A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

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It was early morning when I awoke to a shutting door, light footsteps, and whispering voices. My wife, Julie is a night shift nurse who works in a small labor and delivery (L&D) unit at a private hospital. I work days from 9 am to 5 pm. She wakes me up when she comes home and then sleeps during the day while I am at work, and then she gets up and heads to work nights from 7 pm to 7 am. Usually she steals into the house and wakes me softly in the bed, but that day was different. There was somebody with her.

“Hi, honey!” she said as she walked into the room. “I didn’t mean to wake you up, like this, but I need to talk with you.”

Half sitting up in bed, I said, “What’s up?” as I rubbed my eyes and tried to clear my head.

“Do you remember Cindy from work?” She quizzed.

“Cindy, Cindy, Cindy” I repeated her name over to myself as my mind raced trying to place the name with one of the several stories my wife had related to me from her night shift buddies. Soon I recalled that Cindy was the young nurse who was married to the man who washed dishes for a living and attended rave parties. Cindy and John had been high school sweethearts. Cindy had continued on to college, while John had drifted from one job to another. After Cindy graduated, she and John were married. Cindy was ready to settle down and have a little family. John on the other hand continued in his wild ways, and soon had cheated on his young wife. Julie and Cindy had worked together for 5 years since Julie had been Cindy’s preceptor. Now at age 26, Cindy was over her husband’s philandering ways. She had tried to leave him on several occasions, but he would intimidate her to the point that she would give in and allow him to come back.

“Yes, I know who you are talking about, the gal who supports her hubby.” I said.

“Shush!” she placed her finger to her lips,” she is in the kitchen making coffee.”

“She’s huh, doing wha?” I kidded, “Why is she here?”

“Honey, she needed someplace to go, her husband is being such a jerk, she’s afraid!” She reminded me of the facts I already had recalled.

“But why is she here, what about her folks?” I quizzed.

“Baby, she can not go home like this, her parents had warned her not to marry him, and she just can not face them!” She explained.

“Well, she’s grown up; she’s a nurse, why doesn’t she just get a hotel room?”

“Honey, don’t be like that, she is way in debt from John’s drugging and drinking. Baby, she needs help.” She smiled and stroked my hand.

“Well, we have a guest room, so we might as well get some use out of it!” I smiled.

“You’re the best hubby!” She giggled, “Now you had better hit the shower before it’s too late.”

I showered, shaved, and otherwise got ready for work. By the time I had made it to the kitchen, there was a huge breakfast of toast, bacon and eggs, fresh orange juice and coffee. True enough the coffee was de-caffeinated, but it was much better than the usual fare of cold cereal and milk I usually forced down before work.

My mind raced with thoughts of what my life would be like with two women around the house as I headed for work. I envisioned hot meals, clean rooms, and lots of board games. In college, I had known guys who somehow had managed to rent rooms with two female roommates. Their quality of life was amazingly better than those of us who rambled from dorm rooms, to frat houses and finally grungy roommates splitting expenses six ways in a three-bedroom apartment. It was weeks before I learned what was really going on as I fought traffic on the I-75.

Julie and I had always been open with each other. She knew about my masturbation fantasies and I knew about her adventures with her roommates in college, “nothing very explicit.” She had quietly played with her pussy while she pretended she was asleep as her roommate loudly masturbated after a late date. She had watched her roommates and suite-mates while they took their showers. She would try on bras and sexy outfits at the mall with her friends, but even with all that activity, she had never crossed the line. She had never “been” with another girl.

Julie is a compassionate soul and so as she listened to Cindy’s sad tale over coffee, she attempted to comfort her younger friend. She explained days later that the time passed so quickly that she soon was about to fall asleep right at the table.

It was a very tired Julie who finally said “It’s getting late and we have got to get to sleep, I’m sorry that the guest bedroom is not made up.”

“It’s ok.” Cindy said “I can make it” but as she said that, the tears started flowing again.

“What’s wrong?” Julie quizzed.

“It’s just been so long since I have slept alone, and I am so upset.” Cindy confessed.

“Hey, it’s no problem, we have a big bed, and you can sleep with me. I really don’t mind, I shared a bed with my sisters until they left for college.” Julie said warmly.

