A Lasting Memory

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This is the first story that I attempted to write. TBH it was an experiment to see if I could describe the pleasure of gay sex and leave the reader turned on by it. It worked for me but then again I’m probably a little biased!

If you are after a story with developing characters or even a vague attempt at a story line then this is probably not for you.



It started off as just another boring Saturday, my ex wife had the kids and I was pottering about the house. I decided to go to the store to pick up a new wardrobe for the kids room so I gave James a call to see if he wanted to come along.

I picked James up on the way and we eventually returned to my house with boxes of flat pack furniture that needed assembling. We unloaded the car and stacked the boxes in the hallway and I turned to James and said “These can wait because I think we have some unfinished business”.

I was referring to James’ last visit when we’d got drunk and climbed into the shower and eventually into bed with each other. At the time we were too pissed to take things much further than a quick fumble.

I told James to go and get in the shower and that I would join him. As soon as I heard the water running I was in the bathroom watching my friend wash his slim body down. I marvelled at how big his cock still looked, even after spending most of my latter teenage years sucking it and being fucked by it.

I stripped off my clothes and climbed into the shower with him, relishing the touch of his wet body against mine. I poured shower gel into my hand and began to lather his chest, feeling his slim muscular body heave beneath my touch. James leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth, his tongue probing for mine. He pulled me closer to him and my hands worked their way down his body and found his stiffening shaft. He let out a moan as my soapy hands caressed him, gently pulling the skin back from his throbbing head. The velvet touch of his cock in my hands caused my dick to stiffen and push against his thigh.

I pulled my lips away from his and began to kiss my way down his body, the water running down his body and around my lips making the moment more sensual. His head tilted back as I kissed his Adam’s apple as I ran my tongue down his strong neck. I could feel the coarseness of his chest hairs as I guided my mouth to his hard nipples and I felt his body stiffen as I took the first one into my mouth and rolled my tongue over its bumpy surface and then gently squeezed it between my teeth. Suddenly I felt his warm hand grab my cock and it was my turn to let out a moan, it had been so long since any one had touched me that I nearly came on the spot. I buried my face deeper into his chest, breathing in the musky scent of his body.

I continued my journey downwards, seeking my ultimate goal. My tongue travelled over his taught stomach and into the undergrowth of his pubic hair, I gently licked the base of his throbbing 8inch cock teasing him. Around I went, licking the skin in the crease of his thighs, letting my tongue gently flick out and touch his skin with a feather like touch. I found his balls and let my tongue play around the coarse surface of his sack and then I opened my mouth and engulfed them into my hungry mouth, sucking them in and rolling them with my quivering tongue. James let out a loud moan and pushed against me, urging me on. I traced the outline of his cum channel with the tip of my tongue and found myself at the base of his cock again. This time I did not stop, my tongue ran up the underside of his shaft feeling each vein as it pumped blood into his solid body.

My tongue probed the underside of his swollen gland, flicking lightly on the flap of skin that connected it to his shaft. With each flick his cock twitched and he let out more moans. His hands impatiently pushed me into him, urging me to take him in my mouth. I let my tongue play over the tip of his cock which was smooth with water and the copious amounts of pre cum that his excited body was leaking. I could taste the silky fluid on my tongue and was overwhelmed by its sweetness. I opened my mouth fully and let him inside me. I could feel his body quivering as he fought to control himself and I relished the feel of his hot head in my mouth. My hand gently stroked his shaft and my mouth massaged his glowing head, I was in heaven. He started to buck gently against me, fucking my face like he had done so many times in the past. I let my hands creep around him and began to caress his firm arse, urging him deeper into me, feeling his cock fill my mouth. His bucking began to get more urgent but there was no way I was ready to let him cum yet so I took my mouth away from his tool, stood and pushed my mouth onto his, suggesting that we retreat to the bedroom.

I climbed out of the shower and dried off, leaving James gazing after me with a hungry look on güvenilir bahis his face and a throbbing cock that needed some release. I climbed naked into bed and listened as James climbed out of the shower and quickly dried himself off. Within seconds he was lying next to me, pressing his body urgently into mine.

