A Good Samaritan

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It was a dark, wet and windy night as I drove along in my Jaguar listening to some relaxing music after spending all day at an Environmental Conference at Brighton. All the Motels I had passed had No Vacancy signs.

I suppose I should have known that with such a big conference taking place it would not be easy finding somewhere to sleep.

My windscreen wipers were on fast speed, and as I turned a corner I saw a car with its hazard warning lights flashing and someone crouching by the front wheel. I pulled up and ran over to see what the problem was, I then saw that the car had a flat tyre, I then become aware that it was a female, who shouted

“I can’t get the car jack under the car there is a pothole in the road just where the jack needs to be placed”

So I shouted back

“There is nothing you can do about it now, you better come with me”

Hesitating, she took a look at the situation and said


When she sat in the car I got my first look at her, I thought, hmm, yes, rather attractive; steady boy; down boy, control yourself!

She was thoroughly wet through and soon started to shiver.

“Hello I’m John, where do you want to go?” I asked.

“I’m Pam, I don’t want to put you to any trouble, but where are you going?” she asked.

“I’m trying to find a Motel for the night but I will take you home first, where do you live?” I replied,

“It’s only ten minutes drive along this road” Pam replied,

I turned the climate control temperature on her side of the car up to maximum to try and warm Pam up as she was really cold and her teeth were starting to chatter. I pulled into the driveway that she pointed to, stopped outside the door and helped her out of the car and into the house.

“I think you need a warm bath to stop you suffering from Hypothermia” I said.

Pam did not reply, but just stood shivering. I located the bathroom and started to run the bath for her.

“Come on Pam get out of those wet clothes and into the bath”

She moved very slowly and found it difficult to undo the buttons of her dress.

“Here, let me help you” I said.

I removed her clothes as quickly as possible and helped her into the bath.

“Just lie there and get warm while I make you a hot drink” I said.

I left the bathroom to find the kitchen and make a hot drink.

I returned about 5 minutes later with two mugs of Hot Chocolate to find Pam with her eyes closed looking very relaxed. I could not help but notice the beauty of her naked body lying in the bath and the sexy underwear lying on the floor where I had thrown the clothes.

Pam opened her eyes and saw me ogling her body, Pam smiled at my embarrassment being caught admiring her svelte figure.

“I have brought you a mug of Hot Chocolate?” I said.

Handing her the mug. I sat down facing Pam.

“You had me worried, if you hadn’t lived so close I would have taken you to hospital, you looked so cold”. I remarked.

“I’m alright now thanks to you” she replied.

“While you are here you may as well make yourself useful and wash my back” Pam said with a wicked grin.

As I washed her back I massaged her shoulders and the back of her neck, her body felt so smooth and slippery, I cheekily ran the tips of my fingers over sides of her breasts as I ran my hands down her back.

After drinking her Hot Chocolate and some small talk between us, Pam asked me to get her a towel and dressing gown. When I returned to the bathroom, she stood up with a hand outstretched for the towel; I refused casino siteleri to give her the towel.

“I suppose you would like me to dry you as well?” I enquired.

“Yes please that would be nice” she replied.

I took my time making sure that every inch of her body was thoroughly dry especially between her thighs and the cheeks of her bum.

I commenced putting the dressing gown on her and as I was closing the front of her dressing gown she pulled me close to her and kissed me on the lips

“Thanks John” she said.

She then proceeded to give me a deep passionate kiss. I opened my mouth and our tongues started to fight for control of each other’s mouth. My hands went under the dressing gown and I pulled her naked body close to me, my hands roaming all over her bare back, finally caressing her lovely bottom as we continued with our passionate embrace.

We separated our mouths to get some air in our lungs; I then proceeded to kiss her neck and throat, before exploring her firm breasts and rock hard nipples with my lips. I licked her nipple with my tongue, feeling its stiffness against my soft wet tongue. I sucked on her nipple, toying with it between my lips.

I heard her moan ever so quietly and smiled to myself. I could feel my prick becoming harder and my pulse rate increasing every second. I rolled my tongue around Pam’s nipple before sucking on it, occasionally flicking it with my tongue.

