A Neighborly Experience

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Like all my stories this is based on an actual experience. Names have been changed, etc.

In the 1970’s we lived in a small community in Florida. Our neighborhood was so safe that we never locked a door. In fact, when we sold the house ten years later we could not locate a key to pass on to the new owners.

One of our neighbors was a nineteen year old girl named Julie who we only saw when she snuck out of the house after her shower and jumped into our bed between us. She said she was just there to talk. She was always dressed in a shorty nightgown and panties.

Julie would lie there between us telling about her day and asking about ours. We did not know what her objective might be. I didn’t know if she was interested in my wife or me, or both of us. I was horny and she was delaying my loving time, so I tested her. Over time I found that I could stroke the hair on her pussy through the leg of her underwear or stroke her breast with no noticeable response on her part. She accepted, but did not encourage my attentions. The whole time I played around with her she kept her attention focused on my wife.

One Saturday night after I had stroked her breast and pussy, I took Julie’s hand in mine and hand over hand we stroked my wife’s breast.

Julie knew that we had taken a major step and I interpreted her reaction as a combination of relief bahis firmaları and trepidation as she did not know how my wife would react. I removed my hand from Julie’s and she continued gently stroking the breast.

My wife also saw Julie’s confusion and moved to kiss Julie gently on the mouth. Julie’s mouth opened and she touched her lips with her tongue. My wife reciprocated and soon they were sharing one of the most passionate soul kisses that I have ever witnessed. While kissing, Julie and my wife both reached out and wrapped their arms around each other. Soon they moved into a face to face, full body hug while lying on their sides. I did not want to interrupt the experience so I just sat back and watched.

Within five minutes they kissed again and Julie went home,

After Julie had gone, I hugged my wife and kissed her. As we were kissing I slid my hand down to her sparse, fine haired, neatly trimmed mound. She moaned and said, “I need you inside me NOW!”

After getting in position, I slid right in and within 10 strokes she had an orgasm. That was enough. She didn’t want anymore and I did not cum. This was for her.

Julie was in our bed several times during the next week, but nothing happened other than the women always kissed when she arrived and when she left.

I guess the next step is up to me.

My wife always slept commando kaçak iddaa to give me full and unlimited access, so I knew what my next move would be.

Saturday night Julie was back again, smelling sweetly of shampoo and body soap. We had our usual greeting ritual and I actually explored under Julie’s top and bottom. Her juices started flowing so I thought the time was right. I took Julie’s hand and moved it to my wife’s commando love slit.

My wife then rolled Julie onto her back. She pulled off her own top and then unbuttoned Julie’s. She caressed Julie’s breasts and ran her tongue around and over her nipples – one and then the other. She used her hand and fingers on one breast while her mouth and tongue loved the other.

My wife sat up and took ahold of Julie’s panties and pulled them down and off. Julie’s bush was no longer the wild growth that had been there when I began exploring her lower regions. She now had a neatly trimmed mound and it appeared to me that she had totally removed the hair from the sides and bottom of her pussy. Where curly, coarse, black pubic hair had easily been two or three inches all over, it was now no more than ½ inch anywhere.

My wife lay down beside Julie and gave her a full-body hug. Breast to breast and pube to pube. They kissed and tangled tongues. As they kissed their hands explored breasts, nipples hardening on both women. kaçak bahis I was the observer and it was okay by me.

My wife became the aggressor and kissed her way down Julie’s body. Belly button kisses, tummy kisses, and then pussy kisses. Spreading Julie’s labia lips with her fingers, my wife began licking from bottom to top. She went from the ass hole to the top of her slit and then did it again and again. She began to tongue Julie’s clit and it grew. It stood up above her pussy lips. It is easily the largest clit I have ever seen.

As my wife sucked on Julie’s clit and pulled it into her mouth, Julie began pushing up and down with her pelvis as if she were fucking my wife’s mouth with her clit.

My wife moved further down and began stabbing her rigid tongue into Julie’s vaginal opening. She worked one finger, two fingers, three fingers into the love canal. When she added her mouth action back to Julie’s clit, she had a mind blowing orgasm. She jerked from belly button to half way to her knees. Her legs opened and closed and then clamped tight on my wife’s hand. She did not move for at least two minutes then took my wife and pulled her up to lie beside her and gave her a soul kiss. “Thank you. Thank you.”

Julie kept coming over and the interaction continued. Julie reciprocated with my wife and usually they would do each other. Sometimes 69, sometimes taking turns. My wife and I always had great sex after Julie left to go home and on several times she ask me to enter her from behind while she was doing Julie. I never did Julie – she just was not interested in men.