A Gothic Seduction Ch. 02

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A few minutes later, as they waited for the dye to fix, they were again seated on the sofa in the lounge. Arabella’s head was swathed in a plastic shower cap and covered with a multi-coloured towel. Her scalp tingled as the stuff went to work, a strong smell of chemicals, filled her nose. It felt weird sitting there, while a laboratory fumed above her. “So I was gonna tell you about the angel” Pausing for a sip, Dagmar continued, “I first saw it when some friends and me went to the old cemetery for a picnic”

“Of course we don’t have cemeteries as old as the ones they have in London, I would kill to see Highgate, its where Karl Marx is planted, but its still pretty old. So we’d heard that they were going to plough it all up and wanted to go there one last time before it all disappeared. Ciggie?” As she reached for the pack of cigarettes and her lighter, Arabella could help but notice the swell of her pale left breast beneath the cut-off T. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra. A slight thrill ran through her, which was strange as she hadn’t though of women in that way before.

Dagmar leaned back and inhaled until the ember on her cigarette glowed. She parted her lips and emitted three perfectly formed smoke rings. “So there we were on a perfect spring day, with this quaint picnic basket that Klaus borrowed from his aunt, having like the best time. Great atmosphere, warm breeze, good wine and wonderful food, coz Gillian, Gareth’s girlfriend is a trainee chef at one of those posh restaurants up by the lake, you’ll probably meet these guys at the club tonight.

We were gothed up to the nines, I was wearing a long black gown, the other three were in more black than is normally seen at a funeral”

Arabella sipped her drink the bite of cranberry was followed by the slight burn of vodka, she thought it a good combination. “We had drunk our way through the best part of 4 bottles of wine and were way pissed even in spite of the great food we had eaten. I had gotten onto this rant about graveyards and how sexy I found them, the history, and the aura of death, that sort of thing. Heh, it seems silly now but you have to remember that we were quite squiffy by then. Klaus had brought his digital camera and he asked Gillian and me if we’d be up for doing some poses with some gravestones. Well one thing led to another and Gill and I ended up leaning against that angel, which to be honest was not standing too straight to begin with. I then got a wicked idea and after conferring with Gill we laid it out for the boys. What, I said, would they do for us if we turned the pose session into a topless shoot? I already knew what I wanted but I was damn curious to know how far I could push the guys.”

Arabella leaned forward intrigued, “No way?!”

A smile was playing on Dagmar’s lips. ” Of course way, they’re boys after all. Here I’ll show you.” She climbed up off the couch and went to her bookshelf. She returned with a large photo album and opened it up on the coffee table in front of Arabella.

Normally people’s photo albums bored the pants off her, but this time she was pretty interested in seeing the picnic pictures.

The album was covered in purple velveteen, spiral bound with black plastic covered sleeves. “Count yourself lucky,” Dagmar smiled as she settled down on the couch.” I only show this album to a very select few.” The first shots were of the group getting standing in front of a large black twin cab pickup truck. “That’s Gareth’s truck, its great for putting the fear into taxi drivers, also its got a bitchin sound system”

She pointed to a tall blonde boy, quite handsome in a Teutonic sort of way, he was wearing leather trousers and a button up black shirt.” That’s Klaus, I took the pic which is why it’s not as good as some of the others.”

Successive photos introduced Arabella to Grant a beautiful boy with waist length black hair and his girlfriend Gillian a petite girl with red hair and a snub nose, bedava bahis wearing a long dark green velvet dress. “I’m so envious of her skin, she’s a natural redhead, and so she is genetically equipped with pale skin to die for. They’ve been together for ever” Photo’s of the couple seemed to express an intimacy that only couples seem to have, a lack of awkwardness, the way they held each other.

Arabella felt a twinge of regret, her relationship with Tim had been passionate but all too brief, and her move to the city had put paid to any chance of reconciliation.

As the pages turned so the picnic seemed to become more bacchanalian. The picnickers looked more relaxed, and the photos seemed less conspired.

” Here’s where the gravestone poses start.” The camera had caught some lovely shots of Dagmar and Gillian draped over tombstones, lying on graves, imitating statues, Arabella reserved the opinion that the shoot would probably have been more successful if the girls were not so drunk. Their happy sloppy stances were in direct contrast to their solemn surroundings.

” And right here is where the photos become a lot more interesting.” Dagmar said, turning the page. ” In exchange for seeing some bootie the guys had to agree to get that big fuckin angel back to my place afterward”

Arabella smiled broadly as the pages revealed pictures of Dagmar and Gillian undressing each other, she noted that Dagmar was the first down to her bra, leaving her dress hanging from her hips. “Oh wow, you have a really cool tattoo!” Arabella exclaimed. A large black Celtic cross covered Dagmar’s back.

