A Homecoming

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Gwyn and I had not had sex in about three weeks. This was not the longest dry spell we had encountered, but it was longer than either of us was happy about. There had been a variety of good reasons for this unintentional celibacy, but I knew that it was all coming to an end today. Gwyn had been away at a conference for the past few days, and a combination of sick kids, sick us, work, and other obligations for the past couple of weeks had led us to a clear understanding that this evening was ours for sex and for each other. The kids were both out at sleepovers, and Gwyn would be arriving home just around dinner time.

I’d spent the afternoon cooking and preparing for our free evening together. Wine was decanting, the house was clean, and there was nothing to get in the way of a night of fucking. I generally liked to let Gwyn lead the way in our sex life as I am more submissive by nature, but I had a few plans just in case it took any time for us to get us revved up and ready for action.

I heard the door of the car close and the sounds of her suitcase rolling down the driveway towards the door, just as I put the finishing touches on dinner and set things up so that it would finish in about 20 minutes. That would leave just enough time for her to put her suitcase down and settle in to a drink and a warm hello. I wanted to surprise her when she walked in, and all of my anxiety about my sexual submission rushed the blood to my face. By the time she walked through the door, the stage was set.

I was on my knees with a glass of wine in my hand for her. I was wearing a new satin and lace teddy, with a satin nightgown overtop. On my feet were a new pair of black heels, about 3 inches which was the tallest I could comfortably wear around the house cooking and cleaning. My legs were encased in black thigh-high stockings which were attached the thin garter straps on the teddy. Gwyn doesn’t like it when I wear makeup, but I had on a fresh coat of lip gloss to make my lips shiny and red. On my head was a lightly curled auburn wig, the one Gwyn likes best on me and the one I think is the sexiest. I was freshly shaved, head to toe, and was wearing a new butt plug with a wide black base that was stretching my ass wide as I was kneeling on my heels. My freshly shaved legs felt amazing in the expensive stockings, and my cock was encased in the satin crotch of the new teddy. The snug thong back had been holding my plug in place while I had been moving around the house for the past couple of hours. Under the lace cups of the teddy, my nipples were adorned with lightly weighted clamps that had also been helping to keep me completely aroused for the past couple of hours.

Gwyn glanced briefly at me when she walked in. She took in the scene in an instant, and smiled. She took her time removing her jacket and setting aside her suitcase. She took her glass of wine out of my hand and took a sniff of the air.

“How long until dinner?” she asked.

“About 20 minutes” I replied.

“Excellent – for the next 20 minutes you may do anything you want with me, to me, for me, or whatever. After dinner you are MINE!”

I looked up at her demurely as she stood overpoweringly in front of me. My mind whirled with possibility, opportunity. I thought about the taste of her pussy and the way her eyes glaze over when I fuck her ass with my tongue. I thought about her bent over on her knees with my hard cock pumped into her tight asshole. I thought about how much pleasure we both get when she takes me over her knees and spanks and fingers my ass. I thought about my nature as a submissive, and an instant later I knew what I wanted – regardless of the consequences or how she would punish me later.

“Anything”, I checked – just to make sure she really meant what she said. And after a short pause I asked, “May I tie you up?”

“Whatever you like until dinner.”

I stood up.

Gwyn and I are about the same height, but I was wearing heels and she had been travelling and driving in flats so I was standing just a little taller that her. Gwyn is curvy and soft in all the right places, and I am thinner and looked particularly thin and striking in my tight, mostly black lingerie. I took her hand and started to lead her towards the bedroom. I knew that I only had a few minutes to put my plan into action, and didn’t want to waste any time.

“Come with me”, I ordered.

We walked towards the bedroom and I quickly gathered what I needed while she stood still in the middle of the room. I pulled a couple of ropes out of our drawer of toys in case they were needed, and grabbed a couple of pillows as I took the duvet off the bed. I pulled the cuffs from both sides of the headboards and placed them in the middle of the bed. They were attached to the feet of the bed and were placed to bind my wrists so that my arms were spread to the sides. I was the only one who had ever worn them, as when we play with bondage, I am the one that is bound while Gwyn plays with me however she wants.

