A Mother’s Needs

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Sunday night, Henry and Mavis, husband and wife, lay in the darkness naked and being intimate. Henry at 66 years old, and 15 years older than his wife had been having a considerable amount of trouble the last six months keeping an erection. Most of the time his cock would remain erect for two or three minutes then it would just evaporate, but the last time they had had sex it remained limp, as it was now.

“We need to get something to put inside of you.” He whispered as he held his limp cock against her pussy, standing at the foot of the bed, rubbing it against her. “You are a wonderful woman and you deserve more.”

“Everything is just fine.” Mavis assured him with little conviction in her tone. With her husband’s high blood pressure medicine and other prescriptions, she preferred that he stay away from ED pills – choosing a live husband over him having a stiff cock. She gave no thought to what the “something” he might be referring.

Henry was a good husband and knew there were ways to make his wife come.

Tomorrow, he would be gone on a business trip for two weeks and a little “going to be gone” sex was the norm for their relationship. It had kept him true in his married life.

Henry gave up and put his face between her legs and began to lick at Mavis’s pussy.

Mavis had a strong and satisfying orgasm. She played with him his cock a few minutes, trying to get it firm enough to get just an inch or two inside her, but It was not to be.

Why is it, when there is something you cannot have, makes you want it even more?

The next morning Mavis made breakfast for Henry and her son, 22-year-old Elton.

She soon had the house to herself and she began her daily cleaning. But her mind was not on cleaning. It was on cock – a particular cock – not necessarily a big cock – for the one she was thinking of was not all that big – but it was a good stiff one.

She tossed her cleaning cloth on the kitchen counter and walked to the phone. She dialed the number. She had promised herself she would not dial the number again. When she heard the voice on the other end of the line she spoke the simple statement, “their gone”.

“I’m on my way over.” Was the response from Cliff, Henry’s 52-year-old brother. He hung up the phone, telling his wife he was going to run a few errands.

Elton, on his bike, was halfway back to the electronics store where he worked after making a rare local delivery, when he remembered the book his boss had loaned him with a stern warning to bring it back this day. If he rode a little faster, took a few alley shortcuts, he could stop by home, grab the book, and return to the store with little lost time.

Elton noted his uncles pickup truck in the driveway a block away. Speeding up even more, he circled the house. His uncle was nowhere in sight and he immediately felt his anger rise.

His father was old school and had taught him never to enter another man’s house when his wife was alone in the house. It was considered disrespectful to the woman and could be an insult to her husband.

But one might argue that Cliff was family.

Elton knew well the fondness Cliff had for his brother’s wife. His father knew of it to but he had great trust in his wife and found Cliff’s fondness for his wife innocent enough. Elton had seen things his father had not..

Elton’s father had turned the basement into an apartment for which he gladly paid rent. He had his own private entrance down five stairs and the 10′ covered entrance kept his bike dry and out of sight. He entered the apartment, found the book in question and laid it on the table by the entrance door. His mind was not on leaving.

He was hesitant to barge up the stairs that would exit him into a short hall with the kitchen a few steps to the left, but he wanted to know why his uncle was visiting the house with his father gone.

He silently tiptoed up the carpeted basement stairs and dropped down on his knees, putting his ear to the door. He listened for a long minute, hearing no sound, then turned the knob slowly, cracking the door an inch or two. The quietness was profound and you probably could have heard a pin drop.

Elton stood and slowly pushed the door open. He crept slowly, listening intently, through the first level of the house. Stopping by the stairs to the second floor, he listened hard and soon heard the barest sound of voices coming from upstairs.

He crept slowly up the stairs, knowing where to step and avoid the loose sections of the stairs that might have made noise.

Following the sounds, he found himself standing next to the closed door of one, of two, guest rooms. There was no doubt in his mind what was going on behind the closed door.

“Your cock is so good!” Filtered through the door. The voice – and moans belonged to his mother.

“I love your pussy!” Came words of praise in the voice of his uncle.

“I love it deep in my pussy!”

