A Maze , Grace

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My brother couldn’t come home for Christmas. He lives almost a thousand miles away and had to work. Besides, he is the black sheep of the family. It all started when he got busted by the vice cops. You see, James is bisexual and a transvestite.

James and I exchange daily e-mails and talk on the phone at least once a week. Like my big sister, he surely is. We talked on Christmas day and he begged me to visit him for New Year’s Eve. He promised me a party beyond anything I could possibly imagine in my wildest sexual fantasies.

“Grace,” James explained enthusiastically, “the New Year’s Eve party will be a replay of what we did at my club for Halloween, except bigger and better. Costumes will be the order of the night of course. That way, you don’t know for sure who you are fucking and sucking.”

James and I became very close as teenagers when our mother passed away. I never actually had sexual intercourse with him, but I’d give him a hand job whenever he asked or maybe a blow job if he begged. When James bought me my first vibrator I even let him cum in my mouth. This relationship lasted until James departed for college as my sophomore year of high school began.

My brother suggested I bring a costume for the party so I packed my belly-dancing outfit for the trip. I dance mostly North American cabaret style to whatever music gets me in the mood, although Eat Static is probably my favorite, the “Science of the Gods” album. I can do all the steps from Andulusian Figure 8 to Camel Undulations to the Peacock Stomp and more.

I made my own costume, including the Turkish-Macedonian vest and Cleopatra headpiece. For the latter I used a doily about the size of a dinner plate and ran crocheted strands around it which hung down almost to my eyebrows in front and shoulder length elsewhere. I glued beads to the strands. Most important are the bobby pins that hold the damn thing on your head. Forget them while you are doing the Shimmy or Serpentine Roll and it’s goodbye Cleopatra headpiece.

All that work and I didn’t win the contest! Four guys came as the Village People. The usual vampires, ghosts and hookers strutted their stuff. One dude wore a diaper and his girlfriend came as a Tampon. She won the costume contest. My brother James dolled all up as Little Bo Peep, although he kept introducing himself as Little Blow Peep. He dressed in his favorite Peep outfit; short pink skirt, white blouse, plenty of ribbons and mesh stockings. The pink hat over his long black wig and those pink booties rocked! Now, James told me underneath he wore his favorite lace pink panties and bra, but I declined when he asked if I wanted to see. I knew that would come later.

Harold’s Hotel is just that, a hotel, with all first-floor rooms. There are two separate buildings actually. One has what they call the dungeon, complete with a rack, a swing and an examination table complete with stirrups. The other building has a bar, a pool room, a sauna, a movie room with 24 hours of non-stop porno movies, separate booths like in an adult bookstore for guys who like the suspense, and what soon became my favorite, the Maze.

The Maze is just what it sounds like. You walk down a hall and run into a wall and have to find your way out. It is quite dark except for one small corner that has a huge waterbed in it.

“James,” I suggested, “let’s split up. I don’t particularly want to watch you suck some guy’s cock.”

“Well, bahis firmaları why the fuck not, Grace? I’d like to watch you suck some guy’s cock. The only one I’ve ever watch you suck is mine.”

“Oh, quit your damn giggling, James. I’ll meet you back here at the entrance in an hour.”

Nothing much happened to me in that hour. I mostly just watched, and masturbated. James grinned from ear to ear as he approached me at the entrance, twenty minutes late.

“Well, what the hell happened, James?”

“I found a dark corner and decided I wanted to be a total girl so I took my panties off. Just stood there facing the wall for about five minutes until I felt a hand on my butt. The hand rubbed me and then I bent over. Slowly I got one and two fingers in me and I began to slide on the fingers, not knowing who they belonged to.” James paused, out of breath from talking so fast.

“And?” I demanded.

“After a few minutes I felt the tip of a condom and then felt a cock slip inside me. We fucked for a few minutes and then another guy appeared in front of me. I grabbed him and started sucking. He came quickly and another guy took his place. Meanwhile the first guy is still pounding up my ass like a jackhammer. He didn’t cum until I had just begun my fourth blow job.”

