A Mother’s Secret 4 – Owning It

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A Mother’s Secret 4 – Owning Ithttps://xhamster.com/stories/a-mother-s-secret-how-it-started-612774https://xhamster.com/stories/a-mother-s-secret-2-a-star-is-born-613640https://xhamster.com/stories/a-mother-s-secret-3-secret-no-more-614033It had been a month since Jean, Cindy and Justin had entered into their taboo relationship. To Jean all was going fine. She had quit both of her jobs as she realized her new career as a porn star was going to provide all the money they would need. Not only was the money situation improved so was her sex life. Jean had always been a one man woman. She had never even considered having multiple men in her life or for that matter multiple women. Now as a porn star she had experienced sex with several lovers of different ages and gender. Not to mention Cindy and Justin. They all understood that their special relationship was to never be discussed with anyone. The one other thing that they agreed to was that Cindy and Justin were not to fuck until Cindy was on birth control. That had turned into a big plan to wait for Cindy’s upcoming birthday to be a special event where she would let Justin have her virginity. Yes, they were all happy with how things were going.It was about this time that Jean was notified that there was going to be a big parent-teacher meeting to organize social activities at the school this coming year. Jean had always been willing to help but seldom had the time but now she had plenty of time and thought that would be an awesome benefit from her porn career to be involved with the school activities. On the night of the meeting she walked into the school gym and looked for a place to sit. She spotted Sandy Coleman and decided she would join her. Sandy like Jean was one of the few single moms at the exclusive prep-school. Unlike Jean, Sandy had received a generous divorce settlement and her former husband continued to support her daughter, Beth. Beth had been Cindy’s best friend for years.“Hi Sandy! Can I sit with you?” Jean asked as she walked up.Sandy appeared to be startled to see Jean when she looked up. Then she kind of nervously glanced around the gathering to see if anyone else was looking at them. Then another stunningly beautiful woman walked up to them. It was Bev Wilkens who was the mother of Justin’s best friend Brad. Bev had never had much to say to either Jean or Sandy since she considered them from a class that while one would tolerate one could never socialize with. Jean was extremely surprised by her approaching them and was just getting ready to greet her.“Ms. Roberts, you are not welcome to be here. Any woman who would do what you do is not welcome to be around our c***dren. Isn’t that right Sandy? I suggest you leave or I will have security escort you out of here.” Bev said with a viciousness that shocked Jean.Jean looked at Sandy who appeared to want nothing to do with the whole situation. It was at this point that Berry Wilkens, Bev’s husband, and Jerome Williams, the Principal for the school also walked up.“Would you please follow me out of the gym? I’m afraid your presence is causing a scene.” said the large muscular black man as he took Jean’s arm to lead her out of the meeting as Berry put his arm on the shoulder of his snobbish wife to show his support for her.Jean was stunned as she was escorted to her car and the firmness of the black man’s grip on her arm left no doubt she was going to leave willing or otherwise. “Your son and daughter are students here for this semester and there is nothing we can do about that but you are a whore and this school will not allow your type on the property. I have also been told to instruct you that at the end of the semester Justin and Cindy will not be allowed to return. If you are found on school property again we will have you arrested.” He said as he slammed her car door.Jean was stunned as she started her car to drive home. Then tears began to run down her cheeks as she realized that the only reason she did porn to begin with was for her k**’s to go to this school tekirdağ escort and now they would be kicked out because she had done porn. Thankfully when she arrived home she did not have to face Justin and Cindy. Justin was out with his friend Brad while sending Cindy was up in her room with her friend Beth. Jean decided she needed a good cry so she went to her room. About an hour later Jean heard a soft knock on her door and she suspected it was Cindy. Jean tried to pull herself together and when she opened the door she was surprised to see Sandy Coleman standing there.“Jean, I came to apologize. You have always been a good friend and well I should have spoken up at the meeting. It is just those Wilkens! They rule over that school like it was their private property!” Sandy said as she looked into her fellow single mother’s eyes.“I’m not sure there was much you could have done. Apparently being an adult video performer is an unacceptable profession for them. Anything you could have said would have just put you into the outcast category like me. The worst part is they have decided that my k**s cannot attend school after this semester.” Jean said as her tears again ran down her cheeks.“I hate those fucking stuck-up people and the worst of them is that queen bitch Bev! Hell; she hates the fact we two single moms were there at all!” Sandy said with a little more venom that even Jean could understand.