A Heroine’s Reward

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The gangs of the inner city are relentless in chasing down beautiful women for their harems, they seem to believe that women are objects that should be collected, owned, and used for their pleasure alone. They chase down and capture every good looking woman they can find in the inner city, age does not seem to matter too much, anyone from fourteen to 40 is a target for them, the lucky ones, are the ones that can run.

Track and field was always your forte, lucky for you, especially when your parents move from the suburbanite paradise you know to the inner city for reasons you can only assume to be money. You heard stories about what happens but are suddenly finding yourself right in the middle of a nightmare you had hoped was just an urban myth.

Running in track was always easy for you as you trained hard and could run for miles, but now, running from the gang only meters behind you seems so different some how, your legs tiring after barely a mile. Their taunts of dirty and lewd comments the only thing spurring your adrenalin, but even that was draining fast, panic will soon set in, you feel it rearing it’s ugly head, as much as you try to push it back, your strength is weaning fast.

You round a corner and suddenly feel yourself pulled sharply into a doorway, the door slamming shut behind you. The darkness of the room causes you to be blinded as you try to adjust from the bright light of the daytime outside. You feel a hand pull you across the room, you don’t have a clue that it is, but this person is either trying to save you or hurt you, regardless, you don’t have the strength to fight back and let them pull you where they are going.

You hear shouting on the other side of the door as they pull you up a set of stairs, your feet tripping and stumbling you rush yourself and push to keep up, causing you to trip more.

Half dragged up the stairs you finally make it to the top the door pushed open by your savior or captor which you are still uncertain about, and you are plunged into the daylight again. Blinded again by the light you had just almost adjusted from for the darkness. You manage to discern you are on a roof by the ground beneath you and are pulled again in a direction you can’t be certain of. Suddenly stopping you bump into the back of them, their small frame seems different than you expected but you still cannot see that well. You hear another door open and you are pulled into another dark room the door slamming shut behind you again, this time you hear locks close and clicks like the door is being secured. A finger is placed to your mouth and a barely audible shh floods your ears.

Leaning up against a wall you feel your knees getting weak, you let yourself slide down hugging your knees, scared of what this person wants from you, the panic you feared now taking over, you feel your mind lose it’s grip on reality and you drift into nothingness let them do as they wish, you are too weak and too scared to do anything or care at the moment and you faint.

* * * – – – * * *

You awake to a warm cloth on your forehead, and a warm blanket covering you. The mattress beneath you seems soft and comforting, soothing to your weary muscles. You quietly reach up and pull the cloth back from your eyes and look around the darkened room. The decor lacking, it appears to be nothing more than the home of someone who has lived in the inner city their whole life, as young as they probably perabet are.

A young woman walks out of a hallway, drying her hair with a towel, her lightly damp body covered only by a black lace trim bra and high cut panties. As you look at her, her red hair tossing back and forth as she dries it, a curious tingling crosses your body.

Never being one to look at women this way, you are shocked at how this one woman is giving you these sensations just to look at her. You have seen all kinds of women, in various stages of dress, considering that you attended college as a track athlete scholarship, and as such you changed with women all the time. You look again at her figure, trying to figure out what makes her different, forgetting the peril you were in before you fainted.

The tingle growing over your entire body, you shake what you can off trying not to get distracted. “So are you my heroine or my captor?” you manage, your voice coarse from lack of use for a while, you realize you must have been asleep for some time, you manage a half smirk on your face hoping she is the former, not the later.

Startled she wraps the towel around herself and stutters a response “ex- ex- excuse me?”

A laugh lightly escapes your lips, “Heroine or savior, which is it?” you manage a much clearer tone in your voice, pulling off the cloth completely, your eyes meet for the first time, both of you pause, drifting into each other, peering into each others souls.

She shakes her head a little and draws her eyes from yours, looking to the kitchen, “Well, I am no heroine, that is for sure.” she manages a glance at you again after she is done speaking.

“Well then I could not ask for a better looking captor.”, your face blushes as you sit up, you can’t believe the words you just said, what inside of you is making you flirt with this woman?

She blushes and turns her back to yours as she sits on the end of the bed, “You are too kind with your words, I am far from good looking, besides, you are free to leave any time you want, but don’t feel you have to, it is getting dark and the gangs will be worse, you should probably spend the night and I will walk you home in the morning.”.

You sit upright, a slight dizzy spell striking you from the speed in which you do. Gathering yourself you defend your compliment, “Your being silly, your hair alone,” You reach out and touch it, the little voice of reason in your head now a distant cry. “Wow, softer then I ever imagined.”

A slight moan escapes her lips, instantly you know she likes the feel of your hands in her hair, you shift closer and continue tracing paths down the length of her hair, almost enjoying touching it as much as she seems to enjoy you doing so. Slowly you shift closer and closer to her, aching to be near her, to be touching her.

When your chest finally meets to her back, the blankets long since disregarded for warmer sights on your horizon. You continue streaming your fingers through her hair, from her forehead back until you come to the back of her head. Finally drawing courage from the closeness you have between the two of you, you delicately pull back the hair from her neck and bunch it in your hand, softly moving your face closer to her; you intimately place a kiss on her neck. Feeling no objection from her you kiss her again, and again, slowly drifting outwards from the first in a circle, her breath quickens, telling you perabet giriş she wants more, which you happily provide. Kissing up the side of her face you kiss her ear, sensually running your tongue up the length of her ear, causing her to arch her neck and lightly moan.