Elton’s mind was reeling. He wanted to break open the door and catch them red handed, but what was güvenilir bahis he going to do then. If his father found out he would be devastated. He had to take time and think. He wanted to back away carefully, but his new and immediate desire to hear his mother orgasm was too strong to do the sensible thing. After long, long nerve-racking minutes of sexual banter, moaning, groaning and rhythmic bed springs, Elton heard his mother’s, seeming painful, elated moan of orgasm.

Slowly and quietly, he retraced his steps, grabbing the book on the way out.

Peddling his bike like a mad man, purging his anger, he arrived at work.

He was able to concentrate on his work – barely! His thoughts ran the gamut from – betrayal – the desire tell all – what bringing the betrayal to light would mean – how life would change – coming to terms with his own new found sexual desire concerning his mother.

His anger built again on his way home.

With great effort, he climbed the stairs of his basement apartment, knocked twice as usual, and exited to the left and the kitchen. His mother was at the sink wringing out a wet dishcloth.

“Good timing Elton! I’ll have your supper on the table in three minutes – piping hot.” Mavis told him. “I’m sorry I won’t be eating with you. I have to buy groceries tonight before it rains.”

Elton finished eating his supper and washed his dishes, wiping the table and counter. He returned downstairs and cut on the TV. He looked at the telephone and wanted desperately to talk to his girlfriend, she had classes on Monday nights. About what, he thought! He certainly couldn’t confide in her about what he knew, but maybe a little pussy would relieve some of his anxiety, until he could figure out how he was going to handle the situation. His mother must learn that he knew! That was the bottom line!

Elton unzipped his pants and released his limp cock and began toying with it. Soon, it was standing rigid and he spent many long minutes stroking it and toying with the domed head.

Try as he might, he could not get the words he had heard his mother say or her lustful moans out of his head. How long had they been doing it! He had never thought of his mother that way, but now tried to envision his mother in such a compromising position – was she riding his cock – on her knees getting it from behind – missionary? His emotions boiled over as he envisioned her on her knees taking his own cock as punishment for her indiscretion.

His orgasm came quickly! Now, he was angry with himself for soiling his pants.

Thursday evening Mavis was late in preparing dinner. She welcomed her son home with a happy tone and made him a glass of iced tea and sat it on the table.

Elton returned downstairs to change his clothes. He returned wearing blue jean shorts and a white T-shirt. He sat at the kitchen table drinking his tea and studying his mother as she moved around the kitchen.

In his eyes, she was rather nondescript; 5″9″ tall, maybe 160lbs, brown eyes and dirty blonde hair cut in a “Bob” style cut, neck length, the front ends curling slightly towards her chin and eyebrow length bangs, all requiring a minimum of attention.

He could not say she was pretty, though pleasing enough to look upon. Her breasts appeared average and he remembered her butt being well defined from the rare times he had seen her in pants! As she almost always wore loose fitting dresses, like the strapped country style, light blue one she had on now, he could not assess her abdomen, but as her legs seemed to be a bit meaty, Elton figured, at her age, she must have a bit of a belly. He wondered if her thighs were creamy and smooth – did she retain a bush – how thick?

Until now, he had never viewed his mother in a sexual frame. He diverted his gaze each time she turned towards him. He felt a bit self-conscious, straightening his back and leaning a bit backwards, when she finally approached with his plate of food.

“More tea, sugar?”

“Please.” He answered, thinking, ‘how could she act so nomal?’

As she returned with his glass refilled, he laid his eyes on her waist and thought, ‘I wonder if she has panties on under that dress – what color might they be – if I reached up under the dress, what would her ass feel like? Will the weekend never get here!’

Saturday, near midday, Elton rolled off of his girlfriend, laying beside her exhausted, his body wet with perspiration from their labored fucking.

“A bit rough tonight, Elton?” Judy said after long moments of catching her breath.

“I thought you liked it like that?” He said with a chuckle.

“I do. I usually have to beg for it.” She replied. “I thought you were trying to split me open. Is everything all right? Have I done something?”

“Everything is fine.” He assured her. “You are wonderful! I was feeling a little rambunctious and thought I’d give you a treat.”

“I would call it a little angry!”

