A Little Afternoon Delight

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Ever Since Lucy came home from university she has been acting in a totally different manner to the eighteen year old who left home two years ago and I don’t mean in just attitude. There is another side to her; one I discovered after just two days. Let me explain.

I work from home and my wife goes out to work every weekday morning at eight o’clock, returning around five thirty each evening. As I said Lucy, our daughter has returned home and is currently un-employed, which means she’s around the house most of the time, rising from bed after Lucinda, my wife has left the house. Not much of problem you might say and it isn’t; what is the problem is how Lucy walks around the house.

On the first day she wore a skirt and top and the day progressed normally. On the second morning she appeared in the kitchen wearing only a transparent short nightie and panties. I could hardly believe my eyes for her firm round breasts with their erect nipples were clearly on show beneath the flimsy material. It took monumental willpower not to keep staring at her but I kept giving her glances which I hoped she wouldn’t see being given and I couldn’t move from my chair because of the raging hard on in my groin. She made herself a coffee, gave me a peck on the cheek and walked from the room. I watched as her arse swayed when she walked.

The next time I saw her was when I went to the bathroom. As I reached the top of the stairs she was leaving it; she was wearing just a tiny thong and a thin bra.

“Morning again dad,” she said with a smile on her face and looking at my bulging groin.

What was she playing at? Was my daughter teasing me on purpose? Whatever she was doing was working and after locking the bathroom door I wanked off to ease the growing pain in my groin; hoping she couldn’t hear my heavy breathing and the muffled groan I gave when I came all over the tiled floor.

An hour later she came downstairs and again wore a skirt and top, but this time the top was a t-shirt and it was plain she was now bra-less beneath it for her nipples stood proudly from her breasts. Still things progressed normally but midway through the afternoon she changed clothes and came downstairs wearing a tiny plaid skirt and white blouse, along with low heels shoes. When I saw her I commented on how she was dressed.

“Don’t you like it dad?”

“It’s not that I don’t like it, but why wear it in the house?” At this point my eyes were glued to her and I felt my cock begin swelling in my groin. I hoped she hadn’t noticed it.

“I like dressing like this; it makes me feel sexy. Do you think I look sexy dad?”

WHAT! What the fuck was I supposed to say to that question? Of course she looked sexy. She looked downright fuckable, but I couldn’t say that could I?

“You look gorgeous Lucy”.

“Thanks dad.”

“I mean it.”

What the fuck was I saying? I was telling my own daughter she looks gorgeous dressed like a schoolgirl. My cock was now bulging in my groin.

“I can see you like it”, she said as she turned and walked from the room I used as my office.

My face was now flushed with blood and I could feel the heat coming off my skin as I güvenilir bahis absent mindedly stroked my cock through my trousers. My mind was now in a blur as I pulled down my zipper and eased my hard cock out through the gap. I was again running my hand slowly along my shaft as pictures of my daughter came flooding back into my head. I know I shouldn’t have been doing it but I was and was feeling no guilt over it.

I kept seeing her stood in her schoolgirl outfit and then stripping off to just her bra and panties. What the fuck was she turning me into but more importantly what was she turning into; I was soon to find out.

Lucy had been home for just short of a week and had me in a permanent state of arousal; something my wife seemed to appreciate when we fucked at night, but I doubt she’d have liked me telling her I was thinking of Lucy as I fucked her. Things finally came to a head on the first Thursday when I was fixing a blown fuse in the kitchen.

I’d changed the old one for a new one and had just screwed the plug back together when I sensed someone stood behind me. I turned around and looked straight at the bare, tanned legs of my daughter as she stood with them slightly open and her arms crossed across her chest. As I looked up at her she ran the fingers of her right hand across her bare midriff and beneath the flimsy top she wore. I watched her hand disappear and heard her sigh as she gently caressed herself before pulling her hand down again while her left hand caressed her hips and arse through the skin tight shorts she also wore.

Just what came over me I don’t know but as I watched my hands reached out and caressed her hips and then ran down the backs of thighs. I heard her moan quietly as I gently stroked the soft skin of her legs and caressed the pert curves of her buttocks while my cock strained for released from it cramped prison.

I stood and took her in my arms and as our mouths made contact with each other and then slightly parted our tongues snaked from them danced together, each running over the surface of the other while my left cupped and caressed her soft yet firm right breast as she stroked the outside of my left thigh with her right hand.

I know I should have stopped right there and then but I wanted her so bad and I knew she wanted what was surely going to follow because she took my hand and guided it over her thigh, across her pubic mound and held it still over her pussy for just a moment before placing it back on her soft breast. Still our tongues danced as we kissed with a passion I haven’t felt in years. My hand once more went between her legs and began stroking her mound and material covered pussy. Her breathing was becoming heavier by the second and she was moaning constantly as my caresses continued.

“I want you dad. I want you so badly.”

“I want you too baby,” I replied, no longer caring that what I was doing was illegal and could at the very least end my marriage.

I again ran my hands over her waist and then lifted her by it onto the kitchen work surface, wonder. I now knew she was naked beneath her shorts, having already guessed she must be. I parted her thighs and ran my hands türkçe bahis over her thighs as our mouths once again made contact. There was no going back now; we both knew it.

