A Foreign Affair

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It was the summer after I had graduated from high school that I really had my life turned upside down. You would think that it would be one of the most memorable, fun-filled times of a young girls life and in a way I suppose it was. Yet I could never have imagined that events would take such a radical turn for my family and I. That we would turn into such sex hungry animals that nothing would satisfy our cravings. That we would use each other in ways we could never have dreamed of just weeks before.

It was all her fault of course. Before she came into our lives we had been ordinary people just like everyone else. She had changed everything and had loved every damn minute of it.

Oh shit, you don’t know who she is, do you? In fact you don’t know any of us. Sorry about that. Let me go back to the beginning. You can judge for yourself.

My name is Lisa. I’m 18 years old. My sister is Rachael, 21, and a sophomore at college. Jason, he’s my brother and a junior in college. Then there’s mom and dad and Mutt, the family dog. Mutt, he’s the only really innocent one in this whole thing. Trust me, you won’t be hearing about him again.

The day after I graduated, my parents suddenly announced that they had decided to take in a foreign exchange student for the summer. They thought that it would broaden my horizons or something but all I could think of was some weirdo that couldn’t speak English that I would have to drag around with me all summer. Great! Couldn’t wait.

Imagine my surprise then three days later when off the plane from France steps Marie. There’s only one way to describe Marie so that you could possible understand what happened in the weeks after.

Every once in a great while you might see a model or actress who is so stunning that she literally takes your breath away. On top of that imagine that she had that pouty, sexy look that drives everyone wild. Men and even some women would become aroused if she even walked by them on the street. Well, that was Marie.

Marie was 19, had long black hair that tumbled down to her shoulders, and a body that some of those Victoria’s Secrets models would die for. She spoke almost perfect English with just a trace of that sexy European accent that many Americans find so attractive. She had the whole package if you catch my drift.

The thought of sharing my summer with her was too dismal to even contemplate. Next to her I would look like an ugly duckling. Oh Christ.

During introductions she held my hand for a moment and looked in my eyes and damned if I didn’t feel a twinge down there between my legs. It was hard not to, she radiated sex in all her words and movements. Wait until my brother got a load of her. His dick wouldn’t be soft all summer. I giggled to myself.

Now don’t get me wrong. I was no virgin but this was the first time that I had felt any attraction toward another girl. One of my girlfriends and I had practiced French kissing one night during a sleepover, but that was as far as it had gone. A little voice told me that maybe that was about to change.

Back home my mom said that Marie would be sleeping with me since my brother and sister would be home from college soon and would need their own rooms. My father didn’t say much of anything but I noticed him sneaking looks at Marie when he thought no one would notice. I couldn’t help but notice the front of his pants tented out as he looked at her. Well, who could blame him?

Well that first day we got her settled in and drove her here and there and took her out to dinner and that kind of thing. She was actually very nice and chatted like an old family friend. Even mom seemed to let down her guard some although she must have noticed the attention dad lavished on her. Not to mention his hard-on.

Marie had a way of looking you right in the eye when she talked to you and gently touching your arm when she wanted to make a point or to emphasize something. In a way it was almost hypnotic if you know what I mean. By the time we had returned from dinner we were all under her spell so to speak. Even mom.

We were all tired from the long day at that point so Marie and I went upstairs to my room. I had a large double bed but I had slept with many of my girlfriends in the same bed during sleepovers so it was no big deal to me.

“Lisa, I hope you do not mind sharing a bed with me while I’m here. No? It is not a big thing back in France but here, I’m not so sure.”

“It’s fine Marie. There’s plenty of room.” She was already taking off her blouse and skirt and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. God, she was perfect.

Her legs were long and perfectly proportioned. Her waistline curved in invitingly and her breasts were full and capped with the most delightful cherry-red nipples that I had ever seen. I felt slightly awkward as she sat totally nude in front of me but she acted as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

“I do not wear any clothes when I sleep. This too is all right?”

“Sure,” I said somewhat uncertainly. The truth was güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that my pussy had a mind of it’s own and was so wet by this time that if she had touched me I might have exploded. I had never been so aroused by a woman’s presence before and I was embarrassed.