Sunday morning, Elton was still sleeping, when his mother knocked on his door telling him breakfast türkçe bahis was almost ready. Unwashed, he slipped on cotton shorts and T-shirt. He climbed the stairs, still in a somewhat sleepy state, to the kitchen above.

Saying good morning to his mother, he sat down and drank his orange juice quickly. He turned his attention to his coffee, dumping 4 teaspoons of sugar and a little cream. It was piping hot and good.

“Do you remember telling me you would help me with the curtains today?” Mavis asked.

“Sure. When do you wish to start?”

” After you shower will be fine.” She answered. “It won’t take long and I was thinking after we finish you and I could go to a movie and have a late lunch?”

It all happened as planned. It had been great fun – they had laughed and clowned around – but his mother’s infidelity always managed top surfaced in his mind, and she asked him countless times was there something bothering him.

It was near dark when they returned home. They entered the main floor of the house and Elton asked his mother to come down to his apartment after she got settled so they could talk.

A half hour later Elton climbed the stairs and entered the upper house looking for his mother. He had worked up enough courage to challenge her.

He followed her voice and found her in the kitchen on the phone with her sister in California. It was always a three-hour conversation, which always annoyed his father to no end. He returned to his apartment. By 11 o’clock, Elton figured his mother had forgotten or was still on the phone. He went to bed.

The week past with frustration for Elton, as every night was filled with his obligations to friends, night classes, or his mother having scheduled something that took her out.

During the following week on his lunch hour, Elton rode his bike by his house every day. He found his uncle’s car in the driveway on Wednesday.

His anger boiled anew, but he was more curious. If they used the same room, he could spy on them.

Hiding his bike in his entryway, Elton climbed a large tree next to the house that he had done many times over the years – for fun when younger – to work on the house in recent times. He edged along the flat edge of the roof line pretending to check various areas should someone be watching. He peeked into the first guest room, and finding no one, he pushed on to the second.

They were there indeed! His mother, totally nude, was riding his uncle’s cock. She apparently had been doing so for a while and moaned loudly in orgasm within two minutes of his arrival.

He watched Cliff rolled her over to her back without losing penetration and begin to fuck her with abandonment. He did not wait for Cliff to shoot off, as he had seen what he needed to.

The rest of the day and continuing the rest of the week Elton raged with anger and jerked off with the vision of his mother in her soul revealing orgasm. He checked off her attributes numerous times and saw that she did have a bit of the belly. He wished he could have seen between her legs, wanting to know if she had a bush, and how lavish. He should have waited a bit longer!

His father arrived home Saturday afternoon.

“Returning home” sex was the norm and Saturday night found Henry and his wife, Mavis, naked and intimate before going to sleep.

Henry had been eating his wife’s pussy after she had played with his cock trying to get it hard, when he stopped and reached for something he had taken out of his dresser and laid on the bed in the darkness.

“I want you to try something for me.” He said to her, reaching for the 5″ dildo. He placed the head to her pussy.

“I told you everything was just… Oh fuckkk.” She moan, using the word restricted to the marriage bed – until recently anyway. “That’s good!”

Henry gripped the dildo by the balls with his fingers and proceeded to stroke the synthetic rubber shaft in out of his wife. Her moans and groans told him that his visit to the adult book / toy store had been worthwhile.

He felt his cock get a little firmer but knew trying to stick it in her would break the moment – a fleeting moment.

Keeping in her, he let it go, moving to stand beside the bed by her waist. He had thought much about this and figured by standing he could increase the rhythm of the dildo eventually using his finger to bring her to orgasm.

Whether or not he gave any thought to his wife’s reaction, we are unsure. She took to being fucked with the dildo like a duck to water, holding her thighs up and wide. When he put his free finger to her clit she went delirious until the orgasm stilled her body for a moment and then quaked, causing her to breathe like a woman in labor.

“I will take from your reaction that we have found a solution to our problem?” Henry asked, after his wife’s orgasm had subsided.

“Yes! But I feel a bit self-conscious and concerned about you. Are you okay?”

“I’m just fine.” Henry returned. “I’m just happy you like it.”

“Why did you wait so long?” She queried, güvenilir bahis siteleri hoping the question would not confirm or open a discussion of how long she had been dissatisfied.