“It sounds like you have had your own problems with them.” Jean said with empathy.“Yeah, you might as well know the whole story. Beth had wanted to become a cheerleader last year but Bev told the coach that she was not of the proper character to represent the school. I was really pissed so I asked why and was told. I went over to Bev’s house but she was not home but Berry was. I told him why I was there and he was very sympathetic and said he would help me out. The bastard ended up telling me that if I gave him some pussy he would talk Bev into letting Beth on the squad.” Sandy said with even more anger in her voice.Cindy had said that Berry was fucking Sandy but Jean had assumed that it was just a rumor but now she wondered if the other part was true about Bev liking black men for sex. Jean decided to see what else Sandy might know.“So did you have sex with him? Maybe I should offer to fuck him if he will get Bev to back off on my k**s.” Jean asked.Sandy seemed to struggle but then seemed to decide to let something painful go. “You might as well know what you are up against. I agreed to have sex with him and he did nothing to help. In fact what he did do was record me performing a blowjob on him and now he says if I do not keep putting out for him he will post it on the internet. I guess Beth will be kicked out of school just like Justin and Cindy. I hate that asshole and every time he crawls between my legs I want to puke.”“So does Bev know about Berry and you?” Jean asked.“I’m not sure. I know that Berry is afraid of her. There was one time when he had me sucking his cock after one of the PTA meetings when he got a text message on his phone from her. He just kind of groaned and then told me to go home. It was strange he was on the verge of cumming and he just put his cock away and ran back into the school. It’s funny he hates her and I hate him but none of us will just walk away because we are afraid.” Sandy said with a tear.“Mom? I’m ready to go.” Said a female voice that belonged to Beth.Beth and Cindy appeared at the bedroom door and looked at their moms who were sitting on the bed. Sandy quickly tried to cover up the emotional nature of their talk by hurrying to leave but before she did she whispered that she would try to call Jean when they could talk some more.“So mom, what were you and Beth’s mom talking about? You both seemed really upset!” Cindy said as she walked up and snuggled to her mom. “Well I will be honest with you. The Wilkens and the Principal of the school have decided that I’m not acceptable to be a part of the PTA and I do not mean to upset you tekirdağ escort bayan but you and Justin will need to go to a different school next semester.” Jean said as she again felt saddened by the whole thing.“Why?” Cindy asked with a shocked voice.“Because your mom is a porn actress.” Jean said with a dry chuckle.“That’s so stupid! Brad’s Mom and Dad are freaks when it comes to sex. I told you that Mr. Wilkens is fucking Beth’s mom and as for Mrs. Wilkens she loves to fuck black guys while making her husband watch.” Cindy said.“Cindy, I have heard you say that Bev has a thing for black guys but how do you know that?” Jean asked curiously.“Well, I have seen a video of them along with Principal Jerome doing all kinds of freaky stuff.” Cindy said simply.“Where did you see this video?” Jean asked.“Beth showed me it. She took it from Mr. Wilkens car one day when he was visiting her mom.” Cindy replied and looked at her mom to see if she was in trouble but suddenly Jean was smiling.The next day Jean walked proudly through the school hallways to the Principal’s office. Jerome Williams was shocked to see her walk into his office and shut the door behind her.“I warned you not to come here. I have no choice but to call the police.” He said as he picked up his phone.“I would not do that! I have a little video that might be a problem for you that would end up in their hands. As a porn actress I would say that while you and your fellow performers were somewhat amateurish you all showed some splendid enthusiasm; well except for poor Berry. He seemed to be a little more reluctant to do his part.” Jean said with a harsh laugh but the Principal just put the phone down.In about thirty minutes the door burst open as Bev came into the office and clearly appeared annoyed. This impression multiplied by a factor of a hundred when she saw Jean in the office. Berry also looked down at her as he walked in his expensive business suite. “Just what is that fucking whore doing in here! I told you she was no longer allowed on this campus!” Bev said in anger as her husband nodded in agreement.“I think you better come in and shut that door behind you.” Jerome said with a tone that indicated something was different.“What is going on here?” Bev demanded but Berry just closed the door as he had been told.“What is going on here is the debut of the latest porn video that is destined to become one of most viewed ever.” Jean said proudly.“I have seen your videos! Disgusting the way you fucked those boys!” Bev said showing her contempt.“Oh it is not my video.” Jean said as she pressed play on the DVR.It opened with Berry walking into the same office they were in. While his wife and the Jerome sat together on the desk.“Well there is my worthless little man!” Bev on the video said with a sneer showing her disgust.