A meeting in Leather – Part 3.

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A meeting in Leather – Part 3.#English / #Engels- A sequel to: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-2-926764And there I stood in the cellar box of the Master. With a full Leather outfit on. And about to have sex with another unknown person, just for the second time in my live. At least that was my assumption now. And all because of an assignment from a Leather biker master, whom I had only met 2 days earlier in the gym.My mind went crazy. What should I do? How far was I willing to go, to keep this Leather outfit. After all, the master had said “You can keep the complete outfit when you’re done in the basement of number 119″. What would he have meant by that? Was this a test? I suspected yes it was. Looking in the mirror of this cellar, I saw a young guy with a cool leather outfit on. That guy was determined to keep this clothing.I snatched the envelope with the following set of instructions from the door. And sat in front of the mirror on a stool. The Leather creaked, and the smell that came from it was great. I rubbed the Leather Biker Jacket and the pants with my hand. The jacket was firm and heavy, as opposed to the Leather Jeans. It was supple and smooth, yet the leather was just as thick as the Biker Jacket. Involuntarily my hand remained in my crotch and I rubbed over my dick. It was all too much for me. What a luck I had. This was exactly what I wanted. And it had to go really bad if I did not come away from this with the Leather outfit.I had to catch my breath and recover myself. Yet, my random thoughts were still running wild. How should I explain these clothes and sex items to my parents? What would be expected of me? Should I have sex? Can I do that? What if … How then … Do I want … Can I …”Keep calm, sex is the most normal thing in the world,” said the voice in my head. “You can do this. You’re a tough Leather boy. You’ve practiced with a condom and dildo. Your ass can already handle a lot, and you know what it’s like to suck a guy off. And you’ve seen enough porn to know where you have to start.” Although, I realized at the same time that porn is just fantasy. “So use your fantasy and sufficient lubricant.” God yes, with a bit of bluff and sufficient lube sex with a man should not be a problem, I thought. And that other person might be just as nervous or able to instruct me otherwise, I hoped. Immediately fear struck my heart. Would it be a man? “Enough with the What – If thoughts,” said the voice in my head. “First go and read those instructions, you whimp!”I opened the envelope with the next set of instructions from Master Mike. There was a handwritten note. Attached was a key on a leather lace and with a used condom tide on to it. He wrote, “I want you to take your bag and go to the cellar box 119. You knock 3 times hard, then put the key in the lock and go inside.” He threatened, “If you do not go, but do take the Leather outfit with you, then I’ll come to see you, when your parents are at home, and fuck you hard in your arse.”Startled I thought; “Ok, that leaves nothing to be unclear.” But at the same time I did not believe that he would ever do anything like that. Because I never told him where I lived. But it scared me anyway. I thought, this could be part of his plan to make me stronger. Scaring me and seeing if I would continue. He continued, “Inside lock the door behind you. In the Sling you will find an 18 year old surprise chained to it. It is your job is to go fuck this arrogant geezer in the arse! If he does not cum, but you do take the leather outfit with you, then you know what will happen to your arse!”, “If he came, but he had not enjoyed it convincingly … Then … well you know”.Man, Mike did up the pressure a lot, I thought. That will also be part of his plan. To see if I could perform under pressure. But he could well be right. My, up till then, stiff cock had become limp again. I doubted, “would I really go on? Or would I leave the Leather here?” No way, never. I was aware of Mike’s plan, I believed. He does not get to make me look like a fool. That guy, looking back at me from the mirror, convinced me. This was me. A Gay Leather boy. For the first time in my short life I had a clear goal in mind. And I knew what I wanted, and had to do.Finally, Mike wrote, “Making the geezer cum is not going to be easy. I’ve just fucked him hard. You can find his 3 cumshots in this rubber! HA HA HA. Put the photos you made in this envelope and put them on the stool as proof that you’ve been.”I stood up in front of the mirror and looked at myself intently. “You’re