A Few Days Together Ch. 03

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We’re lying together on the mattress, after the amazing blow job you gave me. You are lying on your back and I am on my side, snuggling up against you. My hand is resting just below your right breast, the length of my index finger against it, my thumb gently stroking the soft skin on the underside of your breast. Your eyes are closed, your nipples are erect. I continue to stroke your right breast while I lean down and take the nipple of your other breast between my lips, sucking it gently up into my mouth, then closing my teeth gently around it and tugging it upward while my tongue lashes across its tip.

I release your nipple and then slowly begin circling my tongue around it, then outward around your areola, and the outward again to the skin of your breast, until I am taking in your whole breast, before going back into smaller and smaller circles and then I am taking your nipple once more into my mouth. Meanwhile, my other hand is now more fully massaging your right breast, rolling your taut nipple between my thumb and finger.

After a while I pull back and blow softly across your nipple, and you feel it cool with my saliva and breath. My other hand slides down your body, across your stomach and between your legs, which you instinctively part to allow me access. I run my hand down between the soft flesh of both your inner thighs, and then lift it up between your legs so that my middle fingers runs a firm line from between your pussy and anus, along your pussy lips, with my finger briefly inserting in the wet folds, and then up across your clit, with my palm pressing against your pubes. I reverse the movement, going back down güvenilir bahis along your clit, your pussy, toward your anus, and then pull back up again. Meanwhile, my tongue begins circling your nipple again as my hand moves downward once more, but this time, instead of moving past your pussy toward your anus, I guide my finger in one motion deep inside you. I feel you squirm beneath me, lifting your hips toward me. All the while your eyes remain closed.

I circle my finger deep inside you, making sure my palm remains firm against your clit, and then I introduce a second finger, while your hips move counter to me, to increase the pleasure you are feeling inside.

While keeping my fingers inside you I reposition myself over you, kneeling now between your legs. I lower myself over you and kiss the skin between your breasts and then your neck and then, with your eyes opened and looking up at me, I kiss your lips. They part and our tongues swirl along each other and I can taste myself still in your mouth from earlier. I remove my fingers from you and lower myself slowly, first down your chest, kissing the skin between your breasts, a tongue sliding along the soft skin underneath each breast, then down your stomach, and around your pubes. I pull back and blow softly against your clit and pussy, and I can see that it is already wet and cool under my breath. I kiss your inner thighs, now one, now the other, then I start to kiss your pussy lips as I would your mouth.

I kiss them with my lips closed at first, moistening them against your lips, then I part them and suck on your lips, now this side, now that side. Each time I go back türkçe bahis to kissing, deeper each time, until finally, my lips are buried between yours. I open your pussy with them and slide my tongue inside you, tentatively at first, between kissing and sucking on your pussy lips, but then more assertively, deeper each time. I love the taste of you and I try to taste more of you with each stroke. I swirl my tongue inside you, slowly, but firmly, each time the circles getting larger and larger, and each time I am taking in more and more of your pussy, and I can feel you squirm under me, lifting your hips up each time to take more of my tongue inside you. And as the circles get larger, I edge closer and closer to your clit, flicking against it with each stroke, almost by accident. And then I lick your clit more purposefully, and the centre of my circling tongue shifts from deep inside your pussy to your clit and the folded skin around it. And the circles get smaller and smaller now as I focus on swirling my tongue around your clit. I take it then in my mouth, like I did previously with your nipple, and begin sucking it, my tongue flicking against it, my lips buried wetly in yours.

Meanwhile, I bring my hand up and rub my thumb against the skin between your pussy and anus, which is already wet, lifting it up slowly until finally it is buried in your vagina. My index finger slides under you and rests along the crack between your butt cheeks and I feel them clamp and relax against my finger as your lift your hips and lower them, humping my tongue and thumb. I don’t have to move my hand at all as your own movements are enough to keep my thumb güvenilir bahis siteleri going in and out of you, following your own rhythm. I continue to suck on your clit while my other arm slides under your leg and lifts it, so that your thigh is on my shoulder, your foot dangling over my back, while my arm reaches around and up along your body. I find your breast and begin to squeeze it gently, rolling your nipple tightly between my thumb and finger. I hold my hands still, one on your breast, one between your legs, and allow your movements to control the depth and strength of their touch.

I continue to suck on your clit, making broader strokes now, and long, slow, firm circles that take in your whole pussy, from the top of my thumb buried inside you, to your clit. You hump against me and I can hear your low moaning, your hips working faster and faster, until finally you tense up, your hips mid-air for a few moments, and then your sink back into the bed, relaxed. But as you sink down my thumb is buried deep inside you, and I feel your pussy clamp around it. I blow gently against your pussy and slowly move my thumb inside you, in small circles, each time removing it further and further until I withdraw it completely and am back to stroking the skin between your pussy and your anus, wetter now than before, and then between your pussy and your leg, then your along your thigh.

I make one more furtive kiss on your pussy lips, before pulling myself up alongside you. You lean into me and hold me, and then we kiss and you can taste yourself on my lips. We snuggle and you reach down between my legs and feel my semi-hard cock, and you roll it between your fingers. I say that I am not ready again yet and you suggest that it may be time to go and get a coffee. And I tell you that that is the second best idea you have so far had today. But that it is still only mid-morning…