That was how Julie and Cindy ended up sleeping together the first canlı bahis şirketleri time. That morning, they feel asleep with Julie’s arms wrapped around Cindy, as Cindy cried herself to sleep. Julie woke up well before I got home with Cindy sleeping on her stomach and her hand resting lightly on Julie’s breast.

Our home is small, with a small office that we converted to an extra bedroom. Thus, we had ended up with two bedrooms, but only one and a half baths. Therefore, with a limited amount of time to get ready and get supper on the table, Cindy invited Julie to “share” the hot water. Again, it was all innocent enough.

They took turns washing each other’s hair. Julie is 5’8″, brown hair with 38-D breasts. She seldom goes bra-less. Cindy is a 5’6″, blond hair, and smaller breasts. Julie has from time to time trimmed her bush, but Cindy’s had shaved her pussy mound bare. Julie had seen every imaginable size, shape and cut of pussy hair in her 10 years as an L&D nurse. Somehow, she had resisted the urge to shave her pussy. This fact ended up breaking the story into the open.

I got home around 6:15 pm, to find a hot meal and two clean and amazingly good-looking nurses in matching scrubs. I kissed Julie and greeted Cindy. “I’m sorry that I’m late, traffic was murder.” I apologized.

“Were sorry too baby, but we need to head out, supper is warm on the stove.” Julie said as she kissed me again.

“Thanks for letting me crash here.” Cindy smiled as she hugged me.

Even through my dress shirt, I could feel that Cindy’s “B” size tits were perky and much different from Julie’s large breasts. It had been years since any woman to whom I was not related by blood or marriage had given me a lingering hug. It was obvious that Cindy had borrowed Julie’s perfume, but the smell was slightly different. I felt a sudden urge flash through me, but quickly resisted the temptation. Reminding myself of my marriage vows and Cindy’s vulnerable state.

This routine was repeated with very little variance for the next several weeks. They worked the same shifts. Working 12-hour shifts meant that they only worked 7 days out of 14, to include every other weekend. Thus, there were several days that I was at work, while they were off, and every other weekend they worked, while I was off. This left only every other weekend and a few evenings a week that we were all together for any length of time. On our weekends together, and their nights off Cindy slept in the guest room, as I assumed she always did. Things seemed to be going fine and with Cindy’s huge debts and divorce expenses, I was happy to have her around to keep Julie company while we were apart.

Little did I suspect that what had started as simple comfort and showering expediency, had over the course of a few days developed into much, much more. It seems while she was in college, Cindy and John had experimented in various sexual adventures, many of which included other women. After they were married, Cindy wanted to be monogamous and form a traditional family. John had resisted and had remained active with some of their former partners. Cindy had not been with a woman in over 5 years. Nevertheless, her emotional pain and the absence of her husband drew her to Julie.

It was not long before Julie was reminding me that if I left a bit sooner I could beat the traffic and eat breakfast at the local “mom and pop” near my office. It seemed logical, with one more person around, and with the house being so small, if I got up earlier it would allow them to get showered and into bed earlier, then they could get up earlier and we could spend some time together before they had to go to work. So, they would call me as they left from work and I would get up and get showered before they made it home.

I had no idea that the moment I left the drive way, Julie and Cindy were naked. They would start with a shower. This had always been Julie’s habit to get the “hospital germs” off from her. Working nights is stressful and the routine turned from just holding each other to something more when Cindy suggested that they could give each other massages to help them unwind. Julie lay down naked on the bed, on her stomach. Cindy straddled her ass, one leg on either side. As she massaged Julies back and arms, her smooth pussy rubbed against Julie’s tight bottom. Cindy’s hands moved from the shoulders to the back and then the sides of Julie’s large breasts.

“Now you do me.” Cindy suggested, as she lightly smacked Julies bottom.

Julie switched places and warmed the oil in her hands. She was more conservative in her massage. Perhaps because the smaller breasts provided less beast tissue, perhaps because Julie did not want to admit to herself, much less betray the fact to Cindy, that our lack of sex combined with the amount of time they had spent together had stirred emotional responses beyond anything Julie had previously felt towards another woman. Julie had fantasized about being with another woman in the past, and she enjoyed canlı kaçak iddaa the girl-girl screens in my porn videos, but she had always denied that she would actually “do anything” with another woman,

“Ok, my turn again.” Cindy said “on your back this time.”