We had a set güvenilir bahis of ankle cuffs on the bed as well, but I left them alone. If things went my way this evening, I was going to need her knees free to be pulled up around her chest.

Once I had things in place, I turned Gwyn around so that she was facing away from me and began to remove her clothes. I pulled her tunic over her head, revealing a sexy pink satin bra that I had never seen before. She had obviously been shopping on her trip and was as prepared as I was for her homecoming.

I pulled her close to me and lightly squeezed her nipples through the satin of the bra. I turned her towards me as I kneeled in front of her and unclasped her pants, allowing them to drop freely to the ground. She stepped out of the pants and I removed her socks and ran my hands up and down her smooth legs. I looked at the new matching panties that she was wearing and kissed her wet pussy through the satin. I turned her around, intending to give her the same kiss through the panties on her back side, but the panties were missing the entire back. Her ass was completely exposed to me, so I immediately spread her cheeks and kissed her puckered hole and rimmed her for a brief moment.

Gwyn moaned in delight which brought me back to my senses. I knew I didn’t have much time left, so I stood and placed a pillow in the centre of the bed. I quickly stripped off her bra and panties, while kissing her neck and her back. I guided her to lie down on her back with her hips raised by the pillow. I walked around to the side of the bed and tied her arms out wide with the cuffs, and bound her to the bed. I raised her neck a little with pillows, so she could see what I was up to, and then I dove in between her legs and kissed and licked her moist cunt. I wanted to fuck her right there and then, more than I could possibly imagine, but I knew that if I did, my plan was shot. Instead I licked up and down from her clit to her anus until she was soaking the pillow that was holding up her hips. I stopped and made my way to the toy drawer and pulled out a stainless steel plug and some silicone lube. It was the plug that I had bought for her years earlier on our 10th anniversary, but she had only worn in a couple of times in the 12 years since.

I lubed up my fingers and the plugs, and then raised her dripping pussy with my left hand and dove in again. My right hand worked its way under her and put the tip of the plug to her asshole and slowly inserted it while I worked on her clit with my tongue.

She came furiously just as the thickest part of the plug settled into her asshole. I kept the pressure on her clit with the flat of my tongue until the wave of orgasm subsided, and then took away my tongue and may hands and stood up.

“I need to check on dinner” I stated.

I was still fully dressed, including the wig, and Gwyn was naked and tied to the bed, plugged and seeming spent. I reached into her bedside table for some lip gloss and refreshed my lips before kissing her. I started with kisses on each of her beautiful breasts, leaving little circles of gloss around each of her nipples. I finished by kissing her deeply on the mouth, leaving her with a taste of herself when I left the room to finish with dinner. I was gone for about 5 minutes getting dinner plated, when I heard Gwyn finally ask from the bedroom.

“Are you going to let me out of this to come get dinner?”

I responded by coming back into the bedroom with wine and food, and a short but simple “NO!”

“I know that you gave me the 15 minutes before dinner, and honestly I think I did pretty well with the time I had, but now that you are here – I think I’ll take a little longer. I’m all dressed up, just for you, and I’m going to take charge tonight. I promise to take care of you and make it worth your while, but since you are tied at the moment, you don’t really get a say. I know this may cost me at some point in the future, but I’m going to live in the moment right now and take the lead for tonight until I decide to let you go. Now – shift yourself up a little and I’ll feed you a little dinner before we carry on. I plan for you to orgasm a lot this evening, so you’ll need some energy!”

We ate dinner – slowly as I had to feed Gwyn in small bites and little sips, but it was a good dinner of Pasta and bread and wine. As we ate, I would occasionally reach down between her legs and put a finger in her and have one of us lick it off. Once while I reached into her, I twisted the base of her plug and pulled it about half way out before letting go and returning to our meal. After half an hour of slowly eating dinner, finger fucking, and teasing her extremely erect nipples, I took our dishes back to the kitchen and returned to put my plan into action.

