A Mother’s Love Ch. 01

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Hi everyone. This is my first attempt at an incest/taboo story, so I hope you like it. This is NOT something I would ever do in real life!


It all happened that summer. I would never have anticipated, nor even dreamed of, the events that would take place the summer of my forty-second year. My son, Justin, and I lived in a nice two story house in a quiet neighborhood. He and I had been alone ever since my husband died the year Justin turned ten. Brad had been on his morning jog when he collapsed in the park. He was found by a fellow jogger who called 911. He never regained consciousness, and the doctors discovered he had had a blood clot on his brain that had simply ruptured. He was only thirty-two when he was taken from us. Our world was ripped apart when he died, as we both loved him more dearly than anyone could imagine. He had been my first love and my first and only lover, when we met in college. No one could have been a better father, and Justin adored him, and was lost without him. Somehow we survived, although I’m not really certain how. There were many nights I spent in tears, clutching Brad’s worn bathrobe, just to have the scent of him in my nostrils again. I know Justin cried a lot too, although he wouldn’t let me see. I think he was afraid it would make me hurt even more than I already did. Fortunately, Brad had seen fit to provide for us in the event of his passing, and his life insurance allowed us to keep our home and live somewhat in the manner to which we were accustomed.

The years passed quickly and over time we did learn to live without my darling husband. We laughed again, feeling guilty at first, but gradually moving on to accept that life does go on, and that we were alive. We both knew Brad would want us to live our lives and not spend them grieving, so we honored his memory by working our way back into the light. Suddenly it seemed as if we had blinked and Justin was graduating high school and I was forty years old. He had blossomed over the years into a handsome and popular young man, with many girlfriends as well as friends, and they all liked to come over to our house and ‘hang out’. I was always happy to have them around, and many of his friends would flirt with me, practicing their moves for their future girlfriends and wives. They always made me laugh. I was glad to see Justin dating, but it seemed to bother him at times that I never did. He would ask me about it, seeming to worry that I would be too alone when he left for college. I tried to reassure him, for I had not been interested in anyone since Brad. I had grown accustomed to doing as I pleased and not checking in with anyone but my son, and I liked it that way. Some men had asked over the years, but I had always turned them down politely with one excuse or the other. Instead, I lived vicariously through Justin, as he would tell me about his date with this girl or that one. He was comfortable talking with me about anything, and we had had ‘the talk’ a couple of years before. He was sexually active, but very careful about it, and didn’t discuss his partners in great detail, honoring their right to privacy.

Justin left for college the fall after high school, but he ended up being very unhappy there. He missed home, his friends and me. He met a girl there that he really liked, but it turned out she was using him for sex and to make her boyfriend jealous. She really hurt him and he became very depressed. We talked on the phone a lot, but it just wasn’t the same, and he wasn’t close enough to come home every weekend, so after a year, he moved back home, to transfer to the college in the next town. When he first came home, he had lost a lot of weight, and was very ill, but it didn’t take long for him to gain it back and become his old self. Justin threw himself into his new college life wholeheartedly and soon had many new friends and a girlfriend or two. I noticed he was very careful to only date them casually, even though I think they would have liked more. There was one girl in particular that was very pretty and sweet. Her name was Darcy and he seemed to like her a lot, but still kept her at arms length. They really made a handsome couple. Justin now stood at 6′, just like his dad. He had thick shoulder length black hair and cobalt blue eyes, as well as a muscular build. Darcy was petite, standing a mere 5’4, with long blond hair and green eyes. She had a lovely figure and carried herself well. I enjoyed watching them together, and she seemed good at making my son smile, which made me happy.

