A Hot Sunny Afternoon

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A hot, sunny afternoon in early August, the temperature reaching into the upper nineties, warming the skin of two young men laying poolside soaking in the sun’s rays, beads of sweat rolling down their bodies mixing with the oil rubbed into their skin protecting them from harmful rays, margaritas sitting on the table between them, and the sound of classic rock and roll music playing in the background. The alcohol from the drinks affecting them, each reaching for his drink, two hands touch accidentally, finger strokes finger, hand brushes hand. Sparks fly and things happen. Two men touch, nibble, kiss. Lips intertwine, tongues probe mouths, teeth scrape. Fingers caress nipples, tongues lick them, hands wander, feeling the warmth created by the sun and the liquor. A penis exposed. A young man takes it into his mouth, sucking, licking, kissing, nibbling.

It was a real romantic scene until my uncle walked into the yard and caught us. Darren and I had flirted a few times, even kissed each other, but things had never gone this far. I had had a hard time accepting my sexuality through my teens. I never spoke about it with anyone else, and now here I was caught red-handed with my uncle’s friend, his boyfriend. I was instantly worried about his reaction. Would he object? I knew about his own sexuality for some time, but did he know I knew. Or would he be jealous over my being with Darren?

There were ten years between Darren and myself, but twenty between him and my uncle. I guess he liked them younger. There was also Jim. He was there, too. Standing, watching the scene as it unfolded. Jim was the type to wear it on his sleeve; a little flamboyant without being swishy. Just man enough not to raise too many eyebrows, but there was little doubt which way he swung. Would they object, or would they understand?

He wanted an explanation. Uncle Steven wanted to know why. He and Jim stood there. Darren leaned back in his lounge chair and relaxed; he had no problems. It was I who had to answer.

“Because, I’m gay.”

“How long has this been going on?”

“What?” Dumb question. “Me and Darren? This was the first…”

“You and anyone.”

“Not much. I never did much of anything before. Things just happened here.”

“Things always seem to just happen. Things don’t happen, people do things because they want them.”

Silence on my part. What do I say?

“How long have you accepted being gay?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know if I do accept it.”

“You sure did accept Darren a few minutes ago. Do you want to continue?”

“What? Being gay?” Dumb question number two.

“Do you want to continue having sex with Darren? Do you want to suck his cock?”

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Darren chimed in. Now his pride was hurt.

“I’d like to continue. Damn it, Steven, you could have waited until we were finished before barging in and interrogating him.”

Darren licked his lips and smiled at me. He was still horny. It was still hot.

“Come on Jim, let’s leave the kids alone.”

Steven and Jim left the pool and went inside. Darren came over to me on the lounge chair and put his hands on me again. “Come on, let’s continue.”

We kissed more. We touched and caressed, but it just wasn’t the same. My uncle’s intrusion and subsequent questioning broke the earlier tenderness. I also felt that we were being watched. “I feel like it’s pornographic now.”

“Don’t be so uptight.”

I lay down in the chair and just tried to relax. Darren did the same.

Later, Steven returned with Jim. “Are you two finished yet?”

“Finished?” Darren replied, “We never even got started. Vincent is a little uptight.”

“I am not uptight, I’m just not in the mood.”

“You were in the mood a little while ago. I thought you were going to slobber all over his cock for the rest of the afternoon. What’s wrong?”

“It just feels so dirty now. We got caught.”

“So what?”

“So it doesn’t feel the same. It feels pornographic or something.”

“Pornographic is good,” Steven stated. “Some of my best times have been pornographic. I think you need to get this done. You obviously want to get it on with him, and it is rude to start something without finishing it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean it is only polite to finish off his knob.” He seemed a little angry. “Now get down there and be polite.”

“Yes, Vincent,” Darren said. “Get down here and get polite all over me.” He held his cock in his hand and shook it at me.

“Come on.” Steven put his arm around me and guided me to Darren’s piece. I went down to my knees and looked around. Darren stared up at me, and Steven and Jim, the ever-quiet Jim, were behind me. Both men put their hands on my shoulders as Darren put his hand on my head. I opened my mouth and started sucking his cock again, but after a little while he wasn’t pleased.

“He isn’t even trying. Not like before. He’s not being the least bit polite.”

“Stand up,” Steven commanded me. “Pull down canlı bahis your bikini.”

I froze. He reached out, grabbed my suit, and pulled it down. It was still untied from the earlier heat between Darren and me. Jim retreated into the house.

