A Mothers Love

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A very dear friend gave me the title to this piece of work after I read it over the phone to her. Thanks MM, for always being there for me and accepting me for who I am, no matter how depraved.

All the characters in this piece are a work of fiction and all, are over the age of 18

This is a work of fiction. It is a lesbian-incest story between a mother and her daughter, so if it is not your express idea of a good time, don’t read it.

I hope you enjoy this story. It is my first submission, and unedited. Comments are welcome and PLEASE … vote! Thx …Wn2tM

Rachel awoke to the soft buzzing of her alarm clock.

Realizing it was 4:30 am., she lay there for a moment with her eyes closed, just relaxing. Her daughter was nuzzled against her, she could feel her naked body against hers from head to toe. She could feel Kendall’s left thigh firmly pressed into her womanhood. She could smell the Jasmine shampoo of her hair, as her head was cradled into the corner of her shoulder and chest. Her steady breathing let her know she hadn’t woke up. She kissed her daughter lovingly on the forehead and slowly began to dis-entangle herself without waking her. As Rachel slid from the smooth red silk bed sheets, Kendall lay flat on the front of her body and let out a small whine, and pulled the covers back into her.

Rachel went and visited the toilet, brushed her teeth and took a shower, then dried herself. She went into the kitchen and started the coffee, then into the bedroom and slid back into bed with her daughter.

Kendall was now lying on her back and had thrown off the blankets to her waist. Her face was framed angelically with her brunette hair spread out on the pillow, head turned slightly to her left. Her right arm lay flat across her chest at the base of her breasts. Her left was in a tri-angle shape with her hand under her head.

Rachel looked at her daughter, amazed at how much of a beautiful young lady she had blossomed into. High cheekbones, soft features, full lips. Button nose, long eyelashes, strong jaw line. Remembering last night, being tied up and tortured, a little minx mixed with devil, too.

Her breasts jutted upwards, towards the ceiling. Not large, but definitely not small either. Her nipples were soft, surrounded by dollar sized areola the color of pink roses. She had a flat stomach and a cute belly button. She was petite at 4 ft 11 though, still wearing junior misses.


Rachel was slightly jealous of her own flesh and blood, but proud of her too. She was proud because of the young woman she was becoming, and jealous because she had the body Rachel had wanted at that age. She knew her daughter was very attractive, desired by both sexes. She also knew Kendall had no desire to be with guys and that she, Rachel, was the only one Kendall had ever had sex with.

She felt a little guilty having sex with her own child, but she also remembered that her daughter had initiated it: Not like that made it right. Besides, is it really incest if it’s mother/daughter, aunt/niece, cousins or sister/sister? Not like anybody has to worry about getting knocked up …

Now that same daughter wanted to give her mother her virginity.

Woaw!! This really bothered Rachel.

“You made me mom, and gave me my virginity. It seems only fair that because it was made from you, that you should be the one to take it.” The girl had said logically.

Not that it was logical to Rach.

“I’d like you to get a guy, get married and give me dozens of grand babies! Doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen either does it?

“Why not Sara? I see the way she follows you around like a lost puppy. Or Courtney, Annie, Skye, Porsche or any other of güvenilir bahis that bunch of myriad girls you parade around with?”

“Mom …” she sighed.

“Oh wait, I’ve got a great idea. It’s a real stunner! Why … don’t … you … let a guy fuck you and give you a baby at the SAME TIME?! Do things the way they were meant to be?”

Feeling hopeless, Kendall got up and went to her room, slamming the door.

Rachel went over to the bar, poured a double scotch and soda then downed it. Followed by another. Then another. On the fourth one she dropped ice into it, then walked across the huge living room to stand at the sliding glass doors. She opened it and stepped out onto the deck, admiring the great view she had of the city she loved.

The sun had just gone down and it was still warm. She leaned her arms against the railing with her drink wrapped in both hands.

Serves me right I guess. Never having any male role models around while she was growing up, she thought.


Rachel was perplexed. She still remembered the guy she gave her virginity to.

They had dated all through high school and he was the love of her life. She used to doodle in class, changing her last name to his, with and with-out her hyphenated name. They did everything together. He carried her books to class, picked her up and dropped her off from school, he even went shopping with her. They played sports and that was practically the only waking time during the day that they were apart. They sacrificed their friends for each other, and almost never fought.

