A Massage Fantasy

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The mist swirls around the cozy wooden cottage nestled in the volcano rain forest. A light stream of smoke spews out of the chimney. I walk up to the door and as I’m about to ring the bell, the door opens. In front of me stands Maggie the massage therapist, a full bodied women, but not fat, strikingly good looking with piercing brown eyes, in her mid forties or early fifties. She smiles and introduces herself “Hi, I’m Maggie, you must be David.” I nod yes as I notice that she is wearing the sheerest, white gauzy, dress which shows off her buxom breasts nicely. Her firm nipples’ pushing their way through is a tantalizing sight. It spurs a tingling in my balls as my cock starts to twitch. I smile back as she ushers me in. Her house is warm and bright and as she leads me down the hall to the massage room I can’t help but notice that her dress is practically see through. I can see the nice curves of her butt and when she turns to me I can clearly see her nicely groomed pubic hair that’s framing her lush pussy. I glimpse her eyeing me as we enter the room. She smiles “I hope its warm enough for you”.

“Yes thanks” I reply.

“What’s your comfort level?” she asks. I give her a quizzical look. “Well I like my subjects naked. Does that bother you?” She asks.

“No, unless I get aroused then that might be embarrassing” I say with a smile. She smiles back and says with a wave of her hand “Guys get hardons all the time. Don’t let that bother you. If it happens just relax it won’t bother me. I’ll be back in a bit why don’t illegal bahis you disrobe and lie on the table” as she closes the door. I get undressed and lie face down on the table and cover myself with the sheet. I put my head on the head rest and through the hole I have good view of the floor in front of me.

As I lie there I hear the door open and Maggie walk in. She comes up to the table and gently puts her hand on my back lightly gliding her hand down to my butt and ever so lightly gives my ass a slap. “Well, I don’t think we’ll need this. Do you?” as she lifts off the sheet that covers my naked body. She then moves and adjusts the pillow that my legs rest upon at the same time she adjusts my legs by spreading them apart. “Hum, that’s better. Nice bum.” she chirps. She puts her hand on my ass and softly runs her finger along my crack and moves up my back till she reaches my head. Through the head rest I can see her feet as she stands in front of me. Then her white dress falls around her ankles and with a jig of her feet tosses it aside, all the while stroking my head with her hands. As she works on my head and neck she drops to her knees, giving me a perfect view of her nicely manicured pussy, with her pubic hair perfectly trimmed.

She stands and puts her pussy next to my head as she works her hands down my back. She does this several times, each time reaching lower and massaging my ass crack till she reaches my asshole. As she leans forwards her breasts rub against my naked skin. My cock surges with blood and illegal bahis siteleri forces my ass to trust upwards. “Nice, very nice” I hear her say.

She works her way down my body to my left arm. She pulls my arm towards her and my hand reaches her pussy. She let’s my fingers play with her pubic hair and reach down to find her vagina. She let’s me tickle her clit for just a little bit, and then she moves to the other arm. Again she lets my right hand finds her pussy only this time it’s ozzing and wet.

She moves on to my legs lifting each one up, first the left then the right, each leg gets a massage that reaches up to my groin and her fingers touch on my scrotum, and tickle my balls. Each time she does this my cock swells and throbs until I have a huge hardon. Her fingers find my throbbing shaft and stroke it.

Then she says “time to turn over”.

“I’m afraid I got a bit aroused.” I state as I roll onto my back as my hard cock thrusts skywards.

“That’s just fine.” She says with a smile as she stands behind my head. Her pussy brushing my hair as her hands rub my chest. Her fingers play with my hard nipples and then she leans over and her breasts cradle my face. She moves each breast over my mouth and lets me fondle each nipple with my tongue. As I’m licking her breasts she is flicking her tongue around my navel and nibbling my short hairs. She leans over more, pressing her pussy on to my head, as she nibbles down my happy trail till she reaches my trimmed pubes, biting the longer canlı bahis siteleri tuffs of hair in the center. Just as she reaches my stiff cock, she pulls back. She lays her hands on either side of my pubes as she moves to the other side of the table. She rubs the insides of my thighs gently spreading my legs wider. My cock is throbbing so hard I feel it’s going to burst. Then a trickle of pre-cum seeps out and a grin comes across her face. “If you want to cum its all right by me.”

“If you keep doing what you’re doing, I think I will.” I groan.

“Do you want me to stop?” she asks.

“That’s up to you.” I moan. With that she leans over and takes some pre-cum off my cock with the tip of her tongue. While all this time she’s massaging the insides of my thighs, letting her fingers explore my ass and balls. My cock twitches as more pre-cum oozes out. She stare at my moist cock “I love it when a man comes” she mutters as she licks the top of my dick, taking more pre-cum on the tip of her tongue. She lets it drip off as she pulls back to get a better view. She moves her right hand up and softly grabs hold of the base of my near exploding member, while with her left she keeps on massaging my balls and lets a finger find my asshole. I can’t take it any more and mutter “I’m cumming!” She smiles as she gently strokes my shaft until it explodes. The first shot of cum hits her on the cheek. The next two shots splatters on my chest and the rest ooze down my cock. She gently squeezes my dick till the last drop of cum streams out.

With a smile she stands and reaches for a warm damp towel and gently cleans me up. I look up and say “Now that’s the best massage I ever had.”

“Well, if you enjoyed it you’ll have to cum again.” She replies with a smile and a wink.