Unexpectedly she finally gives into the sensations and turns to you, your eyes meeting again, she stares at you as she softly presses you back into the bed. A slight hesitation in her breath, she pauses just a breath away from your mouth, you choose not to press to her, knowing she must do this of her own will, which she does. Her lips press to yours, the sensation more than you could have ever imagined. The softness, the delicateness of her lips so different, so far off from what you are used to from kissing boys, the intimacy of her kiss far more than you could have ever hoped for from the foolish boys you kissed in high school and college. You touch your hand to her face, the smoothness of it only increasing the intimacy you are feeling, she kisses you deeper at your touch, obviously having the same effect on her. She lets her hand drift to your chest, the towel around her chest opening up finally.

Your back arches as her hand passes over your breast, reaching for the buttons on your shirt. Intimately she releases each button, preserving the moment each time, never stopping with her kissing, you never stopping with your hand to her face. Time stands still as each button is slowly released eternity spans the distance between now and the last button, but the eternity is worth the wait for her hands to reach inside your blouse and touch your tender flesh.

Eternity finally passed, her hand sensually pushes aside one side of your blouse, exposing your bra to her, not wanting to impede her, you reach behind you and release your bra so she can do as she desires to you. Without hesitation she takes your invite and pulls your bra down away from your breasts, and with shaky hands touches her fingers to your flesh, unsure of what to do as like you, no one has ever been close enough to do this to you. Her trembling digits trace circles around your nipples, slowly spiraling inwards, you wait anxiously for her fingers to touch you there, but as she nears, she stops kissing your for the first time and allows her mouth to travel to the very spot you wanted her to touch.

Her soft lips touch gently, softly to your breast, the sensation tingling your flesh, your body feels weak, numb, and you cannot help but want more. Slowly she releases her tongue to your nipples, tasting for the first time the salty taste of your flesh, the sweat from your experiences and from the passions still coating your skin. Her tongue dances across your nipples and around your breast, treating you to a myriad of sensations. You feel her hand reach under the other side of your blouse and caress the other side, and bliss begins to flood your mind.

Soon you manage to grip reality again and feel it is your turn to pleasure her. You pull her up to kiss you, and you slowly roll her over, happily she relents to you. Your hands both reach to her breasts, you feel her nipples harden beneath your delicate fingers, but you want to go further, so you wait for a sign it is ok. With a look that could only say do with me as you wish, you know it is time for more and know exactly what you want to do.

One hand still remaining on her nipple, your mouth on her other, perabet güvenilir mi you trace a path with your other hand down her stomach towards her high-cut panties. You press down underneath them, trace through the small patch of hair, and let your fingers find her moistened crease. Her eyes instantly rolling back into her head telling you she is enjoying this, so you let your finger explore around and find something of interest.

As your travels take you across her hood she suddenly moans and arches her back slightly, realizing this is a place of pleasure for her you flick back across it again this time her back arching slightly. You continue to flick your finger across this spot, sensing this is giving her a great deal of pleasure, adding to that the sensations you are providing to her breasts.

Your fingers motions soon cause her to moan uncontrollably, her body writhing under you as you lick her nipples and stimulate her button. Suddenly she holds her breath, her body stiffens, and then as quickly as she held her breath she releases it with the loudest moan yet, her body collapsing on the bed. You pause your efforts and pull yourself up to look in her eyes, and when you see them, those bright green eyes, they are filled with passion, lust, and desire.

Your hand still firmly in her panties, she traces her hand down your open blouse, tracing the same path on your stomach as you had hers, she releases the button on your jeans with ease and slides her hand inside, easily drifting into your panties to find what she was looking for. As her hand drifts to your button, the moisture in your crevice almost dripping now, your knees tremble with anticipation, your mind drifts and you do the only thing your mind can imagine doing and begin flicking her bud again. Her finger immediately jumps to yours and finally you feel what you had been doing for her, your knees weaken, your spine tingles as every, single, flick, builds the pleasure you feel. Each and every flick echoes throughout your body, but you do not stop pleasuring her at the same time. Both of you moaning in pleasure as your fingers please the other building to the climax you feel so quickly coming.

Your body takes over, you mind drifting, as your body finally gives out, both of you moaning intensely as you come, your climax finally giving her the last little boost she needed to cum herself, leaving you breathless and exhausted, collapsing on the bed. You roll off of her and shift to hold her close as consciousness drifts away from the two of you.

When you awake it is daylight again, the sun shining into your eyes, she is already awake and getting dressed, you do the same figuring you should probably be getting home.

As you walk home, the uncomfortable silence grows too much to bear so you open the conversation, “Well thank you for rescuing me, I hope I was able to express my gratitude well enough.”

“I didn’t do it for the gratitude you know, I did it cause I would not wish that life on anyone.” she replies, a sharp undertone in her voice, as if speaking from experience.

“I know, that is what made it oh so sweet.” you reply, trying to lighten her mood some.

No reply comes from her as she stares off into some distant part of her memory, though never too distant as would be obvious from her comment. Arriving at your door you turn to her and look her in the eyes, “So, can I come by again sometime?”

“I guess that would be acceptable, I do still owe you one” she replies with a wink as she walks away, leaving you stunned as to what to say next. You stand there watching as she rounds a corner then turn to go into your home, thinking to yourself, yeah, yeah she does.