A Gulf Coast Vacation Ch. 02

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Continuing our drive to the high rise condominium apartment we rented on Mustang Island on the Texas Gulf coast we had been discussing what we would do during our week long stay. Among the things I had suggested was using all of the horizontal surfaces for our favorite pastime ….. fucking! Trish countered with performing like activity on our balcony during the evening and possibly the daytime if it could be done safe from view. We also realized that we would have to adapt to the situations and circumstances as we found them.

Our last event before arriving at the island was taking the car ferry across the ship channel. We were about the third car to board and were essentially pinned in between an SUV in front and a pickup truck behind us.

Knowing that Trish was still without her panties as I had placed them in my driver’s door storage area, I said, “How about turning my way and spreading?”

Trish quickly responded with, “No way! People are getting out of their vehicles, checking the views and I don’t want to be an inappropriate distraction!”

“OK, I see your point, but I want you to know that your pussy is my mind’s primary focus.”

“Your area of focus is certainly no surprise to me and I appreciate your interest. But you have told me on several occasions that you don’t want to share me with anyone …….. have you changed your mind?” Trish inquired.

“No Darling, I want you and your charms only to myself. But I have to admit that I am stimulated with the element of risk involved with the possibility of you being exposed ….. and, for that matter, if something we are doing together might be revealed to others.”

“Jay, I also have to acknowledge that there is erotic stimulation for me when there is risk involved. But that doesn’t mean I’m seeking such risk!” was her position on that subject.

“Trish, I can certainly remember our European river cruise when we enjoyed public fucking by exposing ourselves at our cabin window!”

“Jay, I will never forget those experiences and the excitement they created, but you must acknowledge those were very unique circumstances?”

“Yes, Trish I agree with you and I want you to know that the thought of fucking with you will always be exciting for me whether in private or otherwise! Meanwhile, let’s look forward to the good times immediately ahead!”

We soon arrived at the island and departed the ferry for our condo. Pulling up at the entrance, I stopped and said, “Let’s go in and register and then we can unload our things from the car.”

After getting our room key, I rolled one of the luggage trolleys out to the car. Loading our things, we pulled it to the elevator and got off on the 8th floor and headed perabet for our room. Stopped outside the door and brought in the luggage and deposited them in the bedroom near the closet and chest of drawers for unpacking. Trish and I did a quick tour of the apartment, noting the kitchen, appliances, the living room and dining area and of course the sliding glass door to our balcony.

Then I said to Trish, “I’m going to take the trolley back down to the entrance and then move the car to the large parking area. Here’s what I would like you to do. Please take off all of your clothes and await my return standing naked just behind the door. I will return soon and when I knock on the door, I want you to swing it wide open and give me a big hug and a kiss! Will you do that?”

“But Jay, what if there are other people coming along the walkway? I don’t want to expose my nudity to anyone but you!”

“Trish, I’ll have the room key with me and if there is any chance of people approaching or coming out of their rooms, I’ll use the key and let myself in without knocking! Also, you can look through the little peak hole in the door to assure yourself it is just me! Do you trust me to do exactly what I’ve just described?”

“Yes, I trust you Jay, ….. but I’m still a bit nervous about opening the door being totally naked!”

“OK, good! I’m on my way and believe me; I’ll hurry back as fast as I can realizing that the thought of how you will greet me is really turning me on!”

I grabbed the trolley, pulled it to the elevator and was glad that the elevator was still there and I didn’t have to wait on it. As the elevator door opened at the ground floor, I parked the trolley, got in the car and drove off to a proper parking area. Needless to say, I walked quickly back inside, waiting impatiently for the elevator and for it to arrive at the 8th floor. On arrival, I took a deep breath, attempting to calm myself before arriving at our door. Checking back the way I came to be sure nobody was following, I paused at the door and then knocked.

Just as I was hoping, Trish opened the door a little way and then, assuming that she was now certain about my being the one who knocked, swung it open all the way. She reached up her arms to give me that hug, but was expecting me to quickly enter …… but I remained just outside.

“Jay! Get in here …. now! Are you trying to embarrass me?”

“No Darling, I just want to take a moment to enjoy the vision of your very sexy and naked form …… as well as enjoy your embrace! As I stated earlier, I wouldn’t knock if there was any danger of exposing you! Just take a moment to look up and down the landing to verify that we are all alone. perabet giriş Then, step forward to the threshold and give me that very deserving hug!”