“Yah, that’s almost a years work there, Jimmy my tattooist stopped charging me after the 6th month, by then it had become a labour of love.” In the first few pictures it was somewhat obscured by her bra strap, but there followed a few shots of her back with the bra removed. ” Still doesn’t do justice, here are some close-up shots” Exposed Dagmar’s back was a masterpiece the paleness of her skin contrasted with the stark black of the interlaced ink work. “God that must have hurt.” Arabella said. ” I just got a little butterfly done and I nearly passed out.”

“Yah well, fortunately I have a high pain threshold, in fact I think I got quite addicted to the needle, would you like to see my other tattoo?” Turning the page revealed some more photos of Dagmar lying on a gravestone by now she was completely nude. A short study of the sequence of photos told her a bit more about Dagmar’s body modifications. She was pierced in both nipples, and belly button below, which a Celtic pattern began which ended in an arrow shape at her groin. Gillian on the other hand was only pierced in her left nipple and did not seem to have any other visible markings. She was, as the russet triangle of her pubic patch indicated, a natural redhead. Seeing her pale body against the dark stonework was the perfect contrast of softness of flesh against the roughness of stone.

Paging further she saw that Klaus had captured the girls both naked and intertwined on a grave. Several zoom shots showed that they had ceased to mug for the camera and were in fact, engaged in some serious kissing. “I guess we were drunk than we thought; it started off just as bargaining chip to get the boys to lug that silly angel. But we got so into it that we forgot about the boys and the camera.”

She turned to page to display a blank sheet, “Fortunately so did Klaus, he was so distracted he forgot to take any more pics, or at least that’s what he told us when he got prints made. I still have this feeling that we’re gonna show up on Gothic Sluts or something”

Arabella felt her cheeks colouring and quickly reached for her drink. Here she was not even a half hour into the evening and she had to deal with sudden sexual awareness she up until now did not even know she had. Dagmar was stunning naked and did not seem to mind flaunting her body. Temptation lay within bedava bonus arm’s reach, Arabella felt herself go moist at the prospect of this evening going further.

Her pulse raced, she felt her cheeks glow, her palms felt sweaty. “Did,” she raised her eyes to meet Dagmar’s, “Did you like it? Uh, making out with Gillian I mean?”

” Hell yeah,” Dagmar grinned, ” What’s not to like, she’s a peach” So saying she closed the album and got up to put it away. Arabella stared at her hands, Dagmar’s frankness had scared her, she wondered if she shouldn’t just leave. It would be safer if she did, nothing could happen. It was her choice to make. But then here she was with dye dripping down her neck and wearing a stupid shower cap. As yet nothing had happened, and nothing was unless she let it. Dagmar returned to the couch. Arabella moved her gaze from her hands to Dagmar’s toes.

“Arabella. Hey are you okay?” Her toes flexed as she lowered herself to look Arabella in the face.

“Huh? Oh yeah I’m fine”

Dagmar’s face was so close to hers, she could feel her breathe on her skin. Arabella raised her eyes to meet two grey-green pools of concern ” Babes are you sure, you’re feeling alright, you’ve gone all pale”

” I’m alright, it’s just the bleach.” She gasped.

Dagmar’s lips were close now so close, she only had to turn her neck slightly and she could brush her mouth against them. She suddenly wanted very much to do that.


“Yes baby?”

“Could I, I mean would you mind very much, if I kissed you?”

“Hmmm took you long enough, so get over here.” Dagmar ceded.

She moved her head forward tilting it slightly; Arabella closed her eyes and moved into the kiss.

It was electric, she felt warmth and moist softness touching her lips, she parted them slightly. Her mind was racing along with her heartbeat.

Dagmar’s hands were at her waist, touching her skin brushing the side of her stomach and then moving over her lower ribs heading upwards. Arabella’s head fell backward and Dagmar pressed home her advantage. Her mouth descended and her tongue pushed forward sliding over lips, teeth and finally finding Arabella’s shy softness.

Tentatively she extended her own tongue to meet the advance, and thrilled to the tingle as their tongues touched and twisted serpent like about each other. She began to explore Dagmar’s mouth and warm moist tongue in turn. Dagmar’s mouth tasted of musky combinations of cigarette and cranberry. They continued to kiss passionately their mouths moving against each other. Dagmar’s hands moved over to Arabella’s back and moved up and down her spine, nails lightly clawing her soft white skin. They finally parted from the kiss, Arabella’s lips and tongue felt electric, she could feel her pussy starting to get very damp. They were still close enough to feel each other’s breathe, both were breathing faster now.