“How can you suck that many cocks? Don’t you like get all filled up, like with you know?”

“No way, Grace, I’m just getting warmed up. Hey, those porno chicks can suck a hundred or more in one night.”

“Yeah, but they probably don’t swallow every time.”

We decided to go back to our room and freshen up. Not that I needed to but James looked like he had just been gang-banged.

James showered and changed into his blue baby-doll nightgown he reserved for special occasions. We polished off a fifth of Jack Daniels as he put on his make-up. I remained in my belly-dancing outfit because I hoped to do some undulating if I found just the right person.

Back to the Maze we went and made our way to the bed that featured two girls in a hot pussy-to-pussy lip lock. Four guys watched as they jerked off. I moved closer to the two girls to watch as James crawled to the head of the bed and the holes that the guys put their dicks through. I soon saw a dick poking out at my brother. As soon as he began sucking it a girl dressed as Elvira lifted up his nightgown, pulled down his panties and began licking his hole. She seemed to be really into it. Soon a large black man pushed the girl away. He had on a basketball uniform; the Lakers, number 69. I could see his huge erection protruding through his shorts. Lowering them, he revealed the biggest cock I ever saw. Must have been over a foot long, and very thick. It reminded me of a black baseball bat. When he entered my brother, James cried out in shock and pain but also in pleasure. No longer able to bear to watch, I ran out of the Maze as quickly as I could.

I found my way to the bar, needing a drink very badly.

“Hit me with a shot of Jack Daniels, make that a double, and a Bud Light chaser,” I practically screamed at the bartender.

The nametag on his shirt said Dave. When he set the drinks in front of me, Dave smiled with, “Here you go, gorgeous. You look a little upset. Anything wrong?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’ve never been to a place like this. Too wild and crazy for me perhaps. And my brother is in the Maze! Sucking one guy’s cock and getting it up the kaçak iddaa ass by some huge black dude. I just couldn’t stand to watch.”

“You must mean Reginald, the black stallion,” Dave commented with a nod. “He’s here all the time. I love your belly-dancing costume. I’m surprised you didn’t win the contest.”

“Me, too. Some chick all dolled up as a Tampon won. As if! Hey, would you like to watch me dance? And why isn’t anyone else here in the bar?

“Too busy doing other things, I guess,” Dave laughed. “I’d rather watch you play with yourself than dance.”

“Say what?”

“You know, masturbate, get yourself off. Aren’t you horny?

“Well, yes, sort of. I mean, those two girls muffing each other made me want to jump right in. But I don’t do anybody unless I have been properly introduced.”

“You are too funny! What’s your name?”

“Grace. What’s yours? I’m kidding, Dave, I can read.

“Well, Grace, this bartending job doesn’t do much for the wallet, if you get my drift. I dabble in erotic merchandise on the side. This is the perfect place to do it.”

“Erotic merchandise? Exactly what are you talking about, Dave?”

“Here, let me show you, Grace.” Dave reached under the bar and pulled out a large bag.

“This is Charlie the Chimp,” Dave explained. “Talk about purple passion. The chimp vibrates for clitoral exhilaration. The 3 AA batteries are installed and it’s all ready to light your fire. Just push this button for vibration and rotation.”

“How nice,” I muttered.

“Now,” Dave continued, “here is your new boyfriend, the John Holmes doll. Ever hear of him?”

“Yes, I think so. James mentioned him. Is he a rock star or something?”

“No, no, the late king of porn stars. Notice his sucking mouth, deep tight butt and extra large legendary cock.”

“Really,” I whispered, almost choking with silliness. “My brother might like the deep tight butt. And hey hey hey, that’s one big dick, but Reginald’s looked bigger, and definitely blacker.”

I began toying with Charlie the Chimp. Hmmm, and did it ever look like it could do the job. I slipped my harem pants off with nothing but me underneath, turned the damn thing on and went to work. Soon I began to play with John Holmes’ cock. No, it didn’t feel like the real thing but it amused me.

Dave came out from behind the bar with his own dick hanging out. The more he watched me get excited, the harder he got, and then he stuck it up John Holmes’ fake ass.