Pam removed my shirt and then pressed my head onto her right breast. My left hand clasped the cheek of Pam’s bum, while my right caressed her left breast. Her breasts were small but very firm with large pink areolas and were very sensitive; I sucked hard on the nipple causing Pam to utter a loud moan.

My right hand felt the smoothness of her body as it made its way down to her pussy, gently pressing against the outer lips. My index finger traced its way between the pussy lips and up inside her, finding the tip of the clitoris and making her gasp.

Pam groaned deeply as she opened her legs to allow easier access for my finger into her moist vagina, I took a good look at her juicy pussy, it was so inviting.

My mouth and tongue slowly moved down her body, probing her navel and then the smooth outer pussy lips to find her treasure trove. I now had two fingers inserted into her moist vagina searching for her G spot.

“I want to taste you” I whispered to her.

I positioned myself so that my mouth could softly nuzzle up to her clit, my head moved forward and breathed on to her pussy, my tongue flicked over her clit, which was hard and very sensitive. She gasped as I licked at it, using the full length of my tongue against it before delving down and discovering the most intimate part of her body.

I then placed my lips around the clit and softly sucked on it while the flat of my tongue caressed it, at the same time using my thumb to stroke the inner lips of her vagina. I could feel the juices of her vagina running down my chin and hand.

Pam held my head against her body. She moaned long and low as I licked her stiff clit, her body trembled as I flicked and teased it, making her whimper.

I wriggled my tongue between her pussy lips and slid it inside her hot and very wet pussy.

“John…oh shit that’s so good…” Pam panted.

I smiled and began to push my tongue in and out of her pussy then switching back to her clit, giving that a good tease. Back and forth I went, feeling her thighs grip my head when I sucked her clit then relax and twitch as I entered her pussy.

My canlı casino fingers were inside her, pushing them back and forth, my thumb moving in a circular motion against the base of her clit.

“Ohhhh yeah…that’s sooo fuckin good…” Pam whined.

I was surprised by the amount of fluid dripping out of her love tunnel, and regularly moved my mouth to suck her juices like it was hot sweet nectar from a very forbidden fruit.

I wanted Pam to climax, wanted to hear her yell as that wave of pleasure shot through her body. I increased the speed of my fingers inside her and hungrily lapped her up with my mouth.

“Oh No, I am going to come, don’t stop!” Pam said

I could feel her vagina muscles tightening against my fingers so I continued to suck and lick the clitoris, fucking her with my fingers. Pam rotated her hips against my face, I could feel the vagina muscles going into spasm and Pam yelled

“Ohh hh…….. GOD, that’s fantastic!”

She held my face on to her pussy until her orgasm was finished and the waves of pleasure subsided.

When I stood up Pam kissed me, her tongue exploring my mouth, tasting her own juices, my tongue slipping against hers.

Pam felt my erection through my trousers and quickly undid my zip and dropped my trousers, pulled my briefs down, releasing my prick, which leapt to attention.

Pam grabbed hold of my prick

“You are not going anywhere tonight” she informed me leading me by the prick into the bedroom.


Pam lay down on the bed and drew my erect cock into her mouth sucking gently on it, at the same time, her hand moving up and down the shaft of my cock. I fondled her beautiful breasts making the nipples very hard.

Taking each nipple between my first finger and thumb I gently squeezed and pulled them as though they were being milked. I continued the milking action with my left hand, while my right hand moved slowly down her body until it reached her pubic bone. With my middle finger resting between the outer lips of her pussy, I slowly rotated my hand in a clockwise direction applying gentle pressure on the clitoral area, the moaning sound escaping Pam’s lips indicated approval of the attention her I was giving her.

Pam’s sucking of my cock was really getting me excited, the sensations building up inside me. My breathing and pulse rate increased so much so that I soon reluctantly withdrew my cock from Pam’s mouth to prevent myself shooting my cum into her mouth.