His mouth closed over mine and his hands pulled me into him, our hard cocks pressing against each other. I could tell how urgently he needed some release so I swung around into a 69 position and plunged his cock into my mouth while he shyly nibbled my nuts. I’d taken him into my mouth many times in the past but this time I wanted to give him a blowjob that he would never forget.

I ran my tongue over the swollen gland of the hard cock in my mouth, feeling the smooth surface on the inside of my cheeks. The tip of my tongue played along every contour, delved into the piss hole and traced the bulging edge where it joined the shaft. My mouth ran with the juices of my desire mingling with his pre cum as my lips slid up and down his long, hard shaft. As much as I tried and wanted I could not get the full length of his hot, hard cock into my mouth so as I sucked on as much as I could I let my hands work on his shaft, pumping it in time with the movements of my head. As my hands slid up and down his wet cock, lubricated by his pre cum and my saliva, I marvelled at how thick his shaft was and at how I could feel each pulse as his blood flowed into its head.

I continued to work on his cock, taking time out to run my tongue over the full length of his shaft and around his hairy balls, making his body glisten with our combined juices. I plunged his cock into my mouth again and felt him start to gently buck his hips into me, urging me on. My hand continued to work up and down his shaft while my lips and tongue pleasured as much as I could get into my mouth. Soon his cock began to throb and his bucking began to get more urgent and then I felt the first spurt of cum hit my tongue. I’d only ever attempted to swallow cum once before and was not totally enamoured by it at that time but now I wanted to taste every drop he had. As his cock continued to throb his thrusts got faster and harder and I decided “In for a penny in for a pound,” so I aligned my throat with his cock and braced myself to gag. I must be made for cock sucking though because all I felt was the full length of his cock slide easily into my mouth as his spurting head settled snugly in my throat. I was ecstatic; I was actually deep throating my friend’s 8inch cock and loving it. He continued to push himself deep into me and I continued to swallow every drop that he released until he was totally spent. I continued to suck his cock until it started to go limp and he pulled it from my mouth, he then came back up the bed and lay with me with a contented look on his face.

I was still feeling as horny as fuck and there was no way I was going to finish the afternoon there, so as James lay next to me I let my hands drift down to his limp dick. I expected him to pull away from me but he just lay there looking all smug and satisfied. I gently kneaded his cock in my hand, pulling gently on the skin that covered his purple head. He soon became hard again and I told him how much I wanted to feel him inside me. I massaged his throbbing cock with some exotic oils that I had to hand and begged him to fuck me. I was like a slut on heat.

I turned my back to him and pulled his body close to me letting his hard cock glide along the crease of my arse. Soon he was pushing towards me, his cock trying to probe deeper into my body, his hands caressing my back and thighs and his mouth breathing hotly on my neck.

I knelt on the bed in the classic doggy position and pulled him towards me, rubbing his swollen cock against my willing arse. He got the message and grabbed hold of his thick shaft and guided his cock head to the eager entrance of my body. Slowly he pushed himself into me until I felt his cock break thro into my aching love channel. It had been such a long time since I’d felt his hot cock enter me that I didn’t know if I could take his 8″ of pulsing manhood and I asked him to go slowly until my body got reacquainted with the feeling of a man inside of me.

He gently pushed himself into me and memories came flooding back of all the times that he’d fucked me. It felt so good to be with him again that my body ached for him to push deeper inside me so I slowly pushed against him feeling his warm cock expanding the inside of my body and once again filling me with the pleasure of forbidden sex.

Slowly and gently James pushed himself deep into me and at last I felt his hairy pubes on my arse and I knew he was in as deep as he could go. He then began to slowly fuck me, letting his long cock slide up and down my aching arse on a velvet stream of his pre cum. It felt so good having him shoving türkçe bahis his hot cock up my arse and my body welcomed him. I soon adjusted to the long forgotten feeling of being filled by a man and was desperate to be fucked like the whore that I am so I started to move in opposing directions to James’ so that when he pulled out I could feel the tip of his cock at the entrance to my arse and when he pushed into me I could feel the full eight inches of his cock filling me.

