A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 11

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Many thanks, once again, to tangentjoker for editing this story.

This story is about incestuous relationships. All the characters are age 18, or older.

To better understand this story, you may want to read the previous chapters.


Friday was my last day at work. My bosses took me out to lunch and told me what a good job I had done. They hoped I would be back the next year and that I would consider working for them when I graduated.

I thanked them for the valuable experience the summer job had given me. I told them I would be happy to work there again the next year and that they would be at the top of my list of prospective employers.

Back at the office, I packed up what remaining personal items were left. I said my goodbyes to coworkers and went home about two o’clock. It was two weeks before I had to go back to college but I wanted a little time off before I left.

Mother’s sister-in law, Martha, and her daughter Ruth would be arriving that afternoon. Mother took a half day off from work. She was already home when I walked in. She told me that she had heard from Martha. They were about forty miles away. They would probably arrive before long.

My father had two sisters. Martha, about Mother’s age, and Elaine a couple of years younger. Mother and Martha had been very good friends. Martha had married and moved away shortly after Mother had married her older brother, my father.

Martha had a son and daughter. Rick was about my age and in the army. Ruth was nineteen. She had graduated from high school. She was trying to decide what to do with her life.

I left the stuff from the office in the car. I would be taking most of it with me when I went back to school. Mother and I had a cup of coffee together.

“I’m going to miss you in our bed,” she said.

“No more than I’ll miss being with you,” I replied.

We heard a horn beep about the time we were finishing our coffee. Martha and Ruth had just pulled into the driveway. We went out through the garage to greet them. Mother and Martha hugged each other like the old friends they were. I held my hand out to Ruth and she took it. Mother and Martha broke apart and it was my turn for a hug with Martha. Mother and Ruth were hugging, too.

Our guests came in with us. Mother bustled about getting coffee for everyone. She set out a plate of pastries. Everyone sat at the table. Mother and Martha chatted. Ruth was kind of quiet. I was half listening to the conversation. Ruth asked directions for the bathroom. I got up to show her the way.

I sat back at the table. Martha sat across from me. She was about 5′ 4″. I’d almost call her body plump. Like mother, she was slightly overweight but a little more so. She had a pleasant face with short blond hair. When I’d seen her last, her hair had been brown. She wore glasses.

Ruth came back. She sat next to her mother. She was a pretty girl. About 5′ 6″; slim with smallish tits. Both women were dressed in slacks and gym shoes.

Ruth gave me a shy smile. Like me, she was only half listening to the conversation. During a brief pause in the chatter, I took the opportunity to volunteer to unload their car. Mother and Martha agreed. Martha asked Ruth to show me the bags they needed.

Ruth and I went out to the car. It was pretty well loaded.

“How was your trip?” I asked; more to make conversation than because of any real interest.

“Not too bad,” Ruth answered. “It took a day or two longer than it should have because we did some sightseeing.”

“Anything interesting?” I asked.

“Grand Canyon. It was impressive.” Ruth pointed out two large bags. “Those should do it for now.” She grabbed two makeup cases. “I’ll take care of these.”

I took the bags, one at a time, to the guest room. The first trip, I showed Ruth where their bathroom was and where to find towels if they needed any. I was back with the second bag in a few minutes. She had one of the suitcases on the bed. I told her I would get something for them to put the bags on.

We had on old coffee table in the basement that would serve the purpose. I went downstairs to get it, cleaned it up and lugged it upstairs to their room. Ruth had the bag on the bed open. The makeup cases were, too. She was unpacking. She Hung things in the closet and put other things in the dresser drawers. I asked her if I could help with anything.

“No, thanks,” she said. “I need to sort things out while I’m putting them away.”

I glanced at the bags on the bed. They were all open. My mouth dropped open when I saw that one of the makeup cases was packed with vibrators. Not just a couple, it looked like a collection.

Ruth didn’t notice my glance. She was in the closet hanging up clothes. I left. I didn’t want to embarrass her by letting her know I had seen the toy collection. I couldn’t help wondering, though. Whose toy collection was it? Ruth’s? Martha’s? Did they both use them?

I told myself it was none of my business. Even so, I couldn’t help wondering. I went back güvenilir bahis to the kitchen where Mother and Martha were still catching up on old times. They were discussing Martha’s son, Rick. He was in the army, stationed in Korea. He had about six more months there. He would be getting discharged when he returned.

