A Liberal Education Ch. 02

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Well, dear reader, several months have passed since I converted my regular guys to using my back door, if you know what I mean.

They all seem to like the change, and I sure do.

Other things have changed, however. My super-star stud Donkey Dong suffered a serious injury on the football field. So serious he was out for the rest of the last season, and indefinitely. He has taken a leave of absence from College. He might return next year if the rehab goes well.

He was not much of a student anyway, he just did the absolute minimum. The powers that be made sure he passed because they wanted him on the team. I guess he could run through a brick wall. He might have done that too many times because he was not the brightest guy I know. Biggest dick, though.

Too big, really. After my sessions with him I always had abdominal cramps and discomfort. I guess you shouldn’t take a baseball bat up your ass. OK, I exaggerate, but it did feel that way. I liked it, especially when he finished so far in me. But he is gone now.

I no longer service a stable of 12 guys. Some of them stopped calling, and I told some others not to call. They were just too rude and disrespectful. Just because I was willing to let almost anyone fuck me doesn’t mean I am a bad person. I just like being fucked.

My go-to guys now are Seven & ½ and Super Nine. You may remember them. Seven & ½ was the first guy up my ass. Now he acts like he has fallen in love with me. I keep trying to discourage that.

Super Nine is called that for obvious reasons. His nine inches of meat go almost as far in me as Donkey Dong did, but a couple of inches less and not as thick. So I am not uncomfortable during or after taking him up my ass.

I see him about once a week and Seven & ½ also about once a week. I get a little rest and recovery this way, and the two guys are horny as goats when we do get together. They usually want to give it to me twice and that is fine with me.

You know what? It is silly and unnecessary for me to keep using the cute nicknames for them. I only did that for my diary and I do not make any entries about them anymore.

Seven & ½ is Justin, and Super Nine is Bob.

My relationship with these two guys has improved. I am no longer just a Booty Call for an anonymous suck or fuck. Bob does not look at me with Puppy Dog eyes of love like Justin does but he is obviously fond of me.

The most recent time with Bob was hot.

He is not broke like many college students are, and he rented a room at a local Motel for us. He texted me the Motel and the room number.

I went to the Motel and found his room and knocked on the door.

He greeted me with, “Hey Lisa, great to see you!”

He hugged me and kissed me warmly.

I pretended to be angry and said, “God, you put your tongue half-way down my throat.”

“So what? You used to take my cock all the way down your throat.”

I play-punched him in the stomach and started to undress.

He got the message and stripped down with me. His beautiful cock went from limp to stiff in a few seconds. It seemed to understand that it was going to be in its favorite place soon, up my tight, warm asshole.

I said beautiful and I meant it. Perfectly straight, with the smooth pink head always exposed with a silvery thread of seminal fluid hanging from it.

That is basically cum without the sperm in it. I knelt down and sucked his cock clean. I miss swallowing his load, but I get it in my stomach from the other direction now. You can’t have everything.

He led me to the couch and indicated he wanted me to lay over the armrest face down with my feet on the floor and my butt in the air. How fun.

I followed his instructions and he moved behind me. I felt his cock-head touch my anus and I shivered with pleasure. It went into me fairly easy and I exhaled a whispered yes.

He worked it into me slowly and soon all nine inches were in me. He pressed against my butt and his balls flattened against my pussy.

He held my hips and fucked me delightfully. I had to struggle to keep my balance on my tip-toes. I moved my feet further apart and that helped.

His first cum-shot happens quick, and in a few minutes, he emptied his nuts in me. This position gave him the angle to bury it in me.

I hate it when the guys in the porn videos only shove half of their cock in the woman’s ass. I know, half of 12 inches is a lot, but I want to see if the woman can take it all. The porn producers want the viewers to see the guys cock, and if it is all the way in you can’t see it. I believe that is why the actor is told to use only half.

For me, I want the exquisite sensation of a very long cock totally inside me. That is what Bob does very well.

He stayed pressed tight against my butt-cheeks while the last drops of his cum drained into me.

I can’t explain why it is so satisfying even though I do not have an orgasm.

He took care of that orally while he recovered, and then he fucked me again, this time in a more comfortable position face-down on the bed.

