A New Alexandra Ch. 11

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Eleven women stood in a tight circle, gulping water and catching their breath.

“We should be beating these girls easily,” commented one. Shannon, you’ve missed two easy goals, thought Alexandra. Probably not your comment to make.

“We should,” said Lucía, brown eyes flashing. “They’re moving the ball too easily through midfield, so that’s on me. They’ve got speed, but we’re more skilled and organized. If we can clog the midfield, we’ll counter-attack.”

“Different formation?” If Lucía was the team’s unchallenged leader, Kira was the vice-admiral.

“Yeah,” said the smaller woman. “Let’s go 1-3-1. Kira, start in the back. I’ll take the middle. Alex, right wing. Kelly and Shannon, I want you to switch between forward and the other wing. Wingers, you’ll need to track all the way back. I’ll hold up the ball until you can get forward. We’ll sub a lot, because this is a ton of running. Questions?”

No. And there’s some leadership. Also, when I did go from New Girl to…Alex? What happened to my actual name?

“Good. Let’s go,” said Lucía.

They went. The formation change produced three unanswered goals. This is incredibly fun. I’m intercepting passes on one end and then getting assists at the other, sometimes ten seconds apart.

Alexandra realized as the fourth quarter opened that despite the rapid substitutions, neither she nor Lucía had been off the field.

“You good?” Kira’s voice from the bench.

Alexandra nodded. Not a lot of extra breath. “Play indoor soccer,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. She laughed. I haven’t run this hard or this much since my last college game.

“Keep it together,” said Lucía. “If we get up another goal, you can take the rest of the game off. You’ve been fantastic.”

She kept it together, running neat passing triangles with Mette and Lucía. Mette doesn’t have Kira’s strength or her skill, thought Alexandra, but she’s so smart. She reads attacks perfectly and always gets a foot on the ball, breaks everything apart until the rest of us get back. They continued to hold a 2-goal lead.

Finally, one of their opponents’ increasingly desperate attacks resulted in a perfect outlet pass from Mette to Lucía. With Shannon opposite, Alexandra charged forward. One defender remained against the onslaught. She stayed with the ball, forcing Lucía to pass. She chose Alexandra, putting a ball onto her right instep. The goalkeeper lunged.

Bingo, thought Alexandra, pinging it across to Shannon, who finished into a wide-open net. There. That’s enough. Four assists for me? Five? Either way, if you’ve forgotten how many assists you have, that’s good.

“Subs!” called Lucía. Alexandra met her girlfriend as she came onto the field. Instead of a quick fist-bump or one-arm hug, Kira surprised her: a bear hug and a kiss atop her head.

“That was a beautiful play, honey.” Whoa, she just kissed me and called me “honey” in front of everyone. Well, guess that secret’s out! Alexandra felt her face redden — impressive, given my level of exertion — as she grabbed her water bottle and sat.

“Well, I think you’re the only one who hasn’t chosen the location of a victory party, honey,” said Meg, a grin covering her round face. “So that means — assuming we hold this lead — that you’re picking where we get drinks tonight.”

Can I just invite all of us to your place again, that rowhouse where you and your gorgeous wife get us all drunk and then Kira and I walk home in the snow and she tells me how much she loves me? No? Ah well, alternate plan.

A few minutes passed. Kira was playing midfield now, out of her usual position. And doing it quite well, Alexandra thought. Her height’s wasted there, but not her passing range. They scored again, an absolute screamer from Lucía that put the result beyond doubt.

“Townhouse,” Alexandra said to Meg and Mette, who had just exited the field. “It’s a wine bar in the Loop, on Wacker. Maybe a block from the Sears Tower. Or whatever they call it now.”

“Willis,” said Meg.

“Whatever. Townhouse. Seven-thirty?”

“Seven-thirty. And good choice,” said Mette. “We’ll get the word around, including to your girlfriend. Honey.”

Alexandra relaxed as the clock wound down. So I’ve gone from New Girl to Alex to, apparently Honey. At least I haven’t had to whip out a Mean Girls quote tonight. Yet.

“So, Townhouse.” Kira unwound her bun, letting the long blonde hair drop. “I didn’t realize you liked it that much.”

