A Helping Hand

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I woke up by Jay shaking me awake. He always did that, the jerk… It wasn’t because I made weird noises or because he needed something. He just wanted me to wake up at a certain hour every freakin’ morning and I could never understand why.

“Get up man! It’s almost 8.30! Shower time!”

I growled and heaved myself out of bed. Ever since the fire in Jay’s apartment, I let him stay at my pad. Unfortunately, I live in a one roomer with only a really small kitchen and I don’t even have room for a couch. So Jay had been forced to sleep in my bed… With me in it.

The problem with this was that I’m gay. I didn’t know, then, if Jay were. I hadn’t really asked him. All I knew was that I, in a sense, was thankful for him waking me up every morning so I could get into the shower and jack off, because there’s an extremely hot, NAKED guy laying in my bed every night…

So anyways, I pulled on my bathrobe to cover my erection and headed for the showers. Following my daily routine, I turned on the water, slipped out of my bathrobe and brought out the lube. Water is terrible lubrication and so I preferred to take care of my business outside the shower before actually getting in to it.

I hadn’t even started touching myself when I noticed that I hadn’t shut the door properly! I somewhat freaked at threw myself at the door to shut it as fast as possible. But then I froze… Jay was NOT laying comfortable on the bed. Was NOT trying to get back to sleep or anything similar.

…He was humping the pillow…

I know I should have looked away. That was a private moment! He was doing what I myself wanted to do so badly I could feel my balls ache. But I couldn’t look away. His face was twisted in pleasure and his hips moved a little faster and in such swift, graceful movements that I wished by everything holy that I was the pillow!

Jay groaned and rolled over to his back, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri cupping his heavy, almost reddish balls with his right hand and started stroking his thick cock with his left hand. I watched every moment so intensely that it felt like he was jerking me off instead of himself. Soon I realised why. I had hung up my bathrobe on a hook on the wall, right by the door and I was rubbing my dick against it, just like Jay had done with the pillow.

It felt great. I watched how Jay’s hand started going faster over his shaft, his balls drawing closer to his crotch and how he bit his lip as he gave short, irregular gasps of pleasure.

The robe didn’t give me enough stimulation for this. I moved away and brushed my thumb over the swollen head of my cock, spreading the drops of pre-cum over the rest of my dick before jerking it. I tried to keep it slow and even to make it last longer, but it was almost impossible, given the wonderful view I had through the small crack by the door.

Jay gave his cock a few more strokes before letting go. I wondered why he did that, but then he lifted his head and… oh fuck… stared right at me, with a cocky grin.

“Hey Benji. Want some help with that?”

I felt my face redden to the point where I thought I’d never get my real skin colour back again. Jay laughed softly, got out of the bed and walked towards me with steps that would make a porn director blush. He pushed the door aside and pressed his palm against my erection. I gasped.

“Jay… What…” I tried to ask him what the fuck he was doing. But he shut me up very effectively by rubbing his palm against me. I felt myself tip backwards, but Jay caught me.

“Don’t you think I’ve noticed how you get rock hard every night before we go to sleep? Haven’t you wondered, even once, why I always wake you up this early?”

He pressed his body close güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to mine and I could feel him rubbing his cock against my thigh. “I wake you up because you always starts humping the mattress and moaning in your sleep. I didn’t want to embarrass you.”

Okay, so apparently I could blush even worse.

“Oh, and you don’t think I’m embarrassed NOW?” I whimpered. His hand was becoming more persistent and I was going to cum against his hand within just a few minutes if he kept that up.

“I let you run off to the bathroom to let you get your relief in peace.” Jay continued. “But when I saw the door being slightly opened, I knew you couldn’t resist watching if I was jerking off.”

“Stop.” I gasped and tried to push him away.

“You’re so close to cumming?” Jay asked smugly. He KNEW how close I was. Fucker… Besides, who was he to talk? Didn’t he think I had noticed how much faster his cock was rubbing against me?

But he did remove his hand and moved away from me, just push me into the shower, grabbing the bottle of lube on the way. Something told me that I should probably run. After all, it’s not NORMAL that your best friend starts molesting you in the bathroom. But I was so horny I could see starts. I was afraid that if I didn’t cum soon, my dick would fall off. So I pretty much let him do what he wanted.

And what he wanted was pretty obvious. He knew I had done this sort of thing before so he didn’t bother much with preparations. He merely pushed two lubed fingers inside my ass and wiggled around until he found my prostrate.

At that moment, I couldn’t have cared less about the thin walls and what kind of shit Mrs. Roberts would tell the other neighbours. I cried out in pleasure. I hadn’t had sex for nearly a year and it felt amazing having someone rubbing inside me. I just wanted more. More!

Without güvenilir bahis şirketleri any warning, Jay slammed his 7’5 inch cock inside of me and I momentarily lost the ability to talk. When it returned to me, all could seem to say was “Harder! Fuck, Jay! HARDER!”

“Oh, fuck… You’re the tightest bitch I’ve ever been with, Benji. Honestly.”

Now I knew how the pillow must have felt…

I wanted to come so badly, I reached down to touch myself, but Jay’s hand was there quickly, pulling my hand away.

“Not yet, pretty boy.” He breathed in my ear and I almost felt like crying. It was too much, too good and too fucking intense. My spine was almost cracking and my ass was on fire. I felt my dick laying almost flat against my stomach and I was standing.

Jay started moving faster and harder. He was grunting in my ear about what a slut I was and how tight I was and that if I would be able to walk within the next month, it would be a fucking miracle.

Then, with a cry of ecstasy… Jay came hard inside of me. He spun me around, got down on his knees and started sucking me, licking the head before dragging his tongue along the underside of my cock.

I gasped and felt myself stumble backwards until my back his the cold wall. Jay followed smoothly, never letting go of me. My hand grabbed his hair hard and my head fell backwards.

“Fuck, Jay…” I gasped as I felt the orgasm build in the pit of my stomach. It rolled over my shoulders and all the way into each and everyone of my toes before I exploded with a scream, accidentally banging my head against the wall. But the pain was nothing compared to the intensity of the orgasm.

When it was over, I looked down at Jay’s smirking and cum covered face.

“Promise me Benji…” Jay said as he ducked his head in under the spray of hot water. “The next time I turn you on, tell me about it. What’s your own hand compared to someone else’s dick?”

I grinned. That was all too true. I joined him and we showered… For ten minutes before I found myself on my hands and knee’s with Jay deep inside me again.

Something told me that I wouldn’t be clean and out of that shower for a long, long time…