My uncle grabbed me by the cock and pulled me over to a chair. He sat down and yanked my piece pretty hard, pulling me over his lap. Holding my dick with his left hand he spanked me with his right. “When I tell you to do something you do it. Do you understand?”

“He is a dom,” Darren advised me.

“A what?”

“A dominant. A topman. He gives the orders, and I follow them. You’d better follow them too.”

Another slap across my ass. “Do you understand what he is saying?”

“Yeah, ouch.” Another whack.

“I don’t think so. I told you to finish sucking his cock. You got him all worked up and now you have an obligation to finish him off. Now, are you going to do it?”

“Yes, ouch.” Another whack. Here I was, a twenty-year old college junior getting a spanking from his uncle. “Okay, okay. I’ll be polite and finish sucking him off. Just let me up.”

“No, I’m going to make sure you do him right. I’m holding you right here and seeing to it that you put your heart into it. Besides, you need to learn how fun ‘pornographic’ can be.”

I lay across my uncle’s lap. Darren sat next to him. I looked up at Darren, and he grinned like a Cheshire cat. “Boy, you’d better start fast.”

Whack. Another slap. I wrapped my mouth around his cock fast. My ass was really starting to sting now. My uncle is a strong man. He’s also a hirsute one; his hairy legs rubbed against me causing friction. He held my cock like a vice and yanked each time I sucked on the upstroke.

Jim came back with the afternoon gin and tonics; four in all. It was a regular ritual with them, like the British and their tea. Only this one took place at one o’clock instead of four. My uncle let me up just long enough to take a sip of my drink; I needed it at this point. However, I got no more than that sip before he grabbed me by my member again and brought my to his lap. Darren took a little pity on me and gave me a few larger sips of the drink before I got back to working on his dick as Steven restrained me and as Jim watched.

This time my uncle let go of my aching cock. He placed it between his legs, his hairy legs, and squeezed. This gave him back the use of both of his hands. His legs squeezing my cock was actually pleasant, but his hands went straight to my still sore butt. He squeezed each cheek. He gave me a few more slaps, but they tended to be gentler. Only every fifth slap was a hard one, I guess so that I didn’t get complacent. He rubbed his hands around and around my butt. It felt pleasant until, whack, another slap.

Sucking on Darren’s cock was actually fun now. I felt exposed and embarrassed by my predicament, but I placed more concentration on working Darren. The slapping stopped. Now Uncle Steven was fingering my asshole, toying with it. I felt something slippery rubbing around in my crack. He used some of the suntan oil to grease up his finger and my hole. I felt a warm trickle of oil slide down my crack and my uncle squirming his finger in it. He worked it around the outside and added a little more pressure each time he circled in around my hole until he finally got in up to the first knuckle. A little more oil and pressure and then he was sliding his whole finger in and out of my asshole. When I got tight he held it in place until I relaxed.

“Relax you sphincter. Just relax and let me slide my finger in. It’s just a finger fuck.”

“Your being frigged, Vincent,” Darren said almost giggling.

All this caused my cock to get as stiff as a spike. My piece rubbed between Steven’s hairy legs causing great friction right against the most sensitive part. He noticed the hardness of my cock and responded by squeezing his legs. I sucked on Darren’s cock and humped lightly into my uncle’s legs with my own cock as he fingered my asshole. As I came up, raising my hips slightly, Steven pressed his finger into my ass deeply. This didn’t feel the same as earlier; it felt better. It was more fun, more exciting, and more pornographic.

Darren came first, right into my mouth. “Hey guys, here I go.” A warning before a shot. I guess that was only polite.

“Vincent, when Darren comes I want you to hold all of it in your mouth.”

“Yes, Uncle Steven.”

Darren shot his load into my mouth, and I held it as instructed. Darren rubbed his shaft over my face, getting some of the extra wetness on my cheeks. I held his semen while my uncle continued to finger my hole and I pumped between his legs. My uncle reached under his legs and grabbed my cock again with that vice-like grip. Then he let go.

“When I put my hand over your mouth, I want you to spit Darren’s cream into my hand.” He placed his hand over the front of my mouth and I spit all of Darren’s semen into his hand. My uncle then rubbed Darren’s come all over my face, my first facial.

“Stand bahis siteleri up,” he instructed. I rose to my feet, but he kept his finger in me the whole way.

Steven led my to the picnic table with his finger still up my hole. He had never removed it. He stood behind me and placed his hand on my back, pushing me down until my chest lay against the table. He continued to finger fuck my asshole.

