A Good Girl Takes Charge

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It was 1 am and Catherine was fast asleep. It had been a long, hard day. She had been working overtime for a week and had realized that she wasn’t even eating enough, let alone getting sleep and rest. More than that, she was worried about Archie, her husband. He often looked frustrated when she came home after dinnertime and left for work very early. She knew he was craving attention from her, but she couldn’t do anything about it. They had been married for three years now, and never before had they been through such a dry streak. Not that they were very happy at other times. Maybe, Archie was. But Catherine wanted more and she had a tough time asking for it. Archie seemed to have no doubts about it. For him, their sex life was just awesome and now that he was getting less of it, he made it a point to guilt trip Catherine about it.

“You’ve got to stay for some time” he would say, lying in bed while she picked up her things and headed out in a hurry.

“I’m sorry honey, I’ll try to be back early” she would say, but they both knew it wasn’t true.

“How ’bout we go out for dinner today?” he would press on, knowing that it was an uncomfortable question. Boy, he never made it easy for her.

“Uh…sure. I’ll call you if I can get off work early” she would lie.

He would scoff. “Get off early my ass” he would say.

She would grow silent. “I’m sorry Archie…there’s just a lot going on at work.”

That morning, just as she was about to leave, Archie had held her hand and said, “I need you to be with me tonight, otherwise you bet I’m going to sneak up against you and start doing you from behind while you’re sleeping!” he’d said. She was alarmed at his choice of words, but she had decided not to think about it. There were other things on her mind.

A few weeks back, Catherine had had a crush on her boss, Travis. She was certain that nothing could happen between them because she was married and Travis seemed to be a good guy who wouldn’t sleep with someone else’s wife. But it turned out that he wasn’t that innocent. They started flirting with each other, which Catherine thought was harmless. But then one day, they kissed in his office cabin and then had sex in his apartment. Catherine had decided that it would be a one-time thing, but Travis wanted more. She found it difficult to avoid his sexual advances. She didn’t want him to talk about them or spread rumors and she knew he was capable of stooping that low. She also thought that she was at a greater loss, since she was married and also, she was a woman. She knew that the people around her were grade A assholes and wouldn’t think twice before putting all the blame on the woman. So, she tried to keep him happy, politely turning down his dinner invitations and leaving the room when he got flirtatious. But very soon, he made it clear that he wanted her to sleep with him, and he would do unkind things to her if she didn’t comply. She complied.

She used to wait in the office after everyone else had left. When the office was empty and the lights were off, he would come to her cubicle, pull down her pants and stick his fingers up her crotch. Travis was attractive, but he clearly didn’t know how to touch a woman. He would keep grabbing güvenilir bahis and pinching her the way he wanted and once he thought she was wet enough, he would enter her and start pounding relentlessly, switching positions and places, ignoring her pleas of “Stop!” and “I need a break!”. At times, it was so tiring that she didn’t feel like standing up after he was done.

After all of that, she just didn’t have any energy left to be with Archie. The soreness and fatigue were stronger than the guilt she felt for not pleasing her husband, and before she could think any further, she would find herself craving a good night’s sleep.

That night, though, Catherine realized that Archie had meant what he had said earlier that morning. She felt his hand on her breast, his finger-tips massaging her nipple. She was too tired to move. She decided to fake sleep, so that he would give up eventually. But he slowly pulled down the sheets covering her body and squeezed her butt cheek. He stretched her butt and Catherine felt cool air making contact with the insides of her pussy. He started masturbating, tapping his penis on her butt, sticking a finger in her hole with the other hand. After a while, to Catherine’s surprise, he entered her without warning and started making small thrusts. She couldn’t pretend any longer.

“Archie!” she gasped.

“Hey, sleeping beauty!” he breathed on her neck.

“I’m really tired… I need to wake up early tomorrow” she said, trying to put away a hand that was inching toward her bare breast.

“Shh” he said, his lips nuzzling against her ear. “Just spread your legs and let me fuck”.

“Listen to me- “her sentence was interrupted with Archie groaning “Oh it’s been so long!”

The thrusts grew stronger and faster until he came long and hard, filling her completely, some of the fluid dripping down from her thighs on to the sheets. She balled into the fetal position; her legs tightly drawn together. She hadn’t really orgasmed and she wanted him to finger her to the finish line, but her legs were aching because earlier that evening, Travis had gone missionary on her.

“Hey, what happened? Don’t tell me you’re shy!” he said, snaking an arm around her waist. She chuckled at the word “shy”. She considered telling him about Travis, but decided against it. She wasn’t sure if he would understand and more importantly, whether he would be on her side. So, she just shook her head.

“Let me take care of that” Archie said, slipping his finger into her slit, coaxing her to spread her legs again. Catherine was grateful for the dark room because her lips were swollen and it was clear that she had done it more than once. When Archie’s cold fingers made contact with her vagina, it felt good, but her eyelids were drooping. She refused to move at first, but then she gave away and let him finger her. He spread her open and touched her clitoris. It was too sensitive at this point. She opened her mouth to tell him that he was doing it wrong, but realized that it would be too much work. So instead, she just faked a few moans and gasps as he stuck his clumsy fingers inside her, apparently proud of what he was doing. Just as she thought it was starting to feel good, he slowed türkçe bahis down and started caressing her butt.

“How did that feel?” he asked.

“Oh God Archie you just wore me out!” she groaned.