I ran my hand up her lower body and then pulled her top over her breasts; stopping momentarily to take in the sight of them. They were just like her mother’s where when she was that age and Lucy let out a long sigh as my mouth made contact with her erect nipples. My tongue was running over her abdomen and then over her breasts and back down while my hands were stroking her thighs.

“Oh God dad don’t stop please. Pleeeeee….mmmmmmm,”

I allowed my fingers to slide between her body and the waistband of her tiny shorts before unbuttoning them and then pulling down the zipper. I couldn’t believe my eyes; my baby was shaved clean as a whistle and I felt my cock begin to leak.

I pulled her upright and held here close to me, kissing her body before turning her round so she could rest on the work surface. I leaned her forward slightly and with a long moan from her ran my tongue between her arse cheeks before sliding her shorts to the floor, revealing her smooth, pert tiny cheeks to my gaze. My hands went out from her anal cleft and I cupped them tightly in my hands.

“Oh Lucy baby. You have a lovely arse do you know that?”

“I do now dad,” she laughed gently and then moaned as my mouth made full contact with her right cheek before I ran my tongue along her cleft again and then pressed it against her labia.

“Oh god dad that feeeeeels so good don’t stop.”

But I did because I wanted easier access to that sweet pussy of hers. She must have known it too because when I moved my head away she stood, turned and then sat on the work surface with her legs open, revealing the full glory of her smooth pubic mound and her forbidden treasure below it.

My face was flat against her as my tongue began probing her moist depths. I looked up at her and saw her looking down at me with her mouth open and emitting quiet moans while her right hand caressed her left breast, gently squeezing the nipple between her finger and thumb. As I watched I slid the tips of two fingers inside her and began playing with her lips and delving inside her sweet glistening pussy. I stood her up once more and pulled off her top, leaving her naked. She took my shirt by the bottom hem and pulled it over my head before throwing it to the floor and then kneeling in front of me. She opened the waistband of my trousers and pulled down the zip before sliding her hand inside my trousers to grab my now uncomfortably hard cock.

I let out a long low moan as I felt her soft fingers wrap around my shaft and ease my manhood from its prison. Stroking it gently while looking me in the eye she shook her hair from her face and I watched as she slowly engulfed my cock in her mouth. Fuck me, could my daughter suck cock; I don’t know where she learnt to do it or who taught her but I silently thanked him as her tongue caressed me every time she slid into her mouth. For over five minutes she sucked and stroked my cock before I told her I wanted it inside her pussy.

She stood and then lay on the work surface güvenilir bahis siteleri with her legs dangling open. I stood between them, plac3ed my hands beneath them and then ran my cock down her mound and stopped at her entrance. I ran my cock over her lips to coat it in her juices and then watched as it slowly disappeared inside her tight pussy.

Her moans and groans were now louder and she was begging me to fuck her. Gone was the demure young woman of two years ago; here was one who knew what she wanted and what she wanted right now was cock; my cock. I pulled from her and spun her round before shoving my hardness back inside her and fucking her harder than before. I had fully intended being gentle with her but that had gone out of the window.


I could hardly believe what I was hearing, for here was my daughter swearing and telling me to fuck her, using words I had no idea she knew.

“So my horny daughter you want your father to fuck you and fill your cunt with cock.”

“Oh God yes. Please dad fuck me. Make me your slut if you want. But fucking fuck me.”

That was all the encouragement I needed and I began pounding her sweet tight pussy ever harder and faster while listening to her arousal grow ever greater and her orgasm ever nearer. It was now I began taunting her.

“Tell me slut daughter; do you want to cum? Is your father making his slut of a daughter want to cum want to cum?”


“Cumming?” I asked as I continued fucking her, extending her orgasm as it tore through her body.

When her high was done and she came back down I pulled from her and lay on my back on the floor; Lucy straddled me and impaled herself on my throbbing hardness, her knees wide apart as she rode me before I pushed her off and told her to lay on her side. I lay behind her and slid my cock into her pussy once more and continued fucking her while squeezing her breasts with my free hand.

I was now fucking her hard and fast and could feel my fluids welling up inside me.

“I’m going to cum Lucy. I’m going to cum,” I panted.

“Inside me dad. Cum inside my pussy. I can feel it. I can feel your cock harden. Oh dad fill me with cum. Fuck me.”

I had no intention of cumming anywhere else. I wanted my seed in her womb. I wanted to fill my daughter’s cunt and womb with cum.

“HERE IT CUMS BABY! HERE IT CUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMS! AAAHHHH FUCK YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!” I cried out as jet after jet of hot cum spewed from my cock into her waiting and willing orifice.

For a long time we lay beside each other taking in what we had just done, but I for one had no regrets and after Lucy finally spoke I knew she had none, but for now we had to clean ourselves up and act as if nothing had happened when my wife and her mother came home.

Two hours later Lucinda walked into the house and said she needed a bath. Thirty minutes later I went upstairs and heard noises coming from Lucy’s bedroom. I carefully opened her door and was astounded to see Lucinda naked with head buried between her daughter’s open legs and knew that she was licking my cum from inside her daughter’s pussy.

I quietly closed the door and left them to it as I didn’t want either one knowing I’d seen them; not yet anyway.