going to take that guys arse hard, Robert!”, I thought. “We’ll see if it works or not, you can do this! You want this.” Let me think, do I have everything I need? I put the lubricant and the condoms near the top of the bag. Picked a whip from the wall to threaten with, if it would be necessary. All kinds of horny thoughts went through my head. How would I handle it? He has already been fucked by Mike 3 times. So his butt hole will be nice and smooth by now. And more of those kinds of horny thoughts. All of a sudden I realized … Me as a leather master … That is funny. That is not how I had dared to describe myself. Even if it does not work, I would at least have fucked for the first time. Another new experience that no one could ever take away from me. Now I only had to make sure that I would enjoy it myself. With a mischievous smile on my face, I looked at the mirror for the last time. And left.The cellar box of 119 was fortunately close by. I still had to get used to the idea that I would wear a Leather outfit in public. What would others think of that? Could that matter to me now? Fuck the world! No, they needed to take me as I am, or shot the fuck up.I looked around again in box 117 and wondered casino siteleri if I had forgotten anything. Switched the lights off and lock the door behind me. Within a few steps I was at box 119. Knocked hard on the door 3 times. The chains of the sling could be heard again. I put the key in the lock and stepped inside.It was cold and dark. I realized that this should be the north side of the building. No sun. The guy in the sling was tied to the chains with his feet. His bare arse stuck over the edge of the sling. He had a Leather mask on. Mike had been wearing the same one in the video message. He had Leather wrist cuffs around his arms, but they were not tied. And around his neck a leather collar with metal rings and spikes. This was firmly attached to the Sling. He could not go anywhere. His tattoos … Wait! … I knew this guy. He was the same cocky geezer that had very boldly asked Mike what was hidden behind that bulge in his jock strap, 2 days ago in the gym changing room. “Let me go,” he whispered in a shuddering voice. “I am so cold”. I do not think he recognized me. But still a crazy and frightening idea that I should fuck someone that I would definitely come across later. I now regretted that I did not get a Leather mask.”Please, let me go,” he stammered again. I put the Weekend bag on the Leather-covered sex chair, and opened it up. Slaves could be tied to it to fuck them. I could see from the sperm spots on the concrete that this happened regularly.”The master has at least shown you good manners, Bitch!” With that the tone was set, I thought. I was almost a little proud of myself that I dared to. And it had an effect on the boy in the sling. His cock became a bit stiffer. His penis was equipped with a rubber cock ring. “So you’re cold, right? I have something for that!”, Rubbing the bulge in my Leather jeans and letting my other hand slide between his legs. He shivered and turned his head away. Strange, because this boy was much stronger than me. He could work me with a few punches to the ground. “But rest assured, I will first make sure that you will get a little less cold,” I told him. “No, let me go, I did not do anything wrong, I do not want this anymore, it was pretty nice for once but now I want to leave.” I knew he was referring to Master Mike fucking him earlier on. And did not find his acting talent really convincing. I could tell from the horny glint in his eyes that he thought it was all pretty exciting. And I realized that maybe he would react positively if I first did ‘something nice’ for him. I said, “Wait here, oh funny, you can not go anywhere, can you Bitch?” And laughed hard.I walked back to the other cellar. Picked a few chaps from the clothes rack, as well as a chain with a pair of nipple clamps. Once back in the basement box with that guy, he immediately started complaining again, that he was so cold and that he wanted to leave. I looked at him angrily and shouted, “I decide when you can leave!”, “First thank me!”. “What should I thank you for?” he said angrily. I gave him a slap with a flat hand on his face. And grabbed him by his balls. “Ouch!” he moaned. I thought that I should push forward now with my plan. And told him that I only fucked guys in Leather. And that’s why I had a pair of chaps for him, so it would not be so cold. “So you need to thank me now, Bitch!” And pulled on his balls a bit harder.He said softly, “Thank you.” I gave him a slap on his now half stiff dick. “What did you say to me, Bitch?”, “You will mean: Thanks, Sir.” His cock shot up. And he stammered; “Thanks, Sir”. I squeezed his balls again. “I can not hear you!”, He replied louder, “Thank you, Sir!”