I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Truth was that I didn’t have to go but I needed a few minutes alone to compose myself. What was happening to me? Marie just seemed to send out some type of invisible aura or something that turned me on. I reached down and touched my pussy and it was so wet that before I knew what I was doing, two of my fingers slid up inside myself. Ohh, that felt so good.

I leaned back on the toilet seat and rubbed my dripping pussy. My thumb rubbed my clit while my other fingers probed deep inside. Back and forth, up and down and with each stroke my passion grew hotter.

“Oh fuck yes,” I moaned. I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and licked them, loving the taste of myself that coated them. Then I pushed them back inside of me. I threw my head back and closed my eyes, concentrating on the pleasure I was giving myself.

Deeper and faster my fingers probed and I lost contact with the world around me. My orgasm was getting close now and I opened my eyes for just a second. There in front of me stood Marie, naked as a jaybird, watching me rub myself. Her hands were cupping her breasts as her fingers rubbed her red nipples that were hard now and protruding out suggestively. A smile was on her face.

I jumped to my feet quickly, blushing to my roots as they say. I started to blurt out something about privacy but Marie put a finger to her lips to shush me.

“Do not think twice about it Lisa. It is a natural thing. I too, how do you say it, fuck myself when I have no lover to satisfy me. It feels good, no?”

“I… well I…”

“Marie smiled at me. ” Come back to the room Lisa when you are finished here. We will talk some more.” She leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the cheek and I found that innocent kiss more erotic that anything I had ever felt before. I don’t know how to explain it any better than that.

I hung out in the bathroom for a few minutes to try to regain my composure. I thought I had but upon walking in the room I soon lost it again.

Marie lie propped up in bed with a sheet covering her from the waist down but her beautiful breasts were exposed and her nipples seemed harder and longer than ever. She smiled and pulled the sheet open and indicated that I should get in with her. I turned off the main light and climbed in the other side of the bed. A small bedside lamp provided the only light but Marie had covered it with a scarf of some kind so that the light was cool and inviting.

“Lisa, we will be good friends, no? You must learn not to be shy around me. In France we think sex is a natural, good thing.” She cupped her breasts and pointed them in my direction.

“You see what your finger fucking has done to me? My nipples are so hard and I am wet down there, how do you say, in my pussy. This is a good thing Lisa. Not to be ashamed of. To enjoy.”

I admit it. I was entranced. I watched her rubbing her breasts and I was burning again. My pussy was leaking juice and my breathing became faster and shallower.

Marie noticed everything, of course.

“Lisa, touch yourself. Touch your pussy. It is wet, no? Rub it Lisa. Do not be ashamed. Fuck yourself for me. Do it!”

I was helpless to resist her even if I had wanted to. She pulled the sheets back as my hand slipped down between my legs and inside my wet cotton panties. I was so wet again that my fingers slid right back inside myself as before in the bathroom.

“Oh yes Lisa, that’s right. But I must take off those panties so that we might watch you, no?” She slid down to the foot of the bed and slowly slid my panties down my legs. She brought them to her face and inhaled deeply.

“Oh Lisa you smell so good. I like the smell of your pussy and your ass. It is so sweet.” She slid back up but only half way. Her face was only inches from my pussy, which I was in the process of finger fucking furiously.

“That’s it sweet girl, fuck that pussy for me. Fuck it!” She spread my legs apart so that she could see better and get closer. Her own hand slipped between her legs and I knew that she was fingering herself.

After a minute of this she said, “I must taste you Lisa. Give me your fingers.” She pulled my hand out of my dripping crotch and slid three of my fingers into her eager mouth. She sucked on them eagerly and licked off all of the juices she found there.

“Oh Lisa, your pussy is so good. I must have some more. But no fingers, right from the source. Is ok?”

Before I could say a word her lips were on me. She started on the inside of my creamy thigh and slowly licked her way up toward my wet pussy. I thought my head was going to explode from the sweet anticipation of her mouth on me. Up and up her tongue traveled, licking and sucking on güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri every inch of my leg. Just when I thought I’d die she slowly used her tongue to slowly lick the full length of my pussy lips. Oh lord that felt so good.

“Your pussy is full of juice for me sweet one. I must lick it all up.” She buried her face in my pussy and I saw stars. I know that sounds silly but so help me it was true. Her talented tongue squirmed inside me and found my clit and began to work on it. She licked, sucked and slurped my pussy until I was ready to explode.

