A New Life

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“I’ll show them.” Alex thought as he walked along the highway. “I can make it on my own. I’m not just some spoiled rich kid.”

Alex turned and stuck out his thumb as yet another car sped past him. “Damn! Why won’t anyone stop?” He walked on, his belly rumbled and he sighed. All the money he’d brought he had spent. To his dismay his credit cards had been cancelled, and his bank accounts frozen. His father no doubt had done that, hoping to see Alex come crawling back begging for forgiveness. “Well I won’t!” He thought bitterly “I’ll die first.” Alex stuck out his thumb, not bothering to turn around this time. Another car whizzed by and Alex trudged on.

~ * * * ~

Jake hummed to himself as he drove down the highway. The A/C cranked up as far as it would go with the fan on high. The forecast was calling for temperatures in the upper 90’s all week with no rain in sight. “It better rain soon…” Jake thought, worrying for the welfare of his horses. He turned on the radio, hoping to distract himself from thoughts of the weather. A few hours passed uneventfully and Jakes thoughts were returning to the dry weather they’d been having when he spotted someone walking along the side of the road. “What’s this?” Jake asked himself as he slowed down to get a better look at the young man walking along the road. “Little scrawny, but maybe…”

~ * * * ~

By now Alex had completely given up on catching a ride so when the blue pickup pulled over several hundred feet in front of him he was totally taken by surprise. He stood there staring stupidly at it. “Don’t just stand there, get in!” Yelled the driver, shaking Alex from his stupor. Alex ran to the truck. Opening the door he tossed his bag in and climbed into the cab. Sweet cool air greeted him as he buckled himself into the passenger seat. “Thanks a lot.” He said looking up to see who had rescued him from becoming a man sized jerky stick.

The man in the driver seat was big. Even sitting he was at least a head taller than Alex, maybe more. His skin was brown from days spent working in the sun and he looked like he could easily lift a car if he so chose. He had short, dark redish hair, a square jaw and a crooked nose which looked like it had been broken once or twice, and dark green eyes. He met the man’s gaze and realized he’d been staring. “Thanks” Alex muttered again, looking away quickly.

“Where you headed?” Asked the man, his voice deep and intimidating.

“As far away as I can get.” Replied Alex defensively.

“Well I’m not going too much farther but you can ride with me till the next town if you’d like.”

“That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day…” Said Alex, relaxing into his seat.

The man chuckled”The name’s Jake.” He said as he changed gear and pulled out onto the highway.

“My name is Alex.”

“Whats a boy like you doing walking down the highway in this kind of heat?”

“I’d rather not talk about it if thats ok. I just can’t go back, thats all.” Alex said pensively staring out the window. Jake nodded and said nothing. They drove on in silence for the next hour and Alex began to doze. Jake took this opportunity to study his young passenger in the mirror.

They boy could hardly be more than 18. He was so slender and pale though he was sunburned. His hands were pink and showed no signs of real work where as Jake’s were rough and calloused. The boy’s skin looked smooth and he itched to feel it’s obvious softness. His dirty-blond hair was a bit long for his taste but it wasn’t too bad. He looked so… so fragile, like a living porcelain doll.

Jake slowed down and turned onto the exit. “A few more miles to town, not much time left.” Jake thought “Do I take him or let him go? He must have someone that will come looking for him, he’s so young. If I stop there’ll be witnesses… No, better just take him home.” Alex woke as the pickup went over a bump a few miles later. He yawned and stretched. “Sorry, I didn’t realize I was so tired.” Alex said. “Were are we?”

“A mile or so from Fellbrook.” Jake said, sighing inwardly. It would have been so much easier if the boy had just stayed asleep. Now what?

“I’ve been thinking,” he said slowly, forming an idea “I could use some help around the ranch and if you need a place to stay a while, I’d be glad if you’d sign on…”

Jake’s offer hung in the air, the quiet whoosh from the fan the only sound.

After what seemed like forever Alex finally answered. “O-Okay…”

Jake loosened his grip on the steering wheel, he hadn’t noticed he’d been griping it so tightly.

“It’s settled then.” He said and drove through town.

About 30 miles later Jake turned onto a dusty road between two fields and a few twists and turns later Jake turned the truck onto a long driveway lined with large stones. The driveway took them past several out buildings, canlı bahis şirketleri a barn, stables, workshop and finally up to a large plantation style home.