“I hope he decides to go to college,” Martha said. “He is certainly capable enough. Ruth is too, for that matter. She doesn’t seem interested, though. She’s a good worker. I think she has talent, too, as a writer. Her twentieth birthday is coming in a couple of weeks. She needs to decide something.”

Mother asked if, perhaps, Ruth wanted to get married and have children.

“There’s more to it than that, Mary,” Martha told her. “I couldn’t let her have the one she wants. She’s of age, and can do as she wants, but I sent the guy away, far away.”

She looked pensive then. She added. “I wish I hadn’t. I can’t tell you everything yet.” She seemed to be closing that topic.

“Elaine will be here tomorrow,” Mother said. “We haven’t seen her for several months. Edith said she would stop by, too.”

“We talked this morning,” Martha replied. “I think Shirley will be here, too.”

I went out for some Chinese for dinner. We watched a couple of shows on the television afterward. Martha and Ruth were tired from traveling. They said goodnight and went to bed early.

Mother and I stayed up a while longer.

“I think there’s something Martha isn’t telling us,” Mother said. “But if she wants us to know she’ll tell us eventually.”

We went to bed early, too. It felt strange to be in bed without Mother. We had slept together every night through the summer. The idea that she was in the room next to mine gave me a monster hard-on. After a couple of hours, I couldn’t stand it any longer. Testosterone won the battle. I slipped out of bed and went to Mother’s room. It was dimly lit from a couple of night lights. She was awake. Opening her arms she welcomed me. She was wearing the red nightgown. It was bunched around her waist and the drawer of the bed table was open. The drawer that held her vibrators.

“I was hoping you’d come,” she whispered to me.

We tried to be quiet. We were taking a risk, one we had told each other we would not take. A risk we should not be taking, but mutual lust overruled good sense.

My mother’s bedroom was redolent with her musk. It was obvious that she was aroused, that she had been pleasuring herself. With her legs splayed she pushed my head to her pussy. To rub my face against the halo of her bush. To lick the moisture from the swollen lips. To slide my tongue into her warmth. To lick and suck and make her cum; to cum with soft gasps and thrusts of pussy into my face.

My hard cock needed release. On top of her soft body, I slid my dick into her willing cunt. There is a wonderful moment, almost as good as an orgasm, when one’s cock first enters a lover’s body. The thrill of a warm, wet pussy, the snug comfort of a welcoming cunt.

“Cum in me,” she whispered. “Fill me with your cum.”

Her words were all it took. My cock felt like it exploded as cum spewed from me. I flooded my mother’s cunt pouring stream after stream of my sperm into her belly.

Mother clasped me with her legs, her arms held me close. She held me there, my cock snug in her pussy. Even as I started to soften, she held me tight. When I finally slipped out of her, she released me. Released me to go down on her. To eat my cum from her cunt. To give her my cock to suck, to bring him to a new rigid state; to lick our mingled cum. Licking and sucking, we ate each other rising to a glorious, mutual climax.

Replete, we lay together. We couldn’t stay together, though. I had to return to my own bedroom. Peeking out the door, making sure the coast was clear, I silently returned. It was a strange feeling; having to sneak around one’s own house.

The morning sun woke me. After a trip to the bathroom, I dressed in pants and shirt before heading for the kitchen. Mother was already there, seated at the table with Aunt Martha. They were having coffee. I got a cup and joined them. Ruth showed up after a few minutes. I got her a cup of coffee, then started another pot.

When I sat back down, I noticed that Ruth was looking at me with an expression I can only describe as a smirk. I decided to ignore it for the moment but I had an uneasy feeling.

Mother suggested that I use her shower when I was ready. That way, the other bathroom would be free for Martha and Ruth. I agreed and went for a shower while Martha and Mother started breakfast.

After breakfast, I decided to take a nap. Mother decided she would, too. Our sleep had been a bit short the night before. We needed to catch up. We slept in our own rooms.

A few hours later, somewhat refreshed, I wandered into the kitchen for coffee. Mother was already there with Martha. Ruth was in the living room. Mother asked me to run out to get a few things at the store. I agreed and asked Ruth türkçe bahis if she would like to go along. I wanted to get to know her better but a bigger reason was to give her a chance to tell me what the smirk had been about earlier.

