A New Boss In The House

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I remember my dad telling me once many years ago that he was fed up with my mother’s bullshit and sooner or later he was going to “Get the fuck out of Dodge.” Well he did and we have not heard a word of him since. That was six years ago when I was just twelve. During those six years I took my mother shit and gave her any money I made down at Art’s garage. This carried over into my adult life. I guess I was under my mother thumb or just stupid. Either way I gave her nearly all the money I made so she could keep her stock of beer in the refrigerator. That is up until a few weeks ago when I received a large check from the city for pulling some people from a bus that turned over and was on fire.

The check was given to me in front of the TV station and everyone saw it including my mother. When I arrived home she told me to give it to her. I don’t know if it was the way she said it or if I was just fed up like Dad was so many years ago. I am six foot and over two hundred pounds. I am a hell of a lot bigger than my mother’s little fat chunky body. Mom got big fat tits that hang down like a cow ready to give milk. Her potbelly sticks out nearly as far as her big tits. Her ass is wider than her shoulder. And she got legs like fence posts. But she is still pretty in the face and I guess that is why some guys still come around on weekends to drink her beer and get some of her big fat ass. Oh, I know she is a fucking whore and I have never minded that so much. But when she told me to give her the money I went nuts. First I slapped her across the güvenilir bahis face. She got turned around and fell on the sofa. There was a look of surprise on her face that some how gave me a feeling of being in charge for the firs time in my life.

It felt good to be holding power over someone. I think this is why Mom was the way she was all these years. She needed to feel as if she had the power over me if no one else.

I reached down and took a hand full of her hair. I leaned down and my face was only an inch from her sweaty tear filled eyes. I said, ” There will be no more of your fucking bullshit. I will not stand for it. I will do as I please around here and I’ll keep my own fucking money. We have no house payment so I will share the utilities with you and that is all. I’ll eat out. Do you under stand?” Her eyes were filled with tears but she shook her head up and down to signify she under stood. I patted her cheek a little harder than necessary to make my point. Her blouse had come open and her tits were hanging out. I took one in my hand and twisted the nipple till she let out a little squeak.

Then I remember two of my buddies were talking the other night about wanting to have a gangbang with someone. So I looked her in the eye again and said, ” I got a couple of buddies that want to have a gangbang I think I’ll bring then home so they can fuck you two at a time. She sat up a little pulling her blouse together and found a voice. It was not her normal rash husky voice but more of a soft sweet motherly one that I had never heard türkçe bahis before. ” Jack darling please don’t do that after all I am your mother.” I snarled back ” you’re a fucking whore and you will do as I say or I’ll kick your fat fucking ass.”

The next few days she did not say much and went out of her way to keep clear of me. By Friday night I was getting horny and called a girl friend for a night out and some serious fucking. She asked me if Tom and Toby were coming along. I asked her where she got that idea. She told me her brother had told her that I had told the guys it was fixed up for them to get laid this weekend and both at the sometime. I told her no that was something all together different. I was just wanted to get her sweet ass in a motel room and it would be one on one. I told her I would pick her up at nine o’clock. I then called Toby. I told him to get Tom and a case of beer and be at my house at eight o’clock. They showed up right on time. I had told Mom to get all pretty for my friends. At first she did not want to do it. But I had a way of making her understand that she would or by God I would kick her fat ass all over the house. She got he idea and agreed to be ready for my friends.

Toby and Tom are two nice guys even though they are kind of dumber than dog shit. But I like them and we are buddies. I introduced them to mom and told then she was a fine lady that would do her best to entertain them. I sat across the room to see that everything got off on the right foot. Tom sat down next to mom and kissed her. She güvenilir bahis siteleri seemed to enjoy the attention and kissed him back. It was only a few minutes later that Toby was hugging her and both guys were felling her tits. I went to the kitchen for a beer. When I got back mom was on the floor between the guys unbuckling their belts. Both guys had hard cocks and both were well hung.

Mom was gripping both cocks and jerking them up and down. Mom looked up at me and I nodded for her to start doing what she did best. I watched as my mother sucked one cock and then the other. It got me so aroused I thought about getting behind her and fucking her big fat ass. Hell maybe I would fuck her in that fat ass. Toby started to cum and Mom did her best to suck all his cum before Tom joined in. she sucked both guys off. I told her to take them upstairs so they could fuck her doggie style and in her mouth at the same time. Tom said, ” Wow, what a fucking blowjob.” The three-started up the stairs when I heard Toby sat ” Nice fat ass, maybe I I’ll get me some of that ass hole too.” I heard mom laugh saying ” Now you boys should not talk like that to a lady.” They laughed, I laughed and left the house.

Maggie was a cute little thing I had been fucking for a long time. But so had a lot of other guys. I was flat on my back I the Dixie motel with Maggie sitting up on the old pole. She was rocking back and forth squealing for all she was worth. She had two climaxes already and working on a third. I was thinking of my mom, I wonder how it would be to have her ride my pole. I wondered how it would be to fuck her sweet fat ass. I wondered how I would be to get a blowjob from her every morning before I went to work. I was thinking of my Mom as I shot Maggie full of cum.