“You like?” Dagmar asked

“Strangely yes,” Arabella replied, “You taste great”

“I could eat you up right here and now, “Dagmar growled.

“I think I’d like that, Arabella smiled, “Um but what about my hair?”

“Shit, we’ve got to rinse it,” She jumped up and extended her hand, “Milady your shower awaits”

They went together hand in hand to the bathroom. Dagmar leaned into the shower and began to fiddle with the faucet, ” You’ve got to get this damn thing’s temperature just right, otherwise it’ll boil you alive.”

Water began to gush from the showerhead.

Dagmar removed a dripping arm from the shower cubicle “There, got it, that should be just perfect now.”

Arabella quickly removed her towel, under Dagmar’s hungry gaze.

“God you have the most perfect breasts, I’m bloody jealous.”

“They’re nothing special,” She said looking down at them. Her light pink nipples were standing at point

“Hah you say that, but I bet you drive guys wild when you wear a tight top.”

“Naaah, deneme bonusu I don’t get noticed much.”

“That will change as from tonight, I promise you, you’ll be able to get anyone you want.”

“Well,” Arabella said, “Right now all I want is to get this gunk out of my hair”

She undid the buttons on her jeans and grabbing her panty straps as well, pulled down the tight cotton & denim over her thighs, then her calves and finally her feet. She kicked out of them and straitened up. She met Dagmar’s gaze and putting a hand to her hip, cheekily gave a wiggle. Then removing the stupid shower cap she turned and stepped into the steaming shower.

The warm water engulfed her and she closed eyes and tilted her face toward the showerhead. She stayed like that for a little while, enjoying the sensation of the water droplets hitting her face and body. “Hey Arabella?” Dagmar’s voice broke into her reverie, “Would you like some conditioner?” The door to the shower slid open and then Dagmar was in the shower with her. With her eyes still closed Arabella felt Dagmar’s hands move into her hair and begin to massage something into her scalp. Her hair was soon being thoroughly washed and rinsed, she felt herself blissing out as strong knowing fingers worked their way through her sodden tresses. Then a bar of musky smelling soap was run over her back, across he bum, down the backs of her thighs and down to her calves. Dagmar’s hands snaked around and drew the bar of soap up over her shins, her knees the tops of her thighs, her belly and finally her breasts. As the soap was massaged into her tits she felt her nipples stiffening. Dagmar then started going over the same areas she had already traced in soap with a loofa glove. The scratchy object reddened her skin as Dagmar’s strong hands rubbed it into over her. Her skin felt raw, and the sudden soft touch of Dagmar’s fingers after the harshness of the loofa, made her muscles under the skin jump. “Wow Dagmar that feels weird,” she turned her head to say and in doing so got to see Dagmar in the flesh so to speak.

Arabella’s heart skipped a beat as she took in the small high breasts ending in coral tipped points, she noted the barbells pierced through each erect nipple before slowly drawing her gaze to Dagmar’s stomach and groin. An intricate web of Celtic knots undulated across her stomach from her navel to her shaved pubic area. A triangle of interlocking ink lines had replaced her pubic curls “Its beautiful” Arabella gulped, her eyes blinking through the water pouring down over her. “Can I?” she reached out to touch the smooth slightly raised black lines on her fleshy mound.

“Of course you can.” Dagmar acquiesced.

The curling lines were inked to resemble wild rose thorn stems, they intertwined and spiralled eventually ending in a point just above her clitoris. Arabella’s curious fingers traced a path along the spirals. “Beautiful,” she whispered again. She made to move her hand lower but Dagmar stopped her, “Uh uh, not yet,” her grip was firm but gentle, “Lets get out of the shower before we both become lobsters.”

Naked and wet they made their way, hand in hand to the bedroom, leaving a trail of glistening footprints on the parquet floor.

Four large white candles softly lighted the bedroom, each about a metre high. Dagmar’s bed was covered in what looked like a large faux fur bedspread. “Lie down on your tummy.” Dagmar instructed.

The fur under her newly exfoliated skin felt warm and tingly as if she just embraced a big black bear. Locks of her damp ruddy hair fell into her face. A large soft fluffy purple towel was rubbed across her back, bum and calves. Cool liquid dribbling slowly onto her followed this; a rich exotic scent filled the room. “I’m going to massage some patchouli oil into you,” Dagmar whispered. Her long fingers traced circles across Arabella’s back, trailing the oily perfume up her spine, into her shoulder blades and finally up to her neck. Arabella sighed deeply into the fur comforter.

Then she felt Dagmar’s soft breathe on her left shoulder, this was followed by a kiss. Her warm kisses continued up Arabella’s shoulder until where it met her neck. Just then the bedside phone started to ring.