“Oh Marie, eat my pussy! Oh god, that’s it! Lick it baby! Suck it, suck it good.”

I grabbed her long black hair and pushed her head even tighter into my pussy. She took my clit right into her mouth and sucked it, using her tongue on it at the same time. I felt waves of pleasure starting to build and I knew that I would be coming soon.

“I know you are close sweet one. Don’t hold back, give me all your cum juice. I’ll lick and suck it all out for you.” Then she did just that. I exploded into her mouth and she made sounds of joy as the orgasms rocketed through me.

Lord, I must have climaxed three or four times and Marie never took her mouth away from my pussy. Heck, I think she wanted to climb right inside of me to find more of that delicious cunt juice. But finally she accepted that the well had run dry and she climbed back up to the head of the bed.

Her face was coated with my juices and I didn’t protest when she pressed her lips to mine and pushed her wet tongue into my mouth. My cunt juice tasted wonderful on her lips and face and I greedily licked as much of it up as I could. It was yummy!

Now it may seem hard to believe that I had never been with a girl before and half an hour after being left alone with Marie I was licking my pussy juice off her face, but that shows the power her beauty and sexy looks exerted over me. Ten minutes later she was straddling my face and I was eating pussy for the first time in my life. She tasted wonderful and I couldn’t get enough of her.

We didn’t get much sleep that night. We must have spent an hour just licking and sucking on each other’s nipples, swapping back and forth. I loved her sucking on mine but even more I loved the feel and taste of her long, red nipples slipping in and out of my lips. She would moan and whisper filthy suggestions in my ear about what she would do to me later. That just made me hotter and made me suck them more intensely. Needless to say, she was as good as her word.

She made me suck her pussy until she climaxed in my mouth and then I licked her clean. She turned me unto my stomach and licked my ass until I had to bite the pillow to keep from screaming out in pleasure. Who could have imagined that a tongue could do that? I was so eager to please her that without her even instructing me I turned her over and licked her ass too. Oh, I did enjoy that I must say especially when she started moaning and talking in French. Ha ha. I knew what she meant even if I didn’t understand a word.

She sucked my toes, my fingers, my armpits. My whole body was her playground and she made full use of it. I learned a new level of sexual desire and satisfaction that I hadn’t even known existed. I must have cum ten times that night and when morning finally arrived I knew that I had crossed over some line and that I would never go back. That line was sexual in nature and I was ready, eager even, to experience more.

Marie managed to surprise me even more the next morning. At breakfast my parents mentioned that Jason would be home that day. After we were alone for a moment Marie whispered in my ear, ” Your brother Jason, he is good looking, no?”

“I guess. I never really thought about it much.”

Checking to see that my parents were still busy in the next room she leaned over and took my earlobe in her mouth and whispered, “I wish to suck his cock when he gets here. You do not mind?”

I felt myself turning red as a beet. Actually, I did mind. I thought that I was what she wanted. I hadn’t planned to share her.

Looking me in the eye she smiled slyly and whispered, “Do not worry Lisa. There is enough of me to go around. Perhaps you would like to help me suck him?”

I almost fell off my chair at that.

“God Marie, he’s my brother. I can’t do that.”

“You have never thought of him as a lover? About his cock sliding up inside of you? About him fucking you?”

I wanted to scream out ‘no’ but that strange sexual aura she had got the better of me. The truth was that I had thought about it from time to time. Jason was very good looking and more than once I had seen him with his shirt off in just a pair of shorts and my mind had wandered to sex. But I had never seriously considered doing anything about it.

Marie giggled and just said, “Lisa, we talk about it later.”

It was about noon when Jason pulled into the driveway in his old Toyota. Dad had gone to work and Mom was at the grocery store. He walked güvenilir bahis şirketleri into the kitchen and dropped his bag on the floor.

“Lisa Lisa, Mona Lisa {an old joke…don’t ask} How’s the new graduate?”

“Ok I guess, listen Jason…”

“Hello Jason” This from Marie who had just walked into the room.