Then, after a couple hours when her husband was fast asleep, Catherine snuck into the bathroom and fingered herself to a long-awaited orgasm.

When she woke up for work the next morning, a dull headache and an extreme unwillingness to move her body made her want to pop pills and call off sick. She forced herself to shower and get dressed and left the house after gulping down three cups of coffee. When she stood in her cubicle staring at a long list of attachments in her inbox, she knew the day wasn’t going to be easy. She was right. Before she knew it, Catherine had yelled at a colleague, smoked two cigarettes and had eaten way too many donuts for her appetite. She dozed off during a meeting and deleted an important file by mistake.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Travis said, visibly irritated at the end of the day. “Are you trying to sabotage me? Is that what this is about?” he yelled.

Standing in his chilled office over his cold glass desk, Catherine’s mind was numb. She was too tired for this. Sabotage him? She scoffed at that. He knew she’d left the office at a terribly late hour the previous night. He knew he’d forced her to stay back. But still she was expected to be on time like a good girl the next morning. She decided she’d had enough. She was done being the victim.

Her expression changed. Suddenly, she started walking toward him with a weird seductiveness in her eyes. With a lopsided smile on her face, she started kissing him while he was in the middle of a sentence. He reached out for the wall behind him for support. He was clearly taken aback.

He was clean shaven and she just loved rubbing her chin against it. Why hadn’t she noticed it before? Probably because there was never any foreplay, she thought.

He pulled back and said, “Damn! What was that?”

Without an answer, she unzipped his pants and started caressing him gently. He groaned.

“That feels…that feels…” he gasped as she slightly tightened her grip on his penis.

“Fucking good? Yeah, I know”

He laughed. She fondled the part underneath his shaft, using her thumb to hold it still. Slowly, she started using her finger tips, reaching out for his balls at times. He had thrown his weight against the wall entirely and his eyes were closed. When she thought he was nearing an orgasm, she moved her fingers toward the tip, building up on the tension, coaxing him to explode. Just when she’d heard the loudest groan he’d ever made, writhing on the threshold of an orgasm, she stopped moving her hand. She stood there, staring at him, gripping his shaft a little too tightly so that he was in pain and pleasure at the same time.

“Why’d you stop?” he almost screamed.

“Shh” she said, pulling his cheek “You make too much noise.”

He just stared at her, confused.

“Now I need you to listen to me very carefully” she said, resuming the movement of her fingers, enough to keep him aroused, but too little to make him come.

“I am going to walk in here with a resignation güvenilir bahis siteleri letter tomorrow. And you’re gonna accept it without drama. Okay?”

He didn’t respond. He just looked at her. All he wanted was an orgasm. It was written all over his face. Nothing else seemed to make any sense to him.

She speeded up her strokes bit by bit. “And then you’re gonna be a sweetheart and write me a good recommendation letter addressed to a nice firm where I can be fucking paid for what I’m worth. You with me?”

“What the fuck?!” he was visibly irritated, not just because of what she’d said, but also because her nails were making contact with his skin and it was starting to hurt.

“Wrong answer” she whispered, stepping closer, reaching underneath and catching hold of his balls. He couldn’t tell whether she was trying to pleasure him or hurt him. She once again resumed stroking him, with another hand unbuttoning his shirt.

“You see…” she started circling his nipple with her finger tips. “You’re so delicious…just perfect, like a Ken doll. It’s just so amusing to watch you struggle your way around with pleasuring me…like a lost lamb not knowing what to do…”

She saw that he was nearing orgasm once again. His breathing had sped up and there was a tight grimace on his face. She kept on talking as if oblivious to his preoccupations.

“There’s so much you need to learn…” she raised her voice over his groans. “And I can teach you stuff. But I cannot do that if I work for you.” She said matter of fact, while he was right in the middle of having what seemed to be the most intense orgasm of his life. As he slumped against the wall, panting and sweating, she pulled his legs farther away from the wall and sat on him. Grinding her hips on his lower belly and unbuttoning her blouse, she continued talking.

“There’s more where that came from and if you want it, you need to comply.” she winked.

“Oh Cathy!” he groaned again.

“Call me Catherine. I don’t like pet names”

“C-Catherine…I…you are just-”

She wouldn’t let him finish. “Basking in the afterglow, are ya?” she asked, as she guided his limp organ toward her crotch. It didn’t take long for him to get another hard on.

“So?” she said, her neck leaning sideways. He stayed silent, eyes closed, perhaps willing her to just stop talking and start the fucking. She waited, refusing to move.

“What?” he asked, squinting at her, almost pleading. She gave him a look that said, “You know what I want”.

“Okay! Okay!” he said, sighing heavily. “Whatever” he added.

“Cool!” she said, getting up and buttoning up her blouse.

“Hey! I said I’ll do whatever you want!” he protested.

“Yeah. You do that tomorrow and we finish what we started.” She again said matter of fact, as she picked up her purse and left, ignoring his pleas and protests.

When she walked out of his office that night, her heels in her hands, she considered buying champagne to drink to this side of her she never knew existed. She remembered every single time she’d let her boyfriends and even her husband make her feel that she was supposed to please them, gratify them. Had she ever asked herself whether she was having fun? Had she even known what she wanted? Perhaps she had been waiting for her partners to ask her, to want to understand her. All good things come to those who wait. She chuckled. To hell with that, she’d taken what she wanted.