Ten minutes later I got a real buzz, one of my best orgasms ever and my moaning and whimpering turned Dave on even more. He really started giving it to that doll’s butt. I reached over and eased Dave out of the doll’s ass, but before I could get him even close to my mouth, he shot cum all over the place. Some of it landed on the bar and in my drink.

“Good for you?” Dave inquired with a smile.

“I don’t think so,” I joked, “but I’ll take this Charlie the Chimp. Put it on my bill.”

I began worrying about James. “Dave, I better go see what’s up my brother. Or what’s up his ass,” I added with a small chuckle.

“Yes, maybe you should. Reginald, the one with the black monster dick, has prompted us to dial 911 for more than a few customers.”

I didn’t know if Dave was joking or not, but I ran out of the bar and back into the Maze. Now James, on all fours, barked as a large Doberman humped him. Reginald held the dog kaçak bahis on a leash and chanted, “Go Blackie, Go!”

Pushing Reginald and freeing James from the dog, I pulled James up, re-adjusted his babydoll nightgown and panties and dragged him out of the Maze. All the way out he sang verses from “Amazing Grace.” You know, “Thro’ many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come; ‘Tis Grace has brought me safe thus far, and Grace will lead me home.”

“Shut the fuck up, James! How many cocks did you suck anyway?”

“Like I remember.”

When we got back to the room and flopped on the bed, James complained, “You know, even with all that fucking and sucking I never came once.” As he lay on his back, he lifted up the front of the baby-doll nightgown, pulled down his panties and began stroking his cock.

“Grace, remember when I taught you how to suck cock? I hope you have improved your technique since then. Why don’t you show me?”

“Well, I just don’t know, James. How bad do you want me to suck your cock? I mean, I’m really tired and want to crash.”

“Please, Grace? Please, pretty please? I’ll let you go through my lingerie drawer when we get back and take whatever you like. Grace, look how hard I am! I’m dying here. Please, pretty please?”

“OK, but make it quick. I’ll tell you what. I’ll lay on my back and you fuck my mouth; less work for me that way. I’m not in the mood to spend a half hour on my knees.”

“Yes!” James squealed in appreciation.

Propping my head up with pillows under my head and beside me, I motioned for James. “Now keep your weight on your knees and don’t squish my tits,” I ordered.

When James did as I requested, I instructed, “OK bro, now fuck my mouth, hard and fast.” I opened wide. James did what I said. Not being all that big, about average I guess, James could push his cock all the way down my throat. I pulled him out momentarily and teased, “Thank the Lord you ain’t that Reginald dude.”

After about five minutes of playing tonsil hockey with me, James began to sing the verses of “Amazing Grace” again. Well, not really sing, shout words from it.

Finally, James, moaning and screaming deliriously, pushed his cock as far down my throat as he could and shot his load. It tasted somewhat different than what I remembered, when I gave him blow jobs in our youth. I pulled him out and let the cum spurt all over my face. Holy shit! I never saw so much cum, horny I guess.

I put him back in my mouth and kept him there as his erection wound down. I heard him ask as I drifted off, “Grace, what are you doing for Easter?” I fell asleep with his cock still poking my cheek, from the inside.

When I woke in the morning I still felt a cock in my mouth. Only this time, it felt more than twice as big. I opened my eyes.

“Reginald!” I cried in surprise.

Reginald kept jabbing at my tonsils but he could only get it half-way down my throat. For some reason my pussy felt moist, and getting wetter by the moment. I reached down and began teasing my clit. The black stallion kept sticking it in my mouth and pulling it out, rubbing it on my lips and giving me a real good look at his huge one-eyed monster. He could see the intense look of desire in my eyes.

“Hey, Sis,” James interjected, “I promised him, what could I do? Reggie here gave me the best ass-fucking I ever had, although I don’t think I’ll be sitting down much in the near future.

I screamed, “Fuck me, Reginald!” He entered me quickly, and I felt like I just met the Roto Rooter man, up close and personal. Yes, Grace would be returning for Easter for more of the Maze and whatever else.