As Julie closed her eyes, Cindy started at her feet and slowly did one leg at a time. Working up to the thighs, until she stopped with the massage and “walked” herself up Julie’s body, one arm on either side, until their breasts touched, and her mound was on top of Julie’s pussy. Their eyes met and fixed. Cindy lowered her head and their lips met. With that, Julie cupped her arms around Cindy’s back. She flexed her legs and wrapped them around Cindy’s legs, as she did when we fucked. Cindy’s tongue prodded Julie’s mouth and explored her teeth, tongue, and cheek. They rolled to their sides and Cindy cupped Julie’s breasts and softly massaged them. Finally focusing on Julie’s nipples, she teased them between her fingers and then moved in to suck on them. Buy this time, Julie’s fingers were rubbing her clit and she closed her eyes. Cindy alternated licking one breast and then the other, all the while playing with the free nipple. Before I had time to reach the office, Cindy had moved her head between Julie’s legs and was sucking, licking and nibbling on her pussy lips and clit. Julie relaxed and soon came.

“Oh, god! Oh god, yes! That is so good, oh my god!” Julie’s hands were on Cindy’s head as she moved her ass and gasped for air. “That was fantastic!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!” Cindy purred.

“Oh, I enjoyed you” Julie intimated. “I have never been loved like that before.”

“It was ok?” Cindy teased.

“Ok? Hell, it was more than ok! I have not came like that in years!” Julie said. It was true. It had been years of routine fucking, which had decreased the frequency, and intensity of our passion.

The mutual shampooing had turned into body scrubs and back washing, finally to hot kisses, and mutual breast play. Julie eventually explained that they would towel each other off and then end up in bed. Cindy always ended up servicing Julie, and Julie had held herself back from going down on her and doing much more than some titty play under the impression that as long as she did not go down on Cindy she was not having sex with Cindy!

One Friday morning, at the beginning of one of our weekends off together, After I left, Cindy and Julie were in the shower. “Have you ever shaved your pussy?” Cindy quizzed Julie.

“No, I don’t think Al really likes the idea. Back when we used to shave the women before they gave birth, I told him about it and he said that he hoped we never had kids, because he likes pussy with hair on it! Of course he was kidding about not having kids, but he’s never suggested it and comments when I shave closer in the summer.” Julie explained.

“Well, when is the last time he has licked your pussy?” Cindy asked coyly.

“Oh, sweetie, you have spent much more time down there than he has!” Julie smiled and kissed Cindy full on the lips.

“Can I shave you?” Cindy quizzed. “Trust me, you will enjoy things a lot more when you do.”

“Oh, god, I don’t think it could get any better” Julie giggled “but if you want me to, I will. It’s not like Al has ever asked me not to.”

Cindy grabbed a razor and lathered Julie’s pussy. Julie placed her leg on the side of the bathtub, while Cindy sat on the side of the tub and started to shave it a little at a time, until eventually it was bare.

“That’s better!” she exclaimed.

Once again, they were on the bed, this time the well-oiled bare pussys rubbed together smoothly. Cindy adjusted herself until their legs crossed like two pair of scissors, with their crotches pushed together and their heads at opposite ends of the bed. They pushed and rubbed until Julie could not resist any longer and her hand slipped down to rub her clit. Once again, she bucked wildly as she came.

I returned home to find Julie alone in bed sleeping soundly and the door to the guest room closed. I quickly stripped down and slid into bed. Inching my way closer and closer to my wife. My dick was hard as I reached her and placed it against her ass. I kissed her neck as I had often done before only to hear her whisper what I thought was “sin.” She jerked as she awoke more fully. I pulled her back close to me and started to move my arms around her. “Not now baby, my tits hurt and I am a little sore.” I had heard that before, but always around her period or after we had fucked. It seemed strange, as this was not time for them to be sore, and we had not fucked since Cindy had moved in.

“What baby?” I quizzed. “I’m so horny! It’s been so long since we’ve made love.” I said, as I started to slide my hand over her right hip and towards her pussy.

“Baby, what about Cindy?” She whispered.

“Honey, our door is locked, Cindy’s door is closed. I need you, please don’t make me beg!” I said honestly.

“Ok, but try and hurry, canlı kaçak bahis I don’t want to embarrass Cindy if she wakes up, you know how loud I can get when I cum.” She said trying to dissuade me.

