A Honeymoon they’d never forget.

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A Honeymoon they’d never forget.Gregg was an avid jogger, a brunette in his mid 20’s. That’s how he met his wife Michelle. Michelle was a stunning brunette with pert breast and the perfect ass. They dated for a while before they opted to get married. The wedding went off without a hitch. All of the fun would be during the honeymoon. It was there they’d meet Andre, a handsome Frenchman who always spotted beard stubble. Andre was a bellhop at the Grand Lakes Hotel, a 60 story high rise. He’d come to America to see the sites and take in the culture. He fell in love with the country, especially the horny couples. And he could see by the way Gregg and Michelle were all over each other, they weren’t going to stay clothed for long. Andre lead them off the elevator and towards their room, room 347. All the time on the elevator, Andre couldn’t help by stare at Michelle’s breast. And as Gregg picked up his bride, Andre couldn’t help but notice Gregg’s ass. Gregg slipped him a few hundreds for the tip. Andre wanted much more. As Andre left, Michelle was all over Gregg, taking off his jacket. Andre quickly slipped out of the room, and to room 349, which was always empty and under construction. Andre walked to the room, and shut the door. He quickly went to his spying spot, and watched the young couple. Gregg’s back was to Andre’s spying. Michelle took Gregg’s cock for a ride down her throat. Andre could tell the Gregg was enjoying himself, even though he couldn’t watch the act. Michelle worked Gregg’s cock, taking him deep to the point she could inhale his neatly trimmed pubic hairs. Andre was getting hard, he wanted to feel his cock in his hands. More so, he wanted to pound botch Michelle and Gregg’s ass with it. Michelle stood up, and then laid on her back on the bed. Gregg quickly removed her white stocking and panties. He rubbed his hard cock against her freshly shaved body. He slide his cock down and began slowly escort ısparta fucking his bride. She moaned with delight. Andre was watching, jerking himself off through his pants. He lost his balance and nearly fell, knocking hard into the wall, and causing fixtures to shake and fall. This caught the attention of the newlyweds, who noticed the hole in the wall. Gregg was pulling up his pants when he exited the door. He ran into Andre, and angerly ushered him into the room. “So you like to watch?” Michelle cooed, feeling excited. “I apologize,” Andre said, “Please, I don’t wish to be fired.” Michele was turned on by the accent. Gregg had never seen this side of his wife. Michelle got on her knees, and rubbed the cock of both men. She asked for a threesome. It was then that Andre dropped a bombshell. He not only wanted to fuck Michelle, but Gregg as well. Whereas Gregg was taken aback, Michelle was turned on even more. She stood up and kissed Andre, driving her tongue deep into his mouth, and then did the same to her new husband. She then made them kiss as well. As the hunky Andre drove his tongue into Gregg’s mouth, he felt excited and his cock rise. The three then quickly took off their clothes. Michelle directed the action. Gregg laid on his back, his legs in the air. Andre rubbed his cock down Gregg’s shaft and across his testicles. Andre’s cock was rock hard, harder then it had ever felt before. He slowly slid it in to Gregg’s ass. Andre knew from experience with past couples that ramming his cock into the tight ass of a new comer was not a good idea. In and out, in and out, in and out, slowly Andre built up a pace. Michelle rubbed her clit and her breast, toying her hard nipples. Andre leaned down as he pummeled Gregg’s virgin anus. Gregg moaned with delight. Yeah, he’d never been attracted to other men before, and never even thought about sex with another man. But he had to admit, between ısparta escort bayan the sexy accent and his looks, Andre was found by Gregg to be an attractive man. “Oh fuck, oh fuck this feels good.” Gregg said.”Yeah, me too, love breaking in a newbie.” Andre said, his accent just making the action hotter. Michelle’s pussy was water than an ocean. She could only play with her clit for so long. She got up, and ordered the men to stop. She straddled Gregg’s face with her pussy. Gregg licked his new wife’s snatch as Andre fucked his ass. Andre and Michelle French kissed, as she wrapped her arms around him. Gregg stroked his cock as he was fucked in the ass and he eats his wife’s pussy.It wasn’t long before Andre was eating Michelle’s pussy while Gregg watched. Gregg stroked his cock, enjoying the action. He began to lick his wife’s pert breast, sucking on the nipples. The nipples were hard and ready to be sucked, as he pushed Andre’s head deeper into his wife’s pussy. Gregg stopped and got up. He stroked his cock as he got behind Andre. He rubbed Andre’s backsliding his left hand to his shoulder. Deep breath taken, Gregg slide his 6 inch cock into Andre’s ass. Andre stopped eating and let out a happy moan. Gregg fucked his ass while Andre dined on Michelle’s pink. Andre was decent at eating pussy, and Michelle felt that Andre preferred men, but the sight of her husband fucking another man was a major turn on. Now it was time for Andre to make Gregg Pierre, lucky Pierre that is. As Gregg slide his cock into Michelle’s ass, Andre did the same to him. The three lusty friends fucked each other for what felt like hours in this position. Both Michelle and Gregg fought off the urge to cum. Michelle rubbed her clit as she took it from behind. Andre licked Gregg’s neck as he pounded the ass of his new found friend.After Lucky Pierre was finished, Michelle was on her back as her husband slide his cock ısparta escort in her pussy. As she had her snatch pounded, she sucked Andre’s cock. Andre’s cock twitched as Michelle sucked him off. Michelle opted to surprise Andre. She slide her right hand behind him, and finger fucked him in the ass. This drove Andre hotter. He didn’t expect Michelle to be this into it, hardly any of the past wives he’d been with were this into it. Sweat poured off all three bodies. Gregg was doing all he could to keep from coming. There was just a few things that had to be down before he came. Now Andre was on his back, getting ready to sixty with Michelle. while Gregg fucked him. Andre enjoyed Michelle’s sweet juices, as they seemed to pour down upon his lips as he licked her pussy. Gregg was fucking his ass with stride. Michelle took Andre all the way down her throat, just like she’d to Gregg earlier. This went on for at least three minutes. Now the trio was ready to finish.Michelle sucked Gregg off while Andre watched and jerked off. Andre’s hands stroking his cock faster and faster. while Michelle sucked off Gregg. Finally, Andre moaned with delight as he ejaculated, cum spraying on his chest and Michelle’s arm. His cock twitched as he held it. Michelle stopped sucking Gregg to lick Andre’s cum off hers and his body. Gregg stood up as both Michelle and Andre slide to the ground. Gregg stroked his cock with a fury as Andre and Michelle awaited the prize. It wasn’t long before Gregg’s cock, now red, burst with cum, spray both of his lovers. Michelle sucked Gregg off and then tongue kissed Andre, who swallowed the cum with delight. Gregg then slide his cock in and out of both Michelle’s and Andre’s mouth. He then leaned down and kissed both. The three collapsed into and embrace and fell asleep. When Gregg and Michelle awoke, Andre was long gone. The next day they saw him and thanked him for allowing them to live out a fantasy. He smiled and said it was his pleasure. Michelle and Gregg stayed at the hotel for three days and they never saw Andre again. In fact, that night was the only time they’d ever get together. That being said, it was a honeymoon they’d never forget.