A First For Us Both Ch. 6

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The past several months were amazing. After some final details were worked out with their parents Julie had been allowed to move in with her brother when he went back to college that Fall. Her parents had been furious about the pregnancy, but eventually realized there was nothing they could do. What had been done wad done and they just had to go on and make the best of it.

Once on their own with complete freedom Matt and Julie could be as wild as they wished and no one ever knew the difference. Julie decided she’d take a couple basic courses as well, but every waking moment they weren’t studying they seemed to be making love in every possible position and place they could think of. They had even gotten away with doing it down in the laundry room a time or two when no one was around. By now the weather was turning much colder and the holiday season was fast approaching.

“Ohhhh yess Matt, ohhhh I’m cumming, harder ohh harder.”

“Yes honey, mmmmm me too. Oohhhhh” Matt moaned as he pumped every drop of his thick cum into her young pussy.

“Wow, that was longer than I think we’ve ever lasted” Julie exclaimed as Matt slid out and lay next to her.

“I’m glad you liked it, I wanted it to be good since we’re going home this afternoon and who knows when the next time we’ll be together like this will be.” He rubbed her now largely rounded tummy as they spoke and caught their breath.

“I know, it’s going to be so hard keeping my hands off of you with mom and dad around. I’m looking forward to going home for Christmas, but my bed is going to feel so empty without you in it………not to mention my pussy!”

“It’s unbelievable sis how since you’ve been pregnant you’ve been even more horny than usual. I’m certainly not complaining though. Sex with you is the best I’ve ever had, especially lately.

“Sex with me is the ONLY sex you’ve ever had silly.” She laughed and punched him playfully in the arm as they got up and began getting ready.

. . .

The two-hour ride home was nice, giving them plenty of time to talk and reminisce about the past few months. Soon güvenilir bahis they reached the house, beautifully decorated with lights, wreaths, and other festive decorations. Hugs and stories were exchanged all around by them and their parents. They sat down to a wonderfully elaborate meal before spending the rest of the evening talking in front of the fire in the living room. Comments were made of Julie’s pregnancy and how next Christmas there would be a new little one running around the house. By now her parents were getting used to the idea of being grandparent’s and almost seemed to be enjoying it. Around 11 Matt stood up and stretched as he yawned loudly. “I don’t know about everyone else, but it’s been a long day and I’m getting tired.”

“You read my mind son, you kids go on up to bed and your mother and I will put out the fire then head up ourselves.”

Goodnights were directed all around and Julie and Matt made their way up the stairs. Standing in front of her room he leaned down and gave her one of the most passionate yet tender kisses he could.

Smiling happily, “What was that for?”

“Just for being my sister, not to mention the mother of our baby.”

After another couple kisses they said goodnight and parted ways. They each heard their parents come up to bed and within minutes Julie heard her door sliding slowly open.

“Matt, what are you doing? They just went to bed; they can’t even be asleep yet. Are you crazy?”

“It didn’t stop us the last time and they never found out. Besides, I can’t stand the thought of not being with you.”

He shed his clothes before crawling under the covers with her. They began to kiss as his hands explored her body. Starting with her growing breasts and nipples that always seemed to be hard, he worked his way down to her large tummy that held the product of their newfound love.

“Oh god honey, you’re so sexy like that. It turns me on so much just seeing your small body so big and pregnant like this.” He helped her slip off the oversized t-shirt she wore and revealed the rest of herself to him. Her hand moved to türkçe bahis his cock, pumping and stroking him. Within mere seconds he was already hard and throbbing in her hand. His hands moved further under the covers and between her legs.

“Oh you’re so wet already honey, I need to be inside of you.” And with that he parted her thighs with his knees and positioned himself over her wanting body. Her hands went around his back and held him tight. His thick cock slid into her with little resistance and he sank deep into her. Not moving, he held himself in her grasp enjoying the feel of her velvet vice-like grip on his cock. They began a slow rhythm; their hips grinding together, their bodies united, as Matt took extra care not to harm her sensitive tummy.

The pleasure grew and the intensity increased until Matt just couldn’t hold back anymore. He suddenly began thrusting into her hard and fast. The bed creaked and they both moaned softly, trying not to wake their parents. Beads of sweat broke out across their bodies as he drove his rock hard cock into her tight stretched pussy. “Ohhhhhhhh!!!” Julie buried her face into her brother’s shoulder trying to contain her screams of joy.

Harder and harder they went, his cock pounding into her so hard. “Here is cums sis” His penis erupted its thick, white shower of cum deep into her womb over and over again.

The smell of sex lingered in the room as they both orgasmed together and fought back the moans of passion that threatened to escape their lips.

“Oh my god that was hot. I don’t know if it’s my hormones changing or the fact we’re doing this down the hall from mom and dad, but I think that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.” He smiled and kissed her as they lay there catching their breath in the warm afterglow of their love.

. . .

Before she could realize what was happening Julie’s eyes fluttered open squinting in the glare of the early morning sun reflecting off the freshly fallen snow out her window. “Oh no, Matt….Matt…wake up. You fell asleep in here and now it’s morning. You have to get out of here before mom and güvenilir bahis siteleri dad get up.”

“Huh? What??” He rolled over feeling groggy and still half asleep while at the same time they heard their mom’s voice calling them to breakfast.

Suddenly the door flew open and there stood their parents. Both teens were wide awake now and scrambling to cover their naked bodies. “Mom, Dad, we uh…were just…umm” Matt fumbled awkwardly for an explanation. Their parents simply stood in the doorway smiling, not saying a word. After a few more attempts their dad finally spoke.

“It’s okay kids……..we know.”

“You do???” They both gasped in shock

“Yes, we may be parents and old, but we’re not blind to what is going on here. We heard you carrying on last night, it sounded like quite a show. And if I’m not mistaken it wasn’t the first we’ve heard you sneak into your sister’s room in the middle of the night.”

The two teens sat there dumbfounded not believing what was happening before them.

Their mom sat on the edge of the bed putting a comforting hand on her daughter’s arm. “I think it’s time we explain a few things to you kids. We half suspected this was going on when you informed us of your pregnancy over the summer. Then when we heard you two “together” that same night we knew for sure. It didn’t come as much of a surprise to us because the truth is…” she looked to her husband to finish it. “The truth is your mother and I are brother and sister too!” Both kids gasped in astonishment. “Unlike you two we’re only step-siblings though. My mom married your mother’s father when we were just kids. One thing led to another and before long we were sneaking into each other’s beds just like you.”

Julie was the first to speak “why have you never told us?”

“Because we didn’t know how you’d react. Now that we know you’ve been doing the same thing we felt like we should tell you the truth. And just so we know, Matt is the father of your baby isn’t he honey?”

Matt blushed and smiled at the same time “Yes Mom I am.”

“Well, we should definitely keep this between the four of us. The rest of the world isn’t as accepting of babies born from incest.”

Still marveling at this unbelievable news they all went down to breakfast. They certainly had a LOT to discuss.

To be continued…