A Hidden Life – Retirement

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I had retired from the Army just over a year ago after having served 25 years as an MP. While I still wore a buzz cut although what was left of my hair was now salt and pepper gray. I was in my mid-forties and still in pretty good shape at six foot six and 240 pounds.

I had just finished a five mile run and was sipping coffee from a thermos at one of the picnic tables in the city park. Due to its’ extensive trail system, this park seemed to be a favorite for runners. One such fellow runner had just walked by the tables on his way to the parks nearby restroom. From the way he looked at me, I thought he was going to ask me a question or say something to me. He must have changed his mind because he continued on and entered the restroom. Before the door closed, I noticed him looking back towards me.

He appeared to be eighteen to twenty years old, had red hair and probably weighed a buck fifty at say, five foot nine or ten. He had a wispy thin beard that could not begin to cover the host of pimples that sprouted seemingly everywhere on his face. He was wearing a light green t-shirt and teal shorts. He was probably a student from the university next door.

After about five minutes, he emerged from the restroom and went over to a nearby table, proceeding to use the table to do some stretches, I noted he always managed to keep me in view. This facade only lasted a few minutes before he walked over to where I sat. Alternately standing on one leg and stretching his quads. While doing so, he asked me for the time.

“08:20” I said, “Did you have a good run?”

“Pretty good so far.” he replied.

“Oh, you’ve got more running to go?” I asked.

“No, I’m done with running. I’ve got some time before I have to go back and shower to get ready for class. Just need to stretch a few more things before I head home.” He sat astraddle the bench facing me pulling his left knee to his chest and holding it there.

I couldn’t help but notice one hairless testicle had escaped his baggy shorts popping into my view from this little exercise of his.

“How about you? You got more to do?” he asked.

My eyes left his bared testicle and flew back to his face. Well, damn. I’m Busted.

“Yeah, I want to do more.” I stammered.

He released his left knee and pulled his right knee to his chest.

My eyes again flicked down to his shorts. This time I had an excellent view of not just one testicle, but both of them and a thin flaccid penis as well. My eyes went back to his face. He wasn’t looking at me though, instead he was looking off to the right, seemingly ignoring me. Since I didn’t have to make eye contact, my gaze returned to his crotch where I noticed his penis was no longer simply flaccid, but was now semi-erect.

“Nice, isn’t it?” he asked, as his left hand dropped down to stroke his now hard penis. He stroked his penis for another twenty or thirty seconds before suddenly dropping his leg and standing up

“Meet me in the bathroom, I’ll let you suck it in there.” he informed me.

When I entered the restroom, he was standing in front of the right most urinal. I took the urinal to his immediate left. He had his shorts pulled down, one hand holding his shorts while the other hand was fisting the five inch erection already wet with a lot precum. I hadn’t even got my cock out before he turned towards me and thrust out his pelvis.

“Better hurry, this place can get busy.” he stated. My hand started reaching for him, already anticipating feeling the silky firmness of his cock, but I caught myself and pulled my hand back.

“You have an id in there?” I asked, pointing to the running wallet he was wearing on his arm. He suddenly seemed unsure of himself and somewhat shaken by my question. He looked prepared to bolt for the restroom’s exit.

“I need to know you’re an adult.” I gently told him. I didn’t want him to leave, not until I had tasted him.

“Y-yes, in my wallet.” he stammered. He made no move to reach for said wallet, instead keeping one hand on his shorts and the other on his penis.

“I’m going to look at your id first, okay by you?” I asked. His pimpled face nodded rapidly in the affirmative. I pulled the Velcro strap holding the wallet on his arm and opened it to his id. Staring back at me from the laminated card was eighteen year old Brian.

