A New Neighborhood

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On the day that I started to live full time as a woman, I moved into an apartment in a larger city about 20 miles away from my home town. I had gotten an inheritance the previous year and figured that I could live comfortably for a year or two while I found a job with my new identity.

There where other reasons for the move, I wanted a fresh start and the people in my old town were very small-minded to those things they didn’t understand. Most of the people there thought I was strange already and coming out in that town would of only been the start of some serious harassment. I was on hormones for about a year and it was getting harder and harder to hide their effects. I only really had one true friend, Alice, and she moved away two years before me. Alice helped me get my new apartment and stayed to oversee the movers at the old place to help make my transition easier.

I remember my excitement when I picked up the keys from the apartment manager. I shivered when he smiled, looking me up and down before showing me to the top floor of the building were there was two doors facing each other.

“I hope you’ll enjoy living here,” Jack said, “The apartment across from you is rented by a couple of guys, but they’re pretty quite so I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about.”

“Thank you Jack,” I replied taking the keys,” I’m sure we’ll all get along just fine. I love it here already.”

Jack laughed and offered to help me carry the stuff up from my car. When we got down to the parking lot, Jack introduced me to Allen and Jim who lived across the hall from me and they offered to help also. So in no time at all my car was empty and I was in my new kitchen putting away the food that I had left over from my old place. Jack left to do some work and left me alone to get to know my new neighbors.

Allen and Jim where about my age and both hot looking guys. Allen had blonde hair and Jim’s hair was black and he had a swarthy complexion. I caught both of them staring at me as I bent to empty the box of food while they asked me question after question. I really enjoyed the attention they were giving me, it was something that I never had the opportunity to experience before. But the best part of it all was the way the bulges in their tight shorts seem to grow every time I bent over in front of them in my skintight jeans. Alice always said I had a great looking ass.

As soon as the food was put away Allen asked,” Wanna’ come over and wait for the movers at our place? It would be better than sitting on the floor.”

I had to agree with that and a few minutes later we sitting at their kitchen table with a cold beer while the guys tried to out do each other to impress me. They made me feel really special and good about my decision to move and change my life.

It was two wonderful hours later when the guys were arguing about whose turn it was to make a beer run when the moving van and Alice showed up.

“Well I guess you both should go now that I’ll be busy,” I smiled at their dismay and said,” I would like it if you could get me some also?”

They were only to happy to help me out and I thought to myself I’m really going to like it here, providing Allen and Jim were as open-minded as they were cute.

The first chance Alice got when we where alone she drilled me on what was going on.

“Your starting right in aren’t you Jeanie.” She said.

Blushing, I replied, ” Well they helped to carry the stuff from the car and I was just trying to be nice.”

“You better be careful dear,” Alice, reprimanded me,” I don’t want you to get hurt. Some guys are just to macho handle the kind of surprise that you’re walking around with.”

“I know,” I replied humbly,” But I just couldn’t help myself, I’ve never had anybody fawn all over me like that before and it kinda’ went to my head. Besides they where really cute.”

We both went into a giggle fit and Alice said,” Don’t let it get to far before your honest with them. They are your neighbors after all, do you want them hating you?”

Before I could answer the moving crew came in and we got to work sorting and putting things away. When all the work was done, Alice and I shared a few beers with the guys next door. They seemed a little dejected when we told them that it was a long day for us and we needed to get some rest. But Alice was right about not deceiving them but I really didn’t want anything to spoil this day. After all I told the guys, I was planning on staying here for a while so we would have plenty of time to see each other. Alice and I grabbed some pillows and comforters and camped out on the living room floor. We had a few more beers and talked half the night away.

” I’m almost jealous,” Alice remarked at one point, ” I saw the way those two were ogling you every time you left the room to fetch more beer.”

“Almost?” I replied, trying to show a mask of incredibility,

“Well I am the real girl in the room tonight and they barely knew I was here.” She said and stuck out her lower lip in a pout, then canlı bahis laughed, ” Oh Jeanie, you’re going to fit in alright babe.”

She hugged me then and I got all choked up. Fitting in was something I never did before.

“How am I going to tell them about me?” I asked.