Trish leaned forward just enough to check both ways, then apparently confirming her safety, stepped out enough to wrap her arms around my neck ……. while trying to pull me inside. I reached around her, lifting her up while hugging firmly and twisting her to the left and right in the late afternoon sunshine. I also tried to kiss her in this position, but she had some words instead.

“Jay! Put me down and get inside …… this is not fun….at least for me!”

I couldn’t help but chuckle in response but I did step inside with her and moved in far enough that she reached out and slammed the door.

“Now Jay, I can enjoy and participate in that kiss you were asking for.” was her reply.”

We did have a firm and loving kiss along with our embrace. I just couldn’t release her as I was enjoying the embrace and the feel of her body against mine.

I said, “Trish, you feel so good in my arms and I want you to know that you are the love of my life and I’m so very happy with our life together! I can only hope that you feel our life together is as rewarding and meaningful as it is for me!

“Jay, your words are wonderful to my ears and heart and I can only reply ‘ditto’ for me! Now, are you going to match my nudity or just what is your plan?”

“Yes Trish, I’m going to get out of these clothes quickly, but while I’m doing that I have a request of you? Without waiting for a response I said, Please go over to the couch and recline on your side facing me. Yes, that’s beautiful ……. only raise your left leg and place it on top of the couch …… draw your leg up a bit and bend you knee toward you! That’s great!”I exclaimed.

“Jay, this open pussy position you have me in …… I thought might get you naked more quickly! Is my blatant flaunting serving only to distract you? I am starting to wonder when I’m going to see something stiff? For that last hour of our travel, I’ve been looking forward to seeing and using that cock to penetrate me ….. giving both of us pleasure!”

At this point I was down to my shorts, having removed everything else. I stood up facing her, dropped my shorts and asked, “Are you satisfied with this erection you have caused? You are responsible you know?”

Trish replied, “Bring it over here where I can examine it more closely?”

I took a few steps toward her as she sat up, turned and placed her feet on the floor. As I drew closer, she reached out and grasped my cock.

Looking me right in my eye, she said, “I’m not sure if it is as large and stiff as it might perabet güvenilir mi be?”

I interrupted her by saying, “Trish, if you swirl your tongue around the head and few times, that might have the desired effect!”

She leaned forward, opened her mouth enough to take it inside and began wrapping her tongue around the head, reversing directions.

She paused long enough to state, “I think that I’ll also work my hand up and down its length several times while I slurp with my mouth and tongue.”

“Trish, what you are doing is just incredible, but if you keep that up much longer, I think you are likely to get squirted! Please stop ….. soon! I added. Is it big enough yet to accomplish what you have in mind?”

As I asked, she stopped her oral enhancements, and using both hands grasped it announcing, “I believe it is big enough for fucking! I’ll leave the choice to you to decide the position.”

“Trish, come over to this stuffed chair that is facing the window, lean over the back where you can enjoy the view while I enter your pussy.” I instructed.

She came over to the chair, quickly assumed the position while standing on her tip toes, spread her legs and looked back over her shoulder at me. I immediately started working the head of my cock up and down her slit a few times and then started pushing forward. As it went deeper, her butt shook in a sort of tremor and she cried out with an “Uuuuunh!” She made the same “Uuuuuunh!”utterance with each stroke.

As she leaned over the chair’s back, she had extended her arms to grasp the arms of the chair, making it difficult for her to maintain toe contact with the floor. As I continued to pound into her, her feet became loose and she raised her legs wrapping them back against my thighs. The sight of her bare back and the smack, smacking sounds as I pummeled her butt made it obvious that I was racing toward a climax.

“Trish, I exclaimed, I’m about there and will soon cut loose! Do you want it in you or should I pull out?”

“Jay, just keep fucking me hard! I’m so close I’ll probably come too! Let it happen!” she exclaimed.

After about three more butt slamming times ….that was it! I cut loose deep inside her cunt and I could feel her muscles squeezing my still hard cock. As my breathing rate gradually returned to normal, my cock diminished in size and I slowly withdrew.

Trish lowered her feet back to the floor as she pushed herself back up to a near vertical position and stated, “Jay, I don’t feel that I would exaggerate by saying, That was an incredible fuck! I’ve certainly been looking forward to one of your superior performances all day ….. and you delivered!”

“Glad it was good for you, My Darling, I too thoroughly enjoyed our ‘high grade’ sex! Just think, we have several more days to sexually enjoy each other in what should prove to be several new, unique and varied places and methods! I love you Trish!”

(To be continued)