James’ began to see how eager I was to be fucked so he started pounding my arse with his cock, his thrusts becoming faster and journeying deeper. He gripped my hips with his strong sinewy hands and pushed and pulled at my body, his pounding intensifying. I began to moan as his thrusting manhood slammed against my prostate, causing my dick to swell with lust. I begged him to fuck me harder and faster, wanting to feel him fill me and fuck me harder than he had ever done in the past. His hands slipped from my hips and he began cupping my balls, pulling them on each thrust, squashing them as he withdrew his mighty pole from me. His fingers gripped my throbbing shaft and he started to hand fuck me as fast as his arm could move, my cock head rubbing between his dry fingers. Soon my body was ready to explode and my cock began to throb in his grip.

My moans grew louder and my bucking grew more frantic, I met each of his thrust with a thrust of my own causing our bodies to slap loudly as they met. Suddenly James let go of my pulsing cock and grabbed onto my hips pulling me further onto his cock than I thought was imaginable, drilling so deep into me that I could almost taste his cock in my throat, my body felt as if it was on fire.

His breathing began to come in short bursts as his thrusting got faster and then he was cumming, filling me with his seed. With each pulsing ejaculation he pushed himself deeper into me, holding me there while he unloaded his cock. I could feel his hot juices filling my body, coursing deep into my channel and I relished the feel of his cock now sliding deep into me on the carpet of spunk that he was weaving. When he finally finished planting his seed he collapsed onto my back and, putting his arms around me for support, began to passionately kiss my neck.

As he lay there holding me I could feel his cock begin to deflate and I felt a sudden pang of loss. I repeatedly clenched my muscles hoping that his body would respond; that his cock would once again begin to grow and fill me. I felt like King Canute trying to hold back the tide as his cock continued to shrink and finally left my body, he was spent and my efforts went un-rewarded. We slumped onto the bed and he held me as he drifted into a peaceful sleep, both of our bodies exhausted from our exertions but mine still wanting more. Soon I joined him in the most restful sleep I had had for years.

I awoke about two hours later, a little disorientated at first. Had it all been a dream, had my friend really fucked me? Then I could feel him, the warmth of his body still wrapped around mine, the touch of his soft cock against my arse. Realising that it had not been a dream I almost immediately became hard thinking of him filling my body with his juices. I slowly let my hand slip around to my arse and began to explore my hole, feeling the wetness that he had left behind. My finger easily slipped into my body on the trail of cum that was now lubricating my passage. I let out a small moan as my finger went past the second knuckle and began to stoke my prostate and my cock pounded against my stomach.

James began to stir so I reluctantly pulled my probing finger from my body and I feigned sleep. Suddenly his hands were on me, gently exploring my body, working their way down my chest, reaching for my softening cock. With it in his grasp he gently started to pull my foreskin back, exposing the purple gland at the tip. His soft fingers caressed the tip, coating it with the silky pre cum that was leaking from the slit. With each stroke I could feel my self begin too grow in his grasp. Then he was pushing himself closer to me and I could feel his now ram rod hard cock against my arse and I pushed against it. James took this as a sign and, with his free hand, reached down and positioned the tip of his throbbing love tool against my wet passage and gently pushed. That was all it took and he was in me, once again filling my body with his, once he was fully in me he just wrapped his arms around me and I continued to pretend to sleep. His hands slipped down to my hips and held me firm as he started to gently fuck me, his cock easily sliding on the cum that still lined my body. As I lay there limply in his grasp I could feel his throbbing tool probing deep into my body, the hot swell of his cock stroking my prostate with each thrust that he made.

James continued to probe my body with his cock while I pretended güvenilir bahis siteleri to sleep. I could feel the width of his cock stretching me, the coarseness of his pubic hairs against the skin of my arse, the heat from the tip of his glowing cock as he pushed into me. I was in heaven again. My insides were on fire as he thrust into me, his smooth cock sliding in and out of my body, filling every inch of me with his manhood. I could feel him unravelling as he pushed into me, the skin pulling back from the head of his hot sweaty cock, the pre cum leaking from the slit allowing him all the access to my body that he desired.