While driving to the store I told Ruth, “I think you’ll like it here. It’s a good town. Different than California, I’m sure, but nice even so.”

“I hope so,” she replied. “I wouldn’t even consider moving here if not for Mom. But it will be nice to meet Shirley. We have only met in person a couple of times. The last was at your father’s funeral.”

Our conversation was mostly casual. But Ruth did mention her brother, Rick, several times. She seemed to think a lot of him. One remark caught my attention.

She said that she missed him then she added, “Mom made him join the army. But he’ll be back someday.”

I wondered about that. About what she meant.

We went to a couple of stores. When we were pulling back into the driveway, I saw Edith’s car already there.

Ruth told me, “I know what you did last night. I won’t tell anyone, though.”

My stomach fell. I couldn’t think of a worse thing to have happened. I pulled into the garage then looked at her.

“Thank you for that, your silence I mean.” I didn’t see any sense in trying to deny anything.

“I certainly can’t condemn you,” she told me. She started to say something else, but stopped.

“We probably should discuss this more,” I said.

“Ok, later maybe,” was Ruth’s reply.

We carried our purchases into the kitchen. Edith gave me a big hug but without the kiss on the lips I usually rated. A peck on the cheek had to suffice. She hugged Ruth then with the obligatory remarks about how much she’d grown.

Mother set out a light lunch. Elaine and Shirley weren’t expected until about two o’clock. We all helped ourselves. Much of the conversation was a repeat of the prior evening. This time it was Edith getting all the updates. Ruth joined in the conversation. My mind was racing, churning over Ruth’s revelation. I decided not to mention it to Mother until after everyone left.

The conversation was a little boring to me. That and the fact that I was worried about what Ruth had said caused me to excuse myself. I went to my room to play some on the computer. I couldn’t get her words out of my mind. There was the case full of vibrators to wonder about, too. And her remark about Martha making her brother Rick join the army. “What the fuck is going on?” I asked myself.

I lay on the bed and dozed off after a few minutes. The sounds of Elaine and Shirley arriving woke me. I went to the bathroom to splash cold water on my face. My next stop was to get a cup of coffee then I joined everyone in the living room.

Elaine and Shirley both greeted me with hugs. Both mother and daughter were slim. Their heights were close, too, about 5′ 5″. Elaine had brown hair that framed a very pretty face. Shirley’s hair was a much lighter brown with a nice wave. She wore it shoulder length. She, too, had a pretty face with stylish glasses.

I felt a little out of place. I was the only man with six women. So I made sure that everyone had drinks. Then I sat kind of in the background and observed.

I think maybe Ruth and Shirley felt out of place, too. The older women were chattering like the good friends they were. Friends that did not get to see each other often enough. Much of the conversation was about events that happened before the girls or I were even born.

Mother and Martha sat in chairs facing a couch where Elaine and Edith sat together. Quite closely, I observed.

Ruth had a glass of wine but Shirley stuck with iced tea. They seemed to be getting along quite well. I had the feeling that they were sharing secrets. They would look at their parents and then at each other. Then they would grin. I hoped that, whatever their secrets, it wasn’t Mother and I they were discussing.

The living room was a little crowded, and noisy. The girls went to the kitchen to continue their conversation. I played waiter, making sure everyone had enough refreshments.

I sat with Shirley and Ruth for a while. The two girls had little in common but they seemed to be getting along fine. After talking to them for a while, I realized that they had been communicating regularly for several years. Email, text messages and the occasional phone call. I also learned that Shirley would be attending the college at the same school as me. I doubted we would see much of each other, though.

“Ruth is like an older sister to me,” Shirley told me. “She helped me with a problem I had. She had been through a similar, but different, episode about a year before me.”

“I was glad to help,” Ruth told her. She reached for Shirley’s hand. “We have something in common now.

I was a bit confused by Ruth. There were times when she seemed mature beyond her years. Another time she would act like a teenager. She was a couple of years older than Shirley and seemed to enjoy the older sister role.

The güvenilir bahis siteleri rest of the day was pretty dull. I made myself useful making sure everyone had enough to drink. Mother was making her drinks last. Martha, Elaine and Edith were all getting a little high.