One night they had a date and Darcy drove over, leaving her car at our house. I heard them come in around midnight, as I was upstairs answering some e-mail on my computer. I had not turned a light on and the house was dark, other than the small lamp I always left on for Justin when he went out. When I didn’t hear Darcy leave right away, I started to go down and speak to them, but when I got halfway down the stairs, I could see them in the den. They were lit softly by the small lamp and they were kissing. I realized they must have thought that I was asleep since the house was dark, and even though casino oyna I could see them, they couldn’t see me. They were sitting on the sofa, and Darcy was on Justin’s lap, their mouths gently moving together. They looked so sweet and romantic, it made me think of Brad and I in our early years, and I couldn’t help but watch for a moment. Justin had her face cupped in his hands and her arms were around his neck. They looked as if neither wanted to stop anytime soon. Smiling softly, I started to turn and go back upstairs, until I saw Justin’s hand move down from Darcy’s face to the side of her breast. I felt my breath come quickly, hearing her moan softly against my son’s mouth. I watched as his large fingers caressed the plump globe through her tank top, his thumb moving over to rub her nipple, arousing it. She wriggled a little on his lap as he continued to kiss her thoroughly, now exploring her other breast. I found myself moving down another step to be able to observe more fully. He pulled back from her for a moment and moved her off his lap to seat her on the sofa, then eased her backward. I could still see every move, and couldn’t pull my eyes away, feeling very strange.

Justin whispered “You’re so beautiful, Darcy. I want to touch you more. May I?” Darcy seemed to have lost her voice and only nodded, her hair shining in the soft light. He ran both palms lightly over her breasts, teasing her nipples and making her gasp. I saw his teeth flash in a smile as he increased the pressure and massaged her, leaning down and kissing her parted lips again, his tongue slipping into her mouth. It was incredibly erotic to watch these two young people, my twenty year old son and his nineteen year old girlfriend making out. When he slid her tank top up, exposing her creamy flesh to both of our gazes, I felt my own nipples harden in anticipation. He simply looked down at her for several minutes, before leaning down and licking her right nipple. I watched her hips buck slightly at the contact. “Mmmm, you like that do you?” He teased her with another lick, this time on her left bud. Her fingers tangled in his hair, trying to pull his mouth more tightly to her. Justin obliged her by fastening his lips around her nipple and suckling, sliding his hand down her side to her hip and letting it rest there at the waistband of the denim shorts she wore. I could see the tent at the crotch of his jeans, and marveled at how much it was pushing the fabric out. He moved to her lips again, taking them as he unsnapped and unzipped her shorts, sliding his hand inside. I could imagine how good his fingers felt between her legs, and found myself wishing I could feel that touch. The thought shocked me almost enough to leave, but when he started sliding her shorts down, exposing her tiny panties, I was too mesmerized to move.

Justin pulled Darcy’s shorts off and let them fall to the floor. She lay there, her breasts heaving with passion, her tank top pushed up and only a thin scrap of silk covering her from our hungry eyes. I watched as he slid a finger up and down the crotch of her panties, making her cry out softly. “Oh, you’re so wet for me, babe. You want me as much as I do you, huh?” Only a whimper of need from Darcy was the answer. It seemed to be enough, for Justin whisked her panties off, exposing her almost non-existent bush. She had trimmed it to just a tiny strip that seemed to point the way to paradise. I felt my own loins dampen when he moved and placed his face between her legs. I couldn’t see exactly what he was doing, but I could imagine his tongue dipping and swirling over her softness, tasting her love juice, teasing her clit. I wanted to be the one on that sofa now. I had not felt such a wave of desire or need since Brad had been alive. I wanted to feel Justin’s hands and mouth on me, taking me to the places that he was obviously taking Darcy. He spread her legs wider and now I could see his tongue slither inside her folds. She humped against his mouth and cried out, as he ate her and pulled at her nipples. He sat up and allowed her time to catch her breath, smiling down at her, his face glistening with her nectar. I watched him lazily lick his lips and ached for those lips on me.

“Justin. . .Justin, I need you. I want you to fuck me now,” Darcy begged, spreading her legs even wider. Without a word, I watched my son pull his shirt off and expose his muscular chest, and stand and strip out of his tight jeans and boxers. I gasped softly at the size of his cock when it sprang proudly into view. He was at least nine inches long and thick. He was definitely built like his father had been, and that made me all the hungrier for his body. I watched as he rolled on a condom, and then poised himself above the young beauty. She grabbed his cock and stroked it lovingly, and he closed his eyes in pleasure, reaching down and massaging her breasts again. Darcy tugged on his cock now, pulling him toward her slippery entrance. I watched as every inch of that magnificent cock disappeared inside and then he began slowly thrusting. I imagined now that it was my pussy he was pleasuring with that huge piece of meat. slot oyna I knew how well he would fill me, and after so long without sex, I would be fairly tight. Not as tight as Darcy was, but still able to grip and milk my son’s cock until he exploded inside me. I found myself imagining him pushing into me without a condom, since I couldn’t get pregnant. I’d had my tubes tied after he was born, due to complications during the birth. To feel his warm skin and that hard shaft inside me completely bare; the thought was making me crazy. I slipped my own fingers into my panties and stroked against my clit, as I watched my son fuck his girlfriend on the sofa. The thrusting became more intense now, and neither of them seemed worried about noise at all, for they were not whispering by any means. Darcy was raking her nails down his back and he was pinching and pulling her nipples. My fingers moved faster in time to their rhythm, and all three of us climaxed at the same time. My knees went weak and I had to sit down on the steps for a few minutes, before I was able to collect myself and scramble quietly back upstairs. I collapsed into bed and fell asleep in moments.