As he continued to gently fuck me his hands began to explore my body again. He used the fingers of one hand to rub the coarse hair on my chest, find my nipples and playfully pinch them. My breath caught in my throat as a bolt of electricity shot thro my body and down to my groin, my cock leapt with excitement and was immediately in the grasp of his other hand. He gently enclosed my cock in fist and began to slowly, expertly, jack me off. He ran his thumb over my aching head and spread my silky juices over the tip and then slowly pulled his hand down my shaft. At last I let out a moan and my cock throbbed in his grasp, any belief in him that I was asleep was gone and so was any form of gentleness.

His arms clasped me in a tight embrace and his lips brushed my ears, teasing them with his hot breath.

“You like my cock?” he asked.

“I love your cock James.” Came my panted response.

“Good, because I’m going to give you the fuck of your life.”

With that he started to thrust into me as hard and as fast as he could, his thighs slapping wetly on my arse, his arms never letting go of me. Suddenly he stopped, pulled out of me and rolled me over onto my front. My hard cock was squashed between my belly and the mattress as he roughly spread my legs and slid his body between them. Without warning he thrust his cock back into me, pushing me further into the mattress and sending a bolt of pain thro my cock, I let out a cry of shock and pain but this just seemed to encourage him.

He used his arms to pin mine to the mattress and he started to run his tongue around my neck and down my back, leaving a cooling trail of saliva in his wake. My cock throbbed beneath my body as it was pushed into the mattress with each hard thrust of his hips and I could feel pre cum leaking onto my belly, it reminded me of being a teenager and dry humping my mattress as I discovered myself. Suddenly my body tensed and my cock shot wad after wad of cum out onto the sheets, forcing it to spread over my belly.

Guessing what had happened Jack suddenly stopped and rolled me over, my stomach was slick with my cum and now so was my back. I could feel the warm spread of it beneath me and I wriggled up the bed a little so that I could feel it on the top my arse. Jack knelt between my legs and ran his tongue over my stomach, lapping up the cum that remained.

He forced his lips onto mine and then pushed his cum flavoured tongue into my mouth and made me taste my own juices. As he leaned over me I could feel his cock pressing against mine and felt myself begin to stir again, he felt it to.

He leaned back and grabbed my ankles and pushed them above my head, he aimed his cock at my arse and thrust deep into me, forcing my head back on my pillow. As I lay there I could see his long silky pole thrusting in and out of me like a piston, I could see the cum from his earlier exertions leaking from my hole and I could see my cock growing hard. As it began to grow it started to get tantalisingly close to my mouth and I licked my lips and stuck my tongue out.

Seeing this Jack pushed my legs further back and leaned further over me. Suddenly my cock was in my own mouth and as Jack fucked me I was able to fuck my own face, the head of my cock brushing past my lips and hitting my tongue. This sight must have excited Jack because he started to pound my arse with a newly found vigour, forcing his hard cock right into me and then nearly pulling all of the way out before thrusting in again.

Soon Jacks body began to tense and I felt his cock head explode in my arse and he started to shoot cum into me, with one hand he quickly withdrew his spurting cock and aimed it at my balls and shaft. His white creamy goo began to slide towards my mouth and my suckling lips soon began to taste his cum on my cock, that was enough to send me way over the edge. My cock responded by coating my tongue with my own cum, forcing it to run past my lips and down my throat. Jack could see that I was struggling to keep it all in so he applied a little more pressure to my legs, forcing my cock deeper into my own mouth, allowing me to swallow more of my cum. The taste of my own cum mixed with Jacks was unbelievable, it was like nectar from heaven and I drank every drop that I could get.

We lay in each others arms, truly spent and glowing from our love making, content in our own thoughts, little was I to know that this would be the last time for us and would simply become a lasting memory.