. That’s better. “What will I call you, Bitch?” I asked him. “My name is Anthony”. I coughed and threatened to slap his cock again. “My name is Anthony, Sir!” he said resolutely. “That’s better, you’ll learn it.”I unzipped the legs of the chaps and pushed the back of the belt between his ass and the Sling. “Pull that horny arse up, boy”, I ordered him. He obeyed with a groan. And shivered at my touch. He now fully understood what my intention was with him. And I noticed that he was pretty impressed by me so far. Would he and Mike have discussed this? Would Anthony be here to judge me? Was this agreed work? I decided to continue on the same path.I first put his left leg in the chaps, and zipped it closed. All the way to the belt where his lower leg was fastened in the straps. There after his right leg. Every time I fastened the zippers, my hands touched his asshole. And my face touched his hot cock. That had as much effect on him as on me. Our cocks were now rock hard. I had to slow myself down. “Take it slow, boy,” said that voice in my head. But with my head between his leather-covered thighs I could not do anything else. I grabbed the shaft of the dick and sucked his head in for a moment. He uttered a very hot moan, at that feeling. Quickly followed by heavy breathing. Because I also had slipped a wet finger over his butt hole. But he was still wet there, from the sex he had a few hours ago. And therefore easily pressed a thumb into his butt hole. What a nice warm and wet feeling it was. I looked up at him while I licked his dickhead. It was clear that he wanted me to continue.But I stopped abruptly. I saw that he was still really cold. That suited me well because in the meantime I got pretty warm from all that leather. I decided to take off my Leather Biker Jacket and put it on him. Just like what Master Mike did to me at the gym. I was hoping Anthony would react as well as I had, or at least think it would be a nice idea. I stood next to him and loosely pulled off my Leather Jacket. I grabbed him roughly by the throat and warned him, “No funny business now, I’ll just take your head off canlı casino the Sling so you can put on this jacket.” He looked a bit surprised and growled “okay.” I saw his cock trembling at that thought. And detached the Leather collar from the Sling. Pulled his torso slightly up and pushed the jacket behind him.”Thank you, master,” he said, as he slipped his cold arms in to the sleeves of the black Leather Biker Jacket. “I’m not a master yet, Anthony, just call me, Sir.” I answered abruptly. His head was close to my crotch. So I grabbed him and pushed his lips against that stiff bulge in my Leather Jeans. He answered that by sticking out his tongue and licking my shaft. I felt the warmth of his tongue through the leather. Man, that’s a nice feeling. Anthony may be supposedly straight, but he knows what is expected of him. With the other hand I grabbed his arm and fastened the Leather wrist cuff to the chain behind him. He stopped licking and lay back in the Sling again. Now I was able to reach his other arm and also fastened it. He really could not go anywhere now. And that was completely clear to him.”So there you are, Anthony, Do you want to see what’s behind this bulge in these Leather Jeans?” I asked him. He looked at me stupidly and I said “A big cock! Do you want to feel it shooting a load in your arse, boy?”.At once he knew who I was. He had heard the same words 2 days earlier from Master Mike. And today he had to pay for that cheeky question, with Mike’s cock fucking him hard. And now I was going to try that too.”Oh my God.” He stammered with a voice vibrating with horniness. “You’re not really going to fuck me? are you?”. “Yeah, I most certainly am, Bitch!” I replied, “I always do what I’m told to do, especially when it’s the Master.”, “How do you know him?” Tell me, how did you get here?”