The next morning when I awoke, I was immediately ashamed of myself. What could I have been thinking, lusting after my own son that way? It was wrong. Perhaps Justin had been right. Maybe I should try to start dating again. I found myself looking in the mirror, accessing what I had to offer. At forty-two I wasn’t hideous by any means. People were always telling me I looked younger than my years. My hair was still thick, long and auburn, with only a few silver hairs threading through. My eyes were still clear blue and my skin was still soft. I had gained weight over the years, so I wasn’t a size five, but I wasn’t hugely fat. I was more curvy and soft than I had been, and certainly couldn’t compare to Darcy’s lovely young body, but I felt I was still attractive. I’d see what Justin thought about my trying the dating scene again. If he was uncomfortable with the idea, I’d just forget it. I pulled on my robe and went downstairs to start coffee brewing. Justin was already sitting at the table, reading the newspaper, wearing nothing but a pair of old gym shorts. He was barefoot and his hair was still tousled from bed. As soon as I saw him, I felt the surge of desire again, but I fought it down, even though all I suddenly wanted to do was go over and kiss him thoroughly. Instead I went over and kissed him on the top of the head as usual, before moving to the coffee pot.

“Anything interesting in the news this morning?”

“Nah, not really. Same old same old.” He grinned at me, and I couldn’t help but respond.

“Did you and Darcy have fun last night?”

He grinned again. “Oh, you could say that. She’s a real sweetheart and I like her. We have fun together.”

“Well, that’s good to hear.” Trying to keep my tone casual, I sat down on the other side of the table. “I wanted to ask you a question, to see what you thought of something.”

“Sure Mom. What’s up?”

“Well. . .I know you’re still a bit bothered by the fact that I don’t date, so I was considering maybe trying it again. What do you think? Think anyone would be interested?” I tried to sound teasing, but it came out a bit worried instead.

Justin’s face brightened. “Oh, hell, yes! I know of a couple of professors at the college that would love to go out with you. Face it Mom, you’re still really beautiful.” He was very sincere, and I was touched.

“I guess if it won’t bother you, the idea of your old Mom dating. . .then maybe I’ll give it a try.”

“You’re far from old and we both know it. I have to run get in the shower. Melissa and I are going to an art fair today.” He got up and came around to kiss my cheek. “I’ll give your number to one of my profs on Monday.”

After Justin left the room, I got my coffee and sat there thinking. I could hear the shower running and knew he was in there, getting cleaned up for his date. I imagined what he looked like with the hot water running down his magnificent body. I wondered what he would do if I went upstairs, got in the shower with him and began touching him, stroking his cock to hardness and sucking him dry, then teasing him to hardness again, bending over and offering myself to him. Would he be horrified by my gesture or would he take advantage of an experienced pussy? My nipples were rigid as I imagined the latter, feeling his soapy fingers on my tits, his mouth on my neck and his cock pushing into my dripping slit. Unable to help myself, I worked my fingers into my panties, listening to shower and feeling my son’s prick fucking me in my mind. I knew he could make me cum and cum as I used to with his father. I rubbed my love button harder and harder as my thoughts moved to images of being pushed against the tile wall, my nipples sucked and licked, my ass cupped by Justin’s strong fingers and then being lifted so he could take me against the wall. I would wrap my legs around his hips and let him fuck me as hard as he wanted, needing every bit of him inside me. Again, the thought of his bare cock canlı casino siteleri in me made me crazy, and I was over the edge fairly quickly, crying out in the silence of our kitchen. I got myself together rapidly and was rinsing the dishes when Justin appeared in the doorway, dressed and with his hair still damp.