About six o’clock, I set out a party tray we had bought along with some bread and rolls.

I told the ladies that supper was ready. Then I went to the guest room to let Ruth and Shirley know. They had escaped to there a couple of hours earlier. I made enough noise to let them know I was approaching. They were sitting on the bed with their iPads and laughing. I couldn’t see what they were looking at. I did notice that one of the makeup cases was on the bed. I wondered if it was the one with the vibrators.

Shortly after supper, Elaine and Shirley left with Shirley driving. Mother told Edith that she had better stay the night, that she had drank too much to drive.

“You can sleep with me,” Mother told her. I didn’t think she was drunk, but that didn’t mean she could pass a breath test if she was stopped. Besides it was an hour’s drive.

“Ok,” Edith agreed. “I brought a few things with me, just in case.”

The rest of the evening was pretty quiet. Mother did mention that she and I would be gone for a day at midweek. She told our guests that we would be taking my things to my college apartment and getting everything set up. We would probably stay overnight she said, since there was a lot to do. It was news to me, but I was all for it. Mother had already arranged for a week of vacation, so we could go any day.

Edith looked at me with a knowing smile. I grinned back at her. I was grinning, too, because I was thinking that Edith might find a way to join us.

Martha asked me if I could be their guide the following day.

“We’ll get the Sunday papers and start looking for an apartment.” she said. “I’ve been gone so long that I don’t know the good and bad parts of town any longer.”

It was a little before nine when Ruth told her mother that she thought it was time for bed. She and Martha headed for the bedroom.

Mother started to say that it was her bedtime, too. She was looking at Edith as she spoke. But I interrupted.

“Mother, I have to tell you something. It’s the first chance I’ve had.” I told her. “Let’s go to the kitchen. It’s further from the stairs.” I didn’t want Martha or Ruth overhearing what I had to tell Mother and Edith.

Seated at the kitchen table, I got right to the point: “Mother, Ruth told me this morning that she knew what you and I did last night.”

Mother looked shocked. Her face went pale.

I explained to Edith, “Mother and I made love in her bedroom. We thought we were being quiet.”

“Not quiet enough, apparently,” Edith sounded a bit nonchalant. She turned to Mother. “I wouldn’t be too concerned, Mary. Something like that is easily deniable.”

“Mother,” I continued. “Ruth said she wouldn’t tell anyone.”

Mother’s expression eased a little when I told her that.

“I hope she meant it,” she replied. “Even so, it’s alarming.”

Edith spoke up. “I don’t think there is much we can do tonight. Let’s sleep on it. Maybe an answer will come to us.”

“I think you’re probably right,” Mother said. “Let’s go to bed.”

She stood and held out a hand to me. I stood to hug her. We exchanged a kiss, a lover’s kiss.

“Mother,” I said. “You have always said that you wouldn’t make love unless I was with you. Please make an exception for Edith. After all, I will be in the next room.”

“I’m not sure,” Mother replied. “It doesn’t feel right.”

I hugged Edith next. My kiss with her was hotter. Then another hug and kiss with Mother.

We went upstairs together and parted at the door to Mother’s bedroom; the master bedroom.

In my room, I undressed. I was hanging my pants in the closet when I heard muffled voices. The back wall of my closet was bordered on the guest bedroom. It was not my usual nature to eavesdrop but I did this time with no shame at all. I wanted to hear if Ruth was saying anything to her Mother about us.

What I heard was something altogether different. The sounds of lovemaking were not hard to discern through the wall. They were unmistakable.

Barefoot, I went out to the hall and listened at their door. I could hear a little better, but not much. I walked softly back to Mother’s room and entered without knocking.

Mother and Edith were in bed but it did not appear that they had been making love. My entrance startled them but they relaxed when they saw it was me. I knelt next to the bed. Whispering softly I told them to come with me and be very quiet.

They followed me softly back to my room. Mother was wearing a nightgown. Edith had thrown a robe on over bra and panties. I closed the door behind them and motioned to the closet. Putting my ear against the wall I was relieved to hear that the erotic sounds continued.

I stood back motioning to Mother and Edith. They put their ears to the wall and I watched their surprised expressions when they realized what we were hearing.

There was barely room for all three of us to listen at the same time, but I sat on the floor and we were able to manage it.