I thought it was unfair that I was still dressed and Gwyn was completely naked and exposed. I love crossdressing and take any opportunity that I can to dress in panties and stockings while living normal life. Gwyn was the only person who had türkçe bahis ever seen me dressed, and if I had things my way that would remain true for the rest of my life. She was OK with my fetish, although she had never initiated my dressing or even bought me special presents to wear for her. I always hoped she would appreciate how important crossdressing is to me, and then take the initiative, but it had never happened.

Anyhow – my nipples were starting to ache from the clips, and ultimately I knew that this evening would end with Gwyn wearing her strap on, so when I came back to the room I removed my nightgown and the teddy. I removed the nipple clamps and moaned when the blood flow started back up to my nipples. I clamped them lightly on to Gwyn’s nipples and she moaned when I tightened them enough to hold them steady. When my cock was finally released from my lingerie, there was a sense of relief that went along with the loss. I was hard as a rock, so after I undid the garter clips and slipped the teddy down my legs, I straddled Gwyn and put the tip of my cock in her mouth. This was the most trusting thing I could do to my love that I had kept restrained without her explicit permission. If she was mad, a quick bite or any aggressive action would have put an end to all my plans for the night, but as my cock hit her tongue, she twirled it and kissed it before starting to suck. I knew at that point that she was mine for the night, even if she might make me pay at some point later.

I fucked her mouth and she tried her hardest to make me cum, but I had no interest in that yet. I know that once I cum, I tend to lose interest, and with me in charge for the night – my orgasm would be the last thing to happen before we finished and went to sleep.

I kept my dick in her mouth until it seemed like I would lose control, and then pulled away from her and stood up again – my engorged penis leading me wherever I went.

I reached into the toy box again and pulled out Gwyn’s strap on harness and the dildo that I like the best. The harness was a corset style with a wide padded belt that went around her waist and a strap that went between her legs to hold any desired vibrators or dildos in her pussy or ass. My favorite dildo was a clear one, about 7 inches long and not too thick. It curved upwards and was lightly studded, and when fully inside me I felt full and it pushed on my prostate so that I dribbled cum the whole time I was being fucked. I loved the texturing and the size, as well as the fact that is was completely unrealistic and looked little like a real penis.

Gwyn was already wearing a plug, so I left that alone for the time being, but pulled out a wide base dildo to insert in her pussy. I put it in my mouth and sucked on it for a moment before positioning it for her to do the same. She licked and sucked like she couldn’t get enough before I reached between her legs and pushed it into her. I inserted the clear dildo pointing towards me in it’s hole, and strapped up and tightened the harness so that nothing would slip around. Now Gwyn was where I really needed her – arms tied and extended, naked except for the harness, and the dildo standing up from her pussy waiting for me to ride her.

“I love it when you fuck me Gwyn, and I know that you like it too, but tonight I’m just going to use you to try some things for myself. I’ve had questions about how I could make strap on sex even more enjoyable, but I have a hard time directing you when you are in charge, so tonight I get to experiment a little. I hope you enjoy this as much as I am going to, and I promise to fulfill any desire you might have when I am all done, but you’ll have to wait your turn tonight.

One more thing, I’m going to gag you so you don’t get any idea of bossing me around this evening, and I am going to wear the nightgown over top of me because I love the feeling of sexy fabric rubbing against my stockings and my ass. Tonight – it’s all about me for a change.”

I made one last trip into the toy drawer to pull out a red ball gag. I was the only one that had ever worn it, and Gwyn looked concerned when I reached around her head to tighten it into her open mouth. I smiled a little knowing how it felt to have your speech disabled, but I knew that she would get used to if after a few minutes. I walked to where I had dropped the nightgown, and bent over slowly with my ass towards Gwyn so that she could read the base of the plug that had been in my ass for a few hours now. The wide back base was embossed with the command “Fuck Me Here”, and I was prepping myself for an exceptional fucking.

I stood up to drape the nightgown across my shoulders, and then got myself up on the bed on my knees with my plug facing towards Gwyn again. I would have asked her to help with removing it, but her hands were all tied, so I reached behind and slowly removed the large silicone ball from my anus. It had taken a little work to get it there, but it had stretched things properly so now it was ready to come out. I gave myself güvenilir bahis siteleri an enema before inserting the plug so it came out clean. I moaned aloud as my sphincter stretched over its diameter, but as I relaxed it exited my ass with a little popping sound. I had chosen that plug because it was a little larger than anything I’d ever had up my ass before. I was intentionally preparing myself for Gwyn to have her way with me, to use me however she felt drawn, but now I was ready to play and experiment on my own terms.