“Well, you don’t really have to as long as you don’t get intimate with them.” Alice said with a snide grin.

“But what if I want to,” I whispered, ” I’ve been waiting for a chance to have a boyfriend for as a long as I saw you with your first one.”

“Are you still a virgin Jeanie?”

I couldn’t answer I just looked into her eyes and kind of felt the flush run up through my face and looked down to the floor. Alice cupped my chin in her hand and forced me to make eye contact with her. Then she leaned forward and kissed me. I had been kissed before, but that was about it.

“Let me make your first night in your new life, the best night of your life.” Was Alice’s throaty request?

I couldn’t think or say anything, I just leaned into her and let her take control as she wrapped her arms around me and started to kiss me. I felt her tongue forcing its way past my lips as she pulled the back of shirt up. I responded by mimicking her movements.

Alice undid my bra and I felt her hands slid to my chest. I shivered as someone else’s fingertips brushed my nipples for the first time.

“Mmmm,” Alice moaned,” Your breast are so nice and firm Jeanie, I could play with them all night.”

“It feels so nice I could let you do that all night.” I gasped, unable to control my breathing.

Alice pulled my top and bra off and pushed me down to the floor onto my back. Licking across my lips first, she moved along my lower jaw to kiss and suck lightly on my ear lobe stopping only long enough for me to pull off her top. I could feel the heat of our naked flesh come together. Alice’s nipples felt like stones dragging across my skin as she slowly moved down towards my chest, sucking and placing tender little bites on her path.

I was overcome with excitement and my body shivered in a mini orgasm when I felt my nipple being sucked on for the first time. Alice was grinding her crotch on my thigh in little circles. Her breath came in hot snorts that I could feel on my skin. She groaned around my nipple and her hips convulsed against me as we shared our orgasm.

Alice sighed and continued downward, swirling her tongue around my navel as her fingers fought with the button on my jeans. She stood up, grabbed me by the hand and pulled until I stood in front of her. Pushing my jeans down my hips as I undid the drawstring on the track pants she wore, Alice grunted with exertion as she forced my skintight jeans down my legs while her pants fell on their own to her ankles. She kicked off the track pants from around her ankles and kneeled down to pull my pants off my feet.

Jumping up she pulled me towards her, wrapping arms around each other and stood frenching wildly in only our panties. Breathing in short hot gasps while rubbing and grinding against each other I could feel the wetness in her crotch against my thigh and my small penis was staining my own crotch with precum as we rushed toward another peak.

Just when I thought I was going to cream myself, Alice broke our kiss and suggested a shower before we messed up the bed. At that point I was so turned on I would have done anything she asked. Alice looked down at the small tent in my panties, giggling she stroked it and watched my body shudder. Before leading me to the bathroom.

I bent over to adjust the water temperature for our shower. Alice slipped my panties over my hips while grinding her hips into my ass.

” You’ve got such a lovely looking ass Jeanie,” she cooed, ” I wish I had a cock so that I could be the one to take your cherry.”

All I could was moan as Alice’s hands snaked around me. One reached up to pinch and pull on a nipple as the other slide towards my abdomen. With the flat of her hand she pushed my erection tight against my stomach and used her fingertips on the base of my penis. Alice started with a slow circular motion and increased her speed and pressure. This was first time that anyone beside myself had touched me there in a sexual manner. I closed my eyes and leaned back into her body. I could feel the heat of her own excitement. My body started to quiver and had it not been for Alice’s hold on me I would have fallen as my knees turned to rubber and I came into her hand.

“You’ve got me really hot.” Alice growled into my ear, raising her hand up in front of my face so we could both see the sperm collecting in her palm.

” Taste it Jeanie, taste your cum and see if your ready for the real boys.” She whispered.

I dipped my tongue into the bitter pool of seed. Alice licked her palm clean then turned my face to hers. Forcing her tongue between my lips she forced it all into my mouth. I was lightheaded and the room spun as we savored the thick juice we passed back and forth to each other.

“What do bahis siteleri you think?” she asked bluntly breaking off the kiss.

I swallowed, my voice was hoarse with excitement, “I’d like some straight from the tap before I decide.”

Alice laughed and stepped into the shower pulling me in with her, ” Lets have a quick wash before I teach you to eat pussy.”