“It was canlı bahis the only place that came to mind, and I thought they’d like it.”

“So?” She smiled, wrapping her arm around Alexandra and kissing her cheek. Mmmm. Smell. Love me some sweaty Kira.

“What do you mean ‘so’?”

“I mean that it’s your choice. If you want us drinking in some bro bar in Wrigleyville, they’ll show up. That’s how this team rolls.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. For tonight, Townhouse.”

“And a good pick it is. It’s Mette’s favorite bar — restaurant, whatever – in Chicago. She and Meg went there on their first date, and they go there every year on their anniversary.” Kira paused. “Meg, of course, couldn’t give a shit. As long as it’s got Mette and wine, she’s there.”

“To be fair, that’s kinda how I feel about you.”

“Likewise, love.” Another kiss, this time on the lips. And in full view of everyone.

Hot water rinsed away the sweat from Alexandra’s body. It had been a long day and was only getting longer. Shit. My hair appointment is in less than an hour. Butterflies fluttered in Alexandra’s stomach. I’m really doing this.

Kira stepped in behind her. “Hey, sorry,” she said. “I wanted to change the sheets. They got, um, a little sweaty earlier.”

“You don’t say? Can’t imagine whose fault that was.”

“Shhhh.” Kira put her fingers to her girlfriend’s lips. “I dare you to not make a single sound.”


The finger pressed harder. “No sound. Think you can cum silently for me?”

Water splattered on the tile, the sound of droplets filling Alexandra’s ears. You’re on, bitch.

“And if I don’t?” Alexandra wrapped her arms around her blonde girlfriend’s neck, watching as the tresses absorbed water. So sexy with wet hair. Grrrr.

“Then you don’t cum at all. The second you make a peep, I stop.”

“I’ll take that as a challenge.” She paused, staring Kira in the eyes. “I’m gonna win.”

“We’ll see.”

The kisses began on Alexandra’s neck, quickly moving to her jaw, then her lips. She savored her girlfriend’s taste, the full lips on her own. If I had the time, I might just block out an hour a day for kissing. Nothing more, just her lips and mine.

The hot water ran over her as Kira tweaked her nipple, then pinched it tightly.

Alexandra stifled a gasp, her mouth opening wordlessly. Silent. You can do it.

“Good girl,” said Kira, replacing the hand with her mouth. Her tongue flicked expertly across Alexandra’s nipple, teeth grazing the areola. Just a little bit of pain. Totally intentional. The bitch, giving me exactly what makes me scream in pleasure.

A hand slid down Alexandra’s torso, interrupting the sheen of water.

“Quiet, remember?”

Alexandra tilted her head back, eyes closed against the hot water as Kira’s fingers found their mark. She wasted little time, sliding her middle finger into the wet hole. Fuck, how did she get me turned on so quickly?

The shower sounds covered one gasp Alexandra let out when Kira went from one finger to three with no warning, but she otherwise kept soundless. Her arm wrapped around her taller girlfriend’s back. Tense muscles beckoned her touch. Their mouths met again, Alexandra nibbling on Kira’s pouty lower lip.

Yes, God yes, her mind screamed as fingers filled her. As usual, her girlfriend’s palm pressed hard against her, adding stimulation to her clit. Damn, it’s gonna happen fast.

Alexandra’s back tensed. She felt a light-touch brush against one nipple, then the other. Then the kissing grew hungrier, the tongue probing rhythmically with the thrusting of her hips on Kira’s fingers.

More. A hand ran through her drenched hair, then pulled a fistful firmly. It forced her back into a more arched position, clit grinding hard against her partner’s hand. Alexandra’s body churned out lubrication for the finger-fucking as she bit her lip, fighting off a scream.

Fuckkkkkkk. Her hands balanced on Kira’s shoulders, nails digging hard into the strong, tanned back. Sooooo close.

“Silently,” rasped Kira. “Cum for me, slut. Silently.”

Slut, that word she always uses to drive me into another gear. Alexandra’s body responded, hips bucking furiously, thighs and calves burning. She leaned back, cold tile meeting flushed skin.

It didn’t slow her. The orgasm plowed through like a speeding train, muscles spasming inside and out. Her fingers curled, nails digging further into Kira’s skin.