After that we güvenilir bahis lay side-by-side naked and talked.

This is becoming more like a love affair and I guess it is OK.

It was a very pleasant afternoon with Bob.

Justin called for his session the next week.

You may recall he does me in his dorm room. He does not have the disposable income that Bob has.

I let myself into his room and closed the door behind me. I couldn’t lock it because there are no locks on the dorm doors. They don’t want to give the students actual privacy, just the appearance of it.

Justin was sitting at his desk with a textbook open in front of him. However, his cock was out of his pants and standing straight up. Was he jacking off? I will kill him. I have told him to never do that, it is wasteful. All of his cum belongs to me.

As I walked towards him I pulled my jeans and panties down to my knees.

In mock anger I said, “Are you having fun? You weren’t going to make a mess in that book, were you?”

He sheepishly said, “No.”

I turned around right in front of him, facing away, and spread my ass. I lowered myself towards his hard-on, and he adjusted the aim, so the head touched my anus. I kept sitting down and took it up my ass.

I sat down all the way on his lap impaled with his cock.

“OK, you can blow your load now.”

“Thanks, but it is going to take a little of the old in and out.”

“I know.” I began to lift up and sit down slowly, virtually jacking him off with my asshole.

He acted like he was about to explode, so I said, “Lets move onto the bed. If you finish this way gravity makes it all run back out of me.”

I stood up and pulled him out of me, and we went over to his little single bed.

I laid belly-down, and he climbed on top and pushed his cock all the way in me.

He fucked me nicely for a few minutes and I knew he was about to blow.

Two things happened at once, one good and one not so good.

He pushed all the way in and started to grunt and groan, and at that precise moment the door of his room opened. I looked over at the entrance and there stood a cute blonde girl.

Justin saw her too, and said, “Wait! I can explain!”

She started sobbing, and said, “Explain what? That you were just sodomizing her?”

He pulled his cock out and unfortunately a small river of cum ran out of my asshole.

She sobbed louder and said, “Wonderful! You just inseminated her!”

He said, “I’m so sorry.”

I whispered, “I’m not.” I couldn’t resist.

She turned and left.

We got up and got dressed.

I said, “I’m sorry Justin” but what I was thinking is why in hell didn’t he know she might come by?

He said, “Don’t be sorry. It’s my fault.”

Damn right, I thought.

“OK, give me her name and contact information and I will talk to her. I will see if I can save your sorry ass.”

He gave me her name which is Heather, and her cell phone number and email address.

He was done for the day, having just destroyed his relationship with Heather, so I left him to his misery.

I waited until the next day and then I called Heather.

I heard her muffled “Hello” followed by silence because she didn’t recognize my number.

“I am sorry to bother you, but I was asked to contact you to talk about what you saw yesterday.”

More silence.

“I am the one you saw with Justin in his room.”

“You slut!”

“Let’s not call names here. I just need to tell you that I am not his ‘Girlfriend’, you are. We just see each other occasionally to have some good, satisfying sex. No strings attached.”

“So I am just supposed to let him get away with that?”

“You are not in a position to let him get away with it or not. You don’t own him. Not yet anyway. And if you still want to, you better cut him some slack.”

She just said, “Fuck you.” And hung up.

Oh well, I tried.

What a surprise it was when the following day she called me.

She started off with, “OK, I hear you. But I need to know more about the two of you.”

“Alright, I will tell you anything you want to know. But maybe we should do it face to face. Where can we meet where we will have privacy?”

She paused and then said, “We can’t meet in public. I rent a room in a private house just off the Campus. Will you come there?”

I agreed, and she gave me the address. I wanted to get this over with, so I told her I was on my way.

She was waiting for me on the front porch, and she led me up to her room on the second floor. There was a small refrigerator and she offered me a soft drink which I accepted. I didn’t want it but I thought it would seem friendlier to take it.

“So tell me. How often do you and Justin see each other?”

“As I said on the phone, occasionally.”

“And do you always have sex?”

“Of course, that is why we see each other.”

There was a long uncomfortable silence as she stared at the floor.

She said softly, “And do you always do it that way?”

“Yes. That is what we both prefer. türkçe bahis And he is satisfied until the next time we meet.”

I probably shouldn’t have said that because she looked distressed.

