A Library Encounter

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It had been years since they had seen each other. 28 to be exact. That was the day they parted ways for college and the military. A long distance relationship was out of the question as she made her mind up to go to London. Him being recruited by the Naval Academy wasn’t an around the corner option either. In truth, things weren’t going well anyway, so it seemed all for the better.

He was back home now to help his mom who struggled with a myriad of health issues. His dad passed away 8 months earlier and there were no great alternatives. His parents hadn’t saved enough for retirement let alone health care in a managed facility. His marriage was long since over. His heart was always someplace else.

She returned home not long after college, quickly got married and had kids. She had lived there ever since. Her kids were older now. One a recent college grad and the other a junior to be.

It was late on a Saturday afternoon and he walked into the library to use their computer. He needed to apply for a building permit to make his mom a ramp he planned to attach to the house. The permit wouldn’t come without the proper plan in place. Mom’s PC was ancient and bogged down by virus software.

Despite the years in between and never having stayed in touch, they recognized each other instantly. There she stood behind the desk looking more gorgeous than she ever did. She wore black glasses that achieved the scholarly look of mature, classy version of the young lady she used to be. Her hair was shorter but still remained the strawberry red he always loved. And the slight olive skin tone was a perfect match for it.

They güvenilir bahis made small talk and it was awkward to say the least. She nervously touched her hair and then adjusted her glasses. He leaned on the counter trying to stay cool. She sympathetically listened about his parents and then went on about how great her kids were doing in school.

Eventually they ran out of things to talk about. She gave him directions to head upstairs and then warned him they were closing in 25 minutes. They said how nice it was to see each other and she came around to give him a hug. As her breasts pressed up against him, his heart raced back to their youth. He had long forgotten how good it felt to be close to her. And he could sense the same from her. She held him a little longer than he expected.

The staircase had a landing which was halfway up and turned you 180 degrees to complete your ascent. As he made the turn, the stairs afforded a slight angle for him to look back down at her behind the desk. She looked so good. Her jeans accentuated her curves, she wore a white blouse and he watched as she opened one more button on it. Lost in a gaze he made his way up to the lab.

Concentration was difficult but he got through it. She called up the stairs from the landing to him that they would be closing in 2 minutes. He could stay a little later but she couldn’t stay too late and needed to get home to the family. He heard her go back down and say goodbye to the last person of the day latching the deadbolt behind her.

As he made his way down, he saw her in the non fiction area filing away books. She seemed engrossed in türkçe bahis her work – and he was disappointed she wouldn’t see him to the door. But he wanted her so bad and she looked so good, he found himself moving toward her. She pretended not to notice him but if she really hadn’t she could sense his presence by the scent of his cologne. It was her favorite and whenever she smelled it on another man her mind would send her to the times they had in their youth… In her parents basement, hot summer nights in the moonlit pool.

He approached her from behind and slowly ran his finger over her neck. He moved it upward to slide back her hair and expose her ear. He breathed a hot breath and gently nibbled her ear and teased her with his tongue. He slowly ran his tongue down her neck sending shivers down her spine. She was screaming no inside but it felt so right to be in his arms again.

He pulled her in tight pressing his bulge against her ass. His hand caressed her already erect nipples and she unbuttoned more of her blouse to afford him easier access. She couldn’t resist him any longer and turned into him where their tongues met in a rage of passion she hadn’t felt in years. He gently sucked her tongue into his where they seemingly became one. They both moaned with delight.

She pushed him back to the center table shoving some left over magazines to the floor with one hand while tugging at his belt with the other. In two swift moves, she had him unbuckled and unzipped with her hand around his hardness stroking him furiously.

He crunched himself upward grabbing her by the hips, and then turned her with him in güvenilir bahis siteleri one forceful swoop. He grabbed her by the back of the head and drew her closer – he couldn’t get enough of her kisses. Taking his hand down to her jeans, he quickly unbuttoned them and yanking them down. He slid his hand under her panties and on top of her warm wetness. She squeezed her thighs together questioning her decision to be with him, but quickly relented as he fingers worked magic inside and around her.

He pulled her to the tables edge, pulled her panties to the side and entered her. Slowly at first… it felt so good to enter her and feel her muscles wrap around his hardness. He soon quickened the pace of his thrusts and she angled her legs in the air wanting to feel more of him. She pulled him in with her heels. He gently nibbled on her ears, neck and nipples as her breathe hastened faster and faster trying to time his thrusts and get more in her. Their eyes locked as she came with passionate sounds even loud for a home let alone a library. The sound of her pleasure and the look of passion in her eyes was all he could take. He shuttered and moaned as he climaxed and she could feel the warm heavy spurts of his juices fill up inside her.

Where would they go from here, he thought, as he kissed her stronger than ever not knowing if this chance would ever come again.

The next Monday he signed up for a card and returned the following Saturday. She wasn’t there. Must not be working today, he thought. The following week she wasn’t there either. He walked the aisles hoping to catch a glimpse of her. Resigned to his task, he went to the computer upstairs. Now buried deep in a document, he was quickly snapped out of it when her perfume filled the air. As he looked left, she blindsided him on the right grabbing his hair and turning him to her for a long deep kiss…