“Darren, come over here and remove my shorts.”

Darren lost no time in doing as instructed. He unfastened Steven’s shorts and pulled his trunks down exposing my uncle’s erect tool. “Darren, get the oil and grease up my cock.”

“Yes, sir.”

Sir? Where the hell did ‘sir’ come from? And what the hell was Uncle Steven doing with his pants down. And why did he still have his finger up my ass. And why did he want his cock greased? Oh no. Cripes, no. What the fuck. He wouldn’t. He just wouldn’t. He was my uncle. His finger up my ass was one thing, but his cock. No way. No fucking way. He was my uncle.

“What? What are you doing?”

“I’m going to slide my cock up your ass.”

“No, but…”

“Yes, I am,” he replied sternly. “After all, I’ve been fingering you all this time, and it is only polite to give you some cock now. Besides, you have to lose that cherry sometime, and it is better to lose it to me.” He slid that well greased cock up into my ass and started thrusting it in and out of my hole.

His thrusts caused me to grunt. An inaudible grunt that came from deep within. Darren came over and gave me more of my gin and tonic. He played with my nipple while I drank; I responded by jerking around. “Oh, I think he likes that.”

He pinched my nipple and I jerked again. Oh fuck, that’s good. Do it some more.

“Oh yes, he sure does like that.”

Sweat rolled down my back; I felt it roll between my ass cheeks mixing with the oil and my uncle’s cock. Sweat also beaded up on my forehead and ran down my face. Darren’s come was still on me and it dripped down onto my upper lip. I licked it; it was salty.

Steven continued sliding his cock in and out of my ass. He grabbed my sides with his hands, powerful hands and pulled me onto his cock with each thrust into my ass. I grinded my ass into his body on each upward thrust of his cock. He started squeezing my sides as he pulled me backwards. I am ticklish, so I jerked around again.

“Vincent is ticklish,” Darren teased me. “I think he likes it, too. Maybe you should keep tickling him?”

“Do you like that, Vincent?” Steven asked.


“What was that?”

“Ye, Yah, Yes, yes. I…” Oh fuck, don’t stop.

“I think you do like it. I think you like my cock up your ass. Do you?”

“Uh. Uh. Yeargh. Yes.”

“Do you like being tickled?”


“What?” Not the answer he wanted.

“No.” I didn’t get it yet.

“Answer me little boy. I said do you like being tickled while I fuck you?”

Whack. His hand came down on my ass so fast that I didn’t even feel it leave my side. I jumped at the slap, squirmed at the tickle, and writhed at Darren’s playing with my nipples.

“Yes, yes sir. I do. I do. I do.” It was little more than a grunt. I couldn’t control my voice. I sounded like some type of primitive man, a caveman. A caveman getting boned by his uncle while another man pinched his nipples.

Hey, where the fuck is Jim?

Uncle Steven finally shot his load into my ass. His warm, wet come shot into my anus and gave me a pleasant feeling. He cupped his hand beneath my asshole as he pulled his cock out halfway, then he thrust it back inside me. He pulled out three-fourths and thrust it back again. The third time he pulled all the way out and caught his load with his hand. His cock had gone soft by now; a fifty-year old man has only so much steam. He gathered as much of his semen in his hands as he could by sticking his finger up my anus and pulling some out. He rubbed it all over my ass. He smeared a little on my back and shoulders.

“Okay Darren, your turn.”

“Thanks Steven.”

Darren let go of my nipples and got behind me eagerly. I tried to catch my breath. I couldn’t even speak. Darren’s cock rubbed against my inner thigh. It only dawned on me that I was going to get fucked again when Darren started pressing his cock inside me. I squirmed a little.

“He tightened up,” Darren complained.

Uncle Steven grabbed my nipple and pulled. “Relax,” he commanded.

Darren tried to push his cock into me. “Nope, he’s still tight.”

“Relax,” another firm tug. “Spread you legs.”

I spread my legs apart.

“Farther,” he ordered. Another tug accompanied his command.

I spread my legs until my balls lay on the table.

“Arch your back and stick your ass out.”

I complied. The tip of my dick rested on the table as I arched my back upwards, almost effeminately.

“Now, relax.” Tug.

I took a few deep breaths and let my sphincter relax. Darren slid his cock into my ass slowly, an inch at a time. His bahis şirketleri cock was a little longer and thicker than my uncle’s, but I was already stretched out and well lubricated. It was a good thing I was being fucked in this order.

