A fun night with my X and her sister Pt. 2

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A fun night with my X and her sister Pt. 2As I stood under the water in the shower, I was thinking how I might get Elen and Jane together naked playing with each other and me. I finished washing dried off and Jane’s advice and wore a pair of loose shorts, short was the right word for them, brushed cotton I found that when I sat and crossed and uncrossed a few times my cock would peep out of one leg and I thought that might help later, so no underwear. I had it in my mind to let my cock slip out so Elen could see it. This would all be purely accidental on my behalf, but I really wanted to see how Elen might react. I also had to do it so Jean couldn’t see just between Elen and me. The thoughts of flashing my cock to Elen were making me hard and I wondered if I could keep my cock down long enough for it to fall out of my shorts, when Elen was sitting across from me. I went down to find Jane at the sink doing some washing up, her cute butt wriggling as she played with dishes. I stood in the doorway watching her as I’d done many a time before when we were married. That usually ended with me coming up behind her and grabbing her tits kissing her neck, which is her weak spot, a hot tongue and warm breath would drive her wild. My cock was once more growing hard. Jane’s butt wriggled more then without turning her head she said, “I know you’re watching my ass, you horny bastard”.”I was thinking of ravishing you while you do the washing up”.” You’ll never change, you just a horny fuck”.” Oh yeah and this coming from the one who for half an hour was gobbling on my cock like the world was going to end”. ” Didn’t hear you complaining. Go and sit out back, I’ve opened another bottle of red I’ll bring you a glass when I’m finished here”.I did as I was told and sat enjoying the evening sun. Jane came out with two glass and sat across from me. ” Now”, she said ” Elen’s just broke türkçe bahis up with Mark so be nice to her when she’s here, that’s why she’s home for a few days. She doesn’t want to be there when he’s moving his stuff out”. I hadn’t seen Elen for two years, but I’d heard all about her life from Jane, as I suppose Elen had heard what I’d been doing from Jane. I doubt she’d heard that Jane and I fucked whenever I was around and we had the chance.Jane told me she was going to take a quick shower and change before Elen arrived, and off she went.I was wondering if I should try and get Elen naked with her break up and all that, but sometimes a good sex encounter helps to clear one’s head and make then feel worth while. So I decided I would try and see if I could get my X and her sister into the same bed. Jane came back dressed in another loose top, no bra and a miniskirt that was also very short. She did a little twirl asking, “Do you like how I’m dressed”. ” Yes you look very sexy in that”.Then she turned her back to me and bent over letting me know she had no panties on and flashed me her pussy from behind.She turned back to me asking, “Do I still have it big boy”. I just pulled the waist band of my shorts down and let my rock hard cock spring out, saying, “Does that answer your question”.” Fuck put that thing away, Elen will be here any minute. Try and behave for once in your life”.” Ok ok, I’ll be a good boy, but you know me, when I’m good I’m good, but when I’m bad I’m better!!. Anyway are you going to put underwear on, Elen will be able to see your pussy if that skirt rides up”.” No I’m not, and anyway I’m not going to be showing off my pussy while Elen’s here. It’s too warm for underwear and you’ve noting on under your shorts, and I warning you again, I don’t want Elen seeing your cock fighting to out of your shorts”.The door bell rang, Elen had arrived. güvenilir bahis siteleri Jane went to let her in and brought her out back.Elen saw me and said, ” Peter what a surprise, I thought you weren’t getting in till tomorrow, good to see you”. I stood and we did the air kissing thing that Elen likes so much.We all sat and chatted over a glass of red. I told her I was sorry to hear about her and Mark splitting up. She told me it had been coming for a while and wasn’t really a shock. Good, I was thinking she’s not upset to much over it. Elen was wearing a yellow summer dress and as always I was undressing her with my eyes imagining that wonders that, that dress hid. Elen took her glass in her hand and stood and walked down into the back garden. As I watched her go I noticed when the light caught in the right way her dress was see thru. Then I realised she had nothing on underneath. My cock twitched. Jane was watching me and shot me a look that could freeze winter. I just shrugged to say I’m only human. Elen called back form the bottom of the garden,” s*s the garden looks wonderful you keep it so well, it’s really lovely here”. Jane said, ” Thanks, I’m going in now to start on dinner, it’s such a nice evening I think we’ll eat out here, you and Peter chat a while, I’ll call if I need help”. Jane went inside and Elen came and sat across from me. We chatted and drank some more wine. Then I noticed that Elen was checking me out, ok I was looking at her too, those wonderful tits have always got my full attention, and the cute butt too. My cock was still soft, I don’t know how looking at Elen in that dress. I moved around a bit as we talked and to my delight felt my cock slip down my leg. I knew in a minute the head would peep out as the shorts rode up. Elen’s eyes dropped to my crouch now and then as she too was waiting for it to pop out. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I could feel my cock begin to stiffen and was begging it not to grow full hard. Then I felt the air on my cock head as it grew out of my fore skin. I looked down and sure enough my cock was showing. Elen noticed it too and she smiled shyly, and blushed a bit. I pretended nothing was wrong. Elen wriggled on her seat and whispered so Jane wouldn’t hear, ” I think little Peter wants to say hello”, and she giggled like a school girl.She stood and came and sat beside me, her hand slid between my legs and she gently griped my now rock hard cock, saying, ” I’m just like Jane, the hot weather makes me so fucking horny”. My heart was pounding. Elen sitting beside me stroking my cock, with Jane just a few yards away. Elen played with my cock and then bent over and kissed the tip. I thought I was going to cum on the spot. I reached for her dress and pulled it off her shoulders. She rose up and pulled her arms out of the selves and pushed the dress down exposing her beautiful soft round breasts. I grabbed hand fulls as she played with my cock. Then she went down on me and took me in her mouth. It was then that Jane came out. She took one look at her sister sucking her X and said, “Peter what the fuck do you think you’re doing”. “Me???, Elen’s the one sucking my cock, and I must say she’s very good at it”. Elen let my cock out of her mouth and looked up at Jane saying, ” Don’t be like that s*s, this weather has me so horny. And I know you two fuck anytime you get the chance, so don’t be going getting all holy on me”.” Fuck sake Elen you’re such a fucking little slut, look at you sucking his cock like a wanton whore”. ” Must run in the family then, you’re just as bad. Now don’t be having a fit get over here and share Peter’s cock with me, it tastes so good and I know you’d be here bobbing on it if I wasn’t here, come on s*s it’ll be fun and I need a bit of fun”. Jane sighed and said, ” What the fuck, if you cant beat then you might as well join them”. She dropped down beside Elen and they both began to play with my cock. I just lay back and closed my eyes.