“Please, I don’t want to do this again!” Pleaded Berry but his voice also held resignation.“Take off your clothes!” Bev said and Berry complied.“Look at his little limp dick! Maybe I should show him what a real cock looks like….again!” Bev said and Jerome laughed.Then the video showed Bev open Jerome’s pants and pull his massive black cock out of his pants. Berry just hung his head as his wife stroked the rapidly stiffening cock.“You see this is a real cock! Now you know what you are to do next!” Bev ordered Berry.“Please Mistress Bev! I don’t want to do this!” Berry said.“Now Berry, if you don’t obey Jerome will be forced to discipline you again. You know how you hate to be spanked. Be a good little boy and get ready.” Bev said calmly.Berry whimpered but then walked over to a file cabinet and then pulled out a dog collar and leash. He put the collar around his neck and then put the leash on it. He then reached in again and pulled another object out. He put it on his small soft cock. He then handed the key to Bev.“That is a good boy! Now assume your first position.” Bev said and Berry knelt on the floor while Bev and Jerome began to kiss and caress each other’s bodies while removing their escort tekirdağ clothes.Then Bev knelt by Berry while Jerome stood in front of her. She stroked his cock and occasionally acted as if she was going to rub the monster black cock on her humiliated husband’s face. Then Bev began to suck the cock. Her eyes burned with passion as she slid her red lips up and down the shaft. “Fuck you wife sure does like black cock!” Jerome said taunting Berry as he was forced to watch his wife give a sloppy blow job.Bev stopped and grabbed Berry’s head and kissed him open mouth and Berry squirmed as he could taste the other man’s pre-cum but then he looked longingly as Bev resumed sucking cock. This went on for some time when Bev stood up and dragged Berry by the leash to the desk.“Alright, you know what is next! Get in position number two!” Bev said while Berry moaned but moved so his back was to the desk as he sat on the floor. Bev straddled him while bending over the desk. Jerome walked up behind the tall high class blonde. Then he pushed his long thick cock into her pussy.“OH FUCK YES! Give me that big cock!” Bev moaned as Jerome began to fuck her while gripping her hips.Berry sat and looked up at his wife’s pussy as she was fucked. Bev must have been extremely wet as the video showed Berry’s face having droplets of fuck juice dripped on it. Bev was moaning from an apparent orgasm while Jerome was panting from fucking her as hard as he could.“Fuck me Jerome! I want that cum! Cum in my pussy!” Bev groaned as Jerome gripped her shoulders for even better leverage. Then there was a long satisfied grunt from the black man indicating the he was emptying his load deep into the blonde woman.“Yes! You gave me a big load! Now pull out nice and slow! We don’t want a drop to go to waste!” Bev said Jerome withdrew his softening cock.“You know what to do you little shit! Clean it up!” Jerome said as he sat in his chair.Bev grabbed Berry’s head and pushed her freshly fuck pussy against Berry as he first tried to protest but then he just groaned as he licked and sucked another man’s cum from his wife. When Bev was satisfied she walked over and sat in Jerome’s lap and looked at Berry who sat with his head down.“Ok, you may cum now.” Bev said as she laughed at him.Berry rushed to her and she slowly unlocked the device on his cock. Almost immediately Berry started to stroke his cock as the others laughed at him. Then his cock started to shoot stream after stream of cum on the floor as he sighed at his relief.“What disgusting little boy you are! Now clean your mess up. I will be spending the night with Jerome and his friends so you will have to take care of Brad tonight. You better do a good job!” Bev said with a demeaning laugh as Berry began to mop up his sperm from the floor.“I will. You know I always take care of your son. I always have ever since he was born just like he was really my son too.” Berry said.“Well your pathetic sperm could never get anyone pregnant! That is why I have had to find real men to satisfy me!” Bev said as she dressed and then left the room with Jerome as Berry cleaned up.Jean was smiling as she looked at the three of them in the room. Bev was no longer looking proud but her eyes burned defiance. Berry just hung his head in shame as he knew everything he was rested in this woman’s power. Jerome waited patiently to hear what his fate would be as his career was on the line.“Here is the deal. This video is in the possession of my porn producer and a few other trusted people. Justin and Cindy will now attend this school on a full ride scholarship. Jerome you will send glowing recommendation to any college that they want to attend. I want them to do all the work that any other student is required but you will make sure that they are not picked on or discriminated against in any way. Berry, you are truly a disgusting man and you will end your abuse of Sandy. You are to return any video you have of her and if one of those ever see the light of day I will make sure your little perversion is shared with your business associates. If you all do as I have asked then you can go on playing your sick little games but if not I will make sure you all become stars.” Jean said as she smiled.She then stood up and left the office.To be continued…..