Jason turned and his mouth fell open. Marie was dressed in a pair of skintight pink shorts and a t-shirt so tight that her nipples were threatening to burst through the cotton fabric. Her long black hair hung enticingly around her shoulders and her expertly applied makeup enhanced her already gorgeous appearance. A light coating of pink lipstick on her bee- stung lips matched the shade of her shorts perfectly. She was a picture of total female sensuality.

I made the necessary introductions and poor Jason could barely speak. Marie walked over to him and gave him a big hug, pressing in against him in all the right places.

“Lisa, she did not tell me that she had a sexy big brother like you, Jason. I hope you do not mind me staying here for the summer.”

“Oh no. Mind? Not me. Not in the least.” The poor dope could barely talk.

“Come Jason, I help you unpack. Bring bag upstairs.”

To me she whispered, “Wait ten minutes, then come up to bedroom.” She led the way upstairs, her hips swaying suggestively. If Jason hadn’t been there I would have raped her right there on the steps.

Jason followed her like an obedient puppy-dog, his eyes never leaving her ass. His hard cock was pushing out the front of his pants and I had a good idea exactly what Marie would be unpacking first.

Marie had told me to wait ten minutes. I waited five. I tiptoed up as quietly as I could and peeked into the bedroom. Well…

Marie’s tongue was down Jason’s throat and her hand was down the front of his pants. They were sitting on the edge of the bed with Jason caressing Marie’s breasts through her t-shirt. Well, that didn’t take long.

“Jason, your cock, it is so big. I must taste it sweet boy.” She pushed him down flat on the bed and began unzipping him. It took about five seconds for her talented hands to pull his cock out into the open. Her fingers stroked the length of it slowly.

“Oh shit Marie, that feels so good. Do it baby.”

” Jason, I have not sucked a cock this big for some time. I am so hungry for it. You will fuck my mouth, no?”

“Oh fuck yes! Anything for you Marie, just suck it for me.”

From the doorway I could see her smile as she bent forward to his large cock. Her tongue licked from the base slowly up to the head, taking it’s own sweet time to get there. Then her sweet bee-stung lips parted and she slid them over the head of Jason’s cock and took him into her mouth.

He moaned with delight as her wet mouth encircled him. I could see her tongue moving around inside her cheeks and I knew she was eager to taste every inch of him. She pushed her head lower until she had swallowed a good five or six inches of him and then she slowly raised her head upwards, never releasing her suction on that cock. She released him for just a second, her mouth making a popping sound as the head of his cock came out.

“Oh fuck! Your cock is so good!” Again she licked up the length of it, this time taking several seconds to lick all the way around the head. Then her head swooped down again and took his cock deep into her throat.

My hand slipped down between my legs as I watched her suck my brother’s cock. My pussy was wet already. Brother or no brother I wanted some of that cock. I know that may be hard to believe but again, there was just something about that wanton young girl that brought out the animal in all of us.

I rubbed my pussy and clit furiously as I watched Marie’s head lovingly bob up and down on that throbbing cock. Jason was lying flat on his back with his eyes closed and I thought to myself, “Fuck it, it’s now or never.”

I got down on my hands and knees, out of the line of Jason’s sight and crawled into the bedroom and up to the end of the bed. Marie was slurping on that dick, making loud slobbering noises and her spit was running down Jason’s dick. I had to have some.

She noticed me when I was about two feet away but I put my finger to my lips to shush her up. She knew what I wanted and she let his hard cock slide out of her lips and with a huge smile on her face she held his cock out toward me. I raised my head up over the edge of the bed to make sure Jason was still lying down and seeing that he was I gazed at his cock, just inches from my face.

It was a good eight inches long and covered with Marie’s spit. A couple of drops of precum oozed from the tip as Marie lovingly stroked it. She silently mouthed the words “Suck it” to me and I was lost.

I flicked out my tongue tentatively and tasted the precum on the head. It was warm and sweet to my taste and I though to myself “well here goes.” I pushed the head into my mouth, loving the feel of his cock on the inside of my mouth. I swished my tongue around the head and was rewarded with a groan of pleasure from my brother.

Slowly I bobbed my head up and down on that cock with Marie silently encouraging me all the while. The taste was warm and wonderful with his precum mixing with Marie’s spit in my mouth. Fuck, I should have sucked him long before this.