aroused. The shopkeeper’s eyes widened, perhaps in disbelief. And not to mark the clothes, at that stage we both removed the shirts and stood their nude and hard, staring at Fabien (we found out his name afterwards) and unsure of his reaction.

Needless to say, it was a positive one. He smiled and grabbed a cock in each hand and then turned to me and leant in to tempt my tongue with his. Warm, wet and tender, he teased my mouth and squeezed my cock before turning and doing the same to Dave. He had been chewing gum fortunately and so tasted fresh. As he was tonguing Dave’s mouth, I undid his trousers which he clearly allowed and lowered them, leaving his surprisingly large package in his briefs. I also unbuttoned and completely removed his shirt, leaving him with his trousers round his ankles and then, as his hands were still full, I squeezed his bulge a little. Average sized nuts, whopping great fat cock. Dave was busy with his hands checking out his butt cheeks and teasing Fabien’s ring with a finger. I moved away and behind Fabien, and as Dave parted his cheeks, I pulled down his briefs and moistened his hairless hole with a load of my saliva.

He was loving it and I stood up and nuzzled his neck and ears before he turned his head to put his warm tongue back in my mouth, my cue to swap places with Dave. I moved to be face to face, mouth to mouth and cock to cock with Fabien and Dave moved behind him to tease that hole I had moistened with my spit, placing the little helmet of his shaved, cut cock just at the entrance. I slid down Fabien’s güvenilir bahis siteleri trim (and trimmed) front until I found his loose foreskin, clean but sticky with plenty of precum. I licked as I took his shaft in my hand and knew I would seriously have to open wide to accommodate such a monster, at least in the width department. After licking all of the salty, juicy precum, I took his head and some of his length in my mouth as he rocked himself further into my face and rocked Dave’s cock up his arse, each gyration taking about half an inch more.

My hands were free now so I reached round and pulled Dave’s arse, forcing him even further in to our sandwich with Fabien and the two of them grated backwards and forwards together. Every time Dave teased Fabien’s prostate with his helmet, I gratefully received another squirt of precum, still salty but getting sweeter as he got nearer to filling my throat proper. Usually, I find it a turn off when the cum hits the back of my throat before I taste it but today I was going to make an exception, as his swollen girth was so far in my mouth and the head was at the back of the throat that whenever he came, I was ready, thirsty and waiting.

He and Dave started rocking faster and I’ve never seen Dave pound an ass like that before but he pumped in far and fast, and Fabien was loving it. In fact it was he who was instigating it. I knew instinctively that he wanted to feel Dave fill his innards… And I knew he wouldn’t have long to wait. The thrusts got more pronounced, so did Dave’s breathing. And he let out a roar, albeit one he tried to keep quiet, as he shot his bolt up Fabien’s receptive mancunt.

That was the trigger for Fabien to stop holding back his own ejaculation and sure enough, I felt several spurts of his cream pump my tonsils and drop in to my guts. I wish I could tel you how good it tasted but most of it flew straight over my taste buds until I could withdraw his cock a little and suck and lick the later, smaller leaks of cum from his piss slit. Sweet and sticky.

It left me on my knees with a hard on, one I would take care of later. In fact, one Dave would take care of when we got home by sucking me off for what I’d set him up to do, and then kissing it back to me. Once I’d tried on again the shirt I purchased.