They had a passionate relationship and he respected her boundaries, very uncommon for the times. She loved him, and felt he loved her. So, on their 3rd dating anniversary, she gave him her anniversary present, one that he would never be able to give back. She could still feel the pain of his dick sliding into her for the first time, and taking her maidenhood. He was gentle enough, and she felt they had made love. She remembered that they had unprotected sex 3 times that night, once for every year they were together. They slept in his car till dawn, entwined and naked, and then he took her home. She snuck into the house and her bedroom without her mom ever raising a fuss, and to this day she doesn’t even know if her mom knows what time she came in.

But she does know that after that night, she never heard from him again. He refused to take her calls, wouldn’t talk to her at school, refused to talk to her friends, changed his circle of friends and completely ignored her, like he didn’t know who she was. She was devastated.

The only fortunate issue that came to pass was that she wasn’t pregnant. She didn’t know if she would have been able to handle that as well, anyways. To her that would have been the ultimate betrayal, the eyes of an innocent child to forever remember him. Born of love, and left to smolder into ashes.

Eventually the pain began to die, and turned to anger. When that faded it turned to humiliation when she found out the only reason he had been with her, was for her virginity.

He had decided years before that he was going to be the one who took her cherry, no matter how long it took. She found out that he had been bragging about being THE guy who did it. When she finally confronted him, he laughed at her, as well as his friends. So, that humiliation in turn became resolve. They say that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. And she definitely became stronger.

Her resolve drove her feelings for him to hatred, resentment and disgust. She has no idea who Kendall’s father is, but the sperm bank keeps records like that. Her hatred for him turned to all men, and she never let another man touch her, ever again.

As türkçe bahis she stood looking over the city, all this came back into her mind.

There were several issues that perplexed her about this idea of Kendall’s.

1. If I take my daughters virginity, will she hate me 5 years down the road? Like I still do with Jerry? So many girls hate the person they give their virginity to.

2. It’s bad enough that I have sex with my daughter, but she SHOULD give her cherry to somebody else. Somebody she’s in LOVE with.

She felt dirty even considering it. She downed her drink again, then went back for another.


The pair didn’t speak for a couple of days beyond brief hello’s and goodbye’s with a smittering of small talk here and there.

Kendall stayed in her room when her mother was home and slept in her own bed.

On the third night, as Rachel was getting ready for bed, Kendal padded into her room and hugged her from behind. “I’m sorry mom, I was being insensitive to what you might think is right and wrong.”

Rachel patted her daughters wrist and said, “That’s perfectly alright sweetheart, you’re still a teenager and not in your right mind yet anyways.” She said with a smile that Kendall could hear.

Rachel never could stay mad at her daughter. She could also never refuse her. That’s how Kendall wound up in her bed the first time, over a year ago. And has shared it ever since.

Which is why an hour later, Rachel lay naked and blindfolded. Her arms were tied to the bedposts while Kendall teased and tempted her mothers body into frustration. The taste of Kendall’s sex was on her lips, cheeks and chin, and now Kendall had been torturing her mother for over a half hour. She would let her come close, only to slip away. Time after time, after time. Rachel was begging Kendall for release and Kendall knew she was ready.

She placed a towel under Rachel, then slid a finger into her wet crease to lube it up. Rachel humped the finger. She was breathing erratically, hard. She groaned deeply as Kendall sank the finger into the bottom of her depths, only to hiss as she removed it. She stuck it into her mouth and sucked. “Mmm, mom. You taste wonderful!!”

“You little brat, wait until I get my arms free. I’ll show you!!”

Kendal slithered up to her mother and whispered in her ear, “Promise?” Laughing a devilish laugh, she licked it, and sucked the earlobe as she pulled away. Taking her place back between the open legs, she again stuck the finger inside her.

“Oh fuck Kitten, please don’t stop again! I need to cum baby, PLEASE!”

“I can’t hear you. Louder, mom!”

“PLEASE!” she yelled.



“That’s better. One more time!”