“Thank you Brian.” I said, while passing the wallet back to him. My hand then found his scrotum, cupping it and giving his balls a gentle squeeze. My fingers moved up to Brian’s shaft, gripping him lightly and sliding towards his glans. This caused more precum to spill forth and coat my hand. I flexed my palm, letting his natural lubricant get on the inside of my grip. Just a couple of short strokes and a couple of gentle squeezes had his entire cock well coated. I moved my hand to the top of his cock, squeezing his glans while simultaneously crouching down. He smelled a little salty from sweat, but not stale. Holding his hard cock up, tight against his belly, bahis firmaları I let my tongue lick him in one continuous motion from the base of his cock to his frenulum. I pulled his cock away from his belly and let my hand slide down his shaft until the tip of his cock was even with the webbing of my thumb and index finger. My tongue reached out, delicately lifting the pearl of precum from his urethra. My mouth now moved directly on top of my fist. After a slight pause, my hand moved down his shaft, trailed by my warm sucking mouth. As my fingers ran out of cock, they simply moved out of the way and on to his scrotum.

I would normally liked to have taken my time with Brian, but due to us being in a public restroom, and his statements about it getting busy, I ended up giving him a pretty aggressive blow-job. He ejaculated less than a minute after entering my mouth. I swallowed it all.

“I really enjoyed sucking you.” I told Brian. “Perhaps I could meet with you again. We could meet at this park and then go somewhere a bit more secluded where we could have more time and privacy.”

“I won’t be back here until at least the weekend.” Brian said, while putting the wallet back on his arm, “Don’t get all excited though, I prefer to hang with guys my age on weekends. I’m guessing you and I won’t be meeting anywhere but in this park on weekdays so you can give me a fast blow-job after I finish my runs.”

“I get it.” I said while standing and pulling my pants up. “I used to be young myself.”

Brian looked at me and said “Dude, I’ll tell you what, you be here tomorrow at Dr. Pepper times (10, 2 & 4). I will tell a some guys I know and if they’re interested they will meet you around those times, but no guarantees. Okay?”

I answered him with “Sounds good to me. Um, tell them I’ll be wearing a dark blue shirt.”

“Actually,” he said, “I’ll just tell them the enormous old guy with the crew cut. They can figure the rest of it out themselves.”

I spent the rest of the morning exploring the parks’ trail systems identifying places off trail to provide seclusion if needed.

Despite the fact I am usually considered an alpha male in virtually any situation, there is one thing to note from the interaction that Brian and I had. In the presence of an adult male’s demanding erection, I turn into an instant beta and I’m willing to do almost anything to satisfy him.

At 9:45 AM the next morning. I was sitting in my vehicle observing who was in the park and what they were doing here. I had noticed a middle-aged man sitting in a Dodge Charger across the parking lot. The vehicle looked privately owned, but you can’t ever be sure. Have to go with your gut at times. I exited my vehicle getting ready to go up to the restroom. I had worn the blue shirt as I said I would.

As I walked to the restroom, I noticed the man in the charger exit his vehicle. No obvious vest or weapon seen. He appeared to be in his mid forties, about 6 foot tall and on the pudgy side. His appearance screamed ‘academic’. This was a logical assumption due to the adjacent college. My gut was telling me he was not law enforcement.

I arrived at the bathroom first taking the urinal on the far left side. The academic entered and took the urinal next to me. He could have taken one of the other two, so this was a good sign.

“Do I need to show you id?” the man asked, while stepping back from the urinal and turning towards me. I noticed he was stroking a very well hung, semi-erect cock, probably going to be eight-inches when fully hard.

Nodding at his cock, I said “I think you’re of an age where you know how to use that, so no, I don’t need any id other than what you’re showing me right now. My name is Dave.” I stepped back from the urinal showing him I was also stroking my fully erect six-inch cock.

“Dave, nice to meet you, my name is Bill, do you want to go to my office with me?” he said “I was told you can give a mean blow-job and I have an hour free before my first appointment.”

“Lead the way.” I said.

Bill got in his car and drove to the college’s visitor parking lot, I followed him.

“Go ahead and park.” Bill said after rolling down his window. “I’ve got a spot closer to my office and I have papers I need to carry in. If you don’t mind, I’ll give you a ride from here.”

I parked my vehicle and got in the car. Bill drove to and parked in his designated spot and we walked into his office.

Besides the usual office furniture, there was a couch and two stuffed chairs facing it over a coffee table.

Bill turned on a lamp in the corner and walked to the windows and closed the blinds. Bill then pulled one of the stuffed chairs over to the door and put it in front of the mail slot. He then fished his keys out of his pocket and locked the deadbolt on the door.