. I sternly asked. “That biker had been waiting for me this morning, at home and taken me here. When I saw him in the changing room last Wednesday I was instantly in love with him. He is so beautiful and strong. And that is very strange, because I have had a girlfriend for years now. I knew I would get in trouble for that dirty remark I made. I think he got my address from the gym owner.” said Anthony.Slowly I move my hands over Anthony’s tight body and said, “You’re not the ugliest either.” That caressed the ego of Anthony. And a thick drop of pre-cum dripped over his dickhead. I stood between his legs again and bent over to suck Anthony’s cock.Anthony gasped as I spit on his cock and let him slide deep into my throat in one go. “Yes Sir, that’s great.” Slowly I let the 18-centimeter cock come out of my throat again and began to massage that shaft with my tongue. It tasted really delicious. Very long and slowly the head slid through my mouth to my lips. Anthony went crazy with excitement. “Please stop, I’m cumming!” he called. I quickly squeezed his cock to stop it. “Do not cum yet, I’ll decide when you’re allowed to cum. Where going to play some more first.” I commanded him.Anthony complimented me on my sucking technique. “That was damn good, Sir, you suck much better than my girlfriend, and even that Biker was not this good”. “You’re not going to say anything bad about the Master, do you, Bitch?” I barked him off. “Hum, No. But I was really enjoying it”. “Do you want to cum? I’ve heard you’ve already came twice today.” I said, knowing that it should be 3 times. “No Sir, I’ve come into a condom 3 times with that Biker. But how did you know that?” He said, frightened, but amused thinking back to his experiences of this morning with Mike.I gave him a hard punch on his chest. “You mean, how do you know that, SIR, Have you already forgotten how to speak to me, Bitch?” I laughed hard. And squeezed his nipples with both hands. Anthony rolled with his eyes and moaned. His nipples were now just as hard as his dripping dick. But his sense of wanting to shoot a load was gone now. “Thank you, Sir,” he groaned. I pulled the nipple clamps from the pocket of my Leather Biker Jacket. And placed it around his nipples. I tightened the clamps and Anthony wriggled with pain and pleasure. His wet hole turned voluptuous against the Leather Jeans. I took a step back, and pulled the chain between the nipple clamps up. Again Anthony groaned with pleasure.”Look what you’ve done, my pants are completely wet from the Biker seed.” I called. “That needs licking clean, Anthony!” In no time I stood with my crotch near his mouth. Anthony lavishly licked the wet spot. Of course, that did not make it any drier. I loosened the belt from my pants and unbuttoned the fly. My 17 by 3 centimeter dick rolled out and I pushed it roughly into Anthony’s open mouth. “Now it’s your turn, do not stop before I’ve dumped my cum in your mouth, Bitch!” Anthony protested. He had never sucked a dick and did not intend to do it now. But he could not go anywhere and I pushed it in anyway. Holding his head with one hand and his dick with the other. “Suck it, Bitch.” I ordered him.”Use your tongue and lick that cock.” I commanded. His mouth said NO, but he just sucked it down anyway. After not too long, he got the hang of it and sucked off my cock. “You see, … you can do it! … Does it tastes Nice? … You’re doing fine … My dick deep in your slutty mouth … Suck it, bitch! …”. Now I had to gasp for air myself, to not already cum in his mouth. I quickly pulled my cock out of his mouth. And he was clearly not finished with sucking me. “Stick out your tongue, Anthony.” I grabbed my cock and wanked it off right in front of his face. “No, do not spray my face.” he exclaimed. I gave a firm pull to the nipple clamps. He moaned loudly. “I’ll decide who, when and where will cum.” I roared. “Put your tongue out, Bitch.” He obeyed and I hit my hard dick against kaçak casino his cheek and on his tongue. Then pushed it slowly back into his mouth. “Lick it! Make that cock wet!” Anthony took it deep in his throat and began to gag loudly. I squeezed his nose closed, while at the same time pulling on the chain of the nipple clams. He almost had to puke. The mucus and spit from his mouth made my cock really slippery.I decided it was time to fuck Anthony’s wet boy cunt. I was ready for it. He probably did not need much preparation. The Boots and Leather Jeans I pulled of and Anthony saw the Chaps I wore underneath. “Wow, that looks horny, man,” he exclaimed.I stood between his legs as I bent over to suck Anthony’s cock. This time slower and in the front of my mouth, so that my tongue could work well on all sides of his dickhead. At one point I grabbed his cock head between three fingers and let my tongue slide down on his dick. Until I came to his balls. They also got a good licking. I kissed them tenderly. And first I took one ball in my mouth and a little later the second one. I sucked on them while I rolled it over my tongue. Anthony shivered completely now. He was about to cum. Again I stopped him.I grabbed a condom and put it around Anthony’s pole. Sucked on it briefly. That tasted weird, that rubber in my mouth. But Anthony found it really horny. I ducked down again, towards his balls and arse. And let my tongue make the same trip. When I arrived in the butt crack of Anthony, I spat on his hole and licked him off. Heavily moaning and gasping, Anthony was pushing against my tongue. I smeared some lube on my cock and slicked it up. Got up and pushed my cock against him. Pulled it through the wide open butt crack a few times. And looked at him quizzically. “With or without a condom?”