Pam squeezed my cock releasing some pre-cum and used the fluid to lubricate her right breast and nipple area as she flicked the end of my cock over her nipple.

It was now time for me to move down between Pam’s legs which I opened wide exposing her moist tunnel of love. I positioned my head a couple of inches from her vagina to admire it, and blow my hot breath on it, it was so moist and ready for action.

The inner lips of her pussy were open so I placed my tongue at the entrance of her moist vagina. With the flat of my tongue I slowly licked up towards her swollen sensitive clitoral bud. Pam pushed her breasts together and upwards, nipping her nipples ever so hard between her fingers.

I pushed my tongue in and out of her pussy like a mini cock. the heat from her cunt was amazing, it was so slippery and wet. My tongue switched back and forth between entering, licking and sucking her clit.

“John…use your fingers…please”

I inserted two fingers into her in and out they went while I sucked, licked and teased her kaçak casino swollen clit. Her entire body was writhing to these new sensations and any moment she was going to explode.

“John I’m sooo close….oh God…faster please…oh oh..”

My fingers pushed into her cunt faster and deeper, my tongue lapped her clit. She was yelling and screaming for more.

She was going to have a huge orgasm, she knew it, I knew it, she was moaning and gasping for air.

I could taste the pussy juices as they ran into my mouth and down my chin, moans of ecstasy escaped her lips and her hands tightly gripped the bedclothes.

My left hand moved up her body until it found her right breast to fondle and caress, the nipple being squeezed and stretched between two fingers.

Pam lifted her hips, and synchronised her hip movement with the movement of my tongue. She was fucking my mouth, panting loudly, so close to reaching an orgasm. I continued lapping her tender clitoral bud with my tongue, the juices from her cunt were now flowing so freely that I easily slipped one finger into her anus.

Pam screamed out aloud, her whole body shuddering as she reached her climax, her hands pressing on the back of my head to keep my head locked on to her pussy, her vagina muscles pulsing and releasing even more juices as she climaxed.

“Now the moment I have been waiting for ” I whispered.

I waited for her climax to subside before positioning myself to enter her with my hot throbbing cock. I lifted Pam’s legs up and placed them on my shoulders so that I could totally penetrate her. I slowly entered her moist slippery vagina and continued to push until I was fully inserted into her. I then withdrew right to the vagina entrance before ramming it all the way deep inside her. I was so hot for it that it would not take much to make me cum.

I then proceeded to give her a good fucking, my strokes were long and deep, the feeling of Pam’s juicy vagina gripping my cock increased the sensations. I could feel myself approaching a climax so I thrusted harder and faster.

“I’m cumming” I shouted.

“Wait for me” Pam shouted.

I don’t know how I managed to control myself to wait for her climax, her vagina muscles tightened on my cock, the suction milking my cock until I exploded into her. Her legs tried to close, as her whole body went rigid, and then shuddered, the peak of orgasmic pleasure rippling throughout her body.

We both lay down exhausted, Pam smiled at me as she extracted every last drop of sperm from my cock by using her vagina muscles to milk my prick.

We kissed and cuddled each other for a while, before cleaning up a going to sleep in each other’s arms, our naked bodies entwined in each other.

In the morning I dreamt that my cock was warm and moist and that it was being sucked on. As I woke up I was conscious that I had a throbbing erection, and then realised that I was not dreaming, and that Pam was expertly giving me a good blow job.

I felt completely helpless and under Pam’s control, the sensations were exquisite and I didn’t want to move. Pam increased her hold on my cock, moving her hand up and down, sucking even harder when I told her that I was cumming. I held her head on to my cock as I blasted my sperm into the back of Pam’s mouth. Pam continued to suck every last drop of spunk from me.

When I relaxed, Pam stood up, licked her lips and smiled.

She said “I have just had my breakfast, what would you like? and don’t say pussy, we don’t have time.”

After breakfast we made our way to Pam’s car and replaced the wheel with the spare wheel. Pam said ‘thanks for everything John, look forward to seeing you next time you come here for a conference’. I gave her a passionate kiss and said “goodbye, l am looking forward to our next session.”