“Now we won’t be interrupted or accidentally looked in on.” he said while grinning at me. Bill now went over to the couch. He kicked off his loafers and undid his belt. kaçak iddaa He unbuttoned his trousers and pushed them and his underwear off of his hips. They landed in a puddle at his feet. His cock, even while semi flaccid was still impressive. Bill stepped out the clothes puddle and sat down on the arm of the couch spreading his legs wide apart, leaving his genitals to hang free and allowing me full access. “There’s a waste bin over there in case you need to spit afterwards.”

Looking me in the eye while at the same time pointing to his cock, Bill said “We have about half an hour. I’m looking to have you work on my cock for far more time than you gave Brian yesterday. In fact, I’d prefer you try to use the entire thirty minutes.”

I put both my hands on Bill’s knees. Leaning in, I turned my head towards the side. When my face reached his penis, I used my cheek and nose to lift it up and out of the way in order to suck, first one testicle, then the other into my mouth. I alternated rolling both of his balls around my mouth. After releasing his nuts, I kept my head turned to the side and using my lips only nibbled my way from the base of his cock to just below the head. This action had Bill’s cock standing heavily at the horizontal position. Keeping my head below his cock I alternated licking and nibbling the underside of his cock, concentrating on the area around the frenulum.

Usually it only takes me a very short time doing this to get the man’s cock standing fully erect. Bill’s cock, however; wasn’t moving past half mast. The precum he was leaking onto my cheek said he was enjoying it though. Time to put his penis in my mouth and see how he responds to that.

I moved my head out from under Bill’s cock and kissed the head. Opening my mouth wide I leaned forward until I felt his head reach the back of my mouth. I closed my mouth, giving Bill a chance to feel its’ warmth before sliding backwards so that only the head was in my mouth, then sliding down again until my mouth was full. Bill was still at half mast. I was going to have to up my game.

I varied the tempo, depth, amount of tongue and suction while I worshiped Bill’s cock. He wasn’t getting any firmer.

With about twenty some minutes of the half hour already gone, I was starting to wonder if Bill was going to get off at all.

I only had five inches of Bill’s cock in my mouth, the additional three inches he packed wasn’t going to fit unless I deep throated him. I usually avoided deep throating guys as I had a strong gag reflex and it has a tendency to make the entrance to my throat a bit sore.

I moved my hands from Bill’s knees to his waist. The next time my head lowered onto him and my mouth was as full of cock as it could get I partially swallowed and pushed my head down his cock. I gagged, but managed to fight back the reflex and continue. I held him there until my throat settled down somewhat. I pulled back from his cock in order to breathe. Once I got a good breath I again forced his cock down my throat. Less gagging the second and each successive time. I quickly settled into a rhythm of four or five long strokes then a quick breath, that brought a grunt from Bill.

Bill’s hands were soon grasping my head as he stood. He changed the tempo to seven or eight shorter thrusts, then pulled back far and long enough so I could get a breath. One of my hands gently grabbed his scrotum while the other moved to his thigh.

“Here it comes!” Bill yelled. My hands flew to his upper thighs, right below his ass pulling him forward hard into my mouth and throat. His legs began to buckle. My jaw and throat registered the spasms of his cock as he jettisoned his load of semen into my throat.

I held him deeply that way until I absolutely had to breath. I pulled my head back until his glans cleared my throat. I could breathe and now taste the residual semen. He had a sharp, strong taste as most overweight men do. I used one hand to grip his cock and bring as much semen to the tip as I could before letting him drop out of my mouth.

No sooner had I done that then there was a knock on the door. Bill’s 11:00 appointment had arrived, right on time.

“Just a minute. We’re finishing up.” Bill said to the door. Quite calmly for a guy with his pants around his ankles and a wet penis from the cocksucker still kneeling in front of him.

We both cleaned up quickly, opening the blinds and moving the chair back to where it had been prior to using it as a view blocker.

Bill opened the door, letting a student of his in.

“Dave, let me get you one of my cards. I’d like to further explore the services you are offering. Feel free to call me and set up an appointment for next week.”

Quick thinker, I thought as he handed me a card and ushered me to the door.