. “Without please! Sir.” Anthony said. “That arse licking was very nice … And you can fuck me … I can take it … Put that dick in me, Sir …” he moaned. “Did you like that butt licking? Was that nice?” I asked him, “No. That was fucking great!” he exclaimed. I put some more lube on my fingers and pressed first one, and then a second one in his arse hole. And fingered him to make it slippery for my cock. “I’m going to fuck you until you cum on my cock, boy”. “Yes, Fuck me … Fuck me now, Sir.” he said impatiently.I took off the biker vest and wiped some sweat from my head. Man, this is fucking horny. I leaned forward and kissed Anthony tenderly on his chest. Took his head in my hands and tongue kissed him deeply. As I looked deeply into his eyes, I pushed my cock head into his smooth butt hole as I slowly pulled my fingers out. It was a hole in one. Slowly I let the glans glide inside. God, what a great feeling. Anthony’s eyes grew bigger and bigger. While my cock pushed very slowly against the resistance of Anthonys sphincter. With a sigh I pushed through it and once inside I stopped for a moment. I saw that his hole was hurting a bit. So I let him get used to my cock. “Relax and Breathe!” Anthony regained himself.Slowly he began to relax and I started pumping him into his ass. Now we both gasped and moaned. I played with the nipple clamps and began to notice that Anthony was putting on steam. He pushed his ass against me as I pushed my dick inside. Man, here I stand, fucking a muscular Judo god in his arse, with my cock in balls deep! I almost could not believe it. I just did it. And loved it! I grabbed some lubricant and spread it over the condom on Anthonys cock. And began to slowly jerking it off with a firm gripping hand. I quickly felt his butt muscles clinch together around my cock. He was about to get ready. “May I squirt, Sir? I’m so horny”. he begged.That excited me tremendously. I rammed my cock harder and harder in his arse. Interrupting the fast rhythm by a few slow strokes, and then quickly and roughly slamming my cock deep inside him again. Anthony went mad. I moaned “I’m going to cum, where do you want it?”, I asked. Anthony completely lost it now. “Fill my ass with your hot cum, Sir … Fill me up completely! … I want you to shoot it in me deep.” I laughed hard and asked if the master had done that too. “Yes! … and I want more!”. I made him cum with a few more quick strokes on his slippery cock and brutally rammed my hot load deeply in his gut. After that, bent over him and kissed him. “So now you know what’s behind the bulges in our pants, boy”, I said and laughed. “If I had known that, I would never have started with girls. Thank you, Robby.” He panted.The latter was probably a ‘slip of the tongue’. Now I knew for sure that he had been working for Mike. Or at least that Mike had planned this with Him. Because at the gym, my name was just Robert. And I had not introduced myself to Anthony. However, I did not let him know that he had betrayed himself.Slowly I pulled my dick out of his ass. Pulled the filled condom from his cock and put a knot in it. Pulled off the Leather Chaps and put on the Leather Jeans again. Put on my thin T-shirt, over the body harness. And also put on my white sports shoes again. Pulled the Leather Biker Jacket from under Anthony. And stuck the rest of the stuff in the big Weekend bag. That was now well filled. It almost did not want to close anymore.I loosened Anthony’s wrist cuffs, thanked him for the hot sex, and kissed him full on his mouth. Anthony quickly put his tongue in my mouth. I grabbed the bag and left with the full condom. It was 2:55 PM by now. By chance, Mike came to meet me in the entrance hall of the apartment. I put the full bag over my shoulder as Mike stared at me in amazement. I pressed the filled condom against his bare chest, which he then took. “Another contribution from him, the 4th today”. I said. “Thanks Master, it was again very instructive!”. Did the keys in his mailbox and walked away without saying anything else. Confident that I did everything as the Leather Master Mike had ordered. I left before 3 PM as instructed. Mike watched me stupefied, walking away with my head held high.