“Welcome home.” Jake said, a little more seriously than he had intended. Alex didn’t seem to notice, he was too busy taking it all in.

“You live all the way out here?” He asked, surprised. “Where is everyone else?”

“Everyone else?” Asked Jake.

“Yeah, like all the farm hands and stuff…”

Jake laughed.

Alex flushed and looked down at his hands.

“You have a lot to learn boy.” Jake said, a wicked gleam in his eye.

Alex continued to study his hands.

“Grab your stuff.” Jake said as he got out of the truck.

Jake walked into the house with Alex following sheepishly behind.

“The kitchen is through there and from there the basement” he said indicating a door to his left as he kicked off his boots by the front door. “That way is the living room and past that is a bathroom and then my office.” Walking through to the living room and to a set of stairs he pointed “First on the left is my room, second left is the other bathroom and all the way back on the right will be your room.” He finished, smiling.

“Thanks again.” Alex said, smiling back.

“Don’t mention it, you’ ll be earning your keep.” Jake smirked.

Jake climbed the stairs and Alex followed close behind him. “Here we are” Jake said opening the last, and only door on the right side of the hall, and ushering Alex inside. “Home sweet home.” Alex set down his bag and looked disappointedly around the dim, sparsely furnished room. There was a large fourposter bed and a small dresser otherwise the room was bare. Sunlight fought to light the room around the edges of a set of dark curtains over the window. “This is it?” He thought, walking to the window. He opened the curtain. “What the…?” Sunlight streamed through the window between thick black bars.


Alex whirled around to find the door shut behind him. He ran to the door, banging his fists against it. He cried out, begging to be let go, hoping this was some cruel joke. Laughter came from the other side of the door. It faded as Jake walked away, leaving his newest captive to claw at the door of his cell.

It was sometime later, after he’d shouted himself hoarse, that Alex remembered his backpack. He searched frantically for it, but all too quickly realized that Jake must have taken it away with him. Having lost all hope, Alex flung himself on the bed and wept himself into a fitful sleep.

~ * * * ~

Jake laughed to himself as he set Alex’s bag on the kitchen table. This was the easiest one yet! The prettiest one yet too if he was honest. The boy would be fun to break, easy too for being such a fragile thing. Jake opened the bag and dumped the contents onto the table and began to go through them.

The bag contained several pairs of socks and briefs, a pair of expensive jeans, 3 designer shirts, a thin jacket, a check book, wallet, a pair of high-end headphones, a flashy but otherwise cheaply made and nearly useless multitool, a book of matches, and a very expensive cellphone and its charging cord.

Opening the wallet Jake found several platinum and gold credit cards, a few dance club cards and a drivers license. The license said the boy’s name was Alexander Travis Thorp and that he was nearly 19.

Jake chuckled. He had indeed caught a prize! Alex Thorp, heir to Bernard Thorp’s oil empire. No wonder the boy looked so soft, he was rich! He’d probably never worked a day in his life. Never known hunger or real pain. “Spoiled little brat!” Jake sneered. “He will soon find out how hard life can be. First things first though” Jake thought “let the boy tire himself out and then I’ll have my fun.” Jake smiled his wicked smile and went to his office to wait.

~ * * * ~

Alex woke with a start. For a moment he didn’t know where he was. Then his eyes adjusted to the dim evening light coming through the curtain and he remembered. New tears pricked his eyes as he fought to control himself. How had this happened to him? “Father was right.” He thought.


Alex jumped.

The door opened slowly. A man’s shadow stood in the doorway.

Alex leapt to his feet and ran, hoping to squeeze past Jake.

Jake laughed as he caught the boy roughly in his arms and held him there as he struggled to break free.

“Let me go!” Alex cried, kicking at flailing at Jake.

“Now now is the little master not happy?” Jake asked mockingly.

Alex stopped. “Little what?” The color drained from his face as he realized Jake knew who he was.

“Didn’t think I’d find out did you?” Jake chuckled, holding the boy by the scruff. “Come on, time to get cleaned up. I can’t stand dirty boys.” He said and canlı kaçak iddaa dragged Alex down the hall into the bathroom. Jake shut the door firmly behind him before he released his hold on the boy.

“Undress.” He commanded.

Alex stood there shaking, frightened.

“Don’t make me tell you again.” Jake warned.

Alex fought back tears as he mutely pulled his shirt over his head.

“Theres a good boy.” Jake said “Now hurry up, I don’t want this to take all night.”