I felt empty for the first time in several hours, but I knew that it would not be that way for long. I stood and leaned over to lick and nibble Gwyn’s dramatically engorged nipples. She moaned through the gag and I could see in her eyes that she was loving what was happening and curious as to where things were headed. I had no doubt that when we returned to our usual roles, with her in charge of our sexual life, that there would be some consequences for me taking control for once, but I was just as confident that she was happy to go along for the ride.

She moaned and writhed with every touch of her breasts and nipples, so I kept it up for a while as I love more than anything to drive Gwyn a little out of control. When she lost her cool she was up for anything sexually, and that was how we had ended up in our domme/sub roles to begin with. Under normal circumstances, we were on even footing in everything we do, but once she was really turned on, she would push everything aside but her own pleasure, and I was more than happy to oblige. She would take turns fucking my face or my cock or just rubbing her wet pussy up and down on my ass and driving me into the bed until she came.

After a few minutes of torment, I left her nipples and straddled her again. I sat gently on her belly, faced so I could look in her eyes, and poured lube generously into my hands. I let it drip onto her, and reached behind to coat the dildo that was protruding from her crotch, and slip a couple of fingers inside my ass to make sure that it was still well coated and lubricated as well. When I shifted backwards, moving my ass towards the clear fake cock, Gwyn’s eyes got big. She knew what was coming, and she wanted it, but I think she wanted to be more in charge of the whole experience. I found the tip of the dildo and placed it against my well lubricated hole, shifted my knees back just a little further to allow me to push into the dildo just a little harder. I slowly let the plastic cock enter me and I waited there for just a moment, shifting back and forth with only tip inside me.

I looked at Gwyn and locked eyes with her, took a deep breath to relax myself, and plunged myself backwards onto the studded pole. I gasped in awe as I felt most of the 7 inches impale me , and at the same time Gwyn gasped as the dildo that was lodged in her pussy shifted and pushed deeper into her. I stopped for a moment before slowly riding the cock up and down until all of my weight was sitting on Gwyn’s crotch and my favorite dlido was completely inside me. I was full, and I stretched, and it felt like the world was on fire, but my incredible adventure had only just begun.

It took a couple of minutes just sitting, resting, and shifting before I was ready to continue, but once the shock of the depth of fullness had worn off, I started riding Gwyn up and down, stroking the dildo in and out of myself. I lost track of the fact that I was not alone, and my focus was solely on the sense of fullness that was present when I went down the pole, and the emptiness when I went up. My cock bobbed up and down, and my head rolled back while Gwyn had nothing that she could do but lie there and watch. When I took a moment to consider anything other than my own body, I could tell that she was enjoying herself, and that the dildo and plug were working their magic on her as well, but mostly I was lost in my own feelings of sexual gratification and happiness about being fucked.

I had never felt this level of ecstacy without almost immediately reaching orgasm, but I recognized that although I felt amazing, I could likely go on like this for a long time without bringing myself off. That thought brought me back to where I was and the fact that I started this process with a plan and I really wanted to experiment a little. My incredibly hot wife was tied up under me, and I could take as much time as I wanted to play – and I was going to make the most of it. I shifted my weight up a little and brought the dildo back to the point where only the tip was inside me, and then I slowly stated to shift myself around into a reverse cowgirl (cowboy? cowperson?) type of position where I was looking at Gwyn’s feet. I managed to get myself all the way turned around without ever fully pulling my ass off of it’s new best friend. Once I was all the way around and settled into my new spot, I let my weight go and impaled myself once again from a difference spot. It was strange how the dildo settled into different spots inside of me from the new angle, and it made me lean back initially so that I was resting my hands on Gwyn’s breasts for support. She moaned again and I looked back to see that she was drooling around the gag and that her eyes were rolling back up into her head.