“You make it sound like I do not satisfy him!”

“I don’t know whether you do or not. To be truthful I didn’t know you existed until the other day.”

More awkward silence.

“Look, I just do whatever I want to do with whoever I want to do it with. Like I said, no strings. I am not stealing anyone’s boyfriend.”

That must have helped a little.

“You are clearly sexually liberated. Good for you. I am not. If I just let myself do whatever interests me my reputation would suffer.”

Snippy bitch.

“That’s your problem, you worry too much about what other people think. Maybe you should loosen up and live your life. You accidently saw me taking Justin’s cock in my ass. Are you going to say you have never even thought about that?”

Now she was silent and blushing too. I let her twist in the wind for a minute or two.

“Confess. You have fantasized about being fucked in your ass, haven’t you?”

Now she turned beet-red.

“Let me borrow your lap-top. Let me show you how things are out in the world.”

I got on-line and quickly surfed to one of my favorite sites. I showed her several short videos of women taking it in the ass. She acted embarrassed, but I noticed her eyes were glued to the screen. I jumped to a few different sites and showed her similar scenes.

“If you think Justin and I are weird perverts it looks like we have a lot of company.”

She finally caved and said, “I know about anal sex. I know people do it.”

“Well good. But how about you?”

She practically broke down into tears.

“I am so ashamed of myself. Ever since I saw the two of you I can’t get it out of my mind. I have had hot dreams all night, I can’t sleep. During the day I have flash-backs of Justin doing it to you.”

She stopped sniffling and quietly said, “The most shameful thing of all is I imagine it is me and not you.”

I felt a surge of affection for her. She is uptight and inhibited like I was. I moved close to her and put my arms around her. I went to kiss her on the cheek, but she surprised me, she turned and kissed me fully on the mouth.

I accepted her kiss including her tongue, and then I said, “Maybe there are a couple of things that you secretly wish you could do.”

She held on to me tightly and whispered, “Yes.”

“I have told you that I am free and easy about sex; liberated, you called it. Let me help you with this.”

I started to undo the buttons and pull down her jeans, but she quickly took over for me and was naked from the waist down.

I did the same to my jeans and panties, and we hugged again, this time pressing pubic hair together.

After a few more hot kisses we moved to the day-bed and laid down together. I played with her pussy in the way I masturbate myself and she murmured approval.

I moved down and dived into her crotch and kissed and licked her sweet young pussy. I realized this was something I had been subconsciously wanting to do.

I have no interest in putting my tongue into some smelly old cunt, but Heather’s pussy was as fresh as a bunch of spring flowers.

I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue and then I had a brainstorm. I searched for and finally found her tight little asshole, and gently pushed my middle finger all the way in.

I wasn’t prepared for her reaction. She exploded like a hand grenade. Her arms and legs flailed around, and she made animal sounds. I just held on to her with my tongue in her pussy and my finger up her ass.

When she settled down I moved alongside her and kissed her with my wet slippery lips.

When I thought she was able to speak I asked her, “What do you think of that?”

She didn’t answer right away and that concerned me but then she said, “I think I would like to do that to you.”

“Good for you.”

We reversed our previous positions and she tentatively began to kiss and lick my pussy.

She was doing pretty well but she didn’t think so, because she said, “I really don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to do this.”

“Just do to me what I did to you.”

She meekly said, “OK.”

She fumbled around until she found my asshole, and carefully inserted her long, bony finger. She resumed eating my pussy and the same thing happened to me, only not quite as intense. I just had a pleasant, deeply satisfying orgasm.

We stayed together on the bed for quite a while, enjoying the afterglow.

I got up and pulled my panties and jeans up and she did the same.

“I have to get going. Thanks for meeting with me. I hope you feel a little better about Justin.”

“You mean since I now know that casual sex is good?”

“Yes, exactly. You should try some interesting things with your Justin now.”

“You mean like taking his big dick up my ass?”

“Yes I do. I think it will renew your relationship.”

She held onto me and said, “Please don’t güvenilir bahis siteleri go yet.”

When she finally got up the nerve she said, “I would like to try it with Justin, but only if you are there too.”

Oh my god. Now I get to be a voyeur and watch my own porn show.