“You okay Mom? I thought I heard you yell down here.”

“Oh. . .you heard me? Well, I just. . .dropped one of the glasses and was afraid it would break.” I knew it sounded like a weak excuse and could feel his blue gaze on my back for several moments before I heard him shift.

“Oh, okay. Well, as long as it didn’t no harm done then.” He sounded unsure, but didn’t have time to pursue the matter.

Things continued on this way for several weeks. I would watch Justin make out with his dates as often as I could, hiding in the shadows of the staircase as he performed his magic on them with his mouth, hands and cock. Not one young woman left our house unsatisfied, nor did I go to bed without at least a couple of orgasms on those nights. I also stared at my son as often as I could, trying to catch glances of him when he was naked, or close to it. One night, I even slipped into his room to peek at him. He had been out with his buddies that night, and they had had a few drinks, so he was feeling mellow when he got home. He had gone straight up to bed, and was in a deep sleep, as he always was after a drink or two. I knew he would never know I was in the room. I put on a thin silk shift and opened his door without a sound. He was lying on his back in bed, with only the sheet pulled up over his hips, his arms flung over his head, completely relaxed and dead to the world. Barefoot, I made no sound as I moved to his bed, looking down at him for several minutes, admiring his handsome face in the moonlight. I caught the edge of the sheet and lifted it, pausing when he shifted in his sleep, my heart pounding wildly. He settled again, so I pulled the thin covering down, exposing his fully nude body to my sight. At last, I was able to completely gaze upon him without a girl nearby and it was a real treat. Even flaccid, his cock was large and succulent. I immediately wanted to suck him, and wondered if I could get away with it and not wake him. Even if he woke, he might be so out of it, he would think he was dreaming anyway. Carefully, I sat down on the edge of the bed.

It creaked slightly, but Justin never moved, his breathing deep and even. Emboldened, I reached out and slid my forefinger lightly down his length. I was pleased to see his prick immediately respond, enlarging ever so slightly at my touch. I did it again, and again it grew a tiny bit. My son still had not stirred in the least, so I ran all my fingertips down his shaft, from the head all the way to his balls. He gave a small sigh of pleasure but that was all. I cupped his balls gently and stroked them, feeling them tighten just slightly. I felt dampness growing between my thighs and knew I was going to have this delicious prick in my mouth before the night was over. I began stroking him a bit harder, causing his cock to rise even more. As he grew harder, I wrapped my fingers around his thickness and began giving him a hand job. He moaned softly in his sleep and spread his legs wider for me, allowing me full access to him. I used my free hand to massage and tease his balls, and soon I had drops of precum oozing from the mushroom head of his cock. I rubbed them into his skin, enjoying the feel of hard muscle beneath velvet skin. I was so wet I was dripping, and I really wanted to fuck him badly, but I knew I was going to have to be careful with this if it was going to happen. Instead, I worked him into a raging hardon, his deep breathing coming faster, but never waking him. Finally, when I felt he was ready, I leaned over and licked the tip of his cock with the tip of my tongue. He made a sound of need that made me smile. The sticky liquid that oozed from him tasted like ambrosia to my starved tastebuds.

I licked my son’s cock thoroughly, bathing every inch of it lovingly. I could tell Justin wanted to fuck my mouth, as his hips pumped toward the warm wetness of the tongue he was slightly aware of. He had no clue who was doing this to him, but he wanted more, and I intended to give it to him. I pursed my lips and slid them around his cockhead, and the deep animal groan of passion and pleasure that slipped from his throat sounded just like Brad’s. That was all the encouragement I needed to continue. I began swallowing him slowly at first, but he tasted so good and needed me so badly, that soon I moved faster and faster, taking him deep in my throat. I petted and caressed his rapidly tightening balls, at one point tonguing them as well, before moving back to swallow his cock again. It had been far too long, and I needed this. My pussy was so wet I could easily slide off the side of the bed, but I kept one foot on the floor to hold myself steady. I gobbled my son’s thick prick until finally he exploded deep in my throat. I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed his cum. I had never seen him have an orgasm like this in all the times I had observed him with any girl. After I had drained his balls deep in my throat, I licked him clean, covered him up to his hips again, and kissed his cheek, then slipped out of his room to take care of my throbbing pussy.