Hot tears spilled down his cheeks as Alex fumbled to undo his jeans. “Please…” He begged “don’t make me. I- I…”

“Quiet.” Jake said cooly. “Just get undressed.”

Alex continued to cry silently as he finished removing his clothes. He turned away as he began removing his underwear.

“Now lets have none of that.” Jake said spinning the naked boy around. Jake whistled appreciatively. Alex tried to cover himself but Jake slapped his hands away and stood back to admire his prize. Though small, Alex was well proportioned, and very well endowed. The boy had such beautiful smooth, pale skin Jake itched to touch it. He reached out and brushed the tears from Alex’s pale cheek.

“P-please…” Alex whimpered.

“Hush.” Jake said “Get in the shower.” Alex’s face fell. “Get. In. The. Shower.” Alex turned slowly, his tears falling freely now, and climbed into the shower.

Jake undressed quickly and leaned over Alex to start the shower. Alex couldn’t help but look. He knew what was going to happen and he was afraid. Seeing the monster that hung between Jake’s muscular legs he paled. He would be split in two! He hung his head, hoping Jake would finish with him quickly.

Jake climbed into the shower behind Alex, pushing the boy forward into the steaming water. Alex stood there under the hot water, resigned, waiting.

“Wash.” Jake commanded, handing Alex a bar of soap. Alex took it slowly, and began to wash himself as he continued to stare at the floor.

Jake watched the boy, enjoying his view of Alex’s behind. He felt himself slowly growing erect as the boy washed himself, his soapy hands gliding over his body. By the time the boy had finished washing he could hardly control himself any longer. He pulled the boy to him, his length pressed against the soft, smooth flesh of his ass. Alex gasped. He struggled to free himself from Jake’s grasp. Jake slapped him and he stopped.

“Theres a good boy.” Jake cooed into Alex’s ear, slowly thrusting his hips, sliding his member along the boy’s ass. “It’ll go easier on you if you behave.” He chuckled at Alex’s answering whimper. He slid his hand slowly down over Alex’s chest and stomach, finally taking Alex’s flaccid cock in his hand he began to stroke it in time with his thrusts. Alex began to struggle again but Jake tightened his hold on the boy’s cock. “Now now, what did I say?” he whispered menacingly. Alex stopped, turning his face away, crying softly. “Good boy. If you behave you might even like it.”

Alex continued to cry silently. No matter how hard he tried, his body was beginning to betray him. His heart beat fast in his chest, his nipples had become hard, and in Jake’s hand his cock was growing hard.

Jake chuckled. “I told you.” He said, releasing his hold on the boy’s embarrassingly hard cock. “Turn around.” Alex turned, not looking up. “Kneel.” When Alex didn’t move Jake forced the boy to his knees. “I said kneel!” He growled. “Now look at me.” Slowly Alex looked up into Jake’s cruel sneer and was startled to see how close he was to Jake’s monster erection. “Suck.” Jake commanded. Alex looked at the huge member. “I-”

Before Alex could say more Jake forced his cock into Alex’s mouth. He held the struggling boy there. “When I tell you to do something you do it.” He said, slowly forcing more of his cock into Alex’s mouth. “And when you don’t do it you get punished.”

Alex gagged.

“Mmmm. Your mouth is sooo FUCKABLE!” Jake said increasing his speed. All Alex could do was hold onto Jakes thighs as Jake forced more and more of himself down Alex’s throat. Soon Alex’s nose had begun to run and tears streamed down his face. The room was filled with the sound of Alex’s gagged whimpers and Jake’s pleasured grunts. By this time Jake had managed to force his entire girth down the boy’s throat, slapping the boy’s chin with his heavy balls. After what seemed like an eternity to Alex, Jake with his cock as far as it could go down Alex’s throat, held him still. “Swallow it all.” He panted as he came. Alex choked, trying to swallow all Jake’s cum with Jake’s huge cock in his throat. Jake released his hold on Alex’s head. Alex fell to all four, gasping and choking. He hoped that was the end of it, that Jake was done and he could be left alone, but he hoped wrong.

“Get up.” Jake commanded.

Alex stood shakily, still trying canlı kaçak bahis to catch his breath.

“Now turn around.”

“Please no!” Alex cried. “I’ll be good, I will I-”

Jake slapped Alex across the face and spun him around.

“Put your hands agains the wall and spread your legs.”

Alex did so, as he began to cry once more, his face red with shame.