If bahis siteleri I bite my lip much harder, it’s gonna draw blood, Alexandra thought. She concentrated on the powerful tide ripping through her, screaming silently while her body pulsed with pleasure.

Echoes of her own voice rattled in Alexandra’s head. Gah, fuckkk! Fuck, cumming! Yessss! But not a sound escaped her lips.

Kira kissed her neck. It prolonged the pleasure, pushing Alexandra right to the cusp of a second peak.

“Again,” said Kira. Her head slid down, tongue flicking Alexandra’s nipple. Her teeth grazed the areola, sending a jolt of electricity through Alexandra.

Close again. The fingers inside her twisted, hitting her g-spot just as Kira sucked hard on her breast. Her body responded instantly, summiting the peak of a second orgasm. Alexandra pulled her body tight to Kira’s, sheets of water washing over them.

I’m literally shaking right now, she thought, using her girlfriend’s body to steady herself. Her eyes closed, view filled with a thousand stars. Even amidst the rush of the orgasm, she found her lips meeting Kira’s skin. Mmm, so soft. She kissed the side of her lover’s neck, riding the crest until the second wave slowly released its grip on her body.

The shaking stopped. Alexandra felt the fingers slowly withdraw from her. Her breathing returned to normal. She and Kira kissed slowly, then more passionately, water still cascading off their bodies.

“I love you,” said Kira. She held up her fingers. “You want them?”

Alexandra grinned. “Keep one for yourself. But yes. And I love you too.”

Kira returned the smile, sliding her third and fourth fingers into Alexandra’s waiting mouth. Mmmm, love it. The perfect dessert. The smell remained on Kira’s index finger, lingering in Alexandra’s nose.

She watched as Kira withdrew the digits, snaking the final one into her own mouth with a wink.

“Don’t think you’re the only one who loves your taste, baby.”

“I would have said something, except I’m supposed to be silent.” She stuck out her tongue.

“That was pretty impressive restraint considering your normal volume.” Kira chuckled. “Seriously, I didn’t think you could do it. It was just spur of the moment.”

“I’m full of surprises, love. But I highly doubt you could cum silently, when we get down to it.”

“Truth,” said Kira, turning off the tap. “I don’t want to make you late.”

Oh, right. I have a hair appointment. Eeek.

“Hi,” Alexandra said. “Um, I have an appointment? With Paul?” Great start, Henderson. You sound like a ditz.

The woman greeting her had shiny black hair with a red undertone, curly and longer on one side. Salon hair. Kinda a requirement of working here, I guess.

“Your name?”

“Alexandra. Henderson.” Butterflies fluttered in her stomach; a frog caught in her throat. Every silly animal metaphor about human nervousness applies to me right now.

“Thanks, Jules. I’ve got her.” Paul had swept in behind the receptionist, nodding to Alexandra. “Come with me, sweetie.”

Alexandra’s heart thundered. There’s still time to chicken out, she thought. Do something less dramatic. She followed Paul back, where he gestured to the final black chair.

“How’s my favorite lady doing today?” He swished a cape over her. This whole place is mirrors, thought Alexandra. Several other customers chatted away with stylists, nobody paying her any attention. Music filled the voids in conversation. Foster the People, she thought. Sit Next to Me.

Alexandra laughed. “Me, or Kira?”

“You, sweetie. Kira hasn’t darkened our door in months, so she and her split ends are a distant memory. Aside from seeing her the other night, of course,” he chuckled.

“I’m… well, I’m fucking nervous.”

Paul swished past, rummaging. His tools of hair destruction. Eek.

“Think of it as a bit like bungee jumping or skydiving. The worst part is the anticipation.”

“Leave it to a hairstylist to compare a haircut to bungee jumping.”

“I’m biased, yes.” He finger-combed her hair, shaking it to its full length. “But you’ll see. Nerves now, fabulousness later.”

Alexandra stared at her reflection. Against the dark stylist’s cape, her makeup stood out: winged eyeliner, a hint of smoky eyeshadow, bold ruby lips. Oh, and enough mascara to account for half of Sephora’s sales.

Kira’s voice echoed in her head: I’ve never dated anyone before with the awesome, fuck-everyone attitude needed bahis şirketleri to chop her hair off like it’s no fucking big deal. Alexandra smiled. Well, fuck everyone. “Let’s do this shit,” she said.

