A Holiday Surprise

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Dinner had been filled with sensual innuendo, and laughter. The sort of conversation that seems to come so much more naturally when you are on holidays.

You looked radiant, a picture of elegance in a simple black dress and with your auburn hair piled high on your head. So much more mature than the girl celebrating her 19th birthday.

I was the envy of the men, and no doubt many of the women, in the room. Relaxed and comfortable in the company of my delightful younger companion. No doubt we intrigued many of them. The vivacious, vibrant girl and her older, more reserved dinner partner.

The waiter made his desire for you obvious, a lothario in tight black pants, the bulge of his cock plainly apparent as he leaned too close to you when delivering your meal. You giggled at my smile as I enjoyed watching my little coquette playing with her prey.

“do you want him darling?”

You pondered your reply, then another giggle.

“Why, are you planning on leaving me stranded? ” Eyes wide and feigned innocence as you flirted again with him while he tended to the table next to us.

“Never, my precious, never.”

The rest of the meal was pleasant, but uneventful and as we left the restaurant, I brushed against our waiter whilst passing him a tip, and a note.

I awoke to the feel and sight of you straddling me. Your perfect canlı bahis şirketleri breasts rising and falling in rhythm with the rocking of your hips as you ride me. As you slide your wet sex up and down the length of my hardness, you press your hips down firmly, grinding your open cunt against the hardness of my pelvic bone. Mashing your throbbing clit against my body, driving yourself further onto me.

Your eyes are closed, head thrown back, mouth open in a silent cry as my finger teases the puckered rim of your tight ass, circling slowly then pressing slightly into you, feeling your body push back to meet my invading finger.

As you start to build the tempo of your thrusts, you feel hands on your hips, bending you forward. My finger in the cleft of your butt is replaced with the blunt, firm head of a hard cock. You cry out, your eyes opening wide and turn your head to see who is behind you. My hands capture your face and stop you from seeing the invisible lover behind you. You feel the relentless pressure of his hardness entering you and bear down, arching your back, opening yourself for him to fill you.He slides deep into your ass and you gasp at the delicious fullness, relishing the wanton lust of having two hard cocks buried in you. Your hips begin their passionate rhythm again, knees spreading wider on the bed, craving for us to be deeper canlı kaçak iddaa inside you. Rocking harder and faster backwards now, slamming your ass into the hips of the unseen man behind you.

The room is filled with the smells and sounds of your passion, the scent of your excitement and the sound of your cunt and ass sliding up and down the firm flesh that is filling you. The man behind you entwines a hand in your hair, pulling your head back to him and kissing the side of your sweat covered neck. Your breasts arch towards me, the burning buds red and swollen. My teeth close around the tip of your left breast, squeezing and tugging at the tender nipple, biting firmly as you moan.


You feel the sting of his hand on the sweet soft swell of your hip as he brings his hand down hard on your tender flesh. The impact sends shivers or excitement to your core and i feel your cunt squeeze me tighter as again his hand stings your skin. His right hand is still wrapped i your hair, his left raining open handed slaps on both sides of your ass as he rides your ass hard. The insatiable swell of a massive climax is building in you, you feel it tensing your belly as your burning flesh thrusts back to meet the violation from below and behind you. My hands are pulling and tugging at your breasts, and drawing your mouth down to kiss you roughly as the feel canlı kaçak bahis of us inside you, separated by a thin membrane of flesh is driving towards your orgasm.

You feel the hot squirts in your ass as your unseen tormentor explodes inside you, crying out loud as he pulls your hair hard and bites the back of your neck with his eruption. The spasms of his cock nearly send you over the edge, as my cock presses relentlessly against your g spot, the tidal wave of your orgasm starts to curl and break low in your belly.

Then you feel me flood your cunt with my own climax and your body shakes violently as you come hard. You feel the jets of hot fluid shooting from your cunt, drenching your thighs and my belly as wave after wave of intense, amazing lust course through your body. Like a flood it fills you with warnth and passion. Your hips still writhing uncontrollably as you feel ripple after ripple of intense electricity roll through you from head to toe.

You collapse on my chest, both of soaked with sweat from the intensity and passion of our lovemaking and lay peacefully as the tingling in you subsides. You vaguely sense the cock slipping out of your ass and feel movement behind you. Again you try and turn , but i hold you close to me and you still haven’t seen your second lover.

The door closes softly, and you lift your head, this time i let you turn, but there is only the empty room and the unmistakable smell of orgasm behind you.

A soft satisfied smile crease your lips and you lie down on my chest again and sigh softly.

“I love your surprises Daddy”