A Gift for You…

3 Ocak 2021 0 Yazar: admin


“Don’t say a word”, I say to you. I whisper into your sweet kisses, You’ve led me into the bedroom, turned to lean downward to kiss me, you’ve already began taking off your clothes, your shirt already littering the floor. I gently back you up into a chair, large and comfortable. I place my lips upon yours, softly darting my tongue into your mouth, you take a breath in as if trying to speak, my finger raises to your lips… asking for no words.

I back away from you, and I untie the back of the halter dress I’m wearing, and remove my bra. I also reach slowly underneath and wriggle free from my panties and kick them aside. You stare at me with anticipation, your gaze making my body melt and I can feel my fount beginning to drip lightly on the inside of my thigh.

I drop to my knees and begin to crawl toward you, you can’t take your eyes off me. As I get to your legs, I notice that already something’s popping through your pants. I move upward, arching my back catlike as to let my breasts rub against the growing bulge, and my tongue flicks playfully over your stomach. Your hands instinctively go to my head, pushing my head in between your lap, but I place them back onto the sides of your chair.. asking for your patience.

My mouth moves downward, then biting and nibbling through the fabric of your pants, my hands fumble slightly with your belt, your button, then the zipper…. releasing the beast, it’s head rearing, eager to enter something, anything. I tug down your pants a little, enough to let your the glorious length and twins settle illegal bahis outside the clothing, giving me full access to touch and tongue.

I lightly lick one of your hairless globes, flicking then blowing softly… as my hands are wandering up your thighs. They make their way up, to your chest, nails tickling your flesh, up to your neck and down. My tongue again quickly moves from the base of your cock all the way up to the tip, stopping to glance up at your and grin, wanting your gaze to beg me for more. Your eyes alone tell me how much you want to be inside me, So as a gift I surprise you with a quick and full engulfing of your hardness to the fullest, tickling the back of my throat, then as I come off, my tongue swirls around, enjoying my luscious popsicle, and smile widely at your surprised moan.

I softly kiss the tip, and let my tongue swirl around the shaft again, this time all the way downward. My hands have made their way underneath, cupping and gently massaging the soft scrotum underneath… I moan softly, and you can feel the vibration throughout your body. After I’ve come back up, the back of my tongue makes it’s way downward, tickling the backside of your cock, then beginning to lick and softly caress what’s carefully placed in my hand… licking them like two very delicious scoops of ice cream.

I breathe softly on them, I feel your body tensing as it sends shivers up and down your skin, and I continue, licking, my hands softly moving over your shaft, my fingers occasionally flicking over the tip, keeping your senses as illegal bahis siteleri heightened as they’ll go. I come back up to the tip again, and devour the length, repeatedly pumping it in and out of my mouth, sucking gently on each withdraw, and swirling my tongue on every thrust. I stop to let my tongue swirl around the tip, my lips teasing it with small soft kisses, my hands still softly cupping and caressing underneath.

I sit up some, and let your hardness slide itself between my bare breasts, as I move up and down, I lick the tip as my mouth gets closer to it. I slowly get to standing, and I kiss you hard and deep, my tongue sliding in and out of your mouth as I suck on yours passionately. Your cock pokes toward me, it can feel the warmth radiating from me. I come closer to you, lift my dress and kneel astride, hovering, and I let my sweet honey drip onto you. Your hips reach up toward me, but I wait to see you ask it pleadingly from your eyes…

Your head reaches toward me, lapping at my lips with your tongue and I see that silent plead in your eyes. I at last slowly slide onto you, contracting every muscle as I slide onto your full length, my tight wetness devouring you. You bend down to kiss my nipples, biting them, licking… I could just stay here, riding you, but I stop and lean forward to kiss you deeply again, I feel your body still pulsing under me, wanting more. But this was just a tease…

I remove myself from you slowly and step backward, as my tongue makes a line back from your mouth, down your neck, your chest, canlı bahis siteleri your stomach. I finally come to a rest between your legs again on my knees, admiring the glistening form before me. I take one soft lick, then another, then fully onto your shaft again, surrounding it and licking every sweet drop of me off of it, I slurp it up. As I do, you come to bend down towards me, wanting to share in my delight, I allow you to kiss me, taste me on my lips, then I playfully push you back into the chair. You smile at me, letting me know you’re enjoying this as much as I, and I keep your gaze as I slide my mouth slowly onto you again.

Your stare is one of pure desire, it burns into me as all I hear from you are soft moans that almost sound like growls. … then again back to my selfish need to take every inch of you. Imagining this full beautiful piece inside of my throbbing wetness again, I reach downward, feeling my moistness continue to flow. I stick one finger inside myself, riding my own fingers as I continue to devour you, sucking, swirling, licking. I stop and let you slide in between my breasts , teasing the tip with my tongue, while I bring my fingers up to your mouth, letting you lick and suck my nectar from them. I then place your piece back into my mouth again, sucking harder, wanting to taste you now. Your body is tensing.. your moans get louder… my licking and sucking becomes more feverish, I want you to fill my mouth with every sweet drop of you.

Your body tenses even more, your moans mingle into something of a growl and my name, and your sweet juice begins to fill my mouth. I take it into my mouth, letting just a little drop from my lips, onto my breasts, the rest I hold … moving back up to your sweet mouth, kissing and sharing every bit of you.