I made my way back to my truck and went home to eat, get cleaned up and change into cooler clothes. I stayed with the blue shirt theme though. I drove back to the park stopping at a gas station to get some kaçak bahis coffee to take with me. At the park, I locked my truck and went to sit at the picnic tables. Nobody showed by 2:30 so I wandered the trails a bit more to see if I could locate other spots off the trail where two guys could get some privacy.

I was back near the picnic tables by 3:50. Besides my truck, there was one other vehicle in the parking area. That vehicle belonged to the couple sitting under one of the shade trees. No one else in sight. I figured I would stay until 4:15 or so, then pack up and head out. After about five minutes, I noticed the door to the mens room was ajar by a few inches. When I tried to focus on the shadows behind the door, it slowly closed. I stood and headed for the restroom. The door opened again when I was about twenty feet away, I barely caught a glimpse of someone before the door slammed shut. Interesting, I thought.

Entering the bathroom, I was just in time to see the handicapped stall door close. On my earlier visits I knew there were a couple of peep holes between the two stalls. No glory hole, but two peep holes. One hole situated to where you could see the persons cock if they were seated, the other allowing a look at someone’s cock if they were standing in front of the stool. I really hoped the person didn’t want to engage in under stall sex as it could be difficult to get my body to perform the necessary contortions required for that.

I entered the stall, unzipped and pulled my dick out. I started stroking myself with my left hand, slowly turning my dick to the towards the peep hole. Remember that I’m tall? I had no problem whatsoever looking over the stall wall and seeing the person sitting on the stool leaning over against the wall with his eye firmly against the peep hole. Probably as a result of remembering how excited I used to get seeing someone else’s erection, this made me intensely hard.

I took a seat on the commode, leaning back and watching the second peep hole. Sure enough, the light that had been coming through was suddenly blocked. I could imagine him beating off next to me. After the light re-appeared at the second peep hole, my eye went to the hole so I could see him him if he was reciprocating. Shit, already standing, my head flew to the other peep hole.

I found myself staring at an uncircumcised black cock being rapidly fisted. Fuck it, I’m going to be a contortionist afterall I thought.

While I love sucking most any cock, I find I especially enjoy black cock. I sucked my first black cock while I was posted to Fort Campbell, ever since then I jump for any chance to taste, feel or even just watch a black cock. Contrary to popular belief, not all black men have horse cocks though.

My left hand dropped under the stall, my fingers beckoning him to slide his dick under the stall. No visible reaction from his side. I coughed twice, pushing my hand as far under the stall as I could while still maintaining my view of his cock through the peep hole. He appeared to be getting ready to kneel down. My hand was anticipating the feel of his warm cock laying in my palm. Suddenly, he is standing and pulling his pants up. He rapidly left his stall and exited the restroom.

“Shit, shit, shit!” I also got my shit together and quickly exited the restroom. I was careless. I was being too fucking careless. I’m now envisioning the reactions of my siblings and parents when news of my impending bust reaches them. I am planning on turning left as soon as I get out the door and heading to the trails. Hoping I don’t walk into a waiting phalanx of law enforcement officers.

Steeling myself, I throw open the door and step out, keeping my head down. I execute a hard left and automatically begin lengthening my stride. Raising my head to pick out the the location of the trail I plan on making my egress on, I notice the black male that had been in the stall next to me also heading for the trails. He was less than fifty feet ahead and I was going to easily overtake him before entering the actual trail system.

My mind was now reviewing the scene before, during and after I left the restroom. The fact I was not already in cuffs indicated it probably wasn’t a sex sting, no one was in the park with a view of the restroom other than the couple who were still there, under the tree, not paying any attention to me or anyone else. Phew! Even though a lot of attitudes towards gay people have changed, there are still laws on the books that are routinely enforced. Remember that Dave! With this in mind, you’ll realize why I almost shit myself with what came next.

Busy with congratulating myself for not getting busted, and apparently becoming blind also, I was quite startled to hear “My Id.” from the black male who was now facing me and holding up his id. What registered initially in my mind was an undercover cop showing me his credentials in preparation of my arrest.

As I settled down, back into real life, I noticed the student id card still being presented had the name Isaac on it and the birth date placed him at 21 years old.

“I know a place we can go that’s pretty private just about 50 yards after the trail goes into the woods.” Isaac said.