A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 15

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By the time they got home it was nearly dinner time. Gregory had them change into the new outfits of their choice and he was splendidly surprised when they walked out. Linda wore her black garters with a black bra and a very see through black lace robe.

Lisa wore her maid/school girl’s outfit which cupped her small breasts making them look just a little bigger than they really were.

“You both look so sexy.” He said.

“Slave. Please start preparing dinner.”

“Right away master.” She replied.

“My slutty toy.” He said. “I think it’s time we prepare you for all your holes.”

Lisa blushed and smiled. She had never had her anus touched. She had never really experimented with the idea herself either.

“Yes master. My holes are yours to use.” She replied and felt a little pulse from her clitoris. Gregory took her hand and led her into her room and into the bathroom where he prepared the enema kit with warm water.

“Get into a comfortable position.” He instructed.

Lisa set herself on her arms and knees with her legs open and ass raised. She felt the cold liquid of the lubricant as he spread it on her anus.

“Okay, it’s going in…slowly. Once you feel the need to go then I’ll shut it off and it’s all you.” He said.

“Yes master.” She replied and then felt the pressure of the nozzle and the sudden warmth of the water. Lisa enjoyed the feel of the warm water flowing into her and wondered if his cum inside of her would feel similar. A sudden urgency rushed at her and she knew she couldn’t take any more.

“I’m full master.”

He pulled the nozzle out and turned off the water and left the room. As he walked out of the room and down the hallway he found Linda was at the stove stirring noodles. He walked up behind her and slid his hands along her flat stomach and up her black lacy bra and cupped her firm perky breasts. He started kissing her neck and slowly moved down her shoulders and back.

Linda felt a shiver of pleasure that tingled down her neck and through her spine and ended between her thighs. She loved how soft and firm his lips were as he kissed his way across her body. Gregory kissed across her waist and down her left leg and then over to her right leg and with gentle guiding hands he spread her legs apart and started licking her labia.

Linda’s breathing grew heavy and labored as she felt his tongue part her labia and lick the outside of her pussy. With firm lips he sucked on her labia, gently pulling them and then licking them. Linda loved how attentive her master was to her sensitive areas. Gregory reached into his pocket and pressed the vibrator remote.

Linda made a soft gasp as the vibrator hummed to life. Gregory turned it up to level three and left it running as he continued to kiss up and down her body. Linda’s breathing turned from labored to soft whining as the vibrator started to moisten her güvenilir bahis pussy. Greg turned it up another level and the vibrations grew heavier and faster.

The small front tongue of the vibrator rested firmly on her aroused clitoris which was growing more sensitive with each passing moment. Linda could hardly maintain a steady focus on stirring the noodles as her climax began to climb higher. She felt Gregory take her hand and guided the wooden spoon. With his left hand still in his pocket he turned up the vibrator two extra levels.

The vibrator made a high pitched humming noise as it wracked her vagina and clitoris with heavy vibrations. Linda reached back with her free hand and looped her fingers around his neck.

“Oh master.” She moaned as her climax soared upward. “It’s coming master. Oh fuck yes…” Linda moaned as a steady trickle of cum leaked out of her pussy and on the floor between her legs.

She hadn’t even realized that she had stopped stirring and that Greg was the only reason the noodles were being stirred at all.

“Master.” Lisa called from the other room. “I’m finished.”

Gregory pulled away and just before he left the room he planted a kiss on Linda’s neck and then turned up the vibrator all the way.

“Oh fuck!” Linda groaned as she felt the vibrator shake around inside her vagina. “Oh god! I can’t hold it!” Linda shouted and let out a long loud moan as she squirted in a thick steady stream of cum that puddled onto the floor. Her legs quivered and she dropped to the floor as the orgasm shook through her.

Lisa couldn’t help but feel turned on as Gregory slipped the nozzle back into her lubricated anus. The warm water began pouring into her once again and she felt her nipples stiffen and her skin ripple as the warmth spread through her. Gregory reached under her and softly stroked her pussy. Lisa loved how good he was at touching her in every sensitive area.

He never forced or rushed any sensation. Lisa’s breathing quickened as she felt his finger run from her clitoris, down the opening of her pussy and stopped at the edge of her sphincter and then move back up. Within no time at all her pussy was dripping with precum and she found that she was moving her hips as though trying to fuck his fingers.

Linda dropped onto her back as her hypersensitive, post orgasmic pussy continued to get wracked with vibrations. Her climax had plummeted but like a rubber ball it bounced quickly back up and she found she couldn’t stop the orgasm that was hurling at her. Linda could feel her climax as her clitoris was forced into stimulation.

“Oh fuck…yes! Oh shit! Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum master!” Linda screamed, but unlike the first orgasm she didn’t squirt. Linda bucked her hips and couldn’t help but squirm in an orgasmic fuck frenzy. All at once the vibrations stopped and Linda collapsed to the cold tile türkçe bahis floor and just breathed.

Lisa felt the familiar tingle of discomfort as her insides filled up with water.

“I need to go.” She said.

Gregory pulled the nozzle out and walked out and returned to Linda who was trying to get back onto her feet but her legs were too wobbly. He helped her up to her feet and pulled out a chair for her to sit on.