“Absolutely. Just tell me when.”

“If I call him now and tell him I forgive him and want to see him tomorrow, can you meet me there?

“Like they say, just do it.”

So it was all set, and I left Heathers room. Her snoopy old landlady glared at me as I left. She obviously knows something went on up there. Maybe she could smell the hot pussy all the way down here. I would like to blow her mind and describe what happened in detail. But if she had a heart attack I guess I would be guilty of murder.

The next day dragged on forever. Our date was at 3PM and it finally came.

Heather and I met up outside of Justin’s dorm building. We went in and knocked on his door.

“Come in.”

We did, and he was surprised to see me with Heather. He seemed uncomfortable.

“Don’t be concerned, Heather and I have worked this out.”

We both sat down on the edge of his little bed, side by side. Heather held my hand. She was nervous.

Justin noticed and said, “Are you two a couple now?”

I snapped back, “Not your problem. If she forgives you, you have no right to be jealous.”

That shut him up. He waited for us to speak and set the tone.

Heather said, “Lisa was nice enough to explain what I saw. Once I understood it I was not angry anymore.”

I waited for her to continue.

I softly said, “Go on.”

“I admitted to Lisa that I was aroused when I thought about it later. She made me see that it was OK, that I was not some kind of pervert.”

Justin was listening intently.

Heather seemed stuck there, she didn’t know what to say next.

“Heather, you have to tell Justin what you decided to do. I am sure he will be glad to hear it.”

She couldn’t make eye contact with either of us, she looked down at the floor.

She shuffled her feet and said, “I am ashamed of myself. But I can’t help it.”

Barely audible, she said, “I would like to try it with you. But I asked Lisa to be here for support.”

Justin’s hard-on was visible poking against his pants.

Trying to move things along nonchalantly, I said, “Right. Let’s get this party started.”

Heather just sat there, so I began to unbutton her jeans. She took over and stripped them off and her panties too.

I got off the bed to make some room and she laid down in the prone position. I took the tube of Vaseline from my pocket and applied it liberally to Heather’s tiny asshole. To make sure I inserted my finger to get some of it up her asshole.

Fingering her asshole turned me on and I had to force myself to stop and make way for Justin. He moved in quickly with his boner swinging and swaying as he climbed over her.

He straddled her, and I spread her cheeks to give him access. Heather did say she wanted me to be part of this.

I watched closely as he touched her anus with the tip of his cock. She quivered with anticipation.

He pushed it into her and she whimpered. I made eye contact and saw her eyes cross momentarily. Her feet kicked up in the air as she felt him go into her. It was a reflex caused by feeling her anus being stretched to the max.

For encouragement I said, “Relax. Breathe.”

Justin carefully pushed it in deeper and deeper. It was a good thing I greased her up so well. I had only seen this in porn videos, but I stared at her asshole clamping around the shaft of his cock. I started to rub my pussy through my jeans.

Justin successfully got the last few inches of it in her and began to fuck her. I didn’t know whether to watch his cock sliding in and out or watch the expression on her face and the look in her eyes. I alternated between them.

I pulled my jeans and panties down far enough for me to reach my wet pussy. I masturbated while I enjoyed the scene. Justin was red-hot as he concentrated on fucking her, and Heather was staring glassy-eyed into space.

Justin fucked her like a machine as long as he could, and then he said, “I’m going to cum.”

I was just as excited as if it was me about to be filled, and I said, “Heather, you know what to expect.”

She silently nodded her head.

He stopped all the way up her ass and grimaced as he ejaculated.

Heather murmured with pleasure and I had an intense orgasm, wave after wave going through me.

All three of us huffed and puffed for a while, trying to calm down.

Justin withdrew his still-hard cock and some cum gushed out of her asshole.

I dived down on it and licked as much of it up as I could. In the process I licked her pussy lips and she responded with a sigh.

I gently turned her over and finished the job, licking her clit until she exploded.

Justin’s eyes were wide open with both curiosity and surprise. I guess he never thought I would do that, and until now I never did either.

Heather remained on the bed while Justin and I sat on the edge. I absent-mindedly played with his half-hard cock as we talked.

I said, “I guess we all learned something important today. Something we didn’t know about ourselves before.”