I reached my hand down until I should have felt her ample bush, only to continue to feel smooth skin under my fingers, until my hand reached her slit.

“What have you done?” I said with a gasp.

“Oh, you mean my hair cut?” She said calmly.

“What’s up with the extra skin?” I said.

At that point, she started to cry, “please baby, don’t be mad.”

“Mad!? Why would I be mad? It’s your body; I was just kind of surprised, this is out of the blue.” I said.

“Oh, honey, you are so sweet. You do not understand. It’s not what you think, it’s not that simple.” She opened the door.

“What do you mean, baby, what’s not that simple?” I asked, now more confused than ever.

Tears were now in her eyes as she explained from day one the events that led up to the shave. It was apparent that she had slipped into a situation that was out of control. I was somewhat shocked that events had played out as they had. However, it was understandable. I listened as she went more and more into detail. My hard dick had gone lip, but with her recounting of the events, my dick once again grew harder.

“Is this turning you on?” she asked.

“It looks like it is! I’m sorry.” I apologized.

“I have been feeling guilty, I’ve been worried sick, and you are getting turned on! You pervert!” She said, with a sly little smirk on her face, in the way that she does when she is using humor to defuse a tense situation.

“Baby, I love you. It’s not like you are going to leave me for her are you?” I was half kidding, but dreaded the thought of explaining to my friends that my wife had left me for a woman!

“Oh, you are so silly, how could I ever leave you. I love you. I honestly enjoy the fun Cindy and I have, but I do not love her as I love you, you are my hubby. Cindy has become a dear friend, but I am yours, if you still want me.”

“Well what are we going to do about this?” I asked with a wink in my eye.

“You’re not going to get to fuck her if that is what you are thinking.” Julie eyes glared at me with a dagger-like expression.

“Ok, ok, no three ways!” I agreed.

“Oh, I didn’t say ‘no three ways,’ I said you were not going to fuck her.” Julie’s expression softened and a smile returned to her full, ruby red, lips. “It would be wrong for me to lock you out of the fun, now that you know about it. The cat is out of the bag as it were, and it would be just plain mean to have you out in the living room while Cindy and I are in here making out.” She was very careful not to use the work “fuck,” as the rules in our marriage had to be somewhat equitable.

“Just what exactly do you have in mind?” I asked boldly.

“Well, I guess we would have to talk it over with Cindy.” She started.

Just then, there was a voice on the other side of the bedroom door. “Are you guys awake?” Cindy whispered.

“Yes, we’re awake.” Julie chimed.

“Should I make breakfast?” Cindy asked, unaware of the situation that had developed in our bedroom.

“Ah, I think that breakfast might need to wait a bit.” Julie said. Then she turned to me and whispered. “I guess she showed up right on cue. It might just be time to get this all out in the open. Are you ready to talk about this?”

My mind raced a hundred miles an hour. It was one thing to have Julie retell their amorous adventures, it was quite another to have Cindy in the room. My heart raced. My breathing slowed. This was so surreal; “everyman’s dream” was coming true. Yet I felt like I was in a dream world, not having had the time to process all of the information, let alone my feelings. “Sure, I guess.” “I mean, why not. I’m not sure I could look at her knowing and her not knowing that I know, you know?”

Julie smiled again “Cindy, come on in, we need to talk for a minute”

Cindy walked in wearing her robe. I had made every effort to keep things “platonic” and non-sexual. Cindy was very attractive, but I had tried to be a “big brother” to her during her time of distress. Now I could not help but wonder what she looked like naked. I wanted to know if her pussy was shaved, how big her nipples were, if her small tits had small areolas, any tattoos, body piercings? My inquiring mind had to know. I felt hot as the blood rushed to my face. I was afraid that she could read my mind.

Julie continued speaking, as I was only half listening. “Cindy, I’ve told Al everything. I just could not lie to him.”

Cindy looked at me, trying to read my expression. It was not anger I was feeling, and not true lust either. I was honestly confused. Cindy read my expression. As she walked over to me and sat on the bed. She reached her hand down to place it over mine.

“I didn’t mean any harm. Things just kind of got out of hand. I really appreciate everything you have been doing for me. You are a wonderful man. I just wish that my husband were as kind as you have been. You made me feel a part of the family. I hope that I have not hurt you.” A tear formed in her eye. I knew at once that she was speaking from her heart.