“Thank you master.” She said with a breathy voice. “I think the noodles are ready, master.”

Gregory checked the noodles and then strained them and divided them into separate bowls. Without warning Linda’s phone rang and she looked to Greg who nodded. She answered it.

“Hello?” She asked.

“Hey Linda. How is it going?” Marsha asked on the other end of the line.

“Oh hey! It’s amazing.” Linda replied. “How is it going on your end?”

“I’ve got some fun news. So when I was-” as Marsha talked about how she had her flavor of incredible sex with her eldest son, Gregory took Linda by the waist and moved her out of the seat and started sliding his cock along the outside of her soaking wet pussy. Linda’s breathing grew heavy and she tried not to moan as the swollen and high ridge of his cock rubbed against her swollen clitoris.

“-Lisa let me tell you. I don’t know what got into him but he had me pinned and he took control like never before.” Marsha continued. “I think even-”

Gregory slipped his cock into her pussy and pressed it inwards all the way until it pushed against her cervix.

“Ah!” Linda moaned as she felt the immense pressure of his cock against her cervix.

“I really hope he…” Marsha stopped talking after Linda moaned. “…Linda? You okay?”

“Uh huh.” Linda moaned in reply as Greg slowly, almost torturously started fucking her pussy.

“Is Gregory there with you right now?” Marsha asked.

“Oh yes.” Linda breathed heavily into the phone.

“Is he fucking you right now?”

“God yes.” Linda moaned at the same moment he pressed his cock into her cervix again.

“Holy shit that’s fucking hot.” Marsha replied.

“Hey Marsha?” Gregory’s deep voice said into the phone. “Hang on a moment…she’ll be able to talk in a minute.” He said and then began pounding Linda’s pussy as though he were trying to break her in two.

He grabbed her hips and pushed every available inch of his raging hard cock that he could manage inside of her pussy. Linda had no other choice but to scream her pleasure as he pounded her cervix and stretched her vagina.

“Who is your master?” Gregory grunted.

“You are master!” Linda screamed back. “Fuck me master!” Linda shouted even as she still held the phone to her face. Gregory shifted positions and angled his cock slightly upward and Linda let loose a wild pleasurably painful scream.

“Oh fuck! Right there there!” Linda shouted. güvenilir bahis siteleri “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” Linda screamed. “Fuck me master! Fuck me! Yes!” Linda screamed.

Gregory felt her pussy tighten and all at once it squeezed his massive cock as she orgasmed once again.

“Oh my god! Yes!” She shouted and her entire body shook for a few seconds before she sagged.

He pulled out and she fell into the chair and just breathed.

“Lisa?” Marsha asked.

“Yeah?” Linda asked weakly.

“I just orgasmed from listening to your orgasm. I need to see this in person.” Marsha said almost pleadingly.

“That’s not my choice. It’s up to my master, and right now he is preoccupied.” She said as he walked down the hall and returned to Lisa who was ready for a third round of cleaning.

“Wait! Did you say your master? Is Gregory your-“

“I have given him my complete obedience and all of my body to him.” Linda replied as she caught her breath.

“Holy shit. You’re his slave?” Marsha asked, a tone of jealousy in her voice as she asked.

“Yes I am. He treats me better than any man ever has and I am happy to give him my everything.” Linda replied.

“Please tell him I want to join in. Please!” Marsha begged.

Linda didn’t reply right away. She wasn’t sure how she’d feel about her best friend being a third slave to her son. Gregory’s attention was already divided up and she wasn’t sure if she’d feel good about him being divided into thirds. The slave inside of her reminded her that it wasn’t about what she wanted, it was about what her master wanted.

“I’ll ask him Marsha. I’m not his only slave right now though.” Linda said.

“He has another? Is she there?”

“She is getting cleaned out right now.”

“Cleaned out? For anal?” Marsha asked.

“Yes.” Linda replied.

“Oh I want my ass filled with cock.” Marsha moaned.

Before Linda could say anything else, Gregory returned and she handed him the phone.

“Hello? Marsha?” He asked.

“Gregory. Wow you sound so sexy.” Marsha said. “Greg, would you make me a slave too? I want to have what your mom has. Please, I promise I’ll-“

“Meet me tomorrow at my work. Be there by eleven and make sure everything is fully cleaned and shaven. Understood?” He said.

“Yes sir.” She replied and without another word Gregory hung up the phone and started making the rest of dinner while Linda sat in the kitchen watching him.

She had mixed feelings about sharing him with Marsha and she wasn’t sure why yet. She loved her best friend like a sister. Yet something sat uncomfortably inside her like a stone had settled in her stomach. Lisa walked out from her room looking a little tired but very aroused.

“Let’s eat.” Gregory said and they all sat down to eat.

By the time they had finished eating and relaxed for a bit, Linda had felt the weight of her multiple orgasms.

“I’m sorry master. I have to sleep.” Linda said.

“Go to bed my sexy slave. I’ll see you in the morning.” He kissed her gently and watched her walk up the stairs and disappear, leaving just him and Lisa.