Kendall didn’t say a word. She slid her finger part way out of her mother and turned her hand over. She placed her other hand over her pubic bone and applied pressure. She buried her face into Rachel’s pussy and sucked in her clit, at the same rubbing her G-spot inside. It took about ten seconds for Rachel to see fireworks, she heard herself screaming and then it all went black.


So, she lay there on her left side, gazing at her beautiful daughter. She placed her hand on her firm, taught, tan stomach. She played figure 8’s on her, lightly tracing the skin. Her fingers danced around the navel, and as her hand slid under the sheets her mouth moved to her daughters belly button. Her tongue lightly caressed the navel’s edges, Rachel’s hand playing in the thin hair of her daughters mound. Her tongue slid across her torso to the base of her right breast, and she kissed around it. Upwards across the güvenilir bahis siteleri firm, jutting globe to the nipple, she took it into her mouth.

Kendall moaned and involuntarily spread her legs, while Rachel’s tongue flicked her nipple and her fingers danced lightly along her outer mons.

Rachel threw the sheets all the way off, and climbing between Kendall’s open thighs thought, Time to wake up lover.

She gazed at Kendall’s nakedness, and lowered her mouth to her exclamation style lips. She didn’t close her eyes. She never did when she ate her. She always loved to watch her daughters expressions as she manipulated her own flesh and blood in pleasure. She pointed her tongue and gently thrust it in between the lips, then drug it up toward the clit. Her hips gently thrust into the air, trying to chase the tongue as it left her sensitive flesh.

Rachel’s arms slid under Kendall’s body and wrapped around her thighs. She buried her face into her pussy and began to lick, kiss, caress and suck the entrance to her daughters womb. Kendall began to moan in her sleep and toss her head from side to side. She’s waking up! Her daughter was starting to make her sex fluid as she became more aroused, so Rachel hardened her tongue and thrust it into Kendall’s love canal.

A deep guttural groan escaped Kendall’s lips as she thrust and held her hips against the face between her legs. Her hands grabbed the back of her mothers head and held her in place. Kendall never opened her eyes. Rachel’s tongue continued to thrust into her daughter, and her daughter kept pace with her mother, thrusting her pelvis.

“Ooooh mom, I LOVE it when you wake me like this!!”

Rachel’s tongue slithered from her vagina and licked to her clit. Surrounding it with her lips, she sucked it into her mouth and flicked her tongue across it. Kendall came apart in spasms, her body arching and thrusting. Letting go of her mothers head she gripping the sheets so hard her knuckles turned white.

“OH GOD …… right there ……. DON’T STOP …. YeeeeEEEEEE”

Rachel’s tongue stopped and went flat on Kendall’s clit and she held on tight as her daughter thrust in spasms against her face. When Rachel knew Kendall’s clit was too sensitive to touch, she kissed her outer lips and sucked her inner thighs. She drug her tongue up the outside of her lips, until Kendall was relaxed enough. She licked her daughters wet pussy clean, sucking her juices from her.

Kendall was watching her now, and as she kissed her mound Kendall said, “Come here. I need to kiss you, Mom!”

Rachel slithered up Kendall’s lithe young body until they were in a lovers passionate embrace, lips mashed together. Kendall’s arms wrapped tightly around Rachel, Rachel’s under Kendall, cradling her head as they kissed. Kendall wriggled and mewled under her mother, her body dancing on the sheets to a lovers song.

Kendall applied pressure against her mother until they rolled over, with Kendall on top. They broke the kiss and looked dreamily into each others eyes for a long time, with Kendall pecking Rachel’s lips lightly.

“I love you, mom. You know that right? That I really love you?” Kendall said lovingly.

“Yes dear, I know you love me. You’ve always loved me.”

“No, mom. I mean, I love you, Rachel! I’m in love with you Rachel, mom!”

“I’m in love with you too Kendall, in ways that I shouldn’t be, but I can’t help myself and I am!”

Then she lowered her lips back to mine. Instead of the frenzied, passionate, sloppy wet kisses, what I got now where slow, tender and deep kisses from my daughter. When she made love to me that morning, she really made love to me. She did it with such a tender passion that when she took me over the edge, she left me crying.

As we lay snuggling afterwards and she was kissing my drying tears, that was when I knew. I knew I was going to give my daughter what she wanted.

I was going to let her give me her womanhood.