A mothers discovery part 1

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A mothers discovery part 1So im a new mother i just had a beautiful baby girl with my husband we’ve been married 3 years. A little bout myself im 26 years old 6 feet 2 inches tall and weigh 127 pounds im very lucky to have gotten back into shape after i had my daughter I have natural dd breasts and long black hair along with a pale milky white complection because i really hate tanning and grey eyes. My husbands 5 feet 10 inches tall very in shape and decent muscle tone his cock isnt small but isnt very large at 7 inches but he knows how to use it properly and i always have an orgasm when we have sex hes the stereotypical blonde blue eyed swedish guy. My husband doesn’t really have that spark he used to before i got pregnant. We used to fuck like rabbits now he barely even touches me let alone looks at me remotely wanting, but i figured it was since id just had a baby he might of thought id want to spend my time being a mother.Now im not one to complain but a woman has needs to its not like hes güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the only one who needs sex. Im a very faithful wife my friends all tell me i could do way better than him but im just to modest i was happy with my quiet life. We were largely middle class my job paid well as did his but after the baby our sex life sorta died and thats where the trouble starts. One day i was out shopping and 1 of my husbands friends walks up we start talking like we always do he was very friendsly good looking guy then he starts talking about sex. I thought ok this is getting to far then he stops me asking if id fuck him if he told me something important bout my husband i slapped him and walked away later that night i waited for my husband to ask what the hell he was talking about but he was working late so i just went to bed. Next morning i see he was already gone for work he must have gotten in late i get up to check on the baby then start my routine then tipobet güvenilir mi the door bell rings im in just my panties and didnt want to change quickly i went downstairs and answered the door there was my husbands friend i was about to tell him to go away when he bursts through the door and grabs me i tried fighting but hes a b**st of a man a 6’6 210 pounds and very much in shape and well muscled he throws me against the door covers my mouth and i hear him undoing his pants i was terrified what was happening then i feel it the head of his cock was resting just inside my neglected pussy it had been at least a year since id had a cock inside me.The suddenly he slides all 12 1/5 inches of his cock inside me he was way bigger than my husbands 7 inches and thicker it felt so good i tried fighting but the slut in me took over and i started pushing back to meet his thrusts he didnt need to hold me anymore i was starting to enjoy it and soon i came all over his cock it tipobet giriş felt amazing it had been way to long he fucked me against the door slowly i think he wanted to enjoy this. I was moaning and begging him to fuck my harder he obliged by sitting on the couch i rode his huge cock like it a total whore i lost count of how many times i came then i feel him tense up and he pulls out cums all over my stomach and breasts after we catch our breath he shows me pictures my husband was cheating on me with his friends wife thats why he came over. I was in disbelief then he tells me this was a 1 time thing if i wanted he takes a picture of my cum covered body says i needed revenge proof now i got it but you have my number if you wanna do this again and then he leaves.I took a shower and broke down crying how could i have done this and why was my husband cheating on me i went through everything and blamed myself but i couldn’t get over the fact i enjoyed being fucked his huge cock filling my neglected pussy it was an amazing feeling and id be lying if i said i didnt want more. In fact i wanted it badly it had been so long since id had a proper fuck but i was a mother and so i tried putting it out of mind and tried figuring out how to get my husband back and save our marriage and family.