Jake slid his fingers between the boys ass cheeks and found the boy’s tight hole. “I’ll bet no one has ever been here have they boy?” Jake said pressing a finger inside.

Alex tensed.

“I asked you a question.” Jake said, his finger slowly sliding in and out of Alex’s hole.

“N-no.” Alex stammered.

“Thought not.” Jake added a second finger. “If you don’t relax it’ll go harder for you. I don’t care either way.”

Alex said nothing, his head bowed.

“Be a good boy now.” Jake said removing his fingers and pressing his cock against Alex’s opening. Holding Alex’s hips firmly Jake entered his virgin hole. Alex gasped in pain, his whole body tensing.

“Relax.” Jake commanded, as he continued his assault on Alex’s ass. Alex tried his best to relax, the pain made it hard, but the thought of the pain Jake would cause if he fought was worse. With all his will Alex forced himself to relax and accept Jake’s monstrous cock.

“Thats it.” Jake crooned, finally burying himself inside the boy. “Now’s the fun part.” Jake withdrew until only the tip of his cock was inside Alex and quickly thrust his entire length back in causing another pained gasp from Alex. The pain this time wasn’t as bad, it was just such a surprise Alex didn’t have time to adjust. Jake withdrew again. Alex waited. Another quick and forceful thrust. No pain. Another withdrawal, another thrust. A small moan from Alex. Jake chuckled.

“Not so bad after all eh boy?”

Jake loosened his grip on Alex’s hips slightly. He began a slower more methodical thrusting designed to make Alex feel good, to make him beg, and to eventually break him.

With every slow and tormentingly sweet thrust Alex could feel his arousal growing inside him. His body was on fire. His breathing grew heavy, and his own erection twitched in time with Jake’s thrusts. His soft moans mingled with Jake’s own.

“Beg.” Jake said.

“Wh-what?” Alex moaned.

Jake slapped the boy’s ass. “Beg me to fuck you like the fucktoy you are.” He commanded.

“P-please?” Alex begged. “Fuck me!” He yelled, throwing his head back.

“Not good enough.”

“Please Jake, fuck me! I need it. I need you to destroy my ass with your cock. Please!” Alex cried.

“Better.” Jake said. ” But its Master to you.”

“Master please, please fuck me.” Alex whined.

“Good fucktoy.” Jake reached between Alex’s legs and wrapped his calloused fingers around the boy’s cock. “Do you want to cum, slave?” Jake asked.

“Yes Master, please let me cum!” Alex moaned as Jake began to stroke his cock.

“Say you’re mine.”

“…I-…I’m yours…” Alex hung his head in defeat. “Master.”

Jake smiled. His thrusts became faster and more urgent than they had been before. “Cum!” Jake growled, burying himself inside the boy one last time as he climaxed. Alex moaned, feeling Jake’s cock twitching inside him, coating his insides with hot cum. Jake’s stroking became too much and Alex came, spurting his own pleasure onto the tiles infront of him. They stood there a few moments panting, Jake’s slowly softening cock still inside Alex’s ass.

Jake let go of Alex’s now flacid cock and stood back. The hot water rinsing away the cum that dripped from between Alex’s legs. Jake reached around Alex and turned the shower off.

“Get out.” Turning his back on Alex, Jake stepped out of the tub and reached for his robe. Alex stood there in the shower, his hands still against the wall, not daring to believe he had really just given himself as a sex slave to this monster of a man. “I said get out.” Jake said, glaring at Alex. Alex let his hands fall away from the wall, turned, and stepped out of the shower. He stared at the floor, too ashamed to look anywhere else. He bent to pick up his clothes but Jake stopped him.

“You won’t be needing those.” Alex looked up, surprised. “Clothes are not for slaves.” Jake said. “From now on you will go without, unless I say otherwise.”

“But-” Jake slapped him.

“You also will not talk back.”

Alex held his stinging cheek, tears forming in his eyes.

“Do as you’re told and you will enjoy our time together. But misbehave or embarrase me in front of others and you will be punished. Understand?” Alex nodded numbly, Jake wasn’t going to throw him away as soon as he had hoped.

“Come.” Jake ordered, opening the door. Alex followed mutely. Jake led the boy back to his room and motioned for him to enter. Glancing up at Jake, hoping to understand his intentions, Alex walked slowly inside. He barely made it inside befor Jake shut the door firmly behind him.


Alex sighed. What fresh horrors would Jake have for him in the morning?