“I thought the problem might fix itself.”

Henry had a good cock – over 6 inches and thick. When he purchased the dildo it was either 5″ and not to thick – 6″ and very thick – or 7″ and up. He figured, he would let his wife decide later whether she wanted to try something larger. Under the circumstances, he had no need to feel inadequate should she want to try a bigger cock.

Out of respect and love for her husband, Mavis dallied with and sucked his limp cock until he said all was fine and they went to sleep.

It was three months before Henry told the family he would again be away for 8 to 10 days.

The intervening months were hell on Elton.

Whenever his mother was out at night alone, he wondered if she was meeting Cliff. Whenever the opportunity was there – often he made sure the opportunity presented itself – he would check her manner of dress, makeup and hair, before leaving and returning for the least bit of askew. Once or twice, he felt sure she did not look as tidy coming home as when she had left. If her damned hair wasn’t so easy to take care of!

Elton had no way of knowing of the new vitality his parents were experiencing in their sex life due to the introduction of the dildo.

Mavis had seduced her husband’s brother. Cliff had not been that much of a willing participant, but as a man he was not going to turn down pussy. That he had not received a call from Mavis in quite some time did not distress him all that much. He breathed a whole lot easier!

Elton took his anxiety and anger out on his girlfriend, Judy, during their usual weekend sex. To the point that Judy told him, “I don’t know what your problem is but I’m tired of getting beat to death. Occasionally, it’s fun! But you scared me last night and I’m not seeing you again until you can assured me whatever is in your system is out.

Mavis was not seeing her husband’s brother. He was easy to manipulate and he was scared to death to boot.

She was fully content with the dildo, to the extent that she had allowed her husband to purchase the bigger 6″, much thicker, one.

In reality, and to his satisfaction, she was giving her husband more sex – more opportunity to fuck her with the dildo. Everyone was content except Elton.

Henry informed his family of his departure two weeks before he left.

Elton dropped his father off at the airport on a Saturday afternoon and on his drive home made plans for confronting his mother, hopefully that evening, as he did not want a repeat of jammed schedules and such. His being split with his girlfriend, helped considerably.

As requested, Mavis joined her son in his basement apartment after supper that evening. Having showered, she redressed and hoped Elton had picked up a good movie.

She sat in a chair across from him and sipped the wine he had offered. She wore a flowered dress with a belt around her waist. Around the house as usual, she was barefoot.

“What is it you wanted to talk to me about?” She asked after a few minutes of casual talk and glancing at the TV.

“I wanted to talk to you about uncle Cliff.” He began, searching for the best words.

“What about uncle Cliff? Is there something wrong with him?” She asked, being totally ignorant of what was coming.

“I know what you two have been doing when dad is away!”

The statement struck Mavis like a bolt of lightning, but except for her body tightening and a slight raised eyebrow she showed no shock are frightened expression. She just sat there staring into her son’s eyes.

He continued, explaining every minute detail of what had happened during his dad’s prior trip. During his telling of climbing to the roof of the house, a dangerous but practiced feat, Mavis began to see a light at the end of the tunnel – a way out!

“How long have you and uncle Cliff been having sex?” Elton asked when he had finished telling his story.

“About nine months ago, but I have not seen him, that way, in the last three months. You were wrong and your imagination got the best of you.” She explained, continuing, “your dad has been having trouble keeping it up. He bought a dildo to use on me and I’ve been quite happy not having to stray. I liked sex. Cliff, him not being a threat being married and all with kids – but young enough to keep it up – he seemed like a safe bet. I love your father very much. I guess you could say it was unfortunate that day you discovered us, but maybe not. You should be angry? But you are not! When did your anger turn to desire? When did you decide to blackmail me for sex?”

“I have no such intention!” Elton declared.

“The bulge in your pants says differently.” Mavis accused, taking control and turning the tables on her son. “Blackmail or not, I think we both know what needs to happen here. Or, I can let you tell your dad, which you will surely do, unless I let you have your desire. It’s funny, I have been happy with the dildo and I had made a decision not to have sex with Cliff anymore. He is happy to know that, regardless of what you might think. He is a good man. But now this!”