A First for Seconds…

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A first for seconds…

Dani and I had met at a college basketball game where we were both rooting for the visiting team. Her flashing eyes, dark red hair, gorgeous face and fantastic body had me interested from the moment I saw her. A couple of drinks together after the game led to a date a week later that turned into the night we became lovers.

It turned out that Dani actually had several lovers and had never been in a long term monogamous relationship. Though only 24 years old she’d already had more than 50 lovers and openly confessed to enjoying having more than one lover, to the thrill and excitement of experiencing a new lover. She wasn’t bashful about it at all! Of course, having her as a lover (and what a spectacular lover she was) made it only too clear to me why the other men in her life wouldn’t want to part with her, either.

But, being young and in love with her I struggled to deal with the idea that when she wasn’t with me she was probably fucking someone else. Over time she weaned herself all but one of her paramours, a guy she described as having the most gorgeous cock she’d ever seen and someone who’d been her lover since she was 19. I never wanted to know when she was with him or any of the details of her relationship with him. I kind of lived in a parallel universe from that.

Funny thing was she really was in love with me and wanted “more” than just a sexual relationship. I told her that would be hard for me to deal with as long as she was still fucking “Mr. Gorgeous Cock.” Well, finally her desire for more from me overcame her wandering eye and she ended her affair with the guy and we lived together for several years.

Living together wasn’t easy for either of us. To say she was high maintenance was to put it mildly. She was assertive and at times combative. Men followed her around wherever she went and it left me feeling insecure and at times jealous. But, we had a torrid sex life, willing to do almost anything to turn each other on. Even after a couple illegal bahis of years there was nothing boring about fucking her. She could give head like no one else I’ve ever met, she loved fucking, anal, toys…you name it, if it felt good and turned either her or me on, it was OK.

I knew Dani flirted with other men all the time, she did it when I was there and I know she did when I wasn’t. But, although she’d come very close a few times she’d never actually fucked another man while we were living together…until one night in June a couple of years after we started living together.

Dani worked for a company that was involved in big government contracts and regularly had company events, dinners, etc., to attend and one Friday night she had a company affair to go to and told me she’d be home by 11:00. Well, 11:00 came and went, as did midnight and one o’clock, two o’clock…finally about 2:30 in the morning I felt her crawl into bed next to me. I woke up groggy, a bit pissed that she was so late and asked her what had happened. She told me that the company reception had gone on a lot later than she thought it would and she’d gone for drinks with one of the guys she works with afterward. Well, this woke me up and I wanted to know who it was. Turned out it was a guy named Mike whom I’d met several times, married and not somebody I’d ever have thought would have struck Dani’s fancy.

I told her “that must have been more than a couple of drinks to get home this late.” To which she confessed that it had more than drinks and that Mike wanted to show her a beautiful spot on the beach near his house. With that I knew something had to have happened and I started peppering her with questions about what had happened at the beach. Dani said that she was kind of drunk and had made out with Mike for a while and he had told her that he’d long fantasized about seeing her breasts (they were gorgeous, large breasts with pink nipples that stuck out a good half inch). Well, one thing led to another and he illegal bahis siteleri got her blouse off, and started sucking her tits which always gets her turned on. She then had started rubbing his cock through his pants and finally freeing it so that she could suck on him.

As she told me this story I found myself getting both jealous and horny. At first she had seemed a bit sheepish, but as she told me more she became less self conscious and aware that it was getting turned on by this. She told me how hard his cock had gotten in her mouth and how he had flipped around so that he could pull up her dress and pull down her panties. They’d sucked and licked each other for quite a while when Mike told her that he really wanted to fuck her. She said that couldn’t do that, she’d promised me she wouldn’t. But, Mike had simply continued to lick her clit while she sucked on his cock.

As she told me this story I couldn’t keep my hands from wandering over her body, my cock was as hard as a rock. I played with her tits and told her to go on and tell me what happened.

“Well,” said Dani, “I was really hot and he was almost begging me to fuck him and I finally just turned around and said ‘fuck it.” She went on that before she knew it she was naked and he was between her legs pushing his cock in her. I know exactly what happens to Dani when she’s hot and she feels a cock entering her…she loses all inhibitions and she fucks, she really fucks.

Strange thing was the more she told me the more jealous and horny I became. I needed to know the details…did you cum? Did he cum? She told me that she’d had a couple of orgasms and then he’d cum inside of her. As she told me this I moved my hand over her pussy, it was still wet…soaking wet. I put a finger by the entrance to her vagina and it slipped in like it had been greased…she still had his cum in her. I fingered her for a while when she suddenly grabbed my head and said “eat me.” I don’t know what kind of expression must have been on canlı bahis siteleri my face, but I know I was shocked. She’d just fucked another guy, he’d obviously cum a ton in her and now she wanted me to eat her.

Whatever expression was on my face it didn’t stop her. She pushed my head towards her pussy. I couldn’t stop myself now, I was so horny I would do anything she wanted. I opened my lips and ran my tongue along her lips, I could taste the salty aftertaste from Mike’s fucking of her. I ran my tongue up to her clit and licked and then sucked on it. Dani groaned and jerked then hoarsely said “stick your tongue in me.” I could only obey as she obviously really wanted that and I stuck my tongue inside her as far as I could get it. Almost instantly Dani started to cum…”cum” that hardly describes it. She had an earth shaking orgasm that left her gasping for breath. When she was done she lay there panting for a while, My head was swimming…I’d just stuck my tongue into her pussy while it was still dripping with another man’s cum. I lay there for a little while when she grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me up towards her face. In a very low, sexy but commanding voice said “fuck me.”

Instantly, I was inside her…she was so wet, that it should have been hard for me to have an orgasm. But it wasn’t. Fucking her with Mikes cum still inside her made me hornier than I think I’d ever been. I pushed my cock as far inside her as I could go, pounding and watching her face. Watching Dani have orgasms was one of my favorite things in life. She was so incredibly expressive when she came, her eyes rolled back and her face lit up. As I fucked her I watched her eyes roll back and her felt her pussy clamp down on me, her legs wrapped around me and locked me inside while she made the most incredible moaning sound. I felt myself about to cum as I watched her orgasm when she looked up at me and said “do me now, do me where Mike did”. I came instantly in furious jets, flooding her with a never ending flood of cum.

We lay together totally spent for several minutes. I finally rolled over and we both fell asleep. It was an incredible experience, also one that would open up a new aspect of our sex life…but, that story is for another time.