Darren went all the way in after a few minutes. Then he took deep strokes, fucking his cock all the way into my ass. I feel so filled.

Darren slid his hand underneath me to my balls and fondled me with his left hand while he played with my nipples with his right. The sun bore down on us now at what must have been the hottest part of the day. I sweated more then than ever. I used all my muscles to hold myself up, and I felt Darren flexing his muscles as he thrust into me. He was younger than Uncle Steven and more taut, his skin tighter. He was also gentler. It was as if he were empathic to my being in this position. My uncle commanded my ass, Darren negotiated it. I liked having Darren’s cock in me.

He also caressed my body. He ran his fingers around my balls, he gently played with my nipples, and he rubbed his chest against my back.

“Stop,” Steven ordered.


“Vincent, keep Darren’s cock in your ass and turn over on the table. Over onto you back.”

It was a difficult maneuver, but we somehow managed to get me over onto my back with Darren still inside me. My ass rotated around his stick giving me a queer feeling. When I got to my back my uncle grabbed my right ankle and pulled it up to Darren’s shoulder, then he did the same with the left.

“Continue fucking him, Darren.”

Darren fucked me more and more and more, his cock sliding in and out of my ass rhythmically. The sun was beating down on us mercilessly; it was so hot. Sweat dripped from Darren’s brow onto my chest. He rubbed sweat all over my body. He also played with my nipples.

“I’m almost ready to come, Steven.”

“Darren, when you’re ready to squirt, pull out of his ass and come on his chest.”

A minute later Darren withdrew his cock and jacked himself all over my chest and abdominals. He pumped two big jets of fluid that shot up my body to my neck, and followed that with a few drips down into my belly button. Uncle Steven was quick to start rubbing the semen into my body: my neck, chest, nipples, and belly.

Sweat, oil, semen. I was covered with fluid. I could have slithered through a chain link fence. I lay on the table and let the sun beat down upon me; it was so hot. Uncle Steven told me to finish my now warm gin and tonic. Darren disappeared into the house. I downed the drink.

Darren came back with a bucket of ice. He filled my glass with ice and poured in some water. “You’d better drink this. You might dehydrate.” I drank.

Darren stood between my legs and kissed me on the lips. It was a light, wet kiss. I wrapped my arms and legs around his hot, sweaty body and kissed him back. I never felt so relaxed as I did holding this man, kissing him, touching him.

Darren took an ice cube from the bucket and sucked on it. Then he placed it on my lips for me to suck. We sucked on it together. He took the ice and gently placed it against my nipple. I squirmed at the sensation.

“I think I found something else he likes.” Darren rubbed the ice around my nipples. I cooled me off a little.

“Roll over and spread your legs again. Better yet, get on all fours on the table.” I complied. Now I was following Darren’s orders.

“Arch your back again. That is so sexy.” I arched in the somewhat effeminate pose and Darren ran ice along the hole in my ass. Down between my cheeks he went with the ice. I shuddered a little from the cold of the ice.

We were allowed to do this for some time. Uncle Steven looked on from over Darren’s shoulder, but he didn’t say anything. Darren got hard again and asked me to suck him off. This time I jumped for it. I hopped off the table and kneeled down in front of him. I held him by the hips and opened wide, pulling him towards me.

I took him into my mouth and sucked him until he came for the third time that afternoon. He pumped his semen into my mouth again, and a drip began to form on my bottom lip. My uncle suddenly put his hand under my chin and ordered me to spit it all into his hand.

“And don’t lose a drop.”

Again he rubbed it into my face and my chest.

“Darren, be polite to Vincent.”

“Okay Steven. Vincent, lay down on the lounge chair.”

I lay back in the seat. He spread my legs and fondled my balls. Then he slid his finger up my ass; it was still so lubricated from oil, sweat, and come that it went in like greased lightning. Then Darren took my cock in his mouth and sucked on me. It was the first time anyone paid any attention to my cock since my uncle let me hump his legs earlier.

Darren sucked and slobbered on my dick. He fingered my asshole and played with my nipples. Oh shit, I love it when he dos that to my nipples. His hands were all over me.

When I squirted into Darren’s mouth he took all my come as I had taken his. He then spit it all over my chest and rubbed some into my face. He pumped my cock and milked it to a second squirt. More semen all over me. I began to smell of come, oil, and sweat.

Where the fuck is Jim.

“Darren,” my uncle said.