Our quick shower turned into at least a half of an hour while we kissed and groped each other. Alice’s face was flushed with excitement and her breathing fast and deep as we made for my bedroom. My small breasts ached and my nipples where as hard and sore as my penis was from all of the attention lavished on them. I followed and watched as her ass undulated toward the bed. This was the first time another had shared this bed with me. I had a feeling deep inside of me that this was only a beginning towards fulfilling all my dreams and this bed would only be empty when I choose it to be.

Alice was on her back propping herself up with her elbows she spread her legs as wide as possible and bent them at the knees. She grinned wickedly at me.

“Come on over here darling, I need my pussy sucked before I explode.”

Wordlessly I fell to my knees beside the bed. I’d never seen a real pussy before. There was a little tuff of blonde hair at the top. The outer lips where pure white and turned to pink as I reached out to touch her sex. Her lips parted to show her flesh darkening to red towards the center. I leaned forward and smelt the sweetness of her heat. I felt drunk on some forbidden wine when I heard her moaning for me to kiss it.

I was shaking from nerves and excitement as I took my first taste of a woman. Something just clicked inside of me and I just went mad, licking and sucking as much of her nectar that her body would give. I could her breathing coming in gasps and her hips would shake as she groaned and I felt a fresh flood of hot juice fill my mouth. A few minutes later Alice would begin to gasp again, her hips shook harder this time and the groan was louder and longer. I found her clit at the top of her pussy and sucked and licked on it. Alice started to repeat “oh yeah, suck my clit bitch” over and over getting louder every time until she finally screamed out loud and pushed me away.

I crawled up beside her on the bed and listened as her breathing calmed. Her body was trembling slightly as she rolled towards me.

“Oh Jeanie,” she exhaled,’ you’re a natural. To bad you’ve got you’re eye on some guys.”

“I’ll always have room for my first lover.” I replied.

Alice rose up on one elbow, looked into my eyes and took a deep breath. Her other hand slid across my chest, teasing my nipples in turn before gliding down towards my crotch.

Smiling she said,” Wait and see what you think after this.”

lice began to slowly kiss her way down my body, kissing each of my nipples before sucking them into her mouth. I was swooning by the time I felt her tongue dig into my navel. Then, in fell swoop, she swallowed my penis to the root. I couldn’t believe the sensation of having my cock sucked. I was torn between cumming and making this wonderful feeling last as long as possible. Within moments I came again as Alice sucked and pumped up and down on my cock. Taking all that was in me. When I finished spurting into her mouth, she slowly crawled over top of me letting her nipples drag across my skin. Once again she forced her tongue into my willing mouth to share my seed with me.

Moaning together, holding each other we fell asleep. I dreamed of sucking a cock and tasting a man’s seed for the first time.

Part 2

Alice woke me up while it was still dark outside by shaking and licking my ear and neck. She was fully dressed.

” I’ve got to go and get ready for work Jeanie,” She whispered, ” I’ll come by later if you want me to.”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I want you too?” I pleaded.

She just laughed and kissing me she left. I feel back to sleep thinking of the wonderful things I had just experienced with my best friend and that led to thoughts of all the possibilities my new life might entail. I fell back to sleep and dream erotic thoughts of penises and pussies.

The clock said one-thirty when I next woke up to the knock on the door. Thinking it was Alice, I jumped up naked and ran for the door. At the last moment I looked through the peephole. And saw Allen waiting on the other side of the door. Slipping the chain on I took a deep breath and opened the door. I had a naughty sensation run through my body by standing there naked with just the door between him and me.

” Who is it?” I asked in a sultry voice.

“Good morning,” He said, ” I thought I’d ask if you need anymore help?”

“Well maybe,” I replied, ” But can you come back in an half an hour, I just got out of bed?”

“Okay, see ya in a bit Jeanie.”

I closed the door and watched through the peephole as walked back to his apartment. I flew to the shower and jumped in before the water was even hot bahis şirketleri in my excitement. Five minutes later I was putting on my make-up. I picked out my sexiest panties and bra set and found a sleeveless red spandex mini dress that I was saving for a special occasion. I glanced into my full-length mirror and got tingling feeling in my groin. I hoped that it would have the same effect on Allen and just as I walked out of my bedroom Allen knocked, so I went to let him in.

The look on his face when Allen saw what I was wearing gave me a rush. His eyes traveled up and down the length of my body several times before he swallowed and spoke.

“You look really fantastic Jeanie.”

“Thanks,” I said, as I felt myself blushing,” Come in and sit down.”

I led the way to the couch and I could feel his eyes burning into my ass as he followed me. He sat on the end of the couch. I sat facing him with one leg folded under me with my knee almost touching my leg. His eyes never seemed to leave my body and it was making me very excited.

“You certainly don’t look dressed to do any work today.” Allen stated, ” You look like your ready for a night on the town.”

“What makes you think these aren’t my work cloths?” I asked teasingly.

He laughed and asked,” Well, what can I do to help?”

I looked into his eyes and thought that this was the moment of truth, either I tell him what I really was or just play along with game and never have my wishes come true.

Allen started to lean towards me. It seems that he wanted the same thing but I knew I had to tell him first.

“Allen,” I said shyly looking down, ” There is something I have to tell you before we go any further.”

“You can tell me anything you want too.”

I looked into his eyes for a moment and wondered if I really had the strength to say it. I lowered my eyes again and noticed his crotch twitch under his shorts. My desires soared and that was all the encouragement I needed to take the risk of telling him.

“I’m not what I appear to be.” I started in a hoarse voice with fear.

“You appear very beautiful to me.”

I smiled at his compliment and rushed on before I lost my nerve.

” I’m a transsexual.”

I looked into his eyes again and only wished I could read his thoughts. At first he appeared shocked and then he laughed

“Wow, for a minute there I thought you where going to tell me you where a lesbian,” He looked down, ” We could hear you guys last night.”

I could feel my face turning red, “Did you enjoy the show?”

Allen looked down and his ears were turned red.

“Are you really a guy in drag or have you had an operation?” he asked.

“Well I guess I’m a guy in drag because I haven’t had any surgery yet.” I answered.

“I find it hard to believe that you’re a guy.”

“Do I look like a guy?”

“No, I guess not.” He answered with a grin.

“There is only one way you’ll ever find out for sure.”

I leaned towards him. I figured that he hadn’t punched me or ran for the door yet, so maybe I did have a chance with this hunk. I could tell from the lump in his shorts that he was turned on. I just had to take the chance the he was game and wanted to play.

He leaned closer until our lips met. I could feel a sexual rush course up my spine when I felt his lips part and his tongue trace my upper lip. I opened my mouth and sucked in his tongue leaning into his body while my hand slid along his hairy naked thigh. My fingertips had just reached the hem of his shorts when he broke our kiss.

“I’ve often wondered what it would be like to meet a girl like you Jeanie.”

“Now you have, what are you going to do about it?” I asked him in a sultry voice.

He grinned and leaned toward me to take up the kiss he had suddenly broke off. His hand slid up my torso to cup my breast. I moaned into his mouth and pushed my fingers into the leg of his shorts. It felt like electric shocks ran through my body when I felt the heat and hardness of his manhood. I felt his other hand slip up my inner thigh giving my little rushes of pleasure when his fingers went under the hem and felt the naked flesh above the stocking tops. As if hesitant of what he might find beyond, he stop there and began to squeeze the naked flesh, driving my wild. I wrapped my fingers around his cock and pulled it out of his pant leg. It was huge; at least three times the size of my own.

I broke our kiss to look at it. Allen began to kiss and tenderly gnaw his way down to my shoulder. I slid my hand up and down the shaft of his penis. It was so perfect, at least ten inches long and so thick my fingers wouldn’t go all the way around it. The glands flared at the end, with a deep reddish purple color. There was a drop of a thick clear fluid forming at the very tip. I reached down with my other hand and caught that drop of pre-cum on the tip of my finger and while Allen watched I tasted it. It was delicious and I wanted more. Shaking with ecstasy, I pushed him back on the couch and leaned down to taste my first cock.

I could hear Allen moan with pleasure as I began to swirl my tongue around the head of his cock. I drove the tip of my tongue into the little opening and found more of that sweet pre-cum.