Paul nodded, grabbing a rubber band from his workstation. “You wanted to donate all this, right?”


“Some of the organizations require ten inches, some only eight. I think we can get ten, but just warning you.”

“Doesn’t matter.” With what will be left on the back, eight inches might as well be a mile.

He pulled her long hair into a ponytail, smoothing it out. One last look, she thought. He slid on the rubber band, distressingly high.


“Ready.” Don’t close your eyes. Don’t cry. Don’t do anything but sit here. He’s a professional.

“Deep breath.” Paul grabbed a pair of scissors and sliced through. Snick. Snick. Snick. He pulled the ponytail away. “Great. Feeling okay?”

Deep breaths. “Yes.” Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.

“I’m going to section your hair off now and put what we want to keep on top, and then do the undercut, okay?”

Alexandra nodded. The hair that confronted her now was much shorter, chin-length in front. And I actually kinda like it. OK. This is gonna be ok.

Paul used a variety of clips to pile hair atop Alexandra’s head, drawing sharp lines of demarcation well above her ears.

“We can talk, you know. I know you’re nervous, but I’m a hairstylist, not a brain surgeon.”

Alexandra gave a weak smile.

“Fine, how was your soccer game today?”

“It was good.” Wow, he remembers our social calendar. “We won, which means we go out for drinks.”

“Ah. That explains the dress.” She’d worn a conservative but stylish midi dress in a color the manufacturer termed “spruce.” “Green looks amazing with your eyes.” And a fitted body and flared skirt also looks good without making it hard for me to walk eight blocks. Same story for the ankle boots.

“I’m trying to look a little stylish. Matching Kira’s level can be hard.”

“You shouldn’t feel pressure,” he said, finishing the partitioning of her hair. “Don’t tell her I said this, but you’re prettier than she is.”

Alexandra laughed. “Sure. I’ll believe that when she comes back from her next trim pissed off and says you told her that.”

“I might do that, you know. It’s exactly the kind of thing clients like to hear when you’re supposed to make them look as beautiful as possible.” Totally deadpan. Totally joking.

“I’m sure. Just like pointing out to them that their ears are slightly lopsided or stick out.”

“Exactly,” he laughed. “Which it’s mighty good yours aren’t. Or don’t. Given…”

Alexandra swallowed hard, seeing the hair clippers in his hand.

“These are a number 3. We can go longer, of course, and then go shorter if you like, but I can’t add it back once it’s gone.”

Alexandra shook her head. “Shorter.” God knows why I want that, but once you’ve made the leap, might as well enjoy it.

“Sure thing,” he said. He switched out the plastic guard. “Would have been my choice too, but I didn’t want to push you. It’ll look super bold, really chic.”

“What are you and Darnell up to tonight?” Distractions, distractions. He’s about to run those clippers over a significant portion of my head.

“Oh, it’s been a long week. So not much. I’ll head home. Maybe some dinner, maybe some Netflix and chill.”

“TMI, Paul,” she said. “Too much fucking information. Literally.”

“I like you, sweetie. Parroting my own words back at me. Now, let’s do the easy part of this.”

Easy? The clippers started, a medium-pitched hum. Quite loud, actually, when they’re next to your ear. They bit into the hair on the right side of her head, sheets of it falling to the floor. The buzzing moved higher and higher. Alexandra gasped as it crossed above her ear. Light brown strands covered her shoulder.

Whoa. Um, unexpected feeling here. The vibration from those clippers is reminding me of…something else. Alexandra. Chill.

Paul moved around back, clippering away hair. Deep breaths. You are not going to get turned on during a fucking haircut. More buzzing, now around to the left side. Dammit, you are. Alexandra felt warmth between her legs, spreading throughout her core.

The clippers were in view again, hair raining on her left shoulder. Jesus. That’s…super short. What was left was a light brown pelt, short enough to see the white of her skin underneath.

Paul finished the pass and flicked off the clippers. The buzzing stopped and the music of the salon reigned again. Lorde. Royals, Alexandra’s